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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Sooooooo this happened lol. Every time I start or am in school my creative juices flow so much lol. Y'all know me..I gotta get the idea out. I know by now y'all probably sick of me and all my ideas lol. Yes I will write them (maybe not all tbh) and complete them. haha. Remember y'all, I got three anthologies planned so that means a lot of pieces lol. I think I'll create a schedule so y'all know what to expect so your and my mind don't go coo coo for cocoa puffs LOL. Kay, I'ma share my bare bones 1st drafting process now.  Hope y'all like it hehe. 


This will be a dark little baby(who am I kidding all of my stuff is in one way or another dark LOL). Involving vampires? lol. I use to write supernatural and stories involving vampires so much in middle school and even high school lol. Why I've wanted to make a slight return I don't know. But I'm rollin with the punches. 

Main inspiration for this work is a couple things. First being one of my favorite anime of all time Trinity Blood...which is an anime about 'vampires' or as they are called in the feature 'methuselah'. And a being that exists outside of methuselah. If ya don't know now you will that Abel Nightroad/Nightlord is my baby, my boo, my favorite character... he captured my heart as a girl and unfortunately still has it lol. So the main character will be inspired by him. 

Another thing is I've come across this webtoon that has intrigued me greatly. It deals with (I think a vampire guy) in the Victorian Era with an abused rebellious wife of a Lord. It's very fascinating lol. So that's where I'm pullin inspirations from. Let's get into the story and teasers shall we? 



From the beginning of time, those of his kind were marked. Their blood diving deep into the ground of the earth, giving birth to new generations of wars, bloodshed and carnage. They were called by many names. Vampyre. Beast. Blood sucking monster. Devils. And all of his life he'd been called nothing but. Kept in cages and carted around to exhibitions he's known nothing but agony, torture and loneliness. He remembers his beginning, his life before he descended into hell on earth. Having desired to return once more, now he understands that it is futile. Unobtainable. What he desires now is freedom. Revenge. They call him beast and he waits for the time when he can prove them all right.


Zadie is what some would call lucky. Born to enslaved people of African descent, talk of her excellent servitude reaches a noble family in the wealthy sector of Hawthorne. Taken from measly squallor, she enters into a world of warm sheets, hard work and durable reliable uniforms. It's nothing she hasn't done before but she can't help but get caught up in the splendor of London society. 

One night, she ventures too far and comes across a door that is open when it shouldn't be. What awaits her is a man chained to a wall, encased in a iron cage. A fellow servant lays on the ground, a dark pool of blood collecting under her. As he lifts his eyes to hers, she wonders just who and what he is. 



Kento Yamazaki as Kieran (Matsuyama) (appears to be about 29-30 years old) 


Zadie (22)


AM I MAD THAT I CANNOT FIND MORE PICTURES OF HER OR HER NAME? YES. Seriously when people put these gorgeous models up they need to LINK INFO. 

**Because my teasers are so long I will add the first one here and then the other two individually <3 





"What.....what are you?" In the low light, she appeared as an apparition, black and shapeless, peeks of white piercing the room. As he lifted his eyes, his pupils dilated to adjust to the unwelcome visitor in front of him. The blood swirling in his belly calmed down the rage, the hunger, the beast within. 

"What am I." He answered, voice flat and quiet and she flinched as if she hadn't been expecting him to speak. Lifting hands to the bars, he curled fingers around them and gripped tight. 

"What are you?" He posed, expression solemn and dark. She opened her mouth but alas, nothing came out. Eyes dropped to the tiny peek of pink tongue that dashed out to nervously lick full plump lips, clothed in shiny midnight, nonetheless, tempting to say the least. 

" she...did..did you kill her?" The obvious answer lied at their feet, blood, rich and red as a rose petal still oozed from his assault, a deep gash he'd torn into her neck. Still, her eyes had grown glassy, frozen with eternal fear. 

"Have you not eyes little one? Surely, you can see she is no longer amongst the living." His voice surprised her with its sudden teasing tone, deep accented and lilting. London lived on his tongue but there was another accent there just beyond that she could not quite place. Body captured in a deep freeze, she found that she could not move. Back pressed against the wall, the candle light nearest her flickered as if it would extinguish altogether. The presence of the man threatened to suffocate her, a dangerous dark and dominant force that seemed to squeeze at her very neck. 

For the longest time they stared at one another, curiosity aglow in each gaze. From what she could see of him, he held a quite beautiful countenance, one some would say was feminine in nature. Thick shapely eyebrows complimented his handsome forehead, deep brown almost black eyes delightfully almond shaped were wide enough to express a myriad of expression. An elegant nose bridge flared outward into a slight peak. Cheeks grew warm as her gaze travelled to his mouth. What a glorious mouth it appeared, pouty flushed lips painted pink as if he had taken a drink from Cupid's cup himself. Once he had decided he was gone oogling her the same, those blushing forms curved up into what some would call a sultry smirk, playfulness abound. 

"It seems that you are as taken with me as I am with you." At that realization, she dropped her gaze shyly and the sight of it strangely pleased him. For he to feel such a thing for a mere girl, a stranger at that was odd indeed. 

"I'm...I'm sorry...I-"

"Allow me to answer your question. As to what I am." Good. Her gaze lifted again. 

"I am what you are. Bondsman to those who deem themselves to live as gods. Deserving to trample upon those they view as unworthy." To that, she couldn't speak and he took the opportunity to speak again, 

"Your name little one? What is it?" 

"....Zadie. I...I have no last name. None was I given sir."


"A-And you....what is your name?"

"I am called Kieran." Her eyes dropped to the woman who by now had grown cold and stiff on the floor. He sensed a desire to run from her and with her heart beating so loudly in his ear it didn't surprise him when she finally did, taking off like a crackle of fire in the night. Smirk drifted off of his face and he adopted a much more empty expression, eyes falling to the ashen woman of whom he'd drank his fill. Bitch. Her end she most rightfully deserved. And as for Zadie...well he'd see that would become of her wouldn't he? 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: teaser two up next hehe 

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.