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I am an annoying person by nature who pretty much enjoys complaining a lot. People say I'm fun, and I have the tendency of insulting the people I care about to demonstrate them that I do indeed care. I am a messed up person that cares about family, friends, writing, reading, listening to music and other bullshit people find boring.

I hate football (or soccer), I think it's the most annoying sport in the world. I enjoy hockey (my violent version) and my dream sport is golf. I love food and I am obsessed with the fear of getting fat. I love infants but I hate children....what else? I'm scared shitless of heights and about my future and I can't sleep at night if I don't plan it in advance.

I love learning so I put up with studying. Next year I'm going to Uni to study the most beautiful subject ever: History!

I am sarcastic, cynic and a bit of a misanthropist. Did I mention that I love writing? Well, I do. I enjoy getting in my little world, and see what my imagination has in store for me.


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