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Hey guys thanks for checking out my book! I'm a 30yr old caseworker from sunny Miami Fl. I love romance novels and have been reading since I was about 13. I wrote this because one day I thought why are all the heroines always wondering why the hero chose them? Why wouldn't they? So I decided to fix that. Hope you guys enjoy the story!

I will be posting a new chapter of the story every 2 to 3 days so check back often! If anyone is interested in purchasing the full Loving Kale story, it is available

Also I've completed the second in the series Loving Luc, I will be posting up a 3 chapter preview of that. It is also available on amazon for 2.99 and is a part of the kindle unlimited program.

Book 2.5 A Selkrian Wedding is also completed and is for sale on amazon for .99, I will be posting up chapters of that as well on here. It is a part of the kindle unlimited program. It shows events that happen after book 2 and some that happen at the end of book 3 Loving Lael.

Thanks so much!

Happy reading!

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