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 If aspiring writer could be a paying occupation I think I'd like to have that job. But until that kicks off I am a restaurant manager writing away my spare time. I've been a part of the chamber for a bit of two years, a silent part but a part none the less, and I have yet to submit anything. Partially because I am reluctant to post my work online and partially because I am nervous of the feedback I may recieve and that, perhaps, I'm not as cut out for this as I thought. But you've gotta start somewhere right? So I'm pulling up my big girl underdraws and putting myself out there...kind of scary. But the community here seems close knit and just all around awesome and I find myself wanting to be a part of it...a no longer silent part.  

   There is one thing I'd like to share about myself right off the bat. I am from Texas and a large part of my family os from New Orleans and that has more of an impact on me than I thought, until someone so graciously pointed it out to be one day, HA. There will be times that it bleeds into my writing voice, something i try to catch but I do sometimes miss. Bear with me.    When I'm not wirting I've got my nose in a book or on a screen (at a safe disance of course) so if there are any writers in need of a beta I'd love to help. Just throw me and email, My Sam Galaxy is always on hand. :)'Till the shoutout box, take care! :D







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She was his best kept secret, his most treasured possession, an exotic African-American beauty that won his heart from the very beginning. But keeping what he did for a living a secret from her and trying to keep her a secret from his enemies was proving to be the hardest job he'd ever had as an assassin. 


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Published: April 02 2013
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Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Ebony

Good gracious KatMads. That was too awesome (the punch to the eye that is). To be honest it was about time Ebony hit that crazy, crazy man. (love'em tho). He kind of reminds me of a more outrageous Kale and Talylor put together. Anyhow, I can digg it.

Reviewer: LilCoqui Signed
Date: June 05 2013

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