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"Okay, just sex. You don't even know him. Now you're talking to yourself like a crazy person", Angel whispered to herself as she looked at her reflection. Her hair was still in its natural curly state flipped to the side, she had gone to the drug store to pick up some curl moisture to give her curls a boost of shine, her makeup tonight consisted of Smokey eye with glitter, wispy false lashes, and red lipstick. Angel did step outside her comfort zone with her dress, she was on vacation and she always played it safe but tonight the shot runched shimmer black dress she wore hugged her body flawlessly and she decided on a pair of black strappy gladiator stiletto heels. She would be behind the scenes this time so she didn't have to worry about being in the crowd and standing in heels for a long time.

"Knock, Knock", Brittany knocked as she entered the bedroom only to turn to her right to see Angel admiring herself in the bathroom mirror.

"Is it time to go", Angel asked.

"Yes, you look fucking good, let's get a spin", Brittany's hair was curled in loose waves with a part down the center. She wore distressed high waist black denim shorts, black platform booties, a leather jacket with a red V spaghetti strap bralette. Her makeup was similar to Angels except she had a nude gloss lip.

Angel spun around as her best friend boost her confidence. "Thank you, you look good too"

"Well let's get going", Brittany had told Angel that a driver would be coming to pick them up two hours ahead of the show so that Brittany could get set up and warm up her vocals. On the drive to the venue, Angel made sure to be as talkative as she could be because she wanted Brittany to be pumped and not get nervous. Although Brittany is tough as nails, she also cared deeply about what others thought especially about her talent. You can never know how people will react, especially with this business. When they reached the venue, Angel was shocked that Brittany had her dressing room with balloons, gifts, and snacks.

"This is so sweet", Angel read the cards mostly from Rose and a few from the band: welcoming her to the team.

"This is a lot", Brittany looked around the dressing room in amazement, she did feel nervous but seeing all these wonderful gifts made her feel accepted by the band.

"Chocolate-covered strawberries", Angel said as she gave Brittany a questionable gaze, she wanted to have one.

"Help yourself", Brittany laughed due to Angel's eyes dancing in excitement, she had a sweet tooth.

As Angel pried the container of the juicy chocolate-covered strawberries, a woman wearing a headset dressed in all black opened the dressing room door.

"You are due for warm-up in like five minutes, hi I'm Janice, let's go", Brittany's eyes widened as she looked back to Angel for comfort.

"Go show them what you came to do", Angel said as she gave Brittany a firm nod as she held the strawberries to her chest. Angel watched as Janice ushered Brittany out the door leaving Angel in the dressing room alone with the welcoming gifts. Angel smiled softly to herself, who would have known that girls' night out would be a dream come true for Brittany. Angel on the other hand felt as though she was losing her mind chasing after a man who doesn't even talk to her.

Angel sat on the purple loveseat couch that sat against the wall, she was on her second chocolate strawberry. She wished that she could get her emotions in check but since that night, she has been out of her mind. She remembers the feeling in the pit of her stomach like something was about to happen as she walked up those stairs to that second floor. She remembered her heart feeling heavy and then when she saw him, making eye contact just was something she couldn't describe. Angel remembers it clearly, he was writing but she remembers seeing him tense and look to his side as if sensing her. When her brown eyes met those ice grey eyes, something just clicked for her, it was like seeing someone you had been wanting to meet. He was shocked but then in an instant, he was upset.

"Angel", Angel jolted at the sound of her name being said. She looked up to see a shirtless Jamie standing across from her a smile that reached his eyes. He only wore black leather pants and spiked combat boots, his chin-length blond-brown hair slightly pushed away from his face but still framing his face.

"Oh, Jamie. Hi, I was long gone", Angel nervously smiled and placed the strawberries to her left so that they sat on the couch.

"That's alright, that's alright"

"Is the show starting already", Angel asked.

"Yeah pretty soon. When I saw Brittany but didn't see you backstage I figured that you were here. Are you okay", Jamie asked.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Are you okay? How's Rose", Angel decided to start up a conversation to ask how Rose was feeling due to her not feeling well last night.

"I'm well, Rose is doing well. She was just a little dehydrated, she is here if you would like to see her"

"That's good, yeah I can't wait to see her", Angel smiled.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to come to the club after the show, the gang will be there but I didn't know if you and Brittany would be interested", Jamie was giving her those eyes that he gave her last night at the table. Last night she returned those flirty looks back but now she felt that it was wrong. She had sex with his brother last night. She knew she had to stop this train before it goes off the tracks.

"Yeah, I can talk to Brittany", she crossed her arms across her chest but she was unaware that the action caused her already large breast to push up and Jamie noticed.

"Looking forward to it", Jamie gave her a sly smile. Angel couldn't find the words to say, she needed to stop this flirtation but not right now, not before he was going on stage. She didn't know if this needed confrontation would interrupt his flow on stage so she chose to wait until later to discuss.

"Are you ready to see the guys before we hit the stage", Jamie asked as he held out a hand to help Anel off the loveseat. Angel gave Jamie a small smile as she took his hand, she wished she had grabbed her leather jacket to cover herself because the hungry look Jamie is giving her made her feel self-conscious. Angel tried to ignore the stares she was getting as she followed Jamie through the white hallway. When she saw the guys they greeted her with a smile, well all except Aiden who looked as though he was agitated. He was standing next to Evan and the brunette was right there to his other side. The brunette glared at Angel before looking away, she wore her hair in a long ponytail and a black leather dress with platform booties. Angel tried to ignore the brunette but it was hard not to when she was attached to Aiden like glue and Angel can admit the woman is strikingly beautiful, she also gives the aura of a supermodel. Angel then turned her attention to Brittany who was given her mic, Angel crossed her fingers in Brittany's direction for good luck. As the band went onto the stage there was loud cheering of excitement, Angel tried not to appear annoyed at the fact that she and the brunette were alone, next to each other.

"You know, you may have had him last night but he is mine every night", was all the brunette said as she folded her arms and glared at Angel.

"I don't know what you are talking about", Angel stared up in shock at the woman, she was not about to have a discussion about him with some stranger.

"Okay, fair enough. Just know that I know what you know and what I know is that you fucked my boyfriend last night. Congratulations welcome to tour life. You are all the same", the brunette glared at Angel as she turned and walked away, her brown eyes cut at Angel as if she were disgusted. Angel then suddenly recalled the conversation with Brittany a while back.


"Yeah, John says he keeps to himself sometimes. He broke up with this supermodel a few months back. She was stunning, well I'm about to head out. I don't know why I decided to pull an all-day shift, ten freaking hours. My head might explode", Brittany huffed as she grabbed her water bottle from the counter and her keys from the small silver glass table next to their front door.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.