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Angel's brown eyes fluttered slowly to consciousness, she was laying on her stomach naked with the ivory hotel comforter down to the small of her back. Bracing herself on her elbows and halted when she felt a sharp pain coming from her neck, frankly, her entire body felt like she had been hit with a truck. She turned her attention to the view of the city, the floor to ceiling windows gave her suite a comforting sunray, a reward from the morning sky. Rising until she sat on her bottom, she pulled the comforter so that it was covering her chest. She remembered last night, she remembered the early morning tango she had shared with him. It did not hit Angel that she was alone in her hotel room until she looked next to the empty left side of the queen size bed. He had left her alone in bed and didn't even say goodbye before he had left. Angel brought the comforter up to her nose as she softly sniffled. It was disheartening to know that while she couldn't get Aiden to say two words to hold a conversation that he was more vocal as he fucked her. He said a lot of things to her last night, a lot of things she took seriously to the heart.

"Angel, are you up', Brittany knocked at the closed bedroom door. Angel her eyes towards the door, she didn't want to face Brittany in this state. She felt embarrassed that she just had her first one nightstand.

"I'll be out in a second, give me a minute", she held her tears back so her voice wouldn't be broken.

"Alright", Brittany sounded unsure she should leave Angel's door, it was only ten in the morning so she'd let her get up when she was ready to.

Angel held the covers to her face, she didn't even have his phone number to give him a piece of her mind. She wanted to call him every foul word under the sun at the moment but she hadn't fully accepted that she had a one-night stand. Angel groaned as she mustered up the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom and the first thing she did was look in the mirror. Her lips were slightly swollen, her makeup wasn't bad considering, her hair had slightly waved possibly due to her sweating but it was her neck that had her freaked out. There was a forming bruise on her neck, she was way too damn old for a hickey so she would have to put her makeup to use. She also noticed a bruise on her hip and she did remember Aiden gripping her a little too hard but she didn't tell him it had hurt, she was enjoying her pleasure a little too much to care about pain. Angel decided that a long hot shower would help her body heal, hot showers were the answer to everything. As Angel got inside the shower, she immediately grabbed the shampoo she had brought with her to scrub her scalp, nothing like a scalp massage in the shower. As she scrubbed her scalp visions of the previous night flooded her mind, Aiden grabbing a hand full of her hair, grabbing her neck, biting her ears, neck, ass, it was becoming too much to the point she had to brace herself against the wall.

"Get it together girl", she whispered to herself as she took a deep breath in and a deep breath out.

Angel had got herself together finally, she had a feeling that she wouldn't enjoy her trip too much now. Angel didn't feel like being out in the public today, she knew Brittany would want to go to a few shopping centers before she hit the stage tonight. Angel had decided to dress in a matching black pant and zip jacket, a black tank underneath and she put on a pair of black open-toe sandals. Her hair now in tight/loose curls she just pushed it to the side and out of her face and decided to add water and some edge gel for her baby hairs. Her makeup was her go-to no make-up makeup look with the addition of makeup on her neck covering the tender bruise on her neck, you couldn't even see the bruise once she got done, and she didn't look like she had a wild night.

"There you are, okay you look cute", Brittany was sitting on the couch watching some television, dressed in distressed denim shorts, a graphic grey tee-shirt, white sneakers, and her long blonde hair was in a slick back ponytail.

"Thanks, you look cute too", Angel said as she came further into the living room area, taking a seat at the edge of the couch.

"Thank you. So", Britany gave her a grinning cat smile.

Angel tried to appear unfazed as if she didn't know why Brittany wanted her to reveal her dirty little secret, did Brittany hear them last night. She was sure the nearby hotel guest would be flooding the lobby with complaints, Angel was too into what Aiden was doing to her than to care about being quiet.

"So..." Angel asked.

"Aiden", Brittany squealed causing Angel to drop her head in embarrassment, fuck she had heard them.

"Look, it was", Angel couldn't think of the words to describe how "it" was. It was everything she couldn't dream of.

"Good or bad", Brittany wanted to know all the details.

"Brittany, it was good okay. It was amazing", Angel admitted with a smile.

"He snuck out of here when I was getting up this morning. I opened the door and saw a white shirt and long black hair and I thought it was an intruder until I remember I saw that person last night. You sneaky little thing, I cannot believe you"

"So you didn't hear me last night", Angel questioned puzzled.

"Oh hell yeah, I heard you! I just didn't know who the guy was"

"Great. Now everybody knows"

"It's not a bad thing, you had great sex. I'm proud of you, you were practically a virgin", Brittany had known that Angel lost her virginity long ago and that was her first and last time. So for Angel to take a chance, she was happy for her.

"Yeah I guess", Angel sighed.

"So, I wanted to go shopping and sightsee and everything but Rose called me, John would be picking us up so that I can do soundcheck soon", Brittany said as she picked up her phone.

"Oh, okay. I cannot wait to see this show tonight"

"I'm so excited", Brittany squealed in excitement.

A knock at the door caused botch ladies to turn their attention to the door, Angel stood as Brittany made her way to the door and opened it after she looked through the peephole. John stood at the door, in a white tee-shirt and dark denim jeans. John gave Angel a nod, Angel noticed Jamie wasn't with him, John had come by himself. Jamie, she completely forgot about Jamie. She had been giving him teasing and flirting with him all at dinner last night. Jamie couldn't have known that Aiden spent the night with her, no one would know that so why is she feeling like she hurt Jamie's feelings and he knew.

"Are you ladies ready to rock and roll", John asked, his demeanor was not off, and he was his normal self. Maybe Angel was thinking too much about nothing.


"You sound so good", Angel was amazed at Brittany's talent, they had been here for almost three hours but Brittany was able to get a feel at her sound.

"Thanks, I feel so pumped. This is huge! I'm a singer", Brittany couldn't believe it even though she said it aloud. Brittany could be the most successful at her newfound career and her parents would look at her in disgust. She knew that her mother would talk down on her dream and expect Brittany to be more like her, a housewife. There is nothing wrong with being a housewife but that life is not for Brittany.

"Gosh I can't wait to see you do well tonight, I'm so proud of you", Angel suddenly looked behind her, she had this feeling, and she felt this pull. She saw the guys bring in equipment at the back of the stage and then she saw Aiden talking to one of the sound engineers but he was not by himself. The brunette from dinner was neck to him and clinging on his arm. Angel squinted her eyes to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing, was he serious? Did he have sex with her too? Angel felt as though she was going to be sick. The worse part of this little encounter is, Aiden simply looked at Angel but then quickly away from her as he grabbed the brunettes' hand and they had left in the same direction in which they came. She felt a blow to her gut but she stood her ground appearing unaffected. Why would he show up with her? Angel placed scenarios in her head to find a reason but she had to settle on the fact that Aiden did not owe her anything. They didn't even hold a real conversation with each other, he just fucked her and left. He didn't owe her anything.

"If she smiled more, she could be cute", Brittany said about the brunette that was practically trying to mold herself into Aiden. Brittany could tell by Angel's widen brown eyes that she was shocked to see him and that woman.

"This dude cannot be serious", Angel didn't realize she was stepping to move in the direction of Aiden and the Brunette.

"Angel, hey. Let them go. It'll be alright", Brittany had grabbed Angel's arms to stop her from making a scene. Brittany could tell that seeing Aiden act as though nothing happened made Ange's blood boil.

"That's so fucked up", Angel felt tears trying to form and she hated herself for that. She was acting like a crazed fan, a fucking fan!

"I know, just forget about him. Hey, let's go find something to eat", Brittany tried to calm her friend down but she could see by the confused look on Angel's face that Angel's thoughts were running a mile a minute.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.