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I'm a brand new writer looking to get some serious feedback for my work. I write about darker themes, so it won't be the most cheery of material. I hope that's okay! Thanks for checking out my stuff!

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Avery "Hades" Jones is the number one producer in the metal and hardcore music game. She's more talented with any instrument she lays her hands on than most of the popular bands and every record she touches turns to gold.

Then why doesn't she have the respect she so rightfully deserves?

When her good friend Adam Nuro invites her to tour with his number one band to play with his band while featuring some of her songs, she hops at the chance.

But the opportunity presents more challenges than she was ready for, obstacles that threaten to break her.

Will Avery make her dreams come true? Will her adoptive band support her?

And what has been following them since day one?


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