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The Houses of Leon and Rothchester are at war. Enmity has existed for centuries between them.  One Lady Seraphine of Leon is sent to assassinate the future King of Britain Lord Julian Rothchester but things go terribly wrong...


Rated: Mature Content
Categories: Original Fiction
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Classification: Drabbles , General
Genre: Drama, Erotica, Historical, Romance
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Warnings: Adult Situations, Dark Fic, Extreme Language, Original Characters, Strong Sexual Content , Un-betaed
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Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 4482 Read: 1273
Published: February 28 2022 Updated: February 28 2022

1. foreward by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (88 words)

2. 01 by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4394 words)

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