Title: Chapter 10

I just wanted to say, I think I get Evangeline's view on things. As his best friend Victor wasn't obligated to put her first, he did not need her approval to do whatever he wanted. Her opinion although appreciated, did not have much clout if he chose it not to be so. As his wife, she would have to come first and foremost, her opinions will matter and be taken into consideration. I think most of all she will have a say in what happens and her approval will matter. Also I think Blair comes into this factor. Victor at one time loved Blair to the point that he would do anything for her and maybe anything she asked of him. Evangeline probably just wants a fraction of that passion.

Chocolate470, you most definitely rock!

Author's Response:

That's amazing Sarah! You hit the nail on the head and had me saying YAY!!!! Someone finally gets it!!!!

This is what I meant by Evasngeline's comment to Victor. This is how she feels and you practically got part of the next update LOL but I'm not complaining :)

You are the one that definitely rocks. Thank You!!! Love your review!!!

Reviewer: Sarah Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 07 2017 07:05 am

Title: Chapter 10

Why she can't be his wife and his bestfriend? The two go hand-in-hand. Great update honey!

Author's Response:

Hey jacqua43,

There is a specific reason why Evangeline asks that question and I believe I will get into it during the next chapter. If I answer you part of me believes that I'll be giving you the answer ;) It's not anything complicated but let's just say she needs to explain herself.

Thanks so much for reading and giving a great review. Love when my readers are into it!

Reviewer: jacqua43 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 06 2017 05:11 pm

Title: Chapter 10

Can Victor and Evangeline have a moment of peace and rest?  Don't let this trip end in defeat for Victor. Hasn't this guy suffered enough?

Author's Response:

Indeed they have both suffered a lot and this story is truly about how they cope when things seem such a mess. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: November 04 2017 07:58 pm

Title: Chapter 10

Thank you for the update. Once again you have written my favourite couple flawlessly. That being said, Vangie really should be more supportive and understanding. What if she believed Trey was dead? Then found out that there was the chance that he was alive. Wouldn't there be no place on earth she wouldn't go to find him? This child is his! The one thing from his past that isn't a lie. The only thing that they can't take away from him, like they did Starr and Jack.

There is nothing wrong with being married to your best friend. Those are the best type of marriages, being with someone whom you can be truthful and yourself with warts and all. I think Vangie is just afraid of losing him to the past and all that comes with it...Blair, Spencer, the anger, bitterness, lies and hurts. She needs to understand, that if this turns out to be true and he does follow this lead, he will never forgive himself, and that in itself will destroy them.

Author's Response:

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the great review!!!

I agree with everything you said about her need to be more supportive. She's just having a bit of selfish thoughts at the moment because of the circumstances. And yes she is afraid of losing him to the past because we all remember how devisive it can be and to have it now intruding on their lives is pretty scary especially if it affects Trey. You are definitely correct about Victor - he can't leave it be or it will eat away at him.

So glad that you're into it. You know I never thought I would write Victor like this but its where this story is taking me. Thanks again for your awesome insights. It's readers and reviewers like you that keep me going!!!!

Reviewer: Sarah Anonymous [Report This]
Date: November 04 2017 01:22 pm

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