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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

OMG HIIIII GUYSSSS!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO UPLOAD THIS! I'M SO EXCITED OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. OUR BABY JIE WILL RETURN IN 2022! I had a dream about The Promise a week or two ago and I knew that I had to write it down. It's time don't you think? It's time for him to be happy again. He deserves that. 

This is part 2 of the Of Tales and Sorrow series. Titled The Promise. It is set in modern day. Year: 2017. If you haven't read Part 1, please do as the story will NOT make sense beforehand~ 

I'm so excited lmbo!


小冷…子 as Li Jie



Temilade Openiyi as Naakie Harris (27) 










    The hustle and bustle of the train corridor made his stomach twist and he instantly felt uncomfortable. Sighing as the train doors opened, he stepped inside the rapidly filling car. Standing up straight and rigid, he lifted his eyes up towards the ceiling, trying to ignore the press of multiple foreign bodies against him. The metallic box gave a slight jolt before rushing forward. Swallowing thickly, he closed his eyes, tightening his grip on his briefcase. All was quiet which he silently thanked the heavens for. Opening his eyes, he stared up into the reflective mirror. Pairs of legs looked back at him. Some covered in jeans. Others in pressed slacks. 

    As his eyes roamed the pairs, they stopped on one pair, unlike the rest. Clothed in jarring brown skin, they were bare and crossed at the ankle. Eyes lifted further to see smooth shapely thighs covered by a black skirt. A pair of hands clasped each other in her lap. Drifting eyes further up, he glided his vision across the crisp white blouse, fashioned in a tasteful ruched V neck; a small bit of cleavage rising above the ruched collar. Her dewy umber throat and collarbone shimmered with sweat.  The temperature inside of the train was unbearable With the many stacked bodies pressed so close together it was no surprise that the crowded train car was suffocating. At last, he slipped eyes across delectable plump lips covered in a shade of brown gloss. A charming button nose. Up to perhaps the most beautiful eyes he’d seen…not since…not since…. 

    Beautifully upturned, they were so open and vivid. Incredibly expressive, they were lined with a simple winged eyeliner and mascara. Her hair was fashioned in a braided bob, a gradient color of black to blonde down towards the ends. It suited her very well, the golden tone of the blonde making her skin pop. In his observation, his throat had grown tight and his mouth dry. His heartbeat was rapid up into his ears and he felt the stirrings of desire awaken his otherwise unaroused member. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, not as she tried to shift in her seat or as she lifted a hand to fan herself. 

    “Next stop: Suzhou. Next stop: Suzhou.” Watching as she gathered her purse, she waited until the train came to a complete stop before getting up. His eyes drifted down from the reflective mirror and set their sight on her person as she joined the crowd of people departing. Gripping the metal handlebar in front of him, he closed his eyes and focused his breathing, glad of the people who pulled away in places available to sit. It was strange.

    Listening to his pulsing heart, he inhaled through his nostrils and out through his mouth. It had been 165 years since he’d last felt even a shred of desire at a mere glance of a woman. Opening his eyes, he glanced down to see the once stiff rising member once housed in his trousers now in an acceptable state of unresponsiveness. His blood freely flowed all over his body once again. Drawing eyes to the blurring cityscape that passed them by, he inhaled and exhaled once more. That woman. Who was she? 







    It had been only twenty minutes since she’d shot up in bed, body wet with sweat. She’d sat still for the longest time before her feet had carried her into the kitchen. Her fingers opened her freezer. Eyes closed, she took a deep breath. The whole experience still fresh, her hands shook as she closed the fridge. She’d just awakened from the most frightening dream she think she had ever had. In it there had been a woman who stood by a horse hitching post like in the Westerns. She was beautiful, this woman… just an inch or two shorter than her and her complexion like that of smooth ebony. This woman smiled at her arrival and even outstretched her hand towards her.  Now chilled, she licked her lips and inched her way back towards her bedroom.

     A slice of fear cut into her belly and her throat grew tight at the damp sheets pressing against her skin. Nothing that just happened made any sense. Tossing the covers back, she found herself planted on the couch with a blanket and a pillow. For God’s sake… she had an exam for her coding class in less than six hours and here she was up tripping. Lifting hands that still shook up to her hair, she smoothed the damp braids back from her face and buried her face into the palms of her hands. 




    “I’m Eminta.” She stared at the woman’s hand for the longest before slowly extending her own and the two of them shook. 

    “Naakie.” The woman smiled prettily, her features ethereal. Her teeth were perfect, white and bright. Her skin seemed to shine like gloss and she wore the prettiest white dress. 

    “That’s a pretty name you got.”

    “Um…thanks…” Letting go of her hand, the woman named Eminta turned to look out at the horizon and her eyes followed hers only to freeze. The man she’d seen on the train for going on two months now stood in front of them. His hair was the longest she’d ever seen it, traveling down his back like black silk. Some of it had been pulled back and up into a small ponytail. Still, two long slim sections framed the sides of his face. Dressed in a fitted dress of sorts, the color a pretty light blue. So light it almost appeared white in the sun. Black boots came up to his shins and the peek of a bluish-white pant slipped from the rustling of the outer dress. He stood to the side as if waiting, his arms folded across his chest. 

    To say that the man wasn’t perhaps the most beautiful man she’d ever seen would be a complete and utter lie. Even on the train, she’d tried to prevent her eyes from finding him and forget about the times he found himself sitting next to her. It took every ounce of self control not to just stare. 

    “He is beautiful ain’t he? My Jie…” Blushing, she turned to see the woman smiling but this time, her eyes seemed to slip down his form. She recognized the expression to be desire. 

    “Um…y-yeah he’s…beauti-what’s Jie?” She asked, turning eyes back towards the handsome man. 

    “That’s his name.” Strange that the answer to the question she’d had for months now suddenly was given so easily by the mysterious woman in her dream. 

    “Zhaojie is his full name. And he’s my husband. Well…” Her eyes finally turned from the man to look at her. 

    “I suppose I should say ‘our’ husband now.” At that her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she nearly broke her neck to look at the woman. 

    “Excuse me? What do you mean our husband? I don’t know that man from a crack-”

    “I’ve been waiting for him this entire time. Stuck in this hell hole town. Endless cycles of heartbreak and pain. I know he’s felt it too. We were ripped away from each other so brutally.” The woman appeared sad now, her voice solemn. 

    “We had to be apart for so long Naakie. All we wanted to do was be together. All we wanted was to be happy.” 

    “Why couldn’t you be?” The woman smiled sadly, her eyes finding the man whose arms now rested at his side. His beautiful almond shaped eyes now filled with anguish and torment. 

    “If I tell you everything now you might tuck tail and run.” Swallowing rocks, she too found Zhaojie. 

    “I’ll share all of my memories with you. I’ll share every bit and piece of our love with you. But in return you gotta promise me somethin Naakie.” Finding the woman, she looked down at her outstretched hand. Slowly, she took it. 

    “Promise to love him just as I did. As I still do.” 




    None of this made any logical sense. She couldn’t explain what was happening to her or why this Eminta woman had chosen her. She couldn’t explain why she felt an unexplainable pull towards the man on the train and why she sometimes felt her heart grow weak when he’d glance at her. Sighing, she slowly pulled herself up from the couch.  It would do no good worrying herself. She didn’t have time for nightmares. The biggest exam of her life was in less than five hours and if she wanted to finish out her degree she best take her ass to bed. Licking her lips, she went to change into some dry pajamas. Going back out onto the couch, she turned off the lights and soon fell asleep again. 






    “May I join you?” Empty brown eyes lifted from the cup of black coffee onto a familiar face. At once, his eyes widened slightly and his heart began to ram pitifully into his throat. A pretty young lady for the first time took her gaze away from him and she too looked up at her. 

    “Of course.” He answered with a quick swallow, reaching to pull out another chair. Smiling, she sat down, twiddling her fingers underneath the table. Something told her that she had just interrupted something. 

    “I hope I haven’t intruded.” Eyes watched him pick up his cup of coffee and bring it to his mouth. It was embarrassing how the sight of him drinking the dark caffeinated liquid made her heart travel down into her stomach. As quickly as he’d done it, he’d put the cup back on the saucer and cleared his throat. 

    “You’re no intrusion at all Miss-?”

    “Naakie. My name’s Naakie.” She could feel the other young woman’s eyes burning a hole into her face but that didn’t matter as much as the small little smile he gave. Almost teasing if she didn’t know any better. 

    “I’m Jie.” I know. 

    “Nice to meet you Jie.” Outstretching her hand, she felt warmth bleed into her veins as he took her hand and instead of shaking it, turned it backside up and brought it to his mouth. Those soft pouty lips of his pressed against her skin and it sent a jolt of hot electricity through her body.  Their eyes met and she couldn’t look away, seeming to drown in his gaze. A clearing of the throat broke whatever trance they’d been in and she took her hand back. He didn’t appear too frazzled, opting to lift his cup up again for a drink. 

    “Professor Yi, I should be getting home now.” Professor? A soft ‘clink’ of the cup meeting the saucer sounded in the cozy quiet cafe. 

    “Yes. I teach marine biology at Peking University.” She hadn’t been aware that she’d spoken her question out loud and that realization brought another tiny little teasing smirk. 

    “This is Fei-hua… one of my students.” Knowing that they’d completely ignored her, she turned to face the younger woman. 

    “I’m sorry to interrupt you two. Um… my name is Naakie.” She simply stared at her hand. 

    “You’re being rude.” At his chastisement, Fei-hua gently shook her hand. 

    “Sorry. Nice to meet you.” 

    “No problem. Um, were you going to grab the train so late?” 

    “Train?” Fei-hua asked, eyebrows lifted in confusion. 

    “Professor Yi since when have you rode the train? You’ve always taken me home in your car.” It was her turn to lift her eyebrows. All this time he had a car? He’d ridden the train for an entire two months when he’d had a car…

    “I suppose we should go then hm?” Completely bypassing the girl’s inquiry of suspicion, he began to stand up from the table. Fei-hua, clearly not appreciating being ignored, pouted as she stood. Clearing her throat, she stood up as well and pushed in her chair. 

    “I should be going if I’m going to catch the last train.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I’m taking you home.” 

    “You are?” A third little smile and he kindly offered the space in front of him to her. 

    “It’s not safe for a woman to travel alone at night. I’m sure you know that Naakie.” His voice was delightful to listen to, its deep calm tone reminding her of some ASMR videos on Youtube. She bit her tongue to retort and followed the girl out who clearly knew the way. Already in the passenger seat, the shut car door sliced through the quiet. 

    “I’m sure you know that it’s also not safe to ride with strangers Jie.” She couldn’t help herself and turned to see him approaching. 

    “We’re only half strangers.” His comeback made her chuckle. 

    “Is that right?”

    “We see each other every morning and every evening. I’d say we’re much past full fledged strangers.” 

    “Touché.” He opened the door behind her. 

    “You can tell me your address once I take Fei-hua home.” Without another word, she slipped in the backseat and clutched her purse in her lap. 




    Now in the passenger seat, she felt incredibly more nervous as they began to back out of Fei-hua’s driveway. Her throat had grown dry and she desperately needed some water. The ride to the intersection was quiet. 

    “She likes you.” 

    “She’s a student and I am her professor. There will be nothing more than that.”

    “But she wants more.” 

    “You’re pretty observant for being a half stranger.” Licking her teeth, she glanced down at her hands. 

    “It’s been to see you.” 


    “My taking the train.” The bold way he admitted that sent a warm flash of heat to her triangle and she pressed her thighs together, feeling her cheeks grow just as warm. 

    “Why have you wanted to see me?” 

    “You can’t tell?” 

    “Tell what?” His answer was slow on the uptake as he slid those gorgeous eyes over to her. 

    “I’m attracted to you. In a way I’m not sure I can explain.” Licking her lips, she didn’t answer just yet… reaching into her purse for her phone. 

    “My address…” He took her phone from her and typed something in. Handing it back to her, he smirked as she gawked at his number staring back at her. 

    “Are you normally this forward with women?” She asked, lifting her eyes to his. 

    “Only the one I deem worthy of my time.” 

    “And you’re sure I’m worth your time Jie?” 

    “Text me your address please. I really should get you home.” Biting her bottom lip, she did as he asked and a ‘ding’ sounded in the car. He lifted his fingers to his screen and soon pulled up GPS. Quiet at first, she fiddled with her fingers before speaking. 

    “I’m attracted to you too. Wildly attracted.” He didn’t say anything with his eyes straight ahead on the road but those tempting lips of his smirked. 

    “I um…I don’t know why either. But..the first time you sat down next to me on the train I almost lost it.” There, a smile broke through and pretty teeth flashed at her. 

    “It’s not just…well…God this is embarrassing…”

    “What’s embarrassing?” He asked as they jumped onto the freeway. 

    “The attraction I feel for you…it’s not…um…not purely physical.” That made him take his eyes off the road for the briefest of seconds. Glancing at her, he slightly tightened his fingers on the wheel and got over into another lane. 

    “I would agree with you.” He answered smoothly, fingers relaxing now on the wheel. 

    “It’s crazy…what I feel…I…I can’t explain why.” He showed no signs of reaction, his entire focus now on the road. 



    “Who is Eminta?” At the mention of that name his entire body grew tight and stiff and his fingers gripped the wheel to filth. To her shock, the same expression he wore in her dream now had materialized on his actual face. One of deep sorrow and anguish. His eyes spoke of pain and torment…a deep dark sadness. He tried to answer her but found that he couldn’t. 

    “She visited me in my dream a couple weeks ago.” Mouth closed, now he listened almost too intensely as she continued. 

    “She told me that you had been suffering for a long time. She told me that you two had been married once. And that…that the two of you had been ripped from each other.” He still kept quiet and he swallowed so hard she heard it it. 

    “…yes. It’s all true.” Letting out a big breath, she pressed back into the seat. 

    “I’ve been trying to figure out if my attraction to you is because of her.”

    “Did she say anything else to you?” His voice sounded forlorn and desperate and it broke her heart. 

    “No…that was all.” She wasn’t about to tell him the rest of it. 

    “I see.” Is all he said and the rest of the ride was silent. It made her somewhat uncomfortable but gladness bled into her as they approached her driveway. 

    “Thanks for the ride. I appreciate it.” He had stared at the steering wheel for entirely too long for her comfort but as she reached to open the door, he grabbed hold of her hand. In much the same fashion as at the cafe, he brought the back of her hand up to his lips to press a kiss. 

    “I’m sure we will be seeing each other more often.” 

    “Will we?” She asked, withdrawing her hand. Giving the tiniest little smirk, he opened his car door. Going over to hers, he opened the door and helped her out. 

    “Goodnight Naakie.” Looking up at him, she couldn’t hide her amazement at how tall he really was. Enough. Go on inside. 

    “Goodnight Jie.” Smiling at him, she quickly entered into her apartment. He sat in the driveway for at least half an hour after she’d gone in. Eyes filling with tears, he bit his lip as they started to fall. Bòhé….He pressed his face against the hands on the steering wheel as he began to cry openly, his breaths full of both pain and thanksgiving. The curse had been lifted. Finally. Now….now they could be together again.All the time he lived without her….all that he’d suffered… he’d get every minute of it back. Now…now he could start his life anew. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: I'm so excited for this LOL. OMG. I missed Jie's playful flirting. How easy it seems to come when around Naakie. Tension is already off the charts. His bluntness hasn't changed. LOL. *whispers...that's hot* I'm so ready for my baby fin fin to be happy again. The meloncoly and deep dark despair was ruining me. Fin Fin deserves the utmost happiness. He's been through so much. 

I wanted to give a shout out to BLACK WOMEN IN STEM FIELDS. Yeah, this is a nod to that. I don't think it's talked about enough and it is definitely a space WE BELONG IN. Our Naakie is a smart shut-cho-mouth and I think she's the perfect epitome of what Eminta 'could' have been should she been given a chance or born in our time. Miss Ma'am was successful enough in her day and she fought tooth and nail for every bit of it. Naakie is like the full circle ya know? 

I hope you're ready cause 2022 will be the year I complete this series hehe. TEAM JIExNAAKIE FULL FORCE BABEH! 


A couple visuals for you hehe. 

See you soon~



Here is Yuo Yunxi (Jie's secondary visual) with Jie's haircut 

Here is the lovely ensemble Naakie was wearing on the train: 

Naakie's hair: 

Jie in the dream she had:


And a couple more visuals of our lovely new protaganist Naakie. Her visual is the amazing Nigerian singer Tems. Y'all HAVE TO CHECK HER OUT. She did the song with Wizkid the Essence song? Y'all know what I'm talkin bout. If not look it up lol. "You don't need no other don't need no other body..." YEAH THAT'S HER. When I saw Tems I was like BRUH. That's Naakie lol. She's one of my favorite artists right now and I'm happy to have her represent my baby 'kie. 

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