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How often do you fake it?

- Never. I always get there.
- Never. I always get there. 16%
- Never. I prefer not to lie.
- Never. I prefer not to lie. 28%
- Sometimes. If I know it's not going to happen organically.
- Sometimes. If I know it 45%
- Always. I don't want to hurt his ego.
- Always. I don 9%

Ki Fashions by Quania2004 17 and older
Serena Davis is a shy young lady that has had a crush on her boss Mr. Ki, king of jerks, for 2 years. Mr. Ki, in order to stay the head of his family company must marry. What happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him?
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Full Bloom by Elizablu 17 and older
  Tabby and Jace met for the first time at a family member's wedding and decided to take advantage of the company and island scenery. What they didn't expect is that their paths have crossed before. It's funny how the past can come full circle. DISCLAIMER: All publically recognizable characters...
Ki Fashions by Quania2004 17 and older
Serena Davis is a shy young lady that has had a crush on her boss Mr. Ki, king of jerks, for 2 years. Mr. Ki, in order to stay the head of his family company must marry. What happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him?
Henry's New Year's Resolution by Brenda1257 17 and older
  Henry McDermont has regained his health, now he wants to regain his family. Henry's New Year's Resolution is an original work of fiction. Please do not post or copy this story on other websites.  Copyright 2011 BRAnderson  
Silent Night by Tsuki 17 and older
      Flickering dots of red and green, snow falling like ash. With cigarette in hand she sat, replaying the night's events. Somewhere between preparing Christmas dinner and lighting her cigarette the living room furniture had been destroyed, broken glass cluttered the floor, and...
American Horror Affair by PriscillaPal Mature Content
Christian and Michelle Troy's marriage is already in deep trouble by the time they move into the 'American Horror' murder house. And unfortunately for Christian, Dr. Ben Harmon has taken a liking to Michelle-professionally and personally.
The Assignment by Miss Vivi 17 and older
V is an assasin who is the best in the game there are many secrets surounding her family and her past. It all starts out as a routine job but she begins to find out things that will toss her life into a whirlwind of love, family secrets, betrayal, and pain.
Kindle by intellectual titmouse Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Caesar Rosado and Evan-Renee Gold were the pair everyone hated to be around. The inside jokes. The silent language. The saccharine sweet affection. Yet, they insist they're just friends. Just how long will it take before they both see what had been brewing between them since the beginning?
To be plain is to be Jane by Miss Vivi Most Ages
Jane is a plain as she comes most people never find her interesting and she tends to stay by herself, but one day she is approached by Carmen the most popular girl in school.  An old friend of hers that no one ever would believe that Plain 'ol Jane Plane would have ever been friends with her even...
Ever Present by a_muse_me All Ages
  But he still held on to the hope that they’d be there.  It was all he had. A Parenthood Christmas One-Shot! Banner by me! :)
The Land of Meridia by Lorrnae 17 and older
The war between the Underworlders and the Fairies has been burgeoning from the last 2,000 years is now threatening the realm of mortals. The prince now must protect his mate and the young woman hidden from it all now has to come face to face with her true birth, lineage, and power, and the romance and...

I Hate Christmas by Dimples 17 and older
This is the story of Keisha's cousin Tamesha Hill and Isamu Fujita. I don't...



Welcome to the Chamber Vault. The Vault is an archive of older stories featuring women of color. More recent stories can be found at The Chamber.

If any authors would like to resurrect and work on a story in the vault, please contact the admins.


The Chamber Vault

This is an archived version of the site. Older stories and abandoned stories will be stored here to free up room on the Chamber so that we can avoid the kind of downtime we have been seeing lately. The reality is we have outgrown our hosting limits and unless we can find a ton more money per month, this is the only way to handle it beyond deleting stories completely.

The Vault is NOT open for new submissions, but reveiws can still be left.  Right now it is a duplicate of the Chamber, but we will be working on that to trim it down to just the older stories and then active/new stories are posted on the Chamber as per normal.

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More Downtime

Hey everyone, sorry about today, and denying you your fix of all the excellent writing here. We were down for a significant amount of time and it was because we got hit with a spam bomb, essentially crippling our database, causing it to drag so much that you were all experiencing the connection issues.

I have been working on it all day, and i think we are back in good shape, including a server move to ensure clean files.

Would appreciate people reporting if things are working/missing etc either in the shout or on the fb page. The more feedback we get, the more we can locate any further issues.

Thanks for your patience and for anybody who emailed me, if i didn't respond, the email accounts were affected too, although that all seems to be back on track now.


I certainly hope this is the end of the issues, this si certainly getting tiresome and exhausting and no fun for you either.

--jacci on 18/03/15 05:39 am 4 Comments--

Status Update

These past two weeks have been a little rocky for the Chamber, the move and then the database brain fart as things settled. Fingers crossed we are back to smooth sailing once again now everything is settled.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the donation drive, we have reached our goal, which is amazing, and the money has been distributed between hosting costs, domain registration and shoutbox fees, all of which have been paid for the next five years, so there should hopefully be no other expenses we incur during that period.

There is also a new script in development that will drag the Chamber into the mobile device age and should offer many new options for authors and readers. There is no word when a production version will be out, but there are whispers about a beta test hopefully by Christmas. Will keep everyone updated on news regarding this, as it is a very exciting move forward for the Chamber and am eager to get my hands on it!

Thanks again for your patience during the hosting move, and to all those who listened to my whining on Facebook and held my hand through the 'trauma' of the move, and hugs and kisses to everybody who donated, it is greatly appreciated!

Bless you all and long live the Chamber and this extraodinary community we are all creating and a part of.


--jacci on 08/11/14 02:36 am 8 Comments--

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