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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 7:Lucid

"Angel, I was getting so worried! Where have you been", Brittany held a red cup in her hand as she spotted Angel coming from the hallway. Angel had gotten dressed, fixed her hair by adding more water so no one would look at her differently. Once she made it to the first floor where the party is she had to count to twenty a couple of times, she did not remember anything beyond getting from under the bed upstairs to finding herself naked on a strangers bed.

"Exploring", Angel gave Brittany a close smile as she looked around the room and noticed everyone mostly was outside, all the guys were with majority of the girls.

"I should have gone with you, this place is beyond beautiful. Do you want a drink", Brittany asked as she pulled her friend down the hallway that led to the kitchen. Angel remembered eating strawberries there and meeting Jimmy.

"No, no drink. I'm fine", she wondered if the strawberries contained alcohol of any kind because she had to have a blackout for her not to remember anything. Brittany then convinced Angel to join everyone outside by the pool, Asher spotted the girls returning. He was in a float with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The guy with the lip ring and short curly black hair was making out with one of the girls on the far side of the pool. The guy with the chin length brown hair offered Angel and Brittany some small cup of jello which Angel declined but Brittany did not.

"Hey you want to head out in about any hour", Angel asked Brittany in her ear to which Brittany agreed to. This party was becoming a little too long in Angel's eyes.

"There you are", a deep voice said in a sing along voice, it was the guy with the long blonde hair. He had a tattooed arm sleeved and a nose ring, he was a bit shorter than the guys.

"Oh hey, Angel this is John super funny guy. John this is my friend Angel, she went missing on me for a second", Brittany introduced the two.

"Well shit we thought you left the party, glad you stuck around. Mind if I steal your friend", John seemed very jumpy as he talked, Angel remained polite but thought that he was too jittery.

Angel nodded and watch Brittany go back towards the house with John. Angel decided to put her feet in the pool keeping distance from the other girls.

"Mind if I join you", a males voice coming next to her causing her to look up into a pair of green eyes, it was the guy with the chin length brown blondish hair. He wore didn't have on a shirt but wore red swim trucks, one of his legs covered in tattoos and so were both his arms, his chest free of the ink only a thin line of brown hair on his chest. He was one of the singers, Angel had heard him sing before putting her ears plugs back into her ears, the instruments became too much for her.

"I don't mind", she made sure to keep a little distance between them as he took a seat next to her, placing his feet in the pool as well.

"I'm Jamie", Angel gave him a small smile.

"Angel. You have a great voice", she thought it was best to at least strike up a conversation with him about something instead of sitting in awkward silence.

"Pretty name for a pretty lady", he smiled showing two dimples, kind to think of it each of the men were very attractive. No blemishes on their faces, Jamie did however have a unique mustache that reminded her of a bow tie.

"So where are you guys headed next", Angel said as she stared into the pool, rolling her eyes as she saw two of the girls take their tops off and Asher falling into the pool.

"Ohio", Jamie said as he smiled and then cheered his friend on.

"Wow, so how did you guys enjoy your stay here"

"It was okay for a little while till we got banned from the fucking hotel. Nice that we can always fall back at a place practically home", Jamie kicked his feet in the water.

"You guys must party hard", Angel poked her lips, a habit she did when she questioned something.

"No actually we don't party enough. Sometimes. It's always work, image and a shit ton of rules but fuck the rules"

"So how did you meet the guys", she couldn't believe she was actually enjoying talking to Jamie, he seemed not bad.

"We're brothers. Asher right there is the youngest, I'm before him, Evan over there is before me, John is before him and Aiden is the oldest"

"Asher seems pretty nice but why does he have an accent and the other of you don't", Angel questioned know being her nosey self.

"Ah yes", Jamie seemed to laugh at Angel's question to which she gave him a glare.

"Sorry if I'm being nosey it's just interesting"

"Asher's was born in London, grew up in London. We have the same father but different mothers", Jamie said as moved his feet in the water.

"Oh that's cool, have any of you visited London before", Angel now was interested.

"Oh yes all the time, fucking love it there. We have another home there", Jamie said.

"So cool", Angel smiled, like really smiled, showing off her dimples.

"She has dimples, nice." Jamie said causing her to stop smiling.

"Oh thank you", Angel said looking away.

"Have you met all the guys yet", Jamie asked now fully facing Angel.

"Oh, uh I've met Asher, you, I have not met Evan but he's been making out since I've been back here, I just met John. I think I met Aiden and I did meet Jimmy", then Angel remembered the stranger from the club, the stranger from the third floor. She didn't get his name but he must have had to be Aiden, she honestly couldn't remember a thing about being up there. He had said that they didn't have sex but she was naked and her left nipple felt sore and he was not wearing his shirt. She had believed him due to not feeling any soreness but she would know for sure in the morning, right?

"Aiden's probably off writing a song now, I haven't seen him since we made it. He's a lone wolf", Jamie said.

"Well it was nice talking to you. I need to find my friend, we're leaving soon"

"At this hour", Jamie's eyes bout bugged from their sockets.

"It's no big deal, I drive home from work at night all the time. I followed the bus up there"

"Surely leave once its daylight, I wouldn't be a good host to allow two women to travel at this hour. A lot of freaky motherfuckers out there"

"We can't", Angel said softly, images of her in that bed clutching the pillow still vivid freshly in her mind.

"Please, be our guest", he was now looking into her eyes intensely but she closed her eyes and looked away.

"Well where would we sleep", Angel did not feel like driving, she was actually pretty sleepy.

"There a rooms everywhere, all you have to do is really pick", Jamie said as he stood.

Angel then stood, and regretted her height. She is only five feet tall, were all of them so tall?

"Okay, well let me go find Brittany and tell her we're staying"

"Do you want me to come with, you can get lost around here", Jamie asked.

"No thanks, I'll be fine", he just didn't know that her snooping is what caused her to wake up naked in his brothers bed.

Angel decided to venture off inside the main house, walking down the mahogany hallways, she wondered just where in the hell was Brittany. When she walked further down the hall she noticed a purple neon light reflecting on the walls, the light was coming from inside a room with the door creaked open. Angel held her breath as she took in the scene. Two girls making out on a black leather sofa, one of them she recognized as the blonde who chastised her earlier. Three other woman on the floor having sex, their moaning a bit much. There was smoke that filled the air and she saw Aiden, sitting on the couch beside the women bending his head on the wide glass table and by the long sniff she knew he was not admiring the glass table.

"I think she wants to join", the brunette who was making out with the blonde noticed Angel standing in the door way. A smirk on her face before she locked her lips as she looked at Angel.

"I wonder what she tastes like", the blonde said after she looked over her shoulder, giving Angel an eye wink.

Aiden, after doing 4 short lines raised his head, eyes closed as he sat back into the leather couch, he is still shirtless but his pants are unzipped. Angel watched as the blonde eagerly made her way to Aiden to unbutton his pants and he did nothing to stop her, he just rested his head against the couch. Angel gasped as the blonde freed Aiden's cock, running her red manicured finger up and down. Her hand not even fully around, he was thick and long. The brunette began playing with the ass of the Blondes whose face were focused on Aiden's cock. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Her eyes big as she tried to adjust her lips around Aiden's cock, her gagging noises are what caused Angel to move away from the door. She ran away from the door almost tripping on her bare feet, holding onto the walls to catch her breath. She had never seen such an erotic scene, she didn't even watch porn but she was sure that's what porn looked like. Angel isn't a virgin, she lost her virginity to Tom Howard, which made her feel like shit since he only wanted to see could he nail a black chick. She was sixteen and that was the first and last time she had sex.

"Hey, what's wrong", Jamie was now in front of her, she didn't realize she stumbled into the kitchen. She didn't realize she was crying, why was she crying?!

"I, I, I got lost", she lied but she didn't know what else to say. Jamie pulled her into a hug as she cried into his chest. He didn't know what to do about her crying, he just knew to comfort her as she cried into his chest.

"Oh shit", John who was smiling ear to ear said as he and Brittany walked into the kitchen they had been laughing and talking about the game they had just played on John's Xbox.

"Angel oh my God! What did you do", Brittany pulled Angel around and glared at Jamie who held up his hands in defense.

"She got lost, I ran into her here I swear"

"He didn't do anything, I was just panicking. Yes", Angel got herself together as Brittany held her shoulders.

"Good I didn't want to have to kick his ass. You ready to go", Brittany asked.

"No, we can stay. It's too late to drive but I'm going to go to sleep. Go have fun, I'm fine. Jamie about that room", Angel said as she wiped away her running mascara, she was sure her false lashes where coming off.

"We're sleeping in the same room so whatever room she's in, let me know so I can know. Okay Jamie", Brittany make sure to give Jamie daggers.

"Of course", Jamie said.

"I'm such a baby. I'm sorry for all of this", Angel said as she pulled her hair back away from her face.

"It's alright, you're safe with me", Jamie smiled.

"So where is my room?"

Jamie smiled and led Angel up the stairs to the second floor, she had wished he used the elevator instead. They stood in front of the bedroom closet to the stairs, Jamie put in the codes and once he adjusted the light switch Angel could hardly believe the room. The walls were cream the ceiling held a mural of angels floating on clods with a heart instrument, eight arch gold trimmed windows showing the view of the backyards compound, a large cream tufted Victorian styled bed with cream silk bedsheets and a load of pillows, two cream chair at the foot of the bed and a lite fireplace across from the bed.

"Enjoy your night. You can adjust the temper if you'd like, it must be freezing in here", Angel jumped at Jamie's voice, she was so into the visual of the bedroom that she forgot he was even there.

"Wow this is so nice"

"Alright then"

Angel noticed that Jamie was leaving. "Jamie, thank you", she smiled. Jamie soon left her alone, alone in a mega suite and her lost in her thoughts. Why would he want to do that, drugs and with them. She guessed this what being a rock star is all about but what did she know. She felt foolish, why did she feel so heartbroken over what a stranger did. Why did she feel this pain in her chest, the image of that woman, his head thrown back against the couch? They are from two different worlds, she was silly to even think otherwise. Angel pulled back the sheets and curled in a fetal position into the center of the bed, sleep soon taking over her body. This was one hell of a night.


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