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Story Notes:

I wrote this many many years ago. It is very rough around the edges but it taught me so much about my writing style, character development and the importance of character depth. Please don't judge me but also enjoy!


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Kiana walked into her workplace and immediately wanted to turn around. She was exhausted and the last thing she wanted to do was be there. She pulled out the wedgie her orange hot shorts were giving her and pulled down her too small white tank top. The boss was at the counter and any little thing wrong with her outfit would set him off. Although Eric was one of her friends, he still complained. And his complaints were even more effective since he was as gay as it could get. She trudged toward the back of the counter and attempted to head toward the Employee's Only room.

"Take off the underwear. You have panty lines." Eric mumbled before she could make her way to the room in peace. Kiana turned around and groaned in annoyance.

"Do you understand how long it will take for me to put these fucking nylon panty hose back on?" She asked. Eric was more than used to her feisty ways and he barely acknowledged her.

"Thank you Kiana, watch your language as well. Try and wear g-strings next time." He said robotically, secretly dismissing her. She angrily opened the room door to find the caddy bitches of Hooters gathered around, waiting for the rush hour to start. Working at Hooters had plenty of perks, but it had even more disadvantages. Working with beautiful, young, college women who knew they were beautiful and young could only mean trouble for any other girl in their way. They wanted attention from the men, and the great tips they gave. Tonight was the airing of an awaited football game and being one of the larger Hooters in the area, it was bound to be packed with sweaty men desiring lots of food.

Kiana was one of the only 2 black girls at Hooters but it didn't bother her much. She didn't work here to be accepted or become a popular girl around Rhode Island, she wanted the money. Tips were great although if you had a slow night, you could easily be making under minimum wage. So she hustled her ass around those tables to take as many customers as she could. The student loans weren't going to pay themselves.

"Did he say something about your panty lines?" Janelle asked. She was the other black girl that Kiana just happened to become best friends with. She was beautiful; brown skin that matched her own, caramel eyes, straight black hair that Kiana only recently found out was an expensive weave and a slim body. But Kiana wasn't slim at all. She had curves and mountain peaks in the places most women had small hills. Her own hair extensions were curly and tamed around her face and she had deep brown eyes that were unusually large.

"Of course he did. I'm just ready for this night to be over." Kiana said, taking a seat beside her friend so she could fix her makeup. A requirement for working at Hooters was that all the women needed to have a constant prom like appearance. So Kiana caked on her makeup, false eyelashes and reapplied her pink lip-gloss when needed.

"Well how was your day?" Janelle asked while straightening her hair. Kiana huffed in aggravation and dwelled on her own obvious fatigue.

"School, dancing, tutoring, then here. Very busy." She stated. Kiana took and paid for 1 hour tutoring sessions a day from the top professors in her university. She wanted to make sure she kept up with her studies and even stayed a little further ahead. Plus she was a part of an expensive dance studio.

"You still pay that high tuition?" Janelle asked incredulously. Kiana nodded with a shrug of her shoulders. She had to admit, tutoring was taking a large chunk of her work money and every week her budget seemed thinner.

"It's worth it Nell. I get higher test scores, and I always know what we're learning next. I can definitely maintain this scholarship." She said, applying more mascara to her already long lashes.

"I guess, but you're already good at school. I don't understand why you need to constantly study. Oh shit, my shift is starting soon." Janelle said, standing from her chair. Kiana stood too and was excited to find they both had the same shift.

"Mine too." She said happily.

"I thought you were working later tonight?" She asked with a bewildered face. Kiana groaned and arched her shoulders.

"I'm doing both shifts, and I'm cleaning afterward." Janelle looked amazed and then held a face of pity. Janelle's phone was suddenly ringing and the R and B song Kiana loved played loudly in the small space. Janelle quickly scuffled for her phone while Kiana danced lightly beside her.

"Tell Brendon I said hey." Kiana said, already knowing who was calling. Janelle never had any phone calls unless it was her boyfriend.

"I'm texting him. I don't want to hear Eric's mouth." Janelle grumbled. Once her text was completed she followed Kiana into the new atmosphere of Hooters.



"Fuck!" Kiana said when Samantha's air headed ass knocked the lemonade out of her hand. Kiana took a big sigh and gritted her teeth before she bent down to pick up the cup.

"Whoops, sorry!" She called in the most annoying of voices as she walked away. She threw her a sympathetic look and rounded the corner, out of sight.

"Whatever! You need to be helping me pick this shit —" Kiana called after her.

"Kiana! The underwear! Take them off... now!" Eric called behind her. Kiana growled audibly and hastily rotated around to face Eric. When she realized she was in the process of speaking to her boss, she softened her features and tried to tone down her attitude.

"If I take the time out to take off my underwear, my customers will be angry." She said through clenched teeth. She held a death grip on the dripping, empty cup and awaited his response.

"Well... you're wasting time." Kiana could've killed him. She put down her cup and stormed off toward the bathroom. She didn't even bother to use a stall. She attempted to take off her ugly white sneakers and thick socks, but thought of an easier idea. She pulled down the hem of her shorts followed by the hem of her nylons and saw the neon thong in sight. She took a hold of the lace band and ripped it down the middle.

She realized they were her favorite Victoria Secret panties. Once the other side was ripped too, she could easily pull the piece out of her pants and into the trash. She washed her hands and returned to her duties. The drink she spilled was cleaned up and she prepared it for a second time. She walked to return them to the 2 older men seated on their stools and noticed she had a new table.

She approached the 3 men.

"I'm Kiana. Can I get ya'll something to drink?" Kiana asked in her classically sweet voice. These men didn't deserve to see her annoyed side so she stuffed it in a box and closed it tight.

"Yeah, Coke." The most handsome of the men barked. He had short, platinum blonde hair with a relaxed part down the side. It was neatly combed back on each end and he looked as if he had just gotten off work. His eyes were a deep blue and his lips a bright pink. Kiana internally rolled her eyes at his tone that went perfectly with his appearance. The other 2 men asked for the same thing but they both put a polite 'please' on the end along with a friendlier tone.

Kiana casually glided to get their drinks and she could feel eyes on her, almost like a sixth sense. When she reached the counter, she slowed down her speed and turned around to find all 3 men had their eyes on her closely. When they were caught staring at her ass, the 2 more polite men—or so she thought, turned around promptly. But the blue eyed man kept his eyes firmly on hers. She threw him a weird look before she turned and continued to make their drinks.

She noticed one of her table's food was ready and waiting to be served. She only had 2 hands and just in time Janelle was returning from serving a table herself. Kiana hastily called for her friend.

"Can you get that food for me?" Kiana asked while filling up the cups at the fountain. Janelle nodded reassuringly and went to pick up the trays. Another stupid rule of Hooters was that you weren't allowed to used trays to transport the food. So if you had a lot to hand out, you either had to make more than one trip or ask another gorgeous woman to help you. It was a method of more eye candy for the customers.

The two women winded down the aisles of loudly talking people. Kiana placed their drinks on the table before the men.

"I'll be right back." She said. Then she turned back around and led Janelle to where she should serve the food. When Kiana returned to take the men's order's she was greeted with unhappy blue eyes.

"There's too much ice in here." He said rigidly. Kiana exhaled lightly before she reached a hand over to capture the drink. Blue Eyes of course, didn't let his gaze leave her face and a small smile pushed at the corners of his lips.

Kiana was definitely getting agitated with him. His arrogance and radiating slyness was getting under her skin. But she gave him a small grin and curved back to get him a new drink. When she wandered toward the counter, Eric gave her a strange look.

"No one likes a grumpy waitress." He said in a disciplining voice. Kiana barely paid him any attention and fiercely pressed the button to distribute the drink. Her night was going south, and she wondered if working here with these annoying customers, bosses and co-workers was well worth the slim chance for a good tip.

She put the drink on the table and took her notepad out of her fanny pack.

"You ready to order?" She asked them sweetly. Internally she was speaking to the men who weren't giving her a hard time. All three of them seemed pretty stuck up and looked as if they'd been cut right out of a Ralph Lauren.

"Now this drink doesn't have enough ice in it. One extreme to the next hm? Can you do anything right sweetheart?" Blue eyes complained faintly in a voice that seemed like he was only speaking to himself. He was gazing over the menu and couldn't see her expression, but maybe that was for the best. Kiana was about ready to get in his ass until his friend stole her attention.

"Yeah, we're going to get 3 sets of 20 piece wings." The man to the right of her said. He had buzz cut jet black hair that was matching his 5 o'clock shadow. Kiana scribbled fiercely and nodded to herself as she wrote.

"What kind of sauce would you like?" She asked him.

"Mild please." He said kindly with a smile. His warm attitude was such a refresher from what she had been dealing with since she arrived at work. She returned it and went to put in his order.


When their food was done Kiana took two trips to get it to their table. When she sat them down in front of the 3 men everyone looked satisfied except for Mr. Blues. Kiana rolled her eyes, not caring who it was that saw.

"There isn't enough sauce on my chicken wings." He said. Kiana put both hands on her hips and stared down at her white shoes for a moment. When she finally rose her head up to his level, she could see a twinkle in his eyes. As soon as she began to speak and he noted the change in her sweet tone, his head turned to one side and a tiny half smile raised his left cheek.

"Look, I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play but I'm not fucking for it. I'm busy serving people with real concerns about their food. And I fail to see how out of these 60 wings, put into the same skillet, your random 20 were the ones to be neglected of sauce. No one is complaining—no one has been complaining but you. So you can take these 'dry wings' shove them up your ass and walk that same ass out the door because I am no one's bitch, especially not a prick like yours." She whispered fiercely. He laughed heftily across from her and it seemed entirely genuine. His friends stifled a smile yet appeared astonished. Mr. Blue eyes obviously wasn't used to being spoken to like that.

"That was entertaining. But I will get what I want, beautiful. So take that nice ass behind that counter and get me some more wings or," He started. The next time he spoke, his voice was a little more hushed. "I might just have to give that smart mouth a better job." He retorted with a whitening smile. Kiana's eyes narrowed into slim slits and she bit her tongue in anger. But before she could find her voice to say something witty back to him, a familiar voice filled her ears.

"Did you have mild wings sir?" Janelle asked with a smile. She reached across the table and took the so called dry wings from within his reach. Mr. Blues eyes seemed to be fixed on Kiana and they were deep in a staring contest.

"Yes." He replied. Soon Janelle was ushering Kiana off toward the counter and she could feel his eyes watching her backside as he had been all night.

"I like what I see Kiana! What'd I tell you baby?" He called after her and finished the rude comment off with an evil laugh that made her blood boil.

Janelle stopped Kiana by sharply facing her.

"What the hell? I guess you really don't need this job huh?" She asked. Kiana was still heated from her altercation. She felt like doing something completely irrational. Janelle continued to speak when Kiana didn't reply.

"Girl you really need to chill out, you know how men are in here—"

"Did something happen?" Eric had appeared out of nowhere and was holding a look of concern. He looked between Kiana's angry expression and Janelle's concerned one.

"No, we're fine. I just needed to talk to her about something." Janelle covered. It didn't surprise either one of the women when Eric made his way to Kiana's tables and proceeded to have a conversation about, what she knew was, her. But when he stepped toward the table with the three men, she didn't have the heart to look. So she took a second to visit the bathroom.


"I can take the card whenever." Kiana mumbled duly to the men. She was so ready to finally see this table filled with different people. But Blue eyes constantly kept coming into view and his somewhat flirtatious ways were driving her insane. Eric hadn't fired her, so she guessed the nicer of the 3 men had said good things about her.

"Here." He said reaching out and handing her his card. When Kiana's hands extended for it, he moved it back just the slightest amount. Kiana groaned. She was really getting tired of dealing with him. His friends got up from their seats and quietly left the table to head toward the parking lot. So it was only Mr. Blues and Kiana at the table, in a deep staring match.

"Give me your number." He said confidently. Kiana could hardly believe her ears. Not in disbelief that he was asking for her number, but the way he was asking. It wasn't even a question.

"Fuck you." She said meekly. She pivoted to walk away from him and get Eric to collect his card, but Blue Eyes was somehow in her line of vision.

"Maybe I'll have to let your boss know about this attitude you've been having with me all night? I see you've been giving him reasons to watch you like a hawk, what's one more hm?" He asked, swiping a hand across her jaw bone. Kiana pushed his hand away and began trying to get around him. His threat was definitely significant, and she didn't doubt him one bit. Eric would be sure to fire her, cut her pay or put her on probation. Her strikes with him earlier would only be fuel to that fire. But her dignity seemed more important than this measly excuse of a job.

"I'll get your number." Kiana said quietly, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" He laughed. "You'd never call." He said. Kiana cursed him for catching on so quickly. She didn't answer for a few seconds.

"Can we start over? I'm Sawyer." He said politely. Kiana had to look up into his face for reassurance she was still standing in front of the same person.

"Kiana! Hurry up and get back to work!" Eric called from the back. Sawyer turned lightly and gave Eric a look of disgust and annoyance.

"You treated me the way you thought I should've been treated; first impressions last forever. You can pay with Eric at the front counter." Kiana said and successfully got around him. She headed behind the counter and out of sight. Sawyer couldn't remember the last time he felt bad for the way he treated someone. His manners, or lack of them, had always gotten him respect and women. But Kiana didn't seem to be falling for it. Even his blackmail didn't work. He had definitely met his match, but he was just as sure they'd meet again.

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