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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 6

Surprise Me


Crawling from underneath the bed, she had to make adjustments to her swim top and the cover-up as it barely made it to her knees but now it was bunched. She was thankful she was facing a wall and she couldn't see him towards her left but she felt him across the other side of the bed. Turning around to give him a nervous smile as she placed her hands in her curly mess she turned to meet the cold grey eyes that were glaring at her. She could not believe how beautiful he is and so fucking tall. His long black hair was dripping wet, pieces framing his face down to his muscled chest. His arms, chest completely covered in tattoos. He was naked from the top but had a white towel covering his bottom half. She was getting heat flashes again, and she knew she had to explain her self so she won't get Brittany kicked out.

"I'm sorry. I was ummm, I was", she had to look away as she held onto her arms as she crossed them across her chest.

"Look at me when you speak", he asked more like commanded and just like that this little spell was broken, Angel scrunched her eyebrows and stood her ground as she pointed at him.

"Wow you are an asshole! You don't have to treat a lady like shit you know", who did he think he was talking too.

"The way you are dressed I wouldn't have taken you as a lady", the statement caused Angel's blood to run cold, he had caught her off guard with that remark. She felt tears forming in her eyes but she kept them held back, she couldn't let him see that he had got to her once again in the same night.

"Fuck you, I don't have to explain myself", she made her way to his door, not making eye contact. She attempted to pull the door but it wouldn't open no matter how much force she tried, feeling all the rejection she placed her forehead on the door and let out a huff. She didn't want to be in the same air as him.

"Can you let me out", she asked never removing her forehead off the door, never looking at him.

"Maybe. When I'm ready", he sighed as he walked back into to his bathroom.

At that Angel snapped her head back, ready to give him a fucking piece of her mind but he wasn't in his bedroom anymore but she heard the water running in the bathroom. So as curious as she is, she followed the sound. She was unprepared at the sight of the bathroom, the interior of these walls were completely black with crystal cave-like walls, dark cherry hardwood floors, and massive shower as she looked further down the bathroom and a cave-like tub that looked more like a mini pool connected. The ceilings were completely windowed giving the view of the starlight sky.

"Oh my god", she whispered. Before she could finish her sentence, he was standing right in front of her. He was looking down at her, into her dark brown almond eyes in curiosity and something else lingered into those eyes. He's standing so close she was sure he could hear the rhythm of her heart beating rapidly. She was scared yet she felt calm, even a little safe with him.

"You don't have to go", he said the words very slowly as his arms came around to her, resting on her waist holding her up. She could have sworn his grey eyes flashed a golden yellow but it happened so quickly that she wasn't sure it had even changed.

"I don't have to go", she asked as she repeated. She became so unsure of what she was even saying, she felt like she was in a trance, under a hypnotic spell.

"No, you don't", he said the last part with a bit of hesitation.

"No, I don't", she questioned to which he looked away from her abruptly and even removing his arms from the small of her back.

"I apologize", he didn't look at her as he gripped the edges of the sink counter, his veins visible and she heard an audible crack and a small line unforeseen to her did form in the black and white marbled countertop. He cursed to himself as he took deep breaths, he knew he was on the verge of losing control. In frustration he moved his wet hair out of this face slicking it back.

Angel now breathing heavily due to the emotions she could not describe like the butterflies in the pit of her stomach, continued to star at him in shock. It was as if he was in her head controlling her thoughts. Yet, she craved for him to hold her again, it was as if her insides were raging, her hormones now out of place. Since he had placed his arms around her, that first contact left her wanting more of that feeling. She wanted to wrap in those strong arms, she never was surer of anything in her life. She felt herself pulling the edges of her swim cover-up up her thighs, never looking away from him as she did so. Once she pulled the entire cover-up off her body, she watch him turn towards her, facing her but he froze. His eyes only remained fixed on hers, he didn't dare look past those eyes. She just didn't know she was in the grasp of danger.

"What are you doing", his voice sounded more like a low growl, much hoarser.

"I don't know. This just feels right", she whispered as she threw the mesh green cover-up on the floor.

"Mine", she heard his voice in her head which caused her to jump in shock but it was more animalistic. His eyes were glued to her as he took a step closer to her, trying to close the distance between them. Gasping as he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist holding onto him for dear life, his towel somehow falling to the floor and she felt him, every inch of him. He never took his eyes off of hers, searching them, she was sure she heard a low growl coming from his chest.

"Why are you so rude to me", she whispered as she stared into his eyes.

"Let's not talk about it", he whispered back as he moved his hips as if he couldn't get any harder. She felt herself getting more wetter at the feel of his length as he pulled her to him, she didn't even realize that they were back into the bedroom until he had laid her gently on the bed. Staring up at him, Angel felt like she was in a dream state, she couldn't explain the feeling he gave her. Was this lust? If so, she loved every part of it. Sitting up with her elbows supporting her, she reached behind her to untie her lime green bathing top tossing it behind her. She held her breast in her palms as she looked up at him, how strange the events have turned. Here she is half-naked in some rock stars bed, the prior encounter long was forgotten.

"There is no going back after this", he wanted her to understand what she was getting herself into. He was usually never one for many words before fucking but he knew she was not just anyone. She, however, did not understand the effects she is feeling and he would deal with those feelings afterward. Even if she would hate him, he would spend eternity making it up to her somehow, if she survives the night. He knew before she entered the second floor at that fucking club, he had smelled her. A feeling that he had only read about in the printed articles Jimmy had given him. Information Jimmy had to call many people to find, years and years of information about who Aiden really is. Aiden did not want to accept his faith, he didn't want to be attached but he knew it would happen. Centuries of being alone, he had gotten used to life just as it was. However, his other half wanted what was rightly his. His wolf wanted his mate, his vampire half wanted her blood and wanted her dead. Satan must have it out for him, gifting him a human as a mate. He could kill her unintentionally.

"I don't care", she whispered.

Aiden carefully touched her face, caressing it as she eagerly nestled into his large hand. Slowly removing his hand from her face he allowed his hands to travel down to her breast which she still cradled. He felt jealous as he forced her hands away much to her small giggle. Soft, plump, heavy, they looked perfect. Feeling his mouth becoming dry he eagerly latched on to one sucking, pulling and biting her nipples. She is the perfect blend of caramel, honey, and these chocolate buds. He hadn't realized he nipped her a little too hard until she softly cried out, the scent of her blood filled his room. He has been a little too rough with her but it seemed he had only made her more aroused. The scent of her arousal much stronger than he was prepared for. These sound and scent proof bedrooms Rose had for each bedroom was necessary at times such as these, Rose would often fuss that she didn't want to smell the blood of "whores". Rose is a vampire as well as Jimmy along with his brothers Evan, Asher, Jamie, and John yet Aiden is the only hybrid. A combination Jimmy has yet to fully understand due to Aiden being the only living hybrid known, the two were sworn enemies and Aiden didn't know anything about his birth parents.

"You bit me", she asked, confused as she watched as he licked and suckled as much blood as he could get from the tiny wound.

He hushed her with a kiss on her lips, he had been waiting to kiss these full lips since she pouted at his treatment of her at the club. He would explain later, if he was able. She tried to give him soft kisses but he wanted her to be more aggressive with him, showing her how to fight tongue with tongue. She was too small compared to him, he knew if they'd have sex he would lose control but he would try to remain patient.

"Turn over", he ordered a bit aggressive, his voice husky, to which she obeyed but jumped when he smacked her ass a little too hard causing her to whimper. She decided to move up the headboard and away from him, teasing slightly. She wanted him fully on this bed, surely he could make room. This bed covered most of the room. Angel looked above to the ceiling mirror, admiring the state she was in. She felt weightless, she felt the most free she had in many months. Laying back onto the plush pillows that where covered in silk cases, her curly hair fanned across its luxury.

"Aiden, you have to let her out", just like that the world he knew stopped, and Jimmy stood on the other side of the bedroom door. Standing in the hallway, Aiden knew he would have to face reality no matter how badly he wanted to hold onto her now that she was alone with him. There is so much he wants to explain to her carefully but no matter how careful he plans, she is not a part of his world but she is his world even if she doesn't know it yet. A human has no place in the arms of a beast, he knew that but when he had her scent of her scent and his wolf became agitated, so did he.

"I can't do that just yet Jim, I can't do that", Aiden said as he never took his eyes off the brown beauty that lay in the middle of his bed. He had hoped that he could start the process without anyone noticing she was gone, once she entered his bedroom she had made a choice for them unknowingly. Here she lay, her almond shaped eyed casted low due to her daze state, and he had put her in this state with compelling her. He didn't mean to be so rude to her but he just could not handle the situation she had put them both in. He now had a weakness.

"You know you possibly may kill her if you go through with this. I don't know what you are going through and I understand that if I'm forced to enter, I will have to put you down. Think this through carefully. Do not do this tonight", Jimmy's father like voice did hold great concern however Aiden was focused on the woman who lay silently, he wasn't sure if she could even hear Jimmy or anything.

Aiden had to look away from her as he responded to Jimmy, he would have to find some way to keep her within arm's length for now.

"Alright, fuck. I won't do it, I'll send her away. Give me a couple minutes", Aiden now sounding agitated as he walked around the bed and to the bathroom, slightly closing the door. He had to finish himself off, fucking blue balls are a pain.

Angel stared at herself in the mirror above her, taking in the state she is in, naked from the top down. She smirked as she undid her bikini bottoms, she didn't know what she was doing but some part of her wanted to do this. After what felt like forever, Aiden reemerged from the bathroom now in a pair of black pants covering his bottom half. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he noticed Angel waiting for him to finish what they had started a little tango between them would have to wait.

"Look at me", he commanded her to look into his eyes and in her daze she obeyed yet hesitated.

"Okay", she was sounding unsure.

"I want you to leave this room and forget that this happened. Get dressed and go back downstairs", he bit the words out, making himself sound much more threatening than he had wanted too. Once the message registered to her, he watched as a look of confusion and shock took over her facial expressions as she reached behind her to grab his pillow, covering herself while glaring at him as she made eye contact.

"What the fuck did you give me", her little voice was shaking.

"You can leave, your dress is on the counter in the bathroom", he didn't answer her question only made his way towards the bedroom door.

"Wait, did we?" she was scared for his answer, biting her lip and looking away from him.

"No. You have nothing to worry about. You would know if I had you, that I can guarantee sweetheart", he was so cocky and full of himself that it annoyed Angel. He clicked a few buttons on the lock pad on his bedroom door that appeared to be touch screen. Then a soft click singling of the door being unlocked.

"Wait don't open it yet, someone may see me", she tried to bury herself future into the bed hiding herself.

"There's no one out here, Jimmy's gone. Get dressed, close the door when you leave", he was gone just like that. Angel let out a breath she had been holding when he left.

"What the hell", she said as she scratched her scalp and looked into the ceiling mirror.


Chapter End Notes:

If you haven't guess by the story now, yes this is a supernatural story. 

This is only the beginning guys!

This will not be what you expect. You have been warned.

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