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My name is Marina, but please call me Rina.  I've been writing stories since I was sixteen years old.  But it was mostly fanfiction.  It started out with B2K, worked its way through my first love, Justin Timberlake, and it includes a few other male celebrities.  I love writing and reading interracial stories.  They are my favorite.




1) Mostly all of my stories will be interracial. Black Woman/White Man

2)  Most of my main characters will be of mixed heritage.  I write them mostly after myself, because I am African American and Puerto Rican.  So, I like to incorporate that into my fiction.  They will either be completely African American (like Mickey Robertson), African American/Hispanic (Alexia Fernandez-Timberlake), or African American/Caucasian (like Marissa Hardy).

3)  I love writing Point of View stories.  I love getting into the mind of my characters.  I love that people can actually read what the characters are thinking.  Whether it's angry or happy or funny.

4)  I tend to stay away from writing racially charged stories.  I know that there are still simple-minded folks on this Earth, but in my little fictional world, all races get along (LOL).  But it does not mean that I won't actually write that type of story.


In Progress:

Maid of Honor?

A Love Worth Learning

What Happens in Vegas

Waiting For Him


Stories That Might Be Pulled:

Dancing Hearts

My Immortal Enigma

The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake


Up Coming:


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