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The smell of fresh rain wafted across his nostrils and the coolness of the air soon followed. Skin prickling in tiny little raised bumps, he turned towards warmth in the form of a female body. The soft cheeks of a derriere pressed into his groin and smooth satiny skin teased his fingers. Opening his eyes slowly, they fell upon dark moist hair, thick and dewy with the morning droplets. Small delicate wings folded up against a mahogany back, the ends tickled his stomach. The aroma dwelling on her flesh was decadent; the mist of humidity, well spent passion and her uniquely earthy fragrance that lay nestled between her feminine folds. It more than whet his appetite and he found himself impaling his bottom lip with a tooth or two. How much of a beast was he he wondered…that he never tired of her taste or the pleasure she gave him? An exhausted yet humored laugh suddenly drifted up from the tempting little nymph, rich soft and somewhat throaty from slumber.

    “No more a beast than I dracgna.” Feeling himself smile, his teeth sunk into his lips again at the luscious rear that deliciously teased his awakening shaft. 

    “What makes you one such as I caelia?” He teased back, lips coming to kiss her on the jaw. Turning, those gorgeous black eyes met his. 

    “You’re not the only one who hungers. I too have an appetite. Thanks to you.” Reaching out to slip small dainty fingers into his hair, she leaned up to press her soft fleshy lips against his. At once she’d taken hold of him body and soul. Gentle kisses borne of morning rain and quiet stillness soon grew wetter and more striking as their tongues played against one another. Be ashamed of it not my love. For I myself feel none. How his heart filled with peace. The powerfully emotive force that was love seemed to seep down into his very bones and he surrendered himself to it. He surrendered himself to her, relinquishing everything up as he entered her warm awaiting body; lips drinking their fill of her, rich sweet moans of ecstasy slipping down his throat like wine. Oft in the distance the birds began to sing their worship unto the great gods that ruled the land around them. Bees began their early morning hunt for ripe flowers. For that day and several more days after it existed the happiest moments of his life. Moments that came to a halt so suddenly he hadn’t had time to prepare. 





     “Do you believe in fairytales?” Brown eyelids fluttered. 

    “Fairytales are stupid. You really believe in tiny creatures that live in the woods?” Nostrils opened to inhale the air and it was different and yet so familiar. Lips part. Since she was a child, her dreams had always been strange. Rich green lands and pretty flowers abound, droplets of dew on large massive leaves and sunlight streaming through trees. They were always full of light and joy, innocence and spring time. Every year come time for Halloween she always dressed as a fairy or tinkerbell (who was her favorite thank you very much) and around school, people had always called her ‘the fairy’ girl or ‘the girl with the weird name’. She never quite felt like she belonged and mainly stayed to herself. But the time to be a hermit was over. Brown eyes opened. Here we go. 

    “Hello. My American name is Isolde. But you can call me Lihua. It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you this year.” Stunned students glanced at her and murmured amongst themselves as she withdrew to her seat. She was not going to let fear get in the way of her living out her dreams. And starting right here and right now she’d do just that.






    Bare feet waded further into the high lilting grasses and soon a male body disappeared amidst them. Hair once long and gloriously silver now was kept short, black and shapely as to adhere to the modern times. Golden almond shaped eyes appeared dark brown during the day, and his elvin markings remained hidden at all times under long sleeve shirts and jackets. He’d had to hide himself away, had to force himself to be this version of what they now called a modern man. At first he was resistant to it…refusing to be anything other than who he was. But as the times quickly showed, it was wiser for him to assimilate than rebel and it became a means of survival. 

    Lifting fingers to slip through his soft silky white strands, he sighed, turning those pools of golden amber up towards the sky, alight with millions of tiny twinkling stars. On a night like this one, he was ridden with memories of long since past and preferred to take a flight under the cover of absolute darkness. Peeling off his shirt, his body shivered at the burst of cool air that tickled his flesh. Winter was surely approaching. While it was still fall yet and under the full moon, he’d fly. Soon, massive wings sprouted from his back and he was off. 






    “DELPHINE!” Hands pulled him back, tried to lure him back into safety. 

    “My Lord! You mustn’t go out there! It’s too dangerous!” His eyes weren’t focused on any such person but his little fairy, whom had been crushed under a part of a crumbling building. One of her hands seemed to reach for his, the skin now tainted with blood. 

    “Let go of me you insignificant little minion!” His voice snarled at those who held him, bound him, and prevented him from getting to her. 

    “Sir…we must go.” 

    “Release me.” Turning infuriated eyes onto the man he recognized as the general of his army, he growled his next words, words laced with venomous conviction. 

    “I will send you to the Drog wastelands where you will die should you not.” The man paled and immediately let go of him, knowing he did not make a threat he would not carry through. Golden eyes flashed dangerously and the force of his aura sent the men flying back from him. 

    “Go ahead of me. Now!” 

    “Aye sir.” The men appeared wearied and tired of trying to keep him at bay, choosing the more wiser choice of obeying him. Turning eyes towards the place where her body lay, he began to run towards her, under his breath reciting a spell of health. Kneeling, he grabbed onto her hand and the spell traveled through his hand into her. Delphine. The mental link between them was the weakest it had ever been but it was there…by a thread. 

    Caelia…answer me…please… He lifted his other hand up onto the large jagged piece of concrete as he awaited. 

    Mingyu… Her voice was weak…fragile…empty. 

    Hold on sweet one. I’m going to move you. 

    No…it’s…no use…my legs…my legs are crushed.  Through their entwined hands, he could feel the intensity of the pain she was feeling and felt tears come to his eyes. They slipped down his cheeks as he tightened his grip on her. 

    Don’t leave me Delphine. I beg you. I’m not ready to let you go. 

The time that spanned between her response times were growing longer and longer before,

    I shall always… be with you… my love. Her life force was fading from within her touch with each moment that past. 

    I…love…you… And like a wisp of wind she was gone, her hand limp in his. His shoulders shook as he began to cry, leaning forward to press his face against their entwined hands, his fingers now gripping hers with a bruising force. That day his tears turned to blood and he wept like a child until she grew cold. That day a part of him died along with her.




    “Sire, would you like to stop by your favorite coffee shop on the way home?” 

    “I’ll go on my own. You aren’t needed.”    

    “Of course sire.” 

    “Go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With a bow of the head, the servant was gone and he sat back in his office chair. Licking his lips, he stood and grabbed his coat. Grabbing the keys he soon headed out. 

    Upon pulling up into the parking lot, he immediately felt relief. In a quiet artsy little sector of town he was and everything about it screamed tranquility. He imagined she’d have loved coming to this place. Quaint little shops and clothing boutiques in ancient buildings lined up and down the street. Sighing deeply, he tried to ignore the many eyes that seemed to stab into him as he entered the establishment.  The owners were well familiar with him and always accommodated him. Sitting down in his chair at his favorite table, he sat taking in the warm earthy smells of the coffees and sweet baked treats. 

    “We’ll be right with you.” A waitress said with a bow before hurriedly rushing towards the barista station. How funny that after all he’d lived through, the blood he’d spilt and 

after all he’d done…this now was what his life had been reduced to. As he finally took a sip of a black coffee that the poor overworked girl had finally sat down before him, he sighed deeply once again. Closing his eyes, he reveled in the heat that misted up across his cold skin. Those that he called his enemy once…some were now in the next realm, no longer apart of this one. But unbeknownst to these unsuspecting humans dangers existed all around them all the time. And it was thanks to beings like him that they could continue to exist ignorantly. 

    Taking a sip, he lifted empty brown eyes to see a group of young women come in. As they neared the register, they moved away from one in particular who held on to her purse awkwardly. She was not like the others he observed as she ordered. From where he sat he could tell one of two things. She was American, his curious ears focusing on her accent as she ordered. Two was that she was beautiful…what of her he could see. All of those things put her at a direct risk of being captured and he’d have to prevent them from taking her. Watching as they went to sit down, he cleared his throat. Alas, his work was never done. Not even for a moment. 

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: Hey lovelies!!! Wow so it's November and I've got a month give or take left of this semester. I was minding my own business when suddenly I felt a tickle from Mingyu and Delphine. I knew I had listed Delphine as one of the stories that I wanted to get started on before the end of the year and welp looks like I've done just that. I've made my decision as to the next story I'm starting lol. I know that this is short and more like a bite than a whole meal but I hope it is satistactory all the same! What do you think of our leading man Mingyu? Personally, I see a jaded man who has lived so long that he's grown tired of living. Haunted by the past and of memories of his past love, he is struggling to modernize himself. I think Mingyu is already proving to be a terribly vulnerable and beautiful character. I did write another chapter. So I'll upload it hehe. 

As of now, let me announce that the two stories that I will be focusing on are Yeonwang and now this one. I do have Yeonwang updates in the works guys so don't think I've forgotten! I thank you all for your patience! Happy reading and please stay safe! God bless!


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.