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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


    “Eminta?” Nothing as yet.

    “Eminta!” Jumping, finally the young woman turned to face her. She looked taken aback, her pretty dark brown cheeks flushed red. 

    “M-Miss Mable…hi there.” Smiling, she lifted fingers to the poor girl’s forehead. 

    “You’re awfully warm this mornin. You sure you’re okay?” 

    “Um…yeah. Yes.” Lifting an eyebrow, she watched as the girl brushed past her, hurried up in fact to get to her room. What was that about she wondered? 




    Back pressed against the door, she leaned her head back, eyes closed shut. What manner of madness was this? To wake as if Grace had just had her…as if one of the many patrons who frequented her had had her. Biting her lip, she took a shaky breath. She’d never before had nothin like this happen before. Opening eyes, she set them on her bed. It was strange how at once though no one was in it, she could hear the old dusty springs squeak and shake. She could hear her sighs and groans of pleasure. She could see the strong broad back, the slim pale waist and round firm cheeks. The big hands taking hold of her ass, long black hair down his back like a stream, the way he fucked was animalistic, his thrusts hard and wild…hungry. 

    Forcing herself to turn around, she tried to calm her deep breathing. Already there, in between her legs she felt wet. Like she kept a small warm pool nestled there. What kind of dream was that to have of him? In her work, there wasn’t much left to be embarrassed about. But that… oh God she couldn’t bare to look him in the face. 

    “Minty?” She heard Mable’s voice ask from the other side and straightened up. That was enough now… for now. Clearing her throat, she smiled and opened the door, surprising the woman. 

    “Miss Mable…come on in. Sorry I had to come get somethin I had forgot.” The woman smiled in return, taking in the frumpled sheets behind her. 

    “Is there somethin you wanna talk about?” She asked, watching the woman shift her feet. 

    “No…I’m fine. Why somethin wrong?” 

    “Well normally you nice and neat in here. Your bed…”

    “Oh! Oh yeah that’s what I forgot!” With a nervous laugh, she darted towards the bed and began to tidy up. The heeled click of Mable’s boots entered the room and she heard the door behind her close. Standing up, she turned around face full of confusion. 

    “I notice you and your Chinaman real close nowadays.” There. She’d hit a nerve. She couldn’t hide the way her cheeks blossomed in pretty color. 

    “He’s not my man…” She said quietly, plucking at her dress. 

    “It’s okay to want him. Even to like him. I told you that Minty.”

    “Yeah I know. Out here anything goes.”

    “Right. And nobody care bout nothin.”

    “Long as we know our place.”

    “It can get blurred sometimes.” 


    “Why haven’t you ever brought him to the inn?” At that, she laughed. 

    “You gotta be kiddin. What I look like bringin him to a whore house?” The woman watched the way she had started to unravel a loose thread or two. Nervous. 

    “You’re ashamed?” She pursed her lips. 

    “I do what I have to. Fucking a couple men a day enables me to survive.” 

    “Nice workin girl then. I’m sure he’d appreciate that.” The purse fell flat and she clenched her teeth. 

    “You do all this work and yet Grace pays you nothing.”

    “We nigger whores don’t deserve no pay. That’s what he always tell me.” 

    “But them lily white ones he put on those advertisements do.”

    “Soiled doves.”

    “And you one of the same…just a prettier kind of dove.” Mable came to sit next to her on the bed. 

    “I wanted to show you somethin. I figured Grace hadn’t shared it with you.”

    “Shared what?”

    “Why did you want to come to California Eminta?” 

    “Cause I heard they had gold out here.” Accepting her answer, she reached into her small purse and pulled out a paper. 

    “Did he teach you how to read?”

    “Read and write. Guess that’s one thing he’s been good for.” 

    “Good then. Here.” Pressing the paper into her hand, she pressed a kiss to her forehead. 

    “I’ll leave your parcel on your pillow later.”

    “Miss Mable-”

    “When you are ready, let me know. I’m sure we can work out some figures and get the ball runnin.” 

    “Ball runnin on what?” But the woman had already stood up and closed the door, leaving her in confused silence. Lifting tentative fingers to the paper, she opened it and read. 



    1849, California 


    “Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, unless for the punishment of crimes, shall ever be tolerated in this State.”




    Entering the empty hut, he sighed. Today had been exhausting. Since Donghai’s murder the hut was silent… cold and lifeless. Some of the other members of their small community had allowed the sea to draw them to different shores and coasts. And yet he stayed in this piece of shit shack. He had roots that he was trying to plant here. A life he was trying to make reality. A gentle knock on the door broke his attention. Going to open it, he felt his heart begin to race. Eminta. She smiled and her cheeks were warm. 

    “I wasn’t sure if you were gonna be home.” 

    “I just got in.” 

    “Long day?” 

    “Very much so.” 

    “Were you gonna go swimmin later tonight?”

    “Did you want to join me?” He answered her question with another one, watching as her cheeks grew even more red. 

    “If..that’s okay.”

    “Of course it is.” Sitting down his bag, he closed the door behind him and outstretched his hand for her to take. She slowly did and together they walked down to the beach. 

    To his surprise, she’d taken off her dress, leaving her in a peculiar set of clothes. They were crisp white and a matching contraption held her around the waist and what appeared to be two large lacy fins branched outward from each leg just above her knee. He was at a loss for words as she reached up and undid her hair, the mass of thick pillowy hair resembling a moon around her head. 



    “I um…I need your help here.”

    “How can I help?” 

    “Come to shore.” The fear in his heart wasn’t a match for the beckoning gaze that drew him in and he came closer. For a moment, she didn’t speak or move, her eyes wide with shock. In his haste, he hadn’t realized he’d completely come ashore and gripped the sand underneath his fingers. 

    “Jie…” He prepared for the fear, the judgment and the run. It happened once before and for that he had been most cautious afterward. But she drew closer until she stood above him. Slowly kneeling, she swallowed, eyes following the length of his tail. 

    “The waves of the sea chain me and I can not break free from her.” He said quietly, eyes downcast. 

    “I am not…I am not the same as you. I am a creature. A cursed pitiful creature.” 

    “Jie, stop it.” His entire chest burned with the fear of rejection and he for the first time could not bear to look at her. 

    “Look at me.” Her voice was sweet and soft and it caused him to grip the sand that much harder. 

    “Please look at me.” Slowly, his fearful eyes lifted. Hers however were warm like melted wax and they burned him severely. 

    “You’re not a creature.”


    “Shh.” She hushed against his mouth, pressing a tender kiss against his lips. His eyes fluttered closed and his hands let go of the sand, lifting to rest on that strange contraption around her waist. 


    “You told me here we could have what we both desired. Right?” He was slow to speak, gripping her waist a bit tighter as her lips kissed his jaw. 

    “Yes…I did.”

    “I have the sea to thank then.” She whispered against him with a lip bitten smile. Desire slipped down and around his entire body and he tried to control his breathing as she turned, back facing her. 

    “Can you unlace my stays?” She sat still in front of him, patiently waiting. Hands awkwardly lifted to the strings. 

    “How?” He asked, voice throaty. 

    “Your thumb. Stick it in between the strings and pull until they loosen.” Doing so slowly, the contraption began to slacken and he heard her audible breath of relief. 

    “Miss Mable always laces me so tight.” She complained, turning slightly to grin at him. 

    “Thank you.” Entire face flushed now, he could only nod as she pulled it off of her body. Sighing, she faced him again and for a moment they just stared at one another. Her hand started for his tail but she brought it to a pause. He grabbed hold of it and brought it to his chest, right above his heart. At her swallow, he knew she could feel how fast it beat. 

    “Because of you I don’t feel alone anymore. I don’t feel that I should hide.” Letting her hand go, he stayed still as she began to touch him. Smooth ivory skin delighted her fingers, defined rows of firm muscle down on his stomach making her warm. What beauty. Licking her lips, she paused right underneath his belly button, the pads of her fingers slightly digging into the flesh. He could feel her apprehension and nervousness and gently took her hand in his again. Carefully, their fingers glided across the bottom half of him. 

    She was surprised by the glossy feel of them and looked up at him only to find his eyes on hers already. The dark inky depths of his eyes set her ablaze and the warm wetness started to well between her legs. Was it a dream or…The same ferocity he had in her dreams…there it cutting into her. It was an open and unashamed gaze yet brimming with palpable desire and hunger. She couldn’t understand it. The way he looked at her was different. It wasn’t obscene nor did it make her feel disgust. Rather, she felt light as air…she felt as though she were but a goddess in his eyes. A form of being that he wanted to worship over and over again.

     Forcing her eyes down, she watched the way their intertwined fingers continued to roam, glide and touch more of his tail. How something so simple could be so erotic she didn’t know. Maybe it was the way their skin clashed. Maybe it was the way his hand seemed to swallow hers up until it disappeared, only the tips of her fingers visible. Maybe it was the feeling of his tail itself..slick and soft. But oh what a pretty tail it was. A pastel white covered the entirety of it, a silky cream flanked two smaller fan shaped fins on either side of him. Flecks of gold dotted along the way, shining like the sun itself. And further down by the large massive fin at the bottom…it shimmered with pure iridescence, the scales glimmering like pale pink, blue and clear beads of glass. It took her breath away. 

    He had long since removed his hand now and instead took hold of her face, bringing her gaze upward. His eyes seemed to say what his lips could not. I want to kiss you. She leaned in slightly, giving him the consent he needed. At once their lips met and she became as wet sand, leaning against him. Fingers slipped into his sleek ebony strands as yet again they shared another kiss, this one deepening slightly. His tongue stroked hers for but a moment and his mouth pulled away from her with a soft wet suck of her bottom lip. She could hear her heart inside of her ears and heard the way her breaths came as pants. Slowly, he leaned her back against the sand and glided a thumb against her lips. His hair slipped forward and around them, covering her hands from view. 

    “Piàoliang…” He spoke, his voice making the hairs on her body stand up. 

    “Qīngróu…” His lips pressed another kiss against them. Leaving her face, he skimmed fingers across her chest, ripping a gasp from her as he brushed a hardened nipple. God…what was he saying… Each word from his tongue made her grow wetter and she bit her lip to stop herself from moaning as his lips soon brushed the sensitive little nub. 

    “Jiānyìng…” He breathed against it, the heat from his mouth driving her nearly insane with want. Kissing the outline of the nipple, he paid the other the same respect before nearly devouring the abundance of skin gifted to him. Her hands lifted and slipped across his shoulders as he kissed there by her collarbone and further to the side of her neck. She couldn’t contain the slight moan that left her lips as he licked and sucked the skin. 

    Closing her arms around him, she allowed him to taste her, nibble and softly bite at her, stake his claim to whatever was in his path. When it was that his breaths mirrored her own and their foreheads touched, he pulled away. Licking his lips, he watched as she soon began to enter the water, her hair soon disappearing beneath the surface. Drawing into the invigorating waves, his head too soon disappeared and so his tail afterward, the large fin slapping the surface on his descent. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Whew it got spicy in here all of a sudden. LOL. Anybody else hot? So, ole UGLY Grace has purposely withheld from Minta that California is "technically" a free state, thereby meaning that all who enter into the state are FREE PERSONS. As I was doing research, I found out that there was a caveat to that. As it is 1853, technically the Fugitive Slave Law would have been passed in 1850. If we're being TECHNICAL. But see the way MY BRAIN SET THIS UP, my brain bascially said yeah we don't care. That's good fine and dandy you know for historical sake but um... this what we doing. LOL. So, yeah there is that lol. 

The whole scene at the sea was entirely DREAMY. I loved penning it hehe. Jie's insecurity was endearing yet heart breaking. He loves her so much *tears up* The WHOLE thing was sweet. Tender. But sexy all at the same time. Justttt like our Jie. Not gon lie though, those utterings in Mandarin would have had the legs open. I'm sorry. Yeah so ummmm next chapter? hehehe. Follow me then loves~ 

what did those sayings mean sunhalo? here you go (praying they are actually the correct meanings... I searched hard for this LOL:

Piàoliang- pretty 

Qīngróu-soft, pliable 

Jiānyìng- Hard

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.