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Author's Chapter Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000

Summary: Uhura's Sisterhood had gotten off to a good start. Masters invented an intra-ship transport beam to allow the Sisters to move around the ship without arousing suspicion. T'Pring revealed her jealousy and desire to harm Uhura. Meanwhile, Spock struggled to contain his emotions while he was unable to establish the whereabouts of his Nyota.See the source imageSee the source image

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


The Family Jewels

Nyota left with more confidence after her meeting with her team members. Now was her first chance to prove her ability as a leader. Reilly and Chekov had it coming-the punishment for exploiting the women on the ship would fit the crime. Nyota estimated that they must have made at least 300,000 credits with their prostitution ring. But now a new sheriff was in town, and Nyota was going to right the wrongs done to the female crew. But for her plan to work, she needed more allies. She considered her options and settled on making an overture asking for the help of the devil herself, Christine Chapel.

Nyota entered Sickbay knowing that McCoy was hidden away in the Science lab running one of his mysterious drug synthesis operations. She found Christine lying on a biobed with Sharon Running Deer, her woman.

Although they were fully clothed, they were snuggling. When Christine spotted Nyota, she slowly sat up and glared at her.

"To what do I owe the honor?" Christine asked archly.

"Can we talk? Alone?"

Christine gave a lazy smile to Running Deer: "This must be good, sweetie. Take a walk. I'll let you know what the b!tch wants."

Running Deer got up and left the room.

Christine placed a hand on her jutting hip.

"I'm listening. You've got two minutes!"

"Do you know about Riley and Chekov pimping out the women on this ship?"

"Yeah, it's common knowledge; what's it to you?"

"I want to teach them a lesson. They hurt Tina. She wants out, and they won't let her go. So I'm putting a stop to the whole thing."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"I need some sort of sedative to knock them out."

Chris chuckled as she listened to Nyota's request: "Why would I help you?"

"It's sort of a payback."

"I don't understand. I mean, you could have your new lover do it for you. He has the means."

"New lover? What are you talking about?"

"Isn't Kirk your new lover? That's the rumor I've heard since you got your glorious promotion." Christine said, gleefully flinging the gossip at her.

Nyota tensed with anger, thinking about how satisfying it would be to slap the mocking grin off Christine's face. But she needed her. Nyota didn't know where Christine's allegiance lay, but she had to take the chance.

"Serving under Kirk for all these years, I know he never gives up anything without some form of payment," Christine reasoned. "Plus you dropped Boma as soon as your new title was announced."

"I don't know whether to slap you or slice you for those comments," Nyota snarled. "I did NOT F#CK or S#CK any part of him! I earned my promotion-EARNED it!" she said, pointing her finger to her chest. "It's MINE!"

"So you say; I'm just repeating what I've heard. Do you need a blood pressure pill?" Christine smiled at her work, satisfied with Nyota's reaction. She walked over and flipped a switch in the door frame.

"This will give us more privacy. That sick bastard McCoy hides listening devices in here. Now tell me more about your plan."

"I want the women on this ship to unite and stand against the men's abuse. Once I found out that Reilly and Chekov are running a prostitute ring, that was it!"

"So what's the story with Boma? You're not hooking up with him anymore?"

Nyota eyed Chris with anger: "That's private. I've said enough already. If you don't want to help, just say so." Nyota stepped closer to Christine with her hand on the hilt of her knife.

"Take it easy, Darth Vader; you're asking me to give you drugs based on your say-so. I think I should be able to ask a few questions." Christine slunk over to the nearest biobed and sat. "If they find out those two reprobates have been drugged, I don't want it to come back to me. I want to live."

"You have a point," Nyota said. "Knowing you and McCoy, I know you must have something that will not leave a trace. You didn't get this far in rank without some leverage."

Nyota was now more relaxed, playing this tit-for-tat game. She sat on the biobed opposite Christine's and smiled.

After a moment of thought, Christine smiled slyly.

"I'm beginning to believe in your cause, but I won't join yet. I need a... a demonstration of your work. I'll give you something that will knock them out without a trace. But if I am implicated in any way, Lieutenant Commander, I'll be the last person you ever want to tangle with."

Christine went over to a panel in the wall and typed in a code. The door opened silently. Chris pulled out some sheets of thin paper no bigger than her finger and held them out toward Nyota.

"I call this the kiss of death. This paper is keyed to the "y" chromosome, so it is activated by male saliva. The woman holds it in her mouth. When she kisses the target man, she shoves it into his mouth. His saliva will activate it, causing paralysis for 15 minutes. No one will be able to tell that he was drugged. It dissolves completely and doesn't leave a chemical trace."

"Your invention?" Nyota looked at the thin paper that would fit on the rim of a person's teeth.

"I didn't want McCoy to get the credit," Christine said. "He would kill me for this type of weapon." If they investigate, ninety percent of the time they don't check the mouth. So Uhura, I will be looking out for your handy-dandy work."

Nyota laughed: "I will need more of your services in the future."

Christine rolled her eyes: "Yeah, don't count your chickens just yet!"

Nyota walked out of Sickbay with her new secret weapon. Several hours later, Nyota and Eve met in Tina's quarters. They reviewed the plan and set the trap in motion.

The unsuspecting duo walked toward Tina Lawton's quarters.

"What do you think of it, Chekov?"

"Vhat's there to think about? Tina ees recruiting more vomen for us. More vomen means more credits!"

Reilly chuckled: "Yeah, the little minx has finally turned around. If she wasn't so used, I would have made her my main woman."

"Ve don't need vone voman vhen ve can haf them all," Chekov replied.

They entered the dimly lit room. Soft music was playing, and Tina greeted them wearing a skimpy blue teddy.

"Hi, boys! Ready for some fun?" she asked seductively as she ran her hands up and down her body.

"All right-thees ees more like eet!" Chekov said lecherously.

Tina rubbed her hands up and down Chekov's torso, lifting his shirt and kissing his bare chest. Then she peppered his cheeks and lips with kisses, finally entering his mouth with passion. Then she quickly turned and did the same with Reilly. Both men grabbed Tina, kissing her and fondling her breasts and butt. First Chekov, and then Reilly, went rigid and toppled over. Each man hit the floor with a thump. Tina wiped her mouth of the traces of their kisses and spat on each of them.


Nyota, Eve, and Charlene came out from behind the separation screen, where they had been hiding in the dark. All three had big smiles.

Nyota knelt to examine Tina's handiwork.

"Well, ladies, let's show them what happens when you use and abuse women."

Eve opened a case that contained long, thin knives while the other women pulled down the men's pants, revealing their genitals. Then the four women got to work on their grim task. Repugnant as it was, when it was done, Nyota could not keep herself from grinning with satisfaction at their first victory. Charlene caught her eye, and they high-fived. Then all four Sisters whooped in triumph.

An hour later, Captain Kirk and Spock were paged to Sickbay, where they found the two men in biobeds screaming.

"What happened, Bones?" Kirk demanded.

"Well, you won't believe it."

"Try me."

"Someone cut off their testicles and stuffed them in their mouths. I was able to save the appendages and reattach them. Whoever did it wanted to send a message."

"Did they say who?

"Nope, but you better listen to this." McCoy handed Spock a disk. "It tells the whole story."

Kirk and Spock went into McCoy's office and listened to a computerized voice.

"Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, Ensigns Chekov and Reilly have been running a prostitution ring on the ship, exploiting the female crew. They have accumulated three hundred thousand credits from their exploits. Their actions demanded compensation."

Kirk's eyes widened in shock, but Spock remained stoic, saying, "It is interesting that this operation went undiscovered for some time."

"They earned over three hundred thousand credits! ON MY SHIP!" Kirk started swearing and kicking the furniture around. The pimps had been making more profit than he, which burned Kirk. But, as always, Kirk quickly went from being mad to glad. A sinister smile spread across his face.

"I see, Captain, that this is not a problem for you."

"I see it as leverage, my old friend, and profit, as always," he said, laughing. Kirk and Spock re-entered the main Sickbay area and went over to the two recuperating men. They had been lightly sedated but were alert enough to talk to Kirk.

"Did you see vhat she did to me!" Chekov snarled, gently cradling his jewels.

A smiling Kirk inquired of Chekov: "Who would do this on MY ship?! Who would do something like this to bring down morale on MY ship?!"

"What? I don't get it?!" Reilly said, looking at Kirk in confusion.

"You two ran an illegal ring on MY ship without my knowledge and without my consent. Making credits by putting my female crew at your mercy! They should've taken more than your nuts! I should put both of you in the agonizer for what you did!"

Chekov and Reilly's eyes widened at the thought, and Reilly spoke up: "Captain, we just wanted to make a little money on the side for shore leave and stuff; we meant no harm."

Kirk turned to McCoy: "What's the damage Bones!"

McCoy looked at the two young men and chuckled: "Luckily for you two, whoever did this notified Security and saved your precious jewels. I was able to reattach them, but I recommend that you not engage in sexual activity until you're fully healed-six weeks should do it."

Kirk stopped laughing and folded his arms: "I will forget the whole thing, once you hand over those credits you earned off the crew. I have to keep morale up; what you two have been doing brings discouragement. So, how much?"

Chekov and Reilly glanced quickly at each other, and Reilly said: "One hundred twenty-five thousand credits."

Kirk snapped his fingers: "Spock, call Security and throw both these nutless men in the agonizer for forty-eight hours!"

Both men shot up from their beds holding their damaged jewels: "Okay, okay! We'll give you all of it! It's over three hundred thousand!"

"I thought that would change your tune. Also," he said, pointing his finger at both of them: "No harm is to befall any of those women you used. Not one! If I find out you touched one woman on this ship, you will lose more than just your balls, you dumba$$es! How stupid can you be?! Spock, make sure they transfer those credits!"

"Yes, Captain. And thank you, gentlemen, for generously donating your credits."

Spock looked over at the two men for any objections before tapping into their accounts with his Padd to transfer the credits.

Kirk left Sickbay and entered the turbolift with his guards. As the doors closed, they all began laughing uncontrollably at the whole event.

It wasn't long before the whole crew found out what happened to Chekov and Reilly. For the female crew, it was the best laugh ever. But, for the women, knowing they were free to roam the ship as equal crew members-and without fear-was the best part.

Christine and Running Deer were impressed with Nyota for what she did. They were aware that the women on the ship had been working in fear.

"She did a good job," Running Deer said.

Looking into her lover's eyes, Christine replied: "She sure did. That was a big problem too. Now I wonder how she will handle those vixens?"


Chapter End Notes:

A/N: I just want to remind my readers that the mirrorverse is a ruthless empire. There's nothing sweet about anything there. I watched "Mirror, Mirror" for the umpteenth time to observe the hierarchy and mindset of that universe. Assassination was a common thing. Enjoy!    

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.