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Some chicks were proud ones. But she? Nah, she was a sad one.


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Published: December 18 2022 Updated: December 18 2022

1. foreward by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 0] (1 words)

Hey y'all. So hi! I posted this to my Wattpad account and decided over this weekend to share to here on the Chamber hehe. I hope you all enjoy it~


original A/N: Yay to the start of the week! lol. This happened by accident over the weekend. I didn't even know where this came from but I went with it lol. Has anybody seen any Wong Kar Wai movies? I absolutely ADORE THEM! Anything this man has made I have probably watched, save for a few. LOL. First movie of his I watched was with Takeshi Kaneshiro called Fallen Angels. I FELL HARD. I wanted to recreate that gritty, 90s feel. If you've never watched it, start there lol. 

Anywho, we have a returning visual of mine LOL. 

Let's meet Hwang Hyunjin as Byun Eun-woo (25) 

The lovely Akesha Murray stars as Briony Cayenne (no, that's not a stripper name, that's her middle name lol) (25) 


2. Untitled-sad girl, mo money by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 0] (8033 words)

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