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*Okay y'all it's bout to get EXTREMELY itchy kitchy (read: NASTY AF) in here lol. What happens in the Wile Wile West stays in the Wile Wile West* LOL 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Out of all the cocks she’d had in her lifetime, his had to be perhaps the most beautiful one she’d seen. She’d have to take her time and work him inside, his length deliciously thick. He had the perfect breadth and width. He’d stretch her out but she throbbed in anticipation of it. She wanted him to. She wanted him to make her feel so full that she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. Her womanhood throbbed and leaked at the thought of it and she glanced up at him. Kissed by Cupid, his breath came in short hard pants and his long slender neck glimmered with beads of sweat. He was so beautiful… so ethereal it made no sense. He stole her breath simply by being. Kissing the pretty rose colored head, she gently allowed her tongue to circle it. He groaned again, louder than before and it gave her the most thrilling rush. Even his moans were gorgeous. Hand still on his sac, she gave another little squeeze, making his hips jerk once more. He lifted his head, eyes nearly black with desire. Fingers gently caressed her coils as she began to slowly draw it into her mouth. He bit his lip in a groan as she eased more of him into her mouth. 

    “Tā mā de….ah…..gan…” She moaned against him suddenly, the sound of his mother tongue exciting her down below. His fingers were still gentle but now they gripped her hair as she began to bob, her free hand taking to stroke him as she sucked. More of what she assumed were expletives bubbled out of his mouth, followed by a couple open mouth groans and grunts, his head once again thrown back. The wet sound of slurping pierced the otherwise quiet room and she felt his sac begin to throb. He was close. His native tongue ran so close together and she enjoyed the pure ecstasy on his face as he came, filling her mouth with his release.

     Gladly, she took it down her throat, lifting up away from him with a loud short pop. Licking the corner of her mouth, she slowly lifted up onto her feet and pulled him in for a kiss. His hands slid down her waist and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, gripping nice and tight. Pulling out the pin that held his hair, it cascaded down at once. Sliding his bangs back from his face, she gently coaxed him to lie on his back. Soon, she soon climbed on top of him. He caressed her cheek with gentle yet passionate eyes. 

    “Wo ai ni.” Blushing, she let him push her onto her back, eyes staring down into hers. 

    “Wo ai ni…” He said again, pressing kisses to her neck and throat. 

    “What are you sayin…” At first he didn’t answer simply showering her body with kisses and gentle sucks, making her arch her back. Her heart beat so hard inside of her chest and she glanced as him as he furthered his descent, adorning her body with appreciation and love. This…this was new. It wasn’t something she was used to. Her brain was so filled with the anticipation of their fucking that it hadn’t stopped to just…be. 

    “Jie…” But he didn’t answer as he kissed her stomach. He wasn’t put off by the small little pudge of fat there from her past pregnancies. Instead he seemed to kiss there the longest yet before finally reaching her triangle. His kisses there sent small delicate threads of pleasure through her body. Slowly, he opened her legs, spreading them enough to see the whole of her glistening soaked sex. 

    “You don’t have to….it’s not proper…” But there was nothing dirty about the way he kissed her there, there was nothing unorthodox about the way he licked and sucked her outer lips and ran his tongue across her aroused little button. It drove her crazy… the way he made her feel. Tears welled up in her eyes and her fingers had taken hold of his hair as he pressed his face against her. 

    “Oh….Jie……mmm yes…oh…” The feeling of his finger slipping into her made her eyes roll back and her moans filled the room as he stroked deep and slow, soon adding another. Her hips tried to draw him in more, gyrating against his palm. She felt a deep burning sensation in her belly and felt like it was going to swallow her up and kill her. His mouth was back on her and his fingers played faster. It was the low moans that vibrated against her that caused the feeling to snap suddenly and an intense sensation crash into her. The funny urge to urinate hit her and she tried to stop it, tried to warn him. 

    “Jie…Jie I’m gonna pee…OH!” Wetness erupted from her and soaked the blanket beneath them. The wave of pleasure had her stunned, had her nearly paralyzed and she couldn’t do anything but sob, tears slipping down her cheeks. Breath smashed into her, uneven and loud as his hand paused before withdrawing his fingers. 

    “So pretty.” She heard him murmur, his mouth going in to feast for a second time. She slightly pulled his hair, making him laugh against her. He lifted up on all fours and took possession of her mouth, reaching for her. Together, they both fell back the way they had been before. He now underneath her. Sliding hands from his firm pectorals to his defined stomach, she began to grind against him nice and slow. 

    “You make me feel so good…” She breathed, a crimson blush in her cheeks. Leaning forward to kiss him, she pressed flush against him, both hands entangled in his velvety tresses. 

    “I don’t understand it…” His hand left her back and slipped down to brush the head of his cock against her wet opening. Gasping, she gyrated against him, wet enough for him to slide right in. 

    “This is the way it should be.” He replied, lips kissing the tears from her cheeks. She panted against him, closing her eyes suddenly. 

    “I don’t understand this…What this is…” His lips smiled against her and made her look at him. 

    “We are feeling all there is to feel. Enjoying one another. Living the moment of us.” The look in his eyes made her throb and she stole another kiss from his intoxicating mouth. 

    “We, ai di, are making love.” 

    “Making love?” 

    “Mmhm.” Smiling against him, she sat back up teasing him with her wetness once more before slowly sinking down, pulling him in nice and easy. 

    “Fuck…ah fuuuuck…” He groaned out, hands on her cheeks again. Her head had been thrown back and her mouth ajar in a silent scream. The stretch was slow and gentle and it had her at a loss for words. She dug her nails into his stomach, just enough to pinch slightly as she slipped down all the way to the hilt. At last, the sob she’d been holding let itself depart from her throat and her eyes rolled back. For a moment she couldn’t move, her thighs trembling. He shifted and his lips were against hers, their moans in unison as she slowly gyrated. 

    “That’s it ai di…nice and slow….” He breathed against her ear, his tongue inching forward to run against her ear lobe. She wrapped her arms around his neck and mewled at the feelings coursing through her. He guided her slow and steady, hand on her cheek. 

    “Wo ai ni…” He whispered against her temple, a soft little grunt following. Gently, she pushed him back to lay, enjoying the way his hands slipped up her back. 

    “Whoa eye knee…” She tried to repeat, now starting to ride him sweet and gentle. He groaned and she bit her lip, starting now to rock faster. More…faster…she let the love inside of her build and soon, she took flight as she crashed into him. The bedsprings started to squeak and protest but the wet slick clap of their bodies meeting drowned it out. He took hold of her bobbing breasts, lifting to pull the nipples into his mouth. 

    “Jie….oh God Jie….” Wrapping an arm around her waist he held tight to her hair, he pulled her down to lay and lifted his hips to thrust up into her violently. She screamed, tears welling up there again in her eyes. 

    “Oh yes….fuck me…. just like that….” A loud groan ripped out of his throat and he held her close and tight as the burning fire in his lower belly threatened to eat him alive.  

    “Bòhé….I’m gonna come…fuck!” She shattered moments later…the feeling of his shaft throbbing and coming inside of her made a wet warm gush follow. Growing limp against him, she welcomed his lips against her as she slowly came back down. Completely relaxed, the two of them shared a couple tender kisses, both of their cheeks warm. 

    “I love you.” His voice hushed against her. 

    “I love you too…” She replied with a shy little smile. Laying in the afterglow, they basked in it, knowing they’d play some more soon. 






    Callous fingers loaded bullets into the revolver. Boots were put on and legs lifted up into the horse saddle. With a hard slap to the reins, they were off. Dark furious eyes scanned the area and upon setting sights on what he wanted, he slowed the horse down eventually to a stop. Dismounting, he slipped a piece of chewing tobacco into his mouth and waited. The gallop of horses came nearer and he sneered. Right on time. Three men pulled up, dismounting from their horses. 

    “Afternoon gentleman.”


    “Let’s get to business shall we?”

    “Who are we lookin for?” Lips smirked. 

    “Poster says an able bodied fertile bitch with a wild bush for hair.” The group of men chuckled. 

    “It don’t say that shit. Give it here.” 

    “I’m surprised you still have one of them posters. They stopped postin them after a while.” 

    “Yeah musta thought she died or somethin.” Eyes took in the publishing. 

    “Eminta. That’s the bitch’s name?” 


    “By the looks of her she kinda pretty.”

    “Yeah well y’all can each have a turn when you get hold to her. She’s real obedient. Letcha have her any kinda way you want.” Lips were licked. 

    “Well alright then. Before we do this, we want our money.” Reaching into one of the satchels he pulled out three coin purses, all filled with coin and bills. 

    “Good. Now, let’s do some nigger huntin.” 




    “Ms. Eminta…I don’t know about this…” 

    “Come on now. Everybody gotta do it. Open up.” Slowly, the girl opened her legs and watched as the woman took a small rag and wiped her outer lips. 

    “When I was working we ain’t have a nice madam.” Gently, she took a small object about the size of a walnut and slowly pushed it inside of her. The deeper she got the more pronounced the winces were on the girl’s face.

    “She wouldn’t take her time. She’d shove the sponge up into our insides. “ She spoke, pushing it back until she couldn’t feel it go anymore. Carefully, she withdrew her finger and wiped her fingers with another rag. 

    “With the Negro girls, she especially loved torturing us. She’d take a silver syringe full of alum and thrust it into our bodies.” The girl paled at the thought, soon closing her legs. 

    “We’ve made enough money in the past couple months to afford sheepskin coverings. Any client wanting to patronize our establishment will be required to use one.” She smiled, offering her hand to help the girl sit up. Doing so, the girl sighed. 

    “You’ve done such a great job Ms. Eminta… the girls like you. You take care of us well.” Lifting a hand to squeeze her cheek, the older woman grinned. 

    “I have to make sure y’all well and healthy.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Now, I know you’re nervous Pat but you’ll do well. I select only those who I think will make y’all first times sweet.”

    “Oh…” The girl blushed. 

    “He should be here any moment. Go on and get dressed. Real pretty like.”

    “Yes ma’am.” Watching the younger woman run up the stairs, she sighed. This had been hard. She was inexperienced at first but Miss Mable had been there to guide her through the ropes. Slowly, she’d started to wean her presence and for the first time she had been on her own. She hadn’t known what the hell she was doing, relying on her good rapport with her fellow girls. They for the most part supported her but there were some who had tried to take advantage of her. She’d quickly learned to not let shit fly, no matter who you were.

     Clearing her throat, she glanced at her appearance in the mirror. My, what a long way that little Negro girl had come. Instead of rags and cloth sacks…now she was clothed in finery. A light brown dress, delicate in its pattern, cuffs and flap collar that of real cow hide. Slim pieces of smooth hide formed a deep yet slim V shape, a light pleated cotton shirt underneath. The skirts ruched in a sweeping motion. Upon her head, she wore a grand hat, pinned on top of her hair to tip slightly to the right. Lace, taffeta and an arrangement of custom beige and brown flowers adorned the front of it. Swallowing thickly, she smiled at her reflection. Mama would be proud of her. Hearing the carrying on around her, she decided to go wake her husband. Smirking to herself, she took her time climbing the stairs. Had she not had work today, she’d still be sleeping too. Perhaps not sleeping. 

    Working still as a merchant, Jie came home faithfully every night. She knew he was tired when he’d come into her room. She tried her best to draw a bath for him with being that water was scarce. Sometimes, she’d have to send someone to fetch from the nearest well. He’d just smile and tell her that the trouble wasn’t needed. He had the sea to wash him. Ah yes, how could she forget the endless abyss that claimed the one thing she could never have. His soul. When he’d feel the call, sometimes he’d be gone for days. But when he returned, there she was to welcome him back in. 

    “Jie?” Opening the door, she paused. He was up and had started to get dressed. Leaning against the door, she chuckled. 

    “Need help?” Turning, he frowned, lips in a cute pout. 

    “Yes. Please.” Closing the door, she came behind him and took hold of the sloppily tucked shirt. Pulling it nice and taunt, she tucked it neatly into his pants. 

    “I don’t think I will ever get used to this.” He sighed as she came to the front of him. 

    “You did a good job all things considered.” She grinned with a wink, tucking the shirt neat in the front. Smoothing out the fabric on his stomach, she gently pressed down and straightened his collar. 

    “I’m proud of you sweetheart. You’re doin just fine for me.” He remained still as she fixed his suspenders. 

    “There…all better.” He glanced at himself in the mirror and the frown deepened. 

    “I look out of place bòhé.” 

    “No you don’t. You look handsome. Now fix your face.” She reached up and squeezed his cheeks together, making his lips poke out. Grinning, she pulled him down to kiss her before letting him go. 

    “All that’s left is your hair.”

    “I’m not changing it too. The clothes are enough.” 

    “I ain’t said nothin bout changin it. Come on down and sit. Lemme comb it for you.” He obliged and let her detangle the long strands. She took her time, the teeth to the comb working out the slight snags here and there before gliding through nice and smooth. 

    “That soap I made you, is it keeping them bugs away?” She asked softly, eyes on her task. 


    “Good. Hair looks nice and shiny… good and healthy.” Smiling, his gaze softened as he watched his wife attend to him so gently. 



    “I want a child.” Her hand paused but for a moment and resumed combing. 

    “You think we ready for that?” His hand lifted and stopped hers from combing. Bringing it around, he pressed a kiss to it. 

    “I’m ready if you’re ready.” Feeling her cheeks grow warm, she wrapped arms around his neck and pressed a kiss against there. 

    “I know it can be madness managing this house. I have considered continuing to wait. I don’t want to make things more stressful.” He commented, finding her gaze in the mirror. 

    “Don’t worry about it. Really.” Smiling against him, she turned his head so she could kiss him. 

    “I’m ready for you to make me a mother Jie.” Licking his lips, he felt his groin throb as she pulled away. Gathering up his hair, she twisted it up into a sleek ponytail. 

    “Why don’t we go downstairs and eat somethin for lunch?” Standing up, he answered with a dizzying kiss. 

    “After you ai di.” 




    They made it to the top of the stairs when they were stopped by the barrel of a shotgun. 

    “Going somewhere monkey?” She gripped Jie’s hand tight and tried to keep composure. Her eyes drifted past the three intruders to find a collection of her girls there at the bottom of the stairs, all wide eyed with fright. 

    “I am. Down stairs. If you would move.” She spoke fearlessly, her tone not revealing the horrible twisting of her stomach. 

    “I don’t think so nigger bitch.” The two of them were forced to back up as the barrel finished its ascent up the stairs and the two other men entered into the hallway, revolvers and shotguns at the ready. 

    “You thought wouldn’t nobody find you?”

    “And she got a yellow monkey here too. They all stick together don’t they?” Jie’s fingers gripped hers just as tightly. 

    “Look at him trying to be somethin he’s not. Dressed like one of us.” 

    “If y’all came for me then I’m sorry y’all made it here for nothin. I’m not going.” The men whistled and hollered with laughter, forcing them to take step after step back. 

    “If you ain’t gon go nicely then we gon have to force you to.” 

    “This here was Kelly Grace’s place at one time. How’d you come to have it?” 

    “I earned it fair and square. Just like I did my freedom.” 

    “Bullshit! You ain’t heard of the Fugitive Slave Law? When you got here you was a slave. And a slave you will return to the good ole state of Mississippi. That piece of paper you got don’t mean a damn.” 

    “I will not go!” She hissed, eyes hard with anger. 

    “Insolent bitch!” Grabbing Jie’s hand, she turned and ran towards their room just as a shot rang out, narrowly missing them. Slamming the door, she quickly turned and went to grab the revolver she kept under her pillow. He hastily opened one of the drawers to her vanity and retrieved a short blade. 

    “Eminta…” Turning eyes onto her husband, she felt her heart speed up. He looked angry. Furious actually. She hadn’t seen that look since he’d watched Grace walk away the day they’d met in the market. 

    “Here nigger nigger nigger…” The men taunted with jeers and laughs, banging the barrel of their guns against the door. They shook the door knob.

    “Don’t worry sweetheart. Ain’t nothin gon happen to me.” Their eyes separated as the door was kicked open. Her entire body grew still as Grace walked in. His blue eyes resembled hard unyielding ice and they froze her. His face was red with fury and his lip was curled up into a tight sneer. 

    “Been a while huh Aurora?” She didn’t reply, just cocked her gun. He laughed at the sound and leaned back against the wall. 

    “I been gone for a couple months and this the shit you pull. I can’t believe it.” 

    “You’re a drunk gambling piece of shit.” She hissed, lifting the weapon to aim at him. 

    “Yeah and you’re a no good disobedient bitch. I should have delivered you to them slave hunters in pieces.” 

    “And why didn’t you?” She retorted, the anger she felt about to explode. 

    “You had the tightest little pussy, pretty and pink. I couldn’t say no. That was my downfall.” At that, Jie gripped his blade tighter. The fury on his face would have given her chills had she been looking at him. 

    “You took my cock in so good. Your pussy was so good to fuck and use. I miss having the access.”

    “Hún dàn mā le ge bā zi!”  (Bastard motherfucker.) He hissed, nostrils flared wide. His jaw was tight and hard, body stiff. His eyes fell to him, having completely ignored him. At the intensity poking into his skin, he laughed and it taunted him. 

    “I leave you alone for two seconds and you go and fuck a diseased yellow baboon.” She fired, a bullet hole forming right above his head. 

    “Talk your shit about me Grace I don’t care. But don’t you dare talk about him.” He snickered, eyebrows lifting. 

    “Pretty faced bastard. Small tiny cock bastard.” Spitting at him, he laughed again as he whistled. The three men standing outside came into the room. 

    “Now, this is where things go easy or hard.” Grace grinned, crossing his arms. 

    “You either go nice and trouble free with these here gentleman. Or they kill your little lover over there and string you up put you on a horse and ride you to the nearest locomotive.” 

    “I don’t know what you don’t get. I. Ain’t. Leaving.” 

    “Fine then. Fellas,” She shot one of them just as he started to aim at her, hole through the head. He went down and Jie used the opportunity to tackle another as he had looked at the fallen comrade. Balling up his fist, he began to punch the guy, laying a good solid lick against his jaw. Forcing him down with his body weight he took the knife in his other hand and stabbed, watching as the man cried out. Grabbing hold of his throat, he continued his assault, randomly piercing him wheresoever the knife landed. Lifting it up he slit his throat, a spray of blood squirting up to paint his skin red. Breathing harshly, he got off of the man, eyes intent on finding Eminta. She had been thrown to the ground and the other man wrestled with her, trying to get her revolver. She gave an enraged yell and tried to bite his fingers. 

    “Wild animal bitch!” He reached up to slap her, the hit making her dizzy. Groaning, the man lifted her up and slammed her against the wall, hands around her neck. Grace chuckled at the sight of her little legs and feet kicking against the wall. 

    He let out an enraged yell and ran full force towards him, knife in hand. A puff of smoke rang out and he ducked, sweat making him hot. 

    “Now now now, don’t interfere. She’s gotta learn to back up her shit talk.” Grace said with a smirk. The sound of her struggling to breathe ruined him and her feet started to kick less and less. He desperately clutched the knife and instead ran towards him. Ducking just as he fired, he fell to the floor and swung his legs around in a circle, knocking him to the ground. The thud distracted the man and he turned to look. 

    “Grace-” But a shot rang out, blood and brain spraying into the air as she weakly pressed the barrel against his chin and pulled the trigger. She fell to the floor, eyes full of tears. Taking deep haggard breaths, she kept her eyes on him…watched as the two of them struggled. He’d forced the gun away from him and now they were entangled in a bare handed fist fight. They’d both suffered hits and yet Jie was able to grab hold of his blade. Tightening his grip, it hovered over Grace’s face. 

    “Fucking….coolie….” Grace hissed through clenched teeth, nails digging into his wrists. He was quiet, teeth grit together as he tried to bring the blade further down. 

    “Jie…” Her voice was weak, so quiet he couldn’t hear her. 

    “Jie…” She tried again but all to no avail. Slowly, she watched as Grace’s arms grew weaker. The moment the blade pierced his throat, she audibly gasped. He gargled wetly, hands trying to reach for his neck. Soon, he laid limp, arms falling to his sides, fingers still gnarled. For a moment Jie was still, having sat back against the now slack legs. His hair wetly misting over his face. She slowly got up and at her approach, turned to look up at her his expression that of shock and disbelief. Slipping the wet hair out of his face and behind his ears, she pressed a soft kiss against his forehead. He didn’t say anything, just wrapped arms around her waist and pressed his head against her stomach. 

    “It’s okay Jie…You were just protectin me.” At that, he pulled his head away and again his gaze looked up. This time they hardened with a firm resolve. 

    “We have to go.” He spoke, voice gruff and hard. 

    “Where we goin?” Letting go of her, he stood to his full height. Taking her hand, he nearly yanked her down the stairs. To the surprise of the frightened girls downstairs, he hurried her outside. 

    “Jie wait! Tell me where we’re goin!” 

    “The sea.”


    “We have to clean this off of us.” It didn’t make sense. But she had no choice but to follow him as he led her to the beckoning waves. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Perhaps this is my longest chapter yet LOL. I told y'all that it would get nasty lol. But it's kinda.... a good? nasty? Ion know. Even though it was vulgar (in places) overall I think the scene was absolutely beautiful. Minta is so used to one way of having sex. And the moment Jie switches it up on her and does what she doesn't expect... she's like what the *beep* is this? I think the open honest and blunt conversation between them is probably more erotic than the other stuff lol. She spoke entirely too soon when she said she'd never experience the art of pleasure. Jie made sure that she knew very well about it. And I'm so glad he set a new standard for her. A new expectation. AS HE SHOULD HAVE. 

Let's thank Mable for getting our 'working girl' into a 'business woman' lane! *APPLAUSE* Minta as a madam... UGH. I literally almost cried thinking about it. Like... listen... my girl out here running a successful, healthy (as much as the West would allow at the time.. it was NOT a sanitary time) business. She said nawl we doing health checks, the clients gon use condoms or get out. She was not playing. I read that oral sex on men and women was considered taboo back in the Wild West. Can y'all BELIEVE THAT?! RIGHT. I was like wow. It's like kinda a given...expected?? nowadays. But back then there was a stigma against it.

Also, condoms (invented by the French) were EXTREMELY expensive so nine times out of ten women did not have any form of birth control. They got pregnant and took poisonous substances to kill the fetuses and other more painful methods (yeah we don't wanna go into those LOL) *sniff let's say a prayer for the lost little preciouses* but yeah. I've learned so much in creating this story haha. 

Grace's ole grimy sneaky snakey A** mannnnn listen. The whole way he proceeded to force the Fugitive Slave Law on her when he felt like it was disgusting. Eminta worked hard for her freedom and her buiness. The sad thing was that realistically, there was nothing formerly enslaved men and women could do. I mean they could go to court. Some won succesfully. A lot of times they didn't. The whole system was inhumane. I've talked enough now lol. Last chapter of this part (part one) ahead hehe. 



Wo ai ni- I love you.

Tā mā de- I read this means like 'damn it' 

Gan- I read it means 'f**k'




Eminta's dress and hat 


Jie's clothes: 

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