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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

OKAY DO NOT KICK MY BUTT. I AM NOT... I REPEAT... I AM NOT STARTING THIS LOL. IT IS SIMPLY AN IDEA THAT CAME FROM ME LISTENING TO A SONG THE OTHER DAY AND THIS WHOLE ENTIRE THING HAPPENED LOL. I am intending for it to be short so it will probably go into my anthology lol. Okay just hear me out on this one okay? I had two different ideas same time period hit me. This one is the one I saw more visuals and storyline bits for as of now so I decided to write everything I saw. lol. 

This is inspired in part by one of my favorite movies LUST:CAUTION. It's set in the same time period. It's sooo good y'all. If y'all ain't seen it check it out! It's for adults though so just a warning on that too! 


super 1st rough draft/brainstorm


a story just came up in my mind. 

a chinese rebel/rich son of a merchant 

the daughter of one of the merchants trading with the family (black woman) 

1930s Shanghai 

Amidst the impending Japanese invasion, the childhood friends slowly fall in love. 


It will eventually have a happy ending. they will be separated for a while though. 



Zhang Han as Zhong Minsheng -Ages 21-32 




Imani Kayla as Opal Robinson (@seraphicviola on instagram) Ages 21-32  



These teasers took a life of their own LOL so be warned lol. 











Zhong Residence


    “Have they come yet?” 

    “The daughter is coming.”

    “Good, fetch Minsheng.” Feet ran away from the voice of the one who had given the order. Eyes glanced down from the window. The daughter was standing there by the car door talking with one of their doormen. She was a short petite woman the eyes observed. The shade of brown she wore complimented her mahogany skin tone. Tasteful. Elegant. Ladylike. Round collared neck. Short sleeves at the elbow. Smooth pleated skirt down to her ankle. Her shoes matched the color of the dress and up above, she wore no jewelry other than small dangling earrings. Her hair, the big large mass of it had been pulled and tucked back and away from her face, sure to have been secured with a pin or five. 

    “Madam?” Eyes watched as her son soon stepped out and they met each other. What a mismatched pair they made. Her son seemed to tower over her, dwarfing her at least two sizes smaller than what she already was. She had to almost lean her entire head back just to meet his gaze. Lips smiled. How they had grown. From little seedlings to full grown blooms. 

    “What is it?” 

    “Young Master wishes Miss Opal to join him for lunch.” The smile drifted away from lips and eyes watched as the faintest of blushes decorated the young woman’s cheeks. Did he now?

    “It’s not appropriate. Thank her and send her on her way.” 

    “Yes Madam.” Liu Peng delivered her response and she watched as the young woman’s face fell. Swallowing, she attempted to smile again at her son before waving off any protest. Words were spoken and she bowed slightly before slipping past the open car door. A solid shut sounded and they pulled away. Only when her son left her visage did she turn around. Hands clasped tightly against her stomach, she pressed her lips into a firm thin line.

     She was very fond of her. She had no choice but to be. The girl was sweet and had grown up with the rest of her children. But it simply was not done. She couldn’t allow them to cross into any other territory than what had already been permitted. Minsheng was of age to marry and it was time for him to choose a wife. Whatever that was could never be. For as much as she liked the young woman and her family…as much as she appreciated the profit made between both families…at the end of the day this was all it was to be. Nothing less. Nothing more. 

    “Madam, Young Master has decided to take his lunch in his office. If you please, follow me into the dining room to your meal.” Lips tightening, she let Liu Peng lead the way, glancing at the closed door to his office on the way. 







    “You’ve heard. I know you have.”

    “Of course.”

    “Well? What do you intend to do about it?” Two men stood outside, the droplets of impending rain staining the shoulders of their jackets. 

    “Gather the other’s. We’ll have to expedite the meeting it seems.”

    “What if…what if-”

    “Now is not the time. Just get everyone together. Wait for my letter.” Warmth found the one as he stepped into the house, closing out the other. Jaw tight, he quietly entered into his office but stopped abruptly at the entrance. He spoke not a word as his eyes roamed the woman who had rudely intruded upon his office. She quietly passed by books on his shelf, small dainty fingers breezing some of the spines. Swallowing a lump that had appeared in his throat, he inhaled deeply through his nostrils, never once taking her out of his vision. The qipao she wore was quite unlike her, she always preferring the styles of her homeland in America. Even so, as much as it was unlike her… the way it fit her was…well…acceptable. Her back was to him as she continued her nosy pursuit, stopping in front of one such book that had caught her interest.      

 Leaning forward, unbeknownst to her, she provided him with a view of her backside, covered in the lush red lace and silk of the qipao. Fingers clenched themselves into fists. Standing back up, she continued on her way, turning to face his desk. The front of her was just as lovely as the back and he felt his body grow warm as she balled up small but plump lips, poking out a delicious red shade. She seemed nervous…tense as she quietly let the tips of her fingers kiss the cherry wood surface. As she began to circle, the split in the side of the dress opening generously to provide a peek of smooth brown flesh. 

    “Can I help you?” His voice visibly startled her and she jumped, body growing still. Swallowing thickly, she lifted her gaze upward to see him standing in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. 


    “I don’t like little nosy girls snooping in my office.” He said, crossing the threshold fully, a small little smirk appearing on his lips. 

    “It could use some tidying up in here. That’s for certain.” She retorted, making him smirk deeper. He uncrossed his arms and slid his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a finger. 

    “Outing?” He asked, completely bypassing her. Going to his bookshelf that she had curiously glanced over, he selected a book and sat down. She was slow to speak but as she neared him, he could smell her perfume. A light scent. Refreshing. Yet playful. Just enough to tease the nose. Feminine. She sighed, coming to occupy the space next to him with a relaxed lean against the wood.

    “An outing of sorts.” She replied, her voice soft and low. 

    “It’s different. Not like you.” He answered, voice steady and detached and the sound of the pages rustled as he calmly flipped the page. 

    “Not like me?” She mirrored his question, watching as he continued to read. 

    “My father says that perhaps we should go back to America.” 

    “It would be safer.”

    “You’re okay with that?” At that, his fingers paused from flipping another page. His eyes lifted from the book to her face. 

    “Do I have a choice in the matter?” He asked, voice slightly hard. Anger. She swallowed and looked down. 

    “Regardless of what my personal opinions are… what your father thinks is best is best.” 

She didn’t say anything as he began to read again, now his shoulders visibly more tense. Lifting up from the desk, she slipped hands across his shoulders, making him grow still. 

    “I don’t want to go.” She said with a long sigh, pulling him against her in a hug now, her arms wrapped around his neck. 

    “I will miss you…” She whispered against him and he could hear the tears in her voice. Finally, he let go of the book. Gently, he took hold of her arms with a hand. 

    “It won’t be the last time we see each other.”

    “You don’t know that.” She answered, her voice short and sharp. Letting go of her arms, he glanced down at the book, the words now starting to run together. 

    “No matter what is happening in our changing world…there is nothing that can stop me from reaching you niǎo. I will always make a way.” She let go of him and pulled away. 

    “I’m sure in that time…you’ll…you’ll finally settle down and marry. Perhaps the next time we see each other you’ll be happier.” His eyes watched her as she began to circle the desk. 

    “What have I done to suggest I’m not happy?” He posed, watching as she stopped in front of a bookcase. 

    “You’re completely miserable Minsheng. You know it. I know it.” He left the answer quiet, gaze now on those painted plump lips as they opened to speak once more. 

    “You’ve always been entirely too rigid. Too uptight. Even as kids. You were always the serious one. Nothing ever made you laugh or smile.” 

    “Is that why you’re dressed the way you are?” His question made her blink once or twice, mouth ajar. 

    “What?” He sighed, closing his eyes. Slowly stretching his neck from one side to the other, he opened his eyes once more. 

    “The dress. The perfume. The touches. If I didn’t know any better Opal…I’d think you came here to seduce me.” Her cheeks grew a gorgeous shade of red and her eyes grew wide. Words tried to leave her mouth but they could not. 

    “It’s unfortunate that you felt you had to do all of this. It truly speaks to just how much of a pitiful man you think I am.” Guilt flashed in her eyes and she clutched her hands together, so tight the skin pinched by her knuckle. 

    “I…I wouldn’t…do-”

    “Don’t lie.” That cut into her and guilt only seemed to increase on her face, in her eyes and in her cheeks. 

    “I’m sorry. I…Well you…you know…I…” Stumbling over her words, she took an audible breath and straightened up.

    “Forgive me for being so…unladylike. I…I’ll see myself out. You don’t have to escort me.” Hastily, she drew closer until she grabbed her purse there by his book. Gripping it, she began to turn but halted as his hand shot out and took hold of her arm. Shocked eyes turned back to look at him. As he always had been, he appeared unbothered. But something too was different about him. The intense firm gaze. The uncommon color that turned his cheeks the sweetest shade of pink. Even the way he gripped her arm was different. In it was a bit more force than what was really necessary. Adamant. Don’t go. 

    “You shouldn’t leave before you get what you came for.” He spoke lowly, the deep rumble of his voice making her legs grow weak. Slowly, he pulled her closer. 

    “It’s all unnecessary.” He said with a small short sigh. His eyes left hers and drifted down across her ever approaching body, un-rushed…appreciative. 

    “It makes me wonder. Will you have enough courage to finish what you’ve so naively started.” There his eyes drifted back up and soon they met hers again. 

    “M-Minsheng…” At last he closed the last bit of space between them with a small little tug. Up close, he could see how fast she was breathing, her chest rising and falling quicker than normal. And even so, the telltale signs of arousal were clear in the two hard little points that stood out against the dress. Lifting his eyes from them, he let her arm go. He couldn’t deny the way his body had reacted, where there once was a slight stiffening now a completely erect member tented his trousers. He turned his face away from her and picked up his book, beginning to read as if she were nothing more than decoration. 

    “W-why…are you doing this?” She asked, her voice soft and shaken. 

    “I should ask you the same.” He answered, voice as always calm and cool. She choose not to answer and perhaps it was for the best. But he still obviously had more on his mind he wished to express. 

    “Whatever magazine advised you to do this…never read it again.” Hurt flashed up onto her face out of his peripheral. 

    “It may suit others. But it doesn’t suit you.” 

    “Go on. Continue to mock me.”  He let his eyes fall upward to her face, her eyes now teary and her teeth biting her lips. 

    “It isn’t required of you is what I mean.” She blinked the tears away, turning her head. 

    “It doesn’t matter what you wear or what scent you carry. I have always desired you.” Eyes wide, she turned her head so fast should this not have been a serious moment he would have laughed. 

    “Excuse me?” Swallowing the lump in his throat, he realized he had gone past the point of no return. Looking down, he tabbed the page he’d been reading and closed the book. For the longest, he sat still eyes closed. Every single emotion she’d forced him to feel for years had finally surfaced. It had confused him at first. With being friends…suddenly his body wanted not-so-friendly contact. She was so many things…so many things he tried not to want…tried to respect when what consumed his mind was destruction.

     Hesitancy next. His futile attempts to distance himself, close himself off…it was all for nothing. Finally…Acceptance. He’d well been past the point of acceptance. She’d been blissfully unaware of the times he watched her. Observed her. Studied her. Without a word spoken he knew she reciprocated. She wouldn’t have been waiting in his office if she didn’t. He knew she wanted the same thing he did. 

    Opening his eyes, he lifted fingers up to grab hold of his glasses. Slowly, thoughtfully almost, he slid them down the bridge of his nose and neatly folded them. Placed them on top of the book he once had been reading. Lifting those same fingers, he pinched the space between his eyes at the highest point of his nasal cavity. 

    “Have you gathered the courage or are you still mulling over my confession?” He asked, tone rather bored sounding. In it was the desire to remain footing. Everything in his life had to be controlled….Even…even this. She took a shaky breath. 

    “Perhaps I should help you.” Taking a hand from the table, he lifted it to brush the pretty tassel that dangled from her dress; what held the dress together. A careful tug…a slow steady unwinding and it would come apart. Her breath hitched in her throat as his fingers followed the curve of her waist, silky smooth touch. At her hip, he unfurled his fingers and laid his entire palm against it. No grabbing. Not even a full hold. Just enough for her to feel the heat of his hand. The solidity of his flesh against her. The conflicting emotions dancing in her eyes suddenly fell flat. Biting her bottom lip, she lifted a hand. 

    “Will you regret this?” His question stopped her and her fingers balled into a fist. 

    “Will you?” She answered, mirroring his inquiry. His answer came in the slipping of his hand behind her, now lingering on her derriere. Slowly, he gripped the flesh underneath his palm, his eyes still on hers. Taking a deep breath, she uncurled her fingers and continued their journey forward. Slipping into his hair, she smoothed the slight worry lines on his forehead with a soft gentle kiss. Hand now skimming past her backside it slipped underneath the split in her dress and caressed the silky soft flesh of her thigh. Taking hold of it, he pulled it up and close until it rested over and across his lap. She wasted no time with the other, pulling herself completely into his lap. 

    For a moment, no words were spoken between them. Only breath could be heard in the maddening stillness. Her other hand now joined the other in his hair and he had slipped his other hand underneath the table, hands now lightly resting on her lower back. She moved just a tad, pressing her face against the crook of his neck, hands now laying on his chest. Allowing himself this much… only this much of indulgence, he drifted hands up the length of her back and danced fingers across the ornamental pin that held her curls. He knew if he removed it… if he allowed the strands to get lost in between his fingers…they wouldn’t leave. They’d only tighten and pull to reveal more and more of her. He’d be lost between appreciating and devouring. His desire would turn into complete greed. 

    “Your mother is not going to be happy.” She spoke against the underside of his jaw, fingers tracing one of the buttons to his shirt. 

    “I cannot be responsible for her happiness.” She bit her lip before lifting up. Gently, she brushed fingers against his cheek, exploring further to tease and prod his lips with the tips. 

    “And what of your friends? Wouldn’t you be a traitor?” Startling her with a sudden laugh, she blinked as his teeth showed. Turning into a smirk, he took hold of her and sat them both straighter up, the action creating such delicious friction down below their waists. It brought a gasp to her and those same teeth that had once shone brightly now not too gently bit into his lip.  

           Unlike him, she allowed the desire to fan and stoke the fire within her, gently…tentatively brushing against him with a small little roll of her hips. Both hands on either hip, he watched her through half lidded eyes, tongue gliding across his lips. Again she did it. And again and again until a soft sweet little moan drifted up from her throat.

     Lifting a hand he took hold of her cheek and slowly brought her closer. Closer and closer until his hungry mouth met hers. Slow. Calm. Control. It was sweet and careful at first… But the second was much more confident. Pleased in the way her lips crushed against his, he pushed even more with the slow entry of his tongue. She made a small sound… of surprise… shock even he’d accept. But she didn’t pull away. Rather she seemed to melt against him as though she had no one bone in her body, accepting his entry with a shy unsure meet of her tongue in return. Wetly separating, she bit her lip. He didn’t allow her to glance away or glance down. No, they both had to be responsible for their actions. They were on this journey together. 

    “Does the world know you or I?” He asked, voice now a bit gruff sounding. 

    “Not of us but what they think we should be like.” She answered, grinding against him slow and steady. Pleasure took hold of her face and it further damned him into the abyss of helplessness. Her head fell back against his hand and another soft moan drifted up from her throat, trapped in between lip and teeth. Slowly he retracted his hand and lifted the tassel to her qipao. What a starving mad beast he was to have let his control be chipped away little by little. Little by little. Unwinding the slim string around and around until the entirety of the dress opened. At once her neck and shoulders were in view, bare and pliant. She remained still eyes closed, hips now still. Surrender. Submission. With a gentle touch, he pulled the luxurious fabric back and down her slender little shoulders. Her heart was sure to be beating so fast in her chest, a chest now fully exposed to him. Not entirely too big. Nor too terribly small. A happy medium of beautiful spherical flesh, each kissed with a small peak of dark indulgent cocoa. He wasn’t so far gone to notice that now she trembled under the weight of his scrutiny, her throat tight with unspoken words of fear and apprehension. There he’d mark first. A soft kiss met the her skin, the contact making her grip him at the shoulder. Chest now against chest, he could still feel the way her heart beat, indicative of the frequent move of her breasts against him. 

    “Bié hài pà…”  He breathed against the small slender column of her throat, another kiss soon following. His tongue tasted her skin, drifting up only to end with lips. 

    “Minsheng…look…look at me.” His eyes met hers. Fingers skimmed his cheek. 

    “Wo bìng bù cuì ruò.” Said against his mouth, she kissed him only to whisper it again. 

    “Wo bìng bù cuì ruò.”  And with that went the last of his sanity…the last bit of the control had been chipped away with word, tongue and a kiss. Grabbing hold to her, he stood. Only to lean and press her back flat against the surface of his desk. Her eyes begged him to take, to touch, to hold and taste. Without a moment spared he did after a few kisses to her mouth. Then to her throat with lips teeth and tongue. Marking. Claiming. Just enough to cause blood to collect just under the skin. Her fingers lifted to his shirt and began to undo the buttons, slow and steady. One by one, enjoying more and more of the flushed rosy skin that was revealed. 

    He couldn’t deny himself any longer and finally cupped a breast in each palm, slowly…gently testing the weight of each before squeezing. The sigh that left her sounded relieved as if she’d been waiting. Smirking against her lips, he bit down into the bottom one as he brushed the tops of her erect nipples with a thumb. The short fast breath against his mouth made him bite just a tad more, now taking the small buds between his thumb and index. Gently, he pinched, forcing her to arch her back, head thrown back, mouth ajar. Rolling them a bit in between his fingers he pinched again, drawing a moan now. 

    “Ça fait du bien?” His voice rumbled against her throat. Little kisses against it made her roll her hips against him. 

    “Mmm oui… qui fait du bien….” (yes…it feels so good) Her breathy reply. He didn’t speak much else, leaning down to kiss the beautiful globes of flesh. Taking the sensitive nipples into his mouth one by one, he made sure neither went without an equal amount of kissing licking and sucking, his lips wetly letting go with a loud unashamed ‘pop’. The soft whimpers and moans from her made him even more greedy. He wanted the melodic sound to fill the room, slip into the hallway and reach high above them. Reaching down, he gripped her thigh holding it tight. Pulling back enough, he grabbed the other thigh and pushed them further apart, licking his lips at the wet spot, steadily growing in her panties. Arms and hands back against the desk, she arched her back as he slid a finger down trailing the spot from top to bottom. 

    “So wet.” His voice was low and quiet and she bit her lip as he pressed his face against her. The heat of his mouth and the deepness of his voice made her buck up, a slight whimper meeting the air. Her fingers slipped down and into his hair as he kissed her there, destination nowhere in particular. They were loving gentle and tender…appreciative and thankful. He knew as well as she did…the gravity of it all. The impact of their actions. He knew she’d never before been touched this way before. Never before kissed, never before pleasured… Letting his tongue slip past his lips, he slowly licked up the wet fragrant undergarment…up…up and up until, 

    “OH!” The exclamation made him laugh against her. Not because it was funny. Because he was so turned on by it…the laughter seemed the only thing to prevent him from devouring her whole. 

    “Do you know what this is called niǎo?” Her breaths were uneven and he could tell she was biting her lip in between them. 

    “W-What what is…” Pressing his mouth against the tiny little bud erect enough to outline itself against her drawers he breathed, making her grip his hair a bit tighter. 

    “This…” Wiggling against him, she gathered a breath before speaking. 

    “Not exactly…” Kissing the tiny shape again, he lifted up enough that their eyes met. 

    “It’s called a clitoris.”


    “Mmhm.” Pressing another kiss to it he closed his lips against the shape of it and gently sucked, drawing a much louder moan from her than before. Reaching up, he moved the bottom of her qipao enough away that she could see exactly what he was doing. Letting up, he kissed the bud, now throbbing beneath his lips. 

    “Do you like that niǎo?” A soft whimpery yes escaped her mouth and she watched with trust and openness as he licked around the small bud. With that her gaze left him, rolling back as her head met the table. He licked faster, making her thighs tremble in his hands. Her breath started to trip over itself, her moans of pleasure growing steadily, louder and louder. Just the way he wanted it. 

    “Mmm….Minsheng…” Humming against her he was about to finally slide his finger underneath the soaked garment and into her awaiting warm wet entrance when he heard it. The sound of a car pulling up to the driveway. He stopped at once, not quite ready to pull away from her completely. In fact, he pressed his face against her, inhaling her sweet arousal a minute or two more. Kissing her there one last time, he withdrew from in between her legs. Their eyes met as the voice of his mother rattled off instructions to the doorman. 

    “It’s unfortunate but…we’ll have to continue our conversation later.” He dared to drawl, arousal making his native Wu accent come forward, replacing the more proper Mandarin. Kissing each breast, he sighed against them before pulling her up to a sit. She swallowed thickly as she began to button back up his shirt and he pulling the dress closed, winding the tassel until it fastened. The irritated Mandarin from outside grew louder as they both stood and tried to collect themselves. 

    “I’ll walk you to the door.” He went to walk away when she stopped him. Slipping her hand underneath her dress, she wiggled a little bit until the underwear fell to her feet. Lifting eyes, his gaze darkened and eye brow lifted as she quickly slipped her feet out of them. Reaching over, she stuck the panties into one of his suit pockets. Going over to her purse, she pulled out a mirror and fixed her lipstick. Coming behind her, he slid hands around her hips, leaning down to press his lips against her ear. 

    “It’s a shame we were forced to stop. Had we not been, I would have take them off personally.” Blushing, she glanced up at him, his intense gaze paralyzing her. Their lips met one last dizzying time, the passion between them threatening to explode. Sucking on her bottom lip, he reluctantly let her go as she quickly applied another brief coat to her lips. 

    “Where is Minsheng?” There, his mother was there just outside the door and he clenched his jaw as the doorman told her they both were inside. With a sharp click of the closed purse, she swallowed as he started for the door, a hand politely on her back just as the door opened. 







    “What is it?” 

    “Mr. Zhong is outside. He told me to come get you.” Biting her bottom lip, she reached for her purse. 

    “Are you leaving?”

    “Yeah…Minsheng is going to take me home.”

    “Your dad working late?”

    “I hope not. It’s not…it’s not safe to anymore.”

    “At least you’re getting off safely.”

    “Xia Hei, please make sure you make it home too. Call me when you get in.” The woman smiled and lifted her pinky. Entwining them together, Opal returned her smile. 

    “Bye everyone! See you tomorrow.” As she walked towards the entrance, she gripped her purse tighter. Tomorrow was never really promised was it? As she stepped outside, she found Minsheng standing by the car door, expression serious. On each side of him stood a Japanese soldier and it appeared they both took turns at harassing him. 

    “Why are you here?” 

    “Where are your papers?” Turning hard steely eyes onto the man who last spoke, she bristled at the way the man’s fingers reached for his pistol. 

    “Excuse me…” Three pairs of eyes looked at her. 

    “He’s here to take me home.” The shorter officer began to laugh, whilst the taller one just whistled. He slowly approached her. 

    “This indeed is rare. An ape with a monkey. I suppose it’s not too much different is it?” A vein bulged in Minsheng’s right temple, a testament to how infuriated he was. Other than that he showed no other signs and for that she was glad. 

    “Where are your papers?” His Japanese was slow and lazy just like his gaze and it seemed to undress her the more she stood in front of him. She didn’t answer, instead opened her purse and reached for them. Not even waiting until she presented them to him, he snatched them from her hand. Glancing quickly over it, he tossed them back at her, the information falling to the ground. 

    “You know… I’ve never seen one of your kind here before.” Swallowing the lump in her throat, she kept still as the man circled her. Dark furious eyes also followed him. 

    “What brings you to Shanghai?” He asked in nearly perfect English, grinning as she shifted her feet. 


    “Oh?” He asked, his eyebrows lifting toward his hairline. 

    “You sure it’s not for pleasure?” 

    “She told you why she’s here. Let her pass.” Minsheng’s voice was hard as rocks and sharp enough to slice. 

    “A pretty black girl here in Shanghai all by herself. I can imagine the trouble she’d get into if not for her Chinese dog guarding her.” She chose not to answer that, instead she looked straight ahead. 

    “He’s so jumpy isn’t he? Ready to bite my head off just for talking to you. I wonder…” Drawing so close that it made her nauseous, he lifted a finger to caress her cheek. 

    “What did you do to him to make him that way?” Again she didn’t answer but her eyes found her papers now being deliberately stepped on by his boots. 

    “I’ve heard stories about your kind.” 

    “H-have you?” She cursed the stutter in her voice for it only made him grin wider. 

    “I heard that pretty black things like you can steal the soul of a man.” His finger drifted across her lips. 

    “Here. And,” Taking his finger he trailed it down the front of her dress until he stopped right at her triangle. 


    “Take your dirty hands off of her you pig faced fuck.” He growled the words in his native dialect, knowing the two soldiers would not understand. Despite this, the hissed words prompted the shorter man to finally withdraw his weapon and lift it to his head, bringing a loud ‘No’ from her. 

    “Please! Don't... He’s just….just trying to take me home.”

    “What if I don’t want you to go home just yet Opal Robinson?” She swallowed thickly, eyes starting to tear up. 

    “Prove me wrong.” She looked up at him, eyes shiny. 

    “E-Excuse me?”

    “I want to see if it’s true.” Squeezing her eyes shut, she took in the way the man chuckled. 

    “I want to see your big fat lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I wonder if you’ll suck my soul out.” The taller man stepped back, away from her papers now dirty and ripped. 

    “I’m surprised your dog hasn’t barked yet. You have him well trained.” Opening her eyes, she tried to settle the urge to vomit all over him. Minsheng's narrowed eyes stared at him, gaze nearly black with fury. He clenched his jaw so tight the muscle bulged.

    “Go on then little black girl with the big lips. Pick up your papers and be on your way.” Sneering, he watched as slowly she knelt down and reached for her papers. It couldn’t be helped that her hands shook. It couldn’t be helped the way her papers were nearly in shreds. It couldn’t be helped that she glanced up to see the man still aiming at Minsheng’s head. 

    Swallowing a lump that felt the size of a golfball, she took her papers and slowly resumed her stand. In a mock show of chivalry, he outstretched his arm as if to politely offer the pathway to the car. Sticking the papers back into her purse, she kept her gaze down as slowly the gun was removed from Minsheng’s head and he was able to walk around and open the car door. Once inside, he quickly got inside and stepped on the gas. 

    The ride was quiet. Tense. If fury were a color it would be red and if it could seen it would wave around him like a thick dark cloud. His fingers were tight on the stirring wheel and his mouth was set in a thin furious line. It took her a while before her hands stopped shaking. She knew that she’d be the topic of discussion tomorrow when she went in to the shop. She knew everyone had seen. Folding her hands tightly in her lap, she glanced at him again. Things weren’t the same. They had stopped being the same. Ever since the January 28 incident really. But this time… this time she felt as though the world she had known was truly ending. It was crumbling all around her and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it. 

    Already the bustling metropolis that used to be Shanghai was now reduced to a host of abandoned stores, markets and houses. Everything was falling to shit and those who had got out were smart to have left when they did. Unlike her. Her father had tried to tell her…tried to tell her that they needed to go to America. But what good was that? Though America had no active invasion happening… it wasn’t the best place for black people. If she left here to go there…she’d die. At least that was the excuse she gave him. Part of the reason yes but the bigger part… the main part was that she didn’t want to leave Minsheng. She couldn’t bear the thought of being apart. It hurt too much to think about.

     Letting her eyes drift away outside of the window she sighed, the action filling up the space in between them. The silence so deafening it pained her. They’d done so much in such a short period of time. They’d had to lie, run and hide. They’d kept their relationship a secret. Their marriage an even bigger secret. No one knew except the two of them…and one other friend of hers and his. Minsheng had all but threatened to kill the man if he told anyone and he had kept quiet. Thankfully, her friend too had kept silent. It was a frightening reality. A bittersweet euphoria. They had passed the way to her house a long while ago but she hadn’t said anything. No, she didn’t want to go home just yet. 

    Only when the car stopped did she let out a breath. He’d taken them to a scenic route just off of the main road. With about a good two hours before the newly imposed curfew took effect they had more than enough time to talk about what just happened. Eyes turned to face her husband, whose fingers now were relaxed as he pulled out a slim silver cigarette case. Retrieving one he slipped it between his lips and struck a match, the sound of the crinkling crackle of the spark and the smell of the burning paper drifted across her nose. For longer still, they sat in silence, the orange glow of his cigarette occasionally flashing in what still was daylight. The summer days were coming to an end though and soon it would be dark much earlier. With a sigh, she opened the car door and got out, going to stand against the railing. 

    The city was beautiful from the altitude they were and it brought her a brief smile. Closing her eyes to it all, she swallowed to hard it hurt going down. She heard the sound of his car door opening and soon a solid shut. She opened her eyes to see him come to stand next to her, the cigarette now gone. 

    “Do you…do you want to talk about it?” She posed tentatively, watching as he still stared ahead at the city. 

    “What is there to say?” 


    “It doesn’t matter.” Taking the cue to silence herself, she turned her eyes too towards the city. 

    “You should go with your father. While you still have time.” 

    “What if I say no?” 

    “Then I’ll force you to.” His words were biting and cut to the quick, his eyes still focused on the skyline. 

    “You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do. Now or ever.” Finally their eyes met, his a hard angry and hers defiant. 

    “You’re the most stubborn woman I’ve ever met.”

    “It didn’t stop you from marrying me.” His jaw tightened and he looked away. 

    “No. It didn’t.” Silence. 

    “It’s what I love about you.” 

    “And hate.” She supplied. There, the tiniest smile. 

    “Do you regret it?” Blinking her cheeks grew warm. Not long ago he had asked that same question and their relationship as it stood changed forever thereafter. 

    “No. Do you?” 

    “No.” Sighing, she licked her teeth. 

    “I’m worried about you Opal. You know that.” 

    “Yes…I do.”

    “Then why are you refusing to go with your father?” She grew quiet on that one. 

    “We’re not children anymore. The world is no longer as you and I knew it. That world is dead. It will never return.” 

    “Why aren’t you going with your family?”

    “You know the answer to that.”

    “Right. And knowing that answer I can’t just leave you here to die Minsheng.” 

    “Fuck.” He cursed irritably, making her bite her lip. 

    “As your husband, I will not allow you to stay here. You will go with your father.”

    “How can you jus-”

    “I’m not discussing it any further.” She blew out a loud angry breath, gnawing on the inside of her cheek. 

    “I’ll discuss with him a safer place to take you. You won’t be going to America.” 

    “And you? What about you?” 

    “If I live I live. If I die then I die. I swore to serve my country no matter the cost.” A humorless laugh escaped her lips and she rolled her eyes, though they were filling with tears. 

    “How selfish of you. You don’t even care about what I want.” Closing the space between them, he lifted a hand and drifted fingers down her back. 

    “You know what kind of man I am. I was not going to change just because you married me.” 

    “Asshole.” She felt her tears start to drift past her cheeks and he pulled her closer. 

    “I will gladly give my soul and walk into the pit of hell before letting something or someone hurt you. You know that.” He spoke against her temple, pressing kisses to the thin skin afterward. 

    “If it takes you living with resentment towards me then it’s a choice I’ll make. I’d rather see you alive than dead Opal. That’s the end of it.” She turned to press herself against him, her tears soaking his shirt. This was his way. His way of saying goodbye. Cold and impersonal. Brutal and detached. Instead of carrying it on for too long he just preferred to cut the rope between the two of you and be done with it. 

    “Let’s get you home now.” She didn’t want to go… not…not yet. She wanted to argue and protest…. she wanted to fight him. But at the end of the day… she knew….she knew that the choices he made were because of her. Pulling her to the car he allowed her to slip into the passenger’s seat. Once in the driver’s seat he shut the door. But his hands still held onto the keys. Not yet placing them in the ignition. He had so much more on his mind that he would never tell her. But then, she didn’t much give him an opportunity to, pulling his mouth to hers. At once it seemed wild and feverish, blind and crazy all at once. The doors to the car opened and they both got out. Her fingers starting to pull her dress apart. His fingers going for his trousers. Sliding into the back seat, for a moment in the midst of the fray they stared at each other. 

    Her chest rising just as hard as his. His hand that took hold of her cheek was gentle and the way he kissed her was even more so. It sent butterflies to her stomach and he slowly pulled her on top of him, reaching up to let her hair free from the confining pins. Fingers gripped the fabric of the dress hanging half way down her shoulders and pulled, until it bunched up at her bottom. Her fingers hastily unbuttoned his shirt and at the gorgeous beautiful body beneath her she breathed almost in relief, the tips of them trailing down smooth soft skin, hard solid muscles.       

     Reaching down in between them she wrapped a hand around his erect member, softly stroking until his head fell back against the seat cushion, a low growl escaping his lips. Leaning forward, chest to chest, she kissed his neck as she led him to her entrance. Slowly she took him in, drinking in the long withdrawn groan that vibrated against her lips. Minsheng wasn’t one to be too vocal but when he was it set her entire body in flame and she wanted to hear more and more. Her body welcomed him in nice and easy, the stretch delightful. 

    “You feel so fucking good…” He breathed, teeth biting his bottom lip as she took the last of him inside with a small little hum. At a loss for words, she couldn’t even begin to form intelligent thought… not now… It always took a little getting used to…taking him in. He pushed her to the limit, seeming to fill her up until she couldn’t quite take it. A slow roll of her hips had her already seeing stars. But again. Slow… His hands grabbed hold of her derriere. Pulling her close, he kissed her, tongue invading her mouth. He lifted her up enough to almost make him pull out before plunging back in deep. Her moan filled the car, breath uneven. Yet again he almost completely pulled out only to plunge in deep. The sensation of him stretching her to the fullest had tears prickling up at the corners of her eyes. 

    “Minsheng…..” He took her arms and folded them behind her, pulling her to sit up a bit straighter. Taking hold of them both with a hand, he leaned forward to take one of her nipples into his mouth. 

    “Mmm….” Kissing the breast, he soon lathed onto the other dark pebble, making her roll and gyrate her hips. Letting go wetly with a soft little pop, he licked and kissed his way up and across her neck. 

    “Chevauche-moi…” He breathed, eyes rolling back as she obeyed, a soft wet clap occupying the space. 

    “That’s it…just like that…” With his free hand, he grabbed her hair and fisted it, just enough to pull her head back. 

    “I wish I could watch you take me in.” He groaned against her collarbone, his dialect lazy…sleepy almost. Pulling her against him, he nibbled on her ear lobe as his hand left her hair instead drifted around her shoulders. His hips now lifting, thrusting into her hard, fast and deep. His hot loud breaths mixed with her piercing moans and screams, the clap of their bodies now reverberant and wet. 

    “Oh Godddddd…..Minsheng!” He fucked his name out of her a few more times before she completely crumbled, coming so hard her arousal soaked them both. Tears fell down her cheeks and she sobbed, her inner channel squeezing him so tight he almost came undone. Growing limp against him, she wheezed for breath pressing her face against his neck. Letting go of her arms he gently let his hands glide down her back. Her hands weakly came to press against his chest and he kissed her temple then her cheek. When she finally came back down he shifted them to lay on the backseat. He separated her legs from around his waist and soon held them apart, pressing his face against her. She screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her, fingers tight in his hair. Kissing her inner thigh, he took her sweet musky scent in before lifting. 

    “Turn around for me sweetheart.” She did as he bade and he licked his lips at the view in front of him. She was so fucking beautiful…made just for him. Pressing kisses against the smooth soft skin of her back, he took the cheeks of her derriere in each palm. Not too big but not too small. Shapely. Fleshy. Just right. Perfect. Kissing them each, he pulled her back against him, teasing her drenched opening with the head of his manhood. She bucked as he began to slide in and a withdrawn moan left his throat. She gripped the seat beneath her as he slowly came in…out almost just to dive again deeper than before… harder than before. The pace had her begging, her arm reached back to grab him, nails embedded in his hip. 

    “It’s good to you mon amour? Hm?” Her breath strangled in her throat as the deep hit rocked her before sobbing out a pleading yes. 

    “Mm it’s good to me too baby. So fucking good…so fucking tight.” He breathed out, a gruff little groan following at the intense meet of their bodies. Struggling to not pummel her, he licked his lips and took his hands away from her. Slowly rolling his hips, she responded in kind and he bit his lip in a smirk. She always took him so well. The sight of her swallowing him up made him grunt and he pushed just a little more to coax her to thrust back at him. Which she did with little to no time, throwing it back so hard it rocked him. 

    “Ah….ah..fuck…mmm… just like that…” She didn’t let up, even as her thighs began to shake. So close. He was so close to letting go. But stop. His breaths were shaky shuddery and frantic. His hands finally grasped hold of her cheeks, bringing her to a pause. Leaning down, he pressed kisses up the small of her back. Slow and languid. Tongue tasted the sweat that had formed. A hand drifted up from her waist and around to squeeze a breast. 

    “I don’t want to let you go Opal.” He whispered against her ear, hiding his face against her hair. 

    “I want you to stay with me.” The unexpected emotions spilling from him made her teary, her throat tight. All the things he couldn’t otherwise say… refused to say. Now spoken softly against her hair. He let go of her breast and instead took her jaw in between his fingers, turning her head to the side. Their eyes met and for the first time since he was a child she saw the conflicting emotions dwelling in his eyes. The sadness. The reluctance to let her go. The stubborn glint of defiance and anger. 

    “I wanted to defend you earlier. I wanted to smash his head into the ground.” 

    “I know….I know lăogōng.” 

    “I felt so helpless. I couldn’t do anything to protect you…” Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply. 

    “There’s no other way. You have to be the one who makes it out of this. I cannot call myself your husband and not try. I have to try.”  For the first time since she’d known him he’d completely broken structure. His speech informal. Angry. Brash. His voice carried unshed tears. His eyes carried the pain of having to decide life or death for the both of them. She was so overwhelmed that all she could do was kiss him and the way their bodies were one said it all… said everything their words could not. Once… twice….thrice… her mouth openly receiving his tongue. She tested the waters gently pushing back against him. To which he hummed into her mouth appreciatively, the sound vibrating against her lips. He was slow…painfully slow. But she could feel every inch of him and it left her speechless. 

    “Thank you for letting me be a selfish bastard…” He breathed against her mouth, teeth biting into her bottom lip. 

    “Thank you for freely giving yourself to me… even when I push you too hard…or take too much. You never complain…” 

    “Minsheng…” He didn’t say a word else and let his body speak for him in ways that he couldn’t. The slow shallow thrusts of before grew harder… little by little they grew faster…His breath caught in his throat at the first couple deep hits and yet he didn’t hide behind her hair. He let her see just how she made him feel, the pleasure making his eyebrows knit together, his bruised rosy lips part breathy moans now mixing beautifully. 

    “Mm baby…. I’m gonna come…I’m so close…” She was forced to take her eyes away from him, her own rolling back as he hit that spot inside her that made her see stars and planets. 

    “Can I come inside you….tell me I can…” There the sharp clap of their bodies took her over the edge and she lost it. 

    “Yes…yes…yes.…”  Just as she had started to come a few more pounding thrusts and he fell apart, filling her with hot forceful spurts; gruff groans and slight breathy pants following. She grew limp, biting her lip as more came out of him, filling her up even more. Panting against her mouth, he soon kissed her wet and deep. 

    “I love you.” He breathed against her, forehead now pressed against hers. 

    “I love you too…” Smiling against her, he bit his lips in an attempt to further it and slowly pulled her to the side with him. They laid together for the longest time, fingers lips and noses touching in the darkening dusk. 

Chapter End Notes:



A/N: I TOLD YOU. This ish is still in my whole entire head lol. I've already seen how it's gonna end and everything soooo yeah definitely gonna write this. NOT NOW. lol. But yeah. What are your thoughts hehe? Let me know if y'all feelin this one! Love you. 





Bié hài pà- (don’t be afraid)

Wo bìng bù cuì ruo- (I am not weak/I am not fragile)


Oui… qui fait du bien (yes…it feels so good)

Chevauche-moi (ride me)

lăogōng (husband)


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