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The cobalt blue satin outfit I was wearing had me feeling like the life of the goddamn party. My confidence was through the high-beamed ceilings of the packed venue; radiating over the heavy beats of some of the latest trap music. I knew my pretty ass was giving off all the best energy. After showing my ID at the entrance and paying the 50 dollar entry for unlimited mimosas and the brunch buffet, I'd breezed over to the bar and showed the bartender my exclusive wristband to be served my first champagne flute.

While I'd waited for my friends to text that they'd arrived I adjusted the spaghetti straps of the cami crop top, and straightened the light silver chains around my necklace using the front camera of my smartphone to see my reflection. It was a brisk Saturday afternoon, but I'd chosen not to pair a jacket with my satin ensemble. Overall, the outfit clung to my body accentuating the tight curves that I'd bust my ass for in the gym. Ten hot pink toes and the clear straps of a pair of heeled sandals peaked from under the hem of the straight legged pants that came up mid-belly. My breasts were pushed up and on display in the straight-bodice crop top.

It was my first night out in months and I needed to look and feel like a baddie, the eye contact I'd made as I'd sauntered to the bar was the attention I had been missing out on in my self-isolation. The ebony finger waves I'd been practicing and growing accustomed to in the last month since my haircut were actually on point for once. So I was feeling myself... especially after the first few sips of a crisp champagne and orange juice combination.

I peeped my notifications to see my girls had updated me on their whereabouts. I hated that they hadn't arrived yet because all of the jams were playing and I could barely contain my hips from mutedly swaying as I two-stepped. If it wasn't for the alcohol my nerve would slowly be slipping. I usually felt exposed when I was in public alone, so the confidence I wore was a little rehearsed.

To my left the decent space between me and another day party attendee was filled by a masculine presence that tore my attention away from the varying bottles of liquor and the professional basketball game on the big screen. His elbows were on the bar and his hands were clasped in front of him. Even though I was five foot two and almost everyone was larger than me, the way his tall frame occupied the space beside me was noted. 

I could sense he was just my fucking type.

But I wasn't here for that... Which is why I didn't chance a glance up at his face to confirm my speculation. I was three hours away from home in the city I'd graduated from university in- not to link up with random niggas, but to celebrate the results of the bar exam I'd taken over the summer. My attention was focused on the game; at least I had a passing interest in basketball. To be honest, he was actually too close for comfort; distributing an energy that my body couldn't help but feel attracted to. And even more intense than my body's reaction was the fact that I could feel his eyes on my profile. I reached for my mimosa and tipped it to my lips for another sip.

"Excuse me... I don't wanna disturb your vibe- trust me, I know how important basketball is, but uh- do I know you from somewhere?"

Lord, he was talking to me. His voice was loud enough to hear over the music and chatter, but low enough to float into my ear intimately.

Firm, confident, and... familiar?

I glanced back down at the hands clasped on the bar; the long handsome fingers, the beginnings of insanely artistic sleeve tattoos peaking from under his cuff, his powerful, magnetic presence... 

I turned my upper body to face him and was not at all surprised by the eruption of nerves that immediately bursted throughout my core. His soft chocolate gaze was scrutinizing as he pretended like he was trying to place me in a memory... But he knew exactly who I was.

Deciding to play along I smiled and fluttered my wispy false eyelashes, "I'm not sure. I think I'd definitely remember a face like yours."

He scoffed, giving me a quizzical look, "Are you tryna say I'm fine?"

God yes. He was looking even more fine than he had the last time I saw him six months ago. The caramel skin of his face was glowing and well moisturized. He had a hint of gold to his tone as if he'd found and basked in the perfect pocket of sun even though it was the dead of winter. His waves seemed to be crafted by Poseidon himself. The gold chain resting around his neck glistened in the bright sunlight streaming in from the massive windows of the venue. I allowed myself to give his outfit a once over leaning back just slightly to note his fitted black jeans, the white tee with graphic black markings beneath a light-wash jean jacket. His shoes were crisp and white like he'd bought them just for today or got around by floating on a fucking cloud. My eyes moved back to his face, where he was watching me take him in with a smug, handsome smile.

"I mean... I'm just tryna see if I can make your head get a little bit bigger than it already is." I teased, crossing my arms under my breasts and smirking in return.

When he chuckled at my jab his cheeks dimpled and the corners of his eyes wrinkled, "You always got some slick shit to say." He countered.

"Oh so now you know me, huh?"

The deep tan of his face flushed and he licked his bottom lip before pulling it between his teeth. When he wordlessly looked at me the room fell silent. Sure the party- goers were still competing with the thunderous bass and the whistles of the basketball game were blowing, but somehow in a venue that was probably over capacity, it was just us. Our gazes were locked in a heavy, electric moment of longing. My skin prickled with goosebumps as his energy excited every inch of my body. The weather wasn't responsible for the tightening of my nipples that were anticipating a familiar touch. I had to ground myself as my body was involuntarily gravitating toward him. I wanted to touch on him so bad that my fingertips twitched with need.

Approaching me was ambitious and my intuition was feeding off of his confidence. No matter how cool I was pretending to be I just knew he could see how eager my heart was. All of the thoughts that had plagued me since I'd ended our "situation" came rushing forward; I'd fought and pushed them away, but I wasn't able to completely get rid of them. I'd fantasized about meeting again; being together on different terms, setting better boundaries, and having honest and genuine communication.

Travis and I had shared nearly twelve months of very passionate sex, cozy comfortable cuddling, sweet texts when we'd missed each other, some deep conversations about personal shit, but no commitment.

Not even a little hint of a future.

It didn't matter how funny, how cute, or how amazing he was- circumstances like that weren't supposed to last forever. Falling in love with someone who was supposed to be "just sex" and having that shit be reciprocated simply didn't happen. Ever. We had ended things respectfully and on good terms; neither of us had ghosted the relationship, went batshit crazy and said regrettable things, or tried to deceive each other into thinking it was more than it was until all trust was lost. But because my feelings about the whole "relationship" weren't exactly bringing me peace, I ended things with him before he could end things with me. True, I might have been in love with the nigga... Shit, now that I've seen him again I might still be... But I had to let him go before I started to hate him. And I wasn't going to fall victim to my imagination making this moment kismet. Being hours away from our homes in the same damn city and just happening to be at the same damn day party didn't have to mean jack.

No, this wasn't fate, this moment was not "bound to happen", and "if it's meant to be, it will be" was a damn pipe dream for hopeless romantics. We couldn't just embrace and pretend that my foolish feelings hadn't forced us to separate.

"I'd like to." He said in a voice so quiet and unsure; almost like the admission made him nervous. A man who had actively chose not to talk about us, saying that. Was this really Travis Bradley?

My eyebrows lifted, "You'd like to what?"

I was going to need more words from him. He was in my face for a reason, but this time he'd really have to work for my attention. I had become a new woman in the past six months where I'd left all men, not just him, alone. I would need full disclosure up front.

"To know you." Travis, as I had known him, may have been distant and nonchalant, but he never bullshitted me. Still, it wasn't easy to forget how you'd given someone so much of your time, and they hadn't cared to get it right the first time. Even though the look in his eyes was earnest I was scared to believe him. The only reason this moment made sense was because I must've been looking good as shit. If we'd passed each other on an ordinary trip to the grocery store I might've gotten a friendly "hello"- that's it. Unless... nope. I wasn't going there. 

I sipped my drink before replying, "Travis, I am not here for all of that."

His brows scrunched and his head reared back, "Whatchu mean?"

"I mean that I'm not out here to find a lil bae."

With a frown still on his face he asked, "Who said I was looking for a lil bae, Kiera? We can't be friends?"

I laughed in his face. Not to be rude, but because a man asking to be friends after he'd been all up inside you was goddamn hilarious. He wasn't laughing though, in fact, he looked so unamused that I stopped, "You don't wanna be my friend, Travis."

He finally turned his body to face me, leaning only one elbow on the bar and giving me a full view of his tight chest and broad shoulders- he'd been in the gym too. I loved that. "Okay, since you know so much... what do I want?"

"To be inside of me." I answered his question without hesitation- like it was the most obvious thing on the planet, but after that had left my mouth, my stomach did a backflip and I had to take another sip to calm myself down.

It was his turn to laugh and my whole body warmed at the earthy sound of this fine-ass man enjoying a conversation with me, "I actually-,"

Travis wasn't able to finish his sentence as my girlfriends finally arrived. They approached me from my other side, chorusing my name and clamoring to the bar to request their own mimosas. I didn't want the conversation with Travis to end, but someone pulled me into a warm hug from behind and I couldn't not turn to greet them.

Tia smelled like cocoa-butter and vanilla. I turned to see her beautiful face and we shared giddy smiles, her bright chestnut eyes shone with excitement. She was the tallest out my friends, but never shied away from wearing stiletto sandals. Her curves were on display in a bright red, reptile pattern long-sleeved crop top and matching leggings. Her waist-length blonde locs were a nice contrast against her dark skin and draped behind her back.

Before I knew it our faces were on the front screen of Tia's phone, and she was recording a video of our happy embrace. Alicia and Mackenzie appeared in the background holding up their flutes as we all made a scene for Tia's social media followers for a few seconds.

"How was the drive down here, Kiki?" Mackenzie asked after the video had ended and we'd arranged ourselves into a small circle in front of the bar. She was looking lovely. Her dark and natural coils framed her face in a shoulder length style, her copper-toned cheekbones were dusted with pink blush and her full lips were glossy. She was wearing a tight mint-colored dress with no straps that stopped at her claves, and black heels that laced around her ankles, tied with a bow.

"You look so good Kenz." I complimented her, before responding to her question, "It wasn't a bad drive. I had a hard time wakin' up, not gonna lie."

Kenzie smiled brightly, "Thanks boo. This haircut looks fuckin great."

I gingerly touched one of my waves as I smiled my thanks.

"I'm so happy you came. We're about to have such a good time this weekend. You definitely deserve it, sis." Tia told me after taking a wholesome swallow of her mimosa. I nodded my head, "Girl, I definitely needed this."

I turned to the bar to retrieve my drink, but quickly decided to order another since that one had been left unattended. Before I ordered, I'd checked to see if Travis wanted to finish that sentence, but in that moment with my friends he'd dipped. The pitiful feeling of disappointment settled in my chest at not being able to finish our conversation, but it was probably for the best... I was six months into a penis hiatus and didn't need any disturbances in such a record-setting situation.

Once I received a new drink I turned back to my friends, "I missed y'all."

"Girl, you don't come out here enough... But real talk," Alicia spoke from beside me, while tucking her phone into her silver rhinestoned clutch. The black catsuit she was wearing accentuated her slim figure and her heels had a similar rhinestone strap that coordinated with her clutch perfectly. She flicked her straight bundles over her shoulder before continuing her sentence and pinning me with a curious look, her dark eyes filled with mischief, "Who was that you were talkin' to a minute ago? He was cute."

The dynamic of my friend group had changed a lot since we were in undergrad, where we'd became best friends. There used to be no anonymity in our love lives. We knew the wildest details about whoever any of us were seeing; what he looked like, how big his dick was, did it have a curve, what he said that made you smile, what he lied about, the exact time he didn't reply to a text but sent off a status from social media... Now, the girls and I were learning how to stay up to date while keeping it short and sweet with the information we shared about our boo things. It was better that way.

"Remember the guy I was messing around with before summer? The last penis I ever had?" I said with a fake sniffle. Since Travis and I were never serious, I'd only mentioned him in the group chat a few times.

"That was him? You cut him off? For real?" Kenzie was looking at me like I'd lost my damn mind.

Alicia's expression mirrored Kenzie's, "Wait, hold up. He's the one that fucked you into celibacy?"

I almost spit my drink, "Well when you put it that way...."

Alicia laughed while shaking her head, "I've never heard of anyone wakin' up after gettin' their back broke and deciding they, "don't wanna feel that good unless they're in love". You think too much. You couldn't just enjoy the dick?"

"Girl I did!" Some things couldn't be explained, but I'd try to, "I'm just ready for good sex, respect, and romance. I don't want some nigga making love to me if he's not in love with me, ya know?" I paused to see if they were hearing me... They weren't. Tia was shaking her head and scanning the room- maybe looking for him just to confirm that I had indeed lost my fucking mind. "He was just... Way too much to handle... But y'all, I don't wanna talk about feelings and penis at the day party, let's fuckin' drink."

"You're right, you're here to celebrate, not be feelin' regretful about givin' up that work." Kenzie lifted her flute into the center of our circle.

"I mean they was over here in each others faces... Maybe all hope is not lost and he'll be the one clearin' up the cobwebs." Tia teased.

I rolled my eyes and lifted my glass too, "Shut the hell up! I wanna be drunk and happy. Like, I'm really good off niggas right now... Plus, I can't just cheat on big daddy vibe."

"Ya vibrator!? Girl whateva..." We all giggled, because each of us had expressed that we were in relationships with our sex toys at one point or another. "Self love is the best love, cheers to that." Alicia quipped as we toasted to our reunion and... to self-love.

After that first mimosa disappeared, it was hard to keep track. Maybe we'd finished our fourth by the time the music started to sound too good and we were ready to hit the dance floor. We held each others hands as Tia led us through a pack of dancing bodies until we were close to one of the speakers by the DJ booth. Once we'd settled into a comfortable spot, we let loose. One thing about my group is we were always going to have a good time and hype each other up. One of us could be doing the fucking robot and then we'd all join in just for shits and giggles; we were a support system for when dancing with a nigga became too vigorous and you needed a friends hands or hips to hold onto... or to jump in and take your place, of course. It never took too long before our little quartet would grow to include other party-goers whether we were twerking or pretending to know how to hit the latest dance trends. The DJ wasn't missing any beats and we sang, rapped, and lip-synced along to most of the lyrics.

Unless the heels were killing my feet, I wasn't one to turn down a dance. If a man came around and gripped my waist gently or pulled me to him at just the right moment, I was definitely going to show him what my hips and ass could do. As the rapper harmonized about fucking in slow motion I was whining it up on a handsome gentleman, making sure to look back over my shoulder and give a little eye contact. Dancing in the club could turn into a damn performance if you wanted it to. Shit, I prided myself on providing a fantasy on the dance floor. By the time a song ended and I squeezed my partners hand to thank him for the dance, I'd also have to decline his request to put my number in his phone. And today there were a couple cuties who, in the past, would have had my number in a heartbeat.

The man behind me was putting in work for this dance. Our movements had become so raunchy that a few bystanders had stopped to watch; some people recorded us on their phones, and others were probably looking on and judging the shit out of me. I didn't care who was watching me, I was here because I'd deprived myself of a social life, and men for so long- shit, I needed this dance and all of the attention.

The champagne from the mimosa was preventing me from thinking straight. Me and dude were chest-to-chest. Our pelvises thrusting towards each other in a rhythm that matched the beat so perfectly- anyone would think the shit was choreographed. Handsome as he was, he was hardly my type, but I loved the way he matched my moves so well. There was a pillar next to the large, booming speaker beside us that he'd used as a crutch to steady himself during our little impromptu routine. Without much of a warning he'd swooped me into the air and turned us so that my back was against that pillar and my legs were wrapped around his waist. I giggled, totally tipsy and prepared to simulate riding him in the middle of the day party. I rolled my hips onto him and used my core muscles to slide up and down his midsection as he held me up in the air. My girlfriends started to record the shit too, so I bit my lip and concentrated on turning up my sexy for the camera.

The DJ must have spotted us and made sure to keep that track rolling since we were so into it, but it was becoming too much so I was glad when the next song finally rolled in and homeboy let me stand on my own two feet. I flashed him a cute smile before moving back to my friends, hoping that he'd take the hint- that our dance was as far as we'd go.

Alicia's phone was in my face in a matter of seconds, showing me the video that she'd taken of me. I was two-stepping in place, watching the video- totally impressed with my wild-ass, when suddenly I wasn't on the screen. Travis was.

"I'm sending this to myself." I announced, navigating to the share feature to send the video to my phone.

Travis looked fucking pissed. He was on the outside of the group that had formed around me and dude to hype us up. He was tall enough that he didn't have to try very hard to see what the deal was. Alicia had spotted him just as he was casually walking up. Even though I wasn't in the frame, the moment he'd spotted me bouncing around in the air his facial expression had gone from cool, maybe a little lit, to sheer annoyance. His golden complexion steadily darkened as Alicia panned the camera between my carefree ass and his bothered one. She'd made sure to zoom in on his peeved expression, getting close enough that I could see that his jaw was set in stone. His eyes didn't leave my direction as he drained the contents of his champagne flute. A moment later he nodded his head curtly, as if to say "bet" and then he moved away right before the dance, and the video ended.

I handed the phone back to Alicia. I was still trying to catch my breath from my little workout, and now I was breathing hard for other reasons.

I was going to need another fucking mimosa.

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