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Real name: Shanaye

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Bio: A true believer in Jesus Christ... His Love is one that no one can touch, one that will never be replaced. Try Him and your life will be sweeter. ♥

I am known by Naye or Icey. The most kindest, crazy, and very lovable female ever! I believe in GOD. He is my first love... Please do not get that twisted. I love my family, and my best friend. I am extremely cool with everybody that I come in contact with. I may come off as quiet or shy, but once I warm up I am the biggest dork you have ever met. I laugh at almost everything, whether it's the smallest or biggest thing. You will most likely catch me smiling or joking around because I love to be happy. Especially around the people that enjoy my company. There are times where I have my days, but hey I'm human... We tend to get like that sometimes. I will keep it real with you no matter what, I don't sugarcoat anything. I LOVE TO EAT! I'm a skinny female with a big girl mentality. ha ha! Just don't touch my food. :| Anyway, That's all I have to say. Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful, & Keep Pressing On ♥

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