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“Natalia, this is the third time this week that you’ve been late. I let you off with a warning twice, and I can’t afford for you to be late picking Maggie and Jacob up again,” Mrs. Warren scolded Natalia. It wasn’t like she was late on purpose; midterms were kicking her ass.

“I really sorry, Mrs. Warren. I’ve just had tests to take this week, and I promise it won’t happen again,” Natalia said, hoping the older woman would have some sympathy for her. Mrs. Warren nodded with pursed lips. Maybe there was hope, maybe she’d get to keep her job.

“I’m sorry too, Natalia. You’re an amazing nanny, but I need reliability, and I can’t keep giving you warnings. I’m so sorry dear, but your time here is up,” Mrs. Warren said. Natalia looked down sadly, her face was hot with embarrassment as she nodded, and left the woman’s house. She heard the two children calling her name to come play with them, but they didn’t know that she was leaving them for good.

Walking to her car with her head down was the ultimate walk of shame for Natalia. Her pride was shot and killed, there was no use in holding her head high. There was a lingering thought in the back of her head that if she were a white girl, Mrs. Warren would overlook her tardiness and give her another chance. She didn’t want to dwell on the that thought for too long, so she got into her car and drove off the premises.




“She fired you?!” Natalia’s best friend, Tiffany, shouted. They had been best friends since childhood, and have stuck by each other through thick and thin.

“Yep, and I need to find another job soon,” Natalia told her, sighing into the phone.

“You have enough money for rent though?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, there’s enough saved for rent and food, but that’ll be it til then,” Natalia said. Tiffany felt for her friend, she’d be willing to help her get through this. She had told her that she could stay with her if she needed to, it was no trouble. “I don’t wanna be a burden, and you know how crazy you get sometimes,” The two shared a laugh.

“Fuck you, bitch. You just can’t handle me!” Tiffany said with a chuckle.


“But, um, you should try looking up on some job sites to find another job. I know you love being a nanny and all, so just look up some nanny jobs in our area,” Natalia took that into account.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try,” She said.

“Alright, I’ll leave you to it, I’m about to nap before I go to work. Bye!” Tiffany said before hanging up.

Natalia took out her laptop, going into the internet, and searching for nanny jobs. Most of them were a few cities from where she lived, she tried getting more specific in her criteria. The results were miniscule, but she looked through each one, reading into the details.

“Nanny needed for 4 yo child. Experience required. Ability to pass background check required,”

Natalia applied for this one since it was posted to the site a day ago, she applied to others because why not. It didn’t hurt to apply to more jobs just in case.


It was three days after her graduation when she got a call for an interview, and she was very excited and nervous.

“Is this Natalia Ferris?” The feminine yet stern voice asked.

“Yes, this is she,” She replied.

“I’m Gina Ross, and I’m calling to let you know that you have an interview with Myself and Mr. Stone…” Gina paused, and there were voices in the background. “We’d like you to meet us at Last Drop Café at 11 AM,”

“Yes ma’am,” Natalia agreed.

“Good, you’ll know who we are when you get here,” and with that, Gina hung up without giving her more details. Natalia had an hour to get ready, quickly getting dressed and putting on a little makeup to look professional, she was out the door with thirty minutes to spare. She knew where Last Drop Café was, she tried it a few times, and liked it better than the Starbucks that people frequently went to. Walking into the café, she was greeted by the employees; looking around to find Gina, she spotted an older woman with a brown bob, she looked similar to Anna Wintour. There was a small girl eating a scone, and looking up to…Jesse Stone?

THE Jesse Stone. The bad boy Rockstar that is in all the tabloids for his reckless behavior, partying and hookups. Natalia walked over to them, hoping to god she looked confident.

“Mrs. Ross? I’m Natalia Ferris,” she said, holding her hand out for the woman to shake, Gina shook her hand firmly before offering her a seat. She glanced towards Jesse, who had a scowl on his face and his arms crossed. His shaggy chestnut hair was pulled into a bun with a beaning covering it. Grey eyes set hard on her face as he glared.

“I’m sure you know my client, Jesse Stone. This is his daughter, Sydney Stone,” Gina said. Natalia smiled at the little girl, who smiled back.

“Ms. Ferris, I’ve looked at your application and resume, and I was impressed. You’ve been a nanny to one family, and graduated with a bachelor in Childhood Development. You’ve interned at Sunny Smiles Daycare, and I called your previous employer, she had nothing but good things to say about you,” Gina said, reading a clipboard.

“Yeah, but the old bitty said she had trouble with being late,” Jesse deadpanned. He glared at Natalia before looking at Gina. “Just saying,” She stared at him with wide eyes, not that she was starstruck, she was shocked he knew about her tardiness. At least Mrs. Warren was honest.

Natalia cleared her throat, feeling her face get hot and sweaty. “Um, yes, I was having trouble working on my exams and going to work, but I’ve graduated now so it won’t be a problem,”

She smiled at Gina, Gina nodded, writing something on her clipboard.

“So you’d be free to be a live-in nanny?” Gina asked. Natalia gulped before nodding.

“Yes,” She said. Gina nodded again, writing on the clipboard once more.

“And what about touring? Are you free to come with Jesse when he’s touring to watch over Sydney?” Gina asked.

“Yes,” Natalia said.

Gina clapped her hands, “Well, Jesse, I think she’s perfect,” Jesse scoffed, looking down to Sydney.

“What do you think, Syd?” he asked her. She finished off the scone, swallowing before answering.

“I like her, daddy, she smiles at me!” Sydney shouted.

“Congratulations, Ms. Ferris. You’re Sydney’s new nanny. Jesse will work out the live-in schedule and touring schedule,” Gina said before shaking her hand again, and then leaving.

Natalia looked to Jesse, he pulled Sydney on his lap. “Tomorrow, come to this address,” He gave her a slip of paper with his address on it.

He got up, dragging Sydney with him. “Wouldn’t you like to ask some questions?” Natalia suggested.

“No, honestly, I don’t give a damn. Just come to my house tomorrow, don’t what time you come, just come. See you later, Nicole,” he said before leaving.


“It’s Natalia,” Natalia said just as he high tailed it out of there.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.