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Author's Chapter Notes:

Enjoy the Show.

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The entire ride to the club Angel was battling with her thoughts, he has a freaking girlfriend. When she and Brittany had spoken that morning, Brittany was under the impression that Aiden and his girlfriend were not together. Now, she knows that is not the case, Aiden is still in a relationship with the supermodel and she is letting Angel know to back off her man. Angel felt so angry with herself, that she was such an idiot but honestly Aiden doesn't owe her anything. He is a taken man, she had been gullible and blinded by her obsession with him, and at this point, it feels like an obsession. After feeling angry with herself, she then became angry with him, there goes that feeling in her chest again. She feels claustrophobic in the back seat, she feels as if her breath is lost in her chest, struggling to escape and the space around her feels closed in. She breathes a sigh of relief when she felt the car stop in front of the club, she didn't need to count backward to calm herself. When Jamie opened her side of the door to grab her hand, she felt a wave of relief and welcome the night air. When Angel made her way into the club, she followed Jamie and the rest of the crew to their VIP section. When she had asked Jamie why they don't have security following them because they are celebrities, he made a joke of it and assured her that they are fine. Many ladies were trying to get the men's attention as they moved through the crowd and many men offering handshakes. When they had finally made it past the velvet red ropes of the section, Angel didn't dare make eye contact in Aiden's direction but she wanted to catch a glimpse of those grey eyes. Asher had ordered a round of shots for them all to as he said to "get the party" started and Angel found herself having shot after shot.

"That's what I'm talking about", Asher sat across from Angel, Jamie, Brittany, and John. The two women that were on Asher's side took multiple shots as well as if to compete for Asher's attention, he was impressed with Angel because he assumed that she was more reserved than Brittany but maybe Vegas was getting to her.

"Woah, easy slow down", Jamie yelled over the loud music as he placed his hands over Angel's filled shot glass, he was smiling but he was shocked at this sudden sense of rebellion. Angel gave him an eye roll.

"It's alright, I'm on vacation and I want to have all the fun I can before I go back home to my boring life", Angel shouted as she yelled loud enough for Jamie to hear, the music was loud, a little too loud.

"I hear you", Jamie said as he shook his head as if it was out of his control, she is a grown woman after all. Angel then stole a glance at Aiden, the brunette was sitting on his lap giving his kisses on the side of his face. Aiden's attention was focused solely on Angel and he did not look too pleased with her.

"Angel is never this bold, maybe Vegas is lighting the mood", Brittany leaned across Angel as she spoke to Jamie who was nodding his head to the music.

"It's not a problem, I'll keep an eye on her", Jamie said.

"I got my eyes on you too", Brittany had to let him know she was watching both him and Angel. Especially after what happened last night with Aiden, Brittany would never tell her friends business and she knew that Angel was just trying to distract herself with this alcohol. Aiden had some nerve acting like he did nothing wrong and flaunting his relationship in front of Angel's face. Brittany gave Aiden and his girlfriend a glare as she watched the model kissing all over Aiden, why would he think that was okay for him to cheat on his girlfriend, disgusting pig. If he wanted to act single then why not just be single and not involve innocent bystanders in your shit?

"Let's go dance", Angel turned her attention back to Jamie who wasn't aware that Angel and Aiden shared an exchange with their eyes. Angel didn't wait for Jamie to respond but grabbed him by the hand to help him off the leather couch. Jamie quickly finished his drink and followed Angel down the stairs to the dance floor. A few women tried to get Jamie's attention because they would perk themselves up but Angel ignored them as she began to sway her hips to the beat of the music. Jamie danced with her but didn't get disrespectful, he kept a distance between them as he watched Angel dance. Angel is feeling the liquor move through her bloodstream and wanted to forget about the night she shared with Aiden, Jamie on the other hand is more respectful. Yet, how could she even know this? She was a stranger.

"You're playing with danger tonight", Jamie whispered into her ear, she got shivers not because it turned her on but because she felt like she was doing something wrong. She was the one who pulled Jamie through this crowd, this isn't even like her. She then felt guilty because she was using Jamie just as Aiden had done to her. She was using him as a distraction to whatever was going on with her, that's not fair to Jamie.

"Hey, I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back", she needed to clear her head and put some space between herself and Jamie, she didn't want to do anything she would regret.

"I'll come with you", Jamie said as he looked around, Brittany and John had followed them on the dance floor. He was going to at least try to find her friend so maybe she can be with her and she won't be alone.

"No, I'll be fine. I have my phone", Angel quickly moved through the crowd away from Jamie, she was a bit tipsy but she felt sober up due to her actions. It was like a reality check hit her, this isn't her lifestyle, and she isn't this live life on the edge type person. Angel was so focused on her thoughts that she was not paying attention to where she was walking and she ran straight into someone. She felt hands holding her shoulders as if to hold her steady into place, which caused her to look into the person she bumped into, there are those grey eyes.

"You're being reckless", he said, caught off guard by her flinching away from him.

"Where did you even come from and don't touch me", she yelled at him but her yell was a whisper compared to the loud music in the club. He pinched the skin between his brows as he cursed aloud, he was frustrated with her.

"You can't wander off especially considering you have been irresponsible, you're drunk. Do you know that someone could take advantage of you like this", he was questioning her looking at her with disappointment. Angel folded her arms across her chest.

"I have my phone, Brittany could have called me. I have to go to the bathroom anyway", she looked away from his gaze.

"Okay, I'm coming with you. I'm not asking, I don't like repeating myself", he stepped aside so that she can lead the way.

"Funny how you don't like repeating yourself now but last night you had no problem with repeating yourself", Angel glared up at him as she walked past him. He looked annoyed at her remark but he had to know how his sudden case of amnesia would affect her.

Angel led the way to the bathroom, a classic sense of Deja Vu as there is a line to the woman's bathroom. Angel cursed under her breath as she hit her head softly against the wall, she tried not to be affected by Aiden being close to her. Why was he toying with her like this, she should have just let Jamie accompany her to the bathroom, he would be a much better companion than this devil standing next to her right now.

"Why don't you go check on your girlfriend", Angel spoke staring up at Aiden, she wanted to pick a fight. She wanted to know why would he sleep with her and he has someone, why would he create a soul tie with her? Is this his life on the road?

"Why are you concerned about her", Aiden looked around, he was able to stare into the dance floor but he didn't see his brothers insight. When he heard Jamie accept Angel's request not to follow her, he had to take matters into his own hands. He couldn't believe that Jamie would let his infatuation with Angel cloud his judgment and let her just wander off.

"Seriously, you are an asshole. You know she doesn't even deserve this", Angel closed her eyes and huffed in frustration as she crossed her arms across her chest. Aiden was quiet as a few ladies pretended not to overhear their little argument. A few women made faces or cleared their throats as if being put in an awkward position.

"We can sit here in silence if you like", Aiden wasn't in the mood to deal with drunk Angel, he can practically hear the blood flow, practically taste it and it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Fine", Angel said as she turned away from him and focused on the person in front of her as the line did move along.

'How can I feel like this about you', Angel thought to herself. She softly sniffled to keep the tears at bay, he would probably make fun of her again. A crush, a night of passion caused her to tingle all over. Angel slowly brought her hand to her bruise that was covered with makeup, she had two puncture wounds on her neck that she tried to find a reason about. She remembers her climaxing and then Aiden soon after and he latched onto her neck, first, there was pain then she felt pleasure but then more pain. She saw his eyes, they weren't their normal stone grey but red, blood red. Angel felt hands on her arms as if to hold her steady, she welcomed the embrace he gave from behind. She relaxed as she rested her head on his chest, suddenly everything she was mad about didn't matter anymore. She just settled into him and allowed him to hold her, she felt a kiss on her side temple.

"Just give me time", he said to her and just as easily as she fell into this trance she snapped out and then her surroundings became clearer. She heard the booming from the music and is still in line waiting to go into the ladies' bathroom and Aiden was with her not Jamie.

"Get off me. I won't be your little side thing. Let's just act like we never happened okay. You have a girlfriend and I'm fine with that", she turned and pushed at his chest which he didn't move from the force of her push but he was caught off guard. Angel ignored a few stares from a few ladies in the line for the bathroom. Aiden stared at her and said nothing but Angel heard his voice loud and clear in her mind "Time", that was all he said as he stood silent. Angel looked away from him, now she was hearing what she wanted to hear. Amid the music there was a loud boom, then another and another. It sounded like fireworks but only louder, then there is an echo. Why would fireworks be going off in a club, a packed club? It only took Angel a few minutes to realize that these are not the sound of fireworks but gunfire.

"They are shooting", Angel heard one of the ladies scream. The scene before her, women running and screaming as the sound of gunfire rang off. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion, seeing everyone scatter as the boom reflected off the walls. She felt her sense of hearing leave her for a moment as she watched the faces of many. Suddenly Aiden grabbed Angel's hand and quickly shielded her, covering her body with his as they moved through the chaos, getting lost in the crowd. There was screaming as they moved at a rapid speed, Angel couldn't process anything going on around her then suddenly it was quiet. Suddenly she was placed onto the sidewalk concrete outside and then Angel then felt arms go around her neck, it was Brittany. She was now outside in what looked to be like an ally, she was sitting on the ground and Brittany was holding onto her. As quickly as it left, her hearing came back suddenly as she looked around hearing the yelling, the crying, and the sirens. Aiden was nowhere to be in sight but she saw Evan, Asher, and John all talking amongst each other.

"I saw the tattoo myself", she heard Evan tell his brothers. Whatever they were discussing, it wasn't meant for others to hear judging by their huddle together.

"Aiden, where's Aiden", Angel spoke to more so herself as she looked around, he was the one who had brought her out of the building. They moved fast, too fast that Angel couldn't process what had just happened only the aftermath. Angel didn't know that Evan had heard her as she questioned about Aiden's whereabouts.

"He got you out, are you okay", Brittany's tears are now black due to the mascara running due to her tears. Brittany held both hands on either side of Angel's head as she looked into her eyes. Angel was trying to process what's going on with this sudden rush, she was just in the club waiting in line with Aiden and now she was outside barely processing it all.

"Car's here", Asher spoke out as a black SUV made its way around the corner.

"Evan will take you two back to the hotel", John spoke to Brittany who gave him a rapid nod as she grabbed Angel's hand. Angel noticed that Brittany refused to grab John's offered hand. Angel followed Brittany's lead to get into the SUV but her mind was running wild by the second. What is going on?


When they were back at the hotel Angel sat on the sofa, she had put on a black jogger set just to get the clothes off her, how did a night become such a blur? Brittany still in her clothes had her head in her hands as she sobbed. Evan stood in the kitchen as if to give the girls their space, they had just experienced something traumatic. Angel had never been in a situation such as this and neither had Brittany. Angel got up finally after fighting with herself and her emotions, she had to know was Aiden okay.

"Evan", Evan looked up at her, he had been staring into the counter, and into nothing maybe he was just as lost in his thoughts as well.

"Hi", was all he said, he didn't have many expressions on his face but he did have a look of concern but it was masked with something Angel didn't know about.

"Your brother", she placed her hands together as she sighed.

"Jamie right", Evan said. Angel squinted her eyes as she looked at him, she was so concerned about Aiden that she completely forgot about Jamie.

"How is Jamie, where is he?" she asked. Evan must think she is some groupie, she was all over one of his brothers but it was Aiden's name that she called out for. Evan hit his knuckles on the marble counter as if he were thinking before he spoke.

"Jamie is okay, he was trying to be a hero as he always is", Evan said as he gave Angel a look of concern.

"And Aiden", she asked, her big brown eyes staring into Evan's black eyes with curiosity.

"He's with his girlfriend, Siren", Evan said as he stared into Angel's brown eyes. When Evan made his statement Angel looked away from him in shame. She wasn't a fool, Evan was making it clear to her as Siren had, and Aiden is off-limits. She could understand Evan's view of this, Jamie and Aiden are his brothers and he wouldn't have their bond be tampered with because of a woman. Angel crossed her arms and rubbed the makeup covered spoke on her neck, it had been throbbing for a while now. Evan noticed her rubbing a particular spot, Angel didn't know she had rubbed her neck so that a red punctured wound was visible to Evan.

"Right", Angel turned away from Evan to hide her embarrassment. Brittany was silent as she stared at the sofa across from her, just staring into space at nothing. She was so quiet.

"I have to take this", Evan announced as he made his way to the front door to step in the hallway, his cellphone had rung. Angel nodded as she watched the door closed behind him. She then stared down at her best friend.

"I saw a man get shot right in front of me", Brittany admitted as she still stared in space. Angel knelt in front of Brittany who then looked at her. Brittany's eyes appeared so lost away, lost in her thoughts.

"Oh, Britt", Angel hugged her, rubbing her back to soothe her.

"Angel, no. Listen to me, I saw the shooter", Brittany was shaking all over as she pulled away from her friend to look her in the eyes. Angel looked carefully, Brittany's blue eyes were terrified.

"It's okay, you're okay", Angel tried to reason but Brittany shook her head side to side as she closed her mouth to contain a sob.

"It looked like something from a horror movie", Brittany cried softly as Angel tried to soothe her.

"It's okay", Angel whispered.

"No, No, No you don't understand. It was a monster", Brittany wheezed as Angel grabbed her to hold her.

Evan appeared back in the hotel room but he wasn't alone, Jamie was with him and he looked like something was on his mind. His eyes met Angel's and she knew something has happened, he looked angry and agitated.

"Are you okay", he asked Angel who gave him a soft nod.

"Yeah", Angel whispered as she held onto Brittany who had gone still and silent again.

"Look, the tour is canceled. We have a plane ready to take you both back home", Evan announced, his hands now in his black denim pants he too appeared annoyed.

"What is even happening", Angel asked as she stood and stared at the two men, everything was happening too fast, the night was beginning to start and then chaos erupted.

"I'm ready to go", Brittany said softly as she stood and crossed her arms across her chest, she didn't even acknowledge the two men as she brushed passed Angel and went straight to her hotel room. Angel stared at Brittany's shit door and looked back at the two men.

"Any word of what exactly happened?" Angel asked as she stepped forward towards Jamie who stared at the floor before looking back into her eyes.

"We don't know exactly. Let us know when you two are packed, we'll be downstairs in the lobby", Evan spoke before Jamie could have the chance. Angel furrowed her eyebrows when Jamie didn't respond and followed Evan out of the room leaving Angel alone in the living room with questions that were left unanswered. 


Chapter End Notes:

So yeah, I know it's a bit all over the place but starting now the story will shift to the darker side. Why so mysterious? Well, this story is only beginning.

What has Brittany so shook?

Does Evan know?

Will Jamie be Angel's peace?!

Why does Aiden need time?

What the heck happened?!


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.