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Name: Divsionred (Signed) · Date: 07/17/12 02:39 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry
Thanks fir a great read. Sean and Gus are to funny.

Name: madame z | tamara (Anonymous) · Date: 04/15/11 05:43 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry

I can't believe I never commented/reviewed this story. Well, I am now and I'll review it by saying that I'v beeen watching Psych from season 1 - 5. I'm hving a Psych fest this weekend. Miss this story; glad you kept it. miss you being here. peace and WHAT! *does the snoopy dance* LOL

Name: EdenWrites (Signed) · Date: 06/08/10 03:48 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry
I just love those guys and that show.  Thanks so much for adding this fic. 

Name: Raynee (Signed) · Date: 02/07/10 11:42 pm · For: God is in the Fish Fry
I'd love to read more Joy/Shawn fics from you, the pnly Pysc fic I have found have all been slash, nice to see a het one for once

Name: NubianOki (Signed) · Date: 02/07/10 04:16 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry

This was worth the wait. 

This fic had all of the elements that makes Gus & Shawn the best duo since batman and robin.

I could actually see Lil' Shawn trying to scheme his way into attending church with Gusters. Then having his plans crushed by  Henry once he figures out Shawn's  alterior motive. (priceless)

What truly had me rolling was Joy & Lassie as a couple. I could just imagine the utter horror plastered on Shawn & Gus faces as they saw Lassie slobbed Joy down.

This was pure joy and a great read.

Thanks again

Name: dissociative_identity (Signed) · Date: 02/07/10 03:44 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry

LMAO!! This was awesome!! I love Psych! And you captured the tone of this show and everything so perfectly!! I actually wish Joy would come back on the show as a regular or something.

This was hilarious! Makes me wanna go watch psych right now! 

Name: zeta (Signed) · Date: 02/06/10 11:07 pm · For: God is in the Fish Fry

This story was full of laugh out loud moments. You’re done an excellent job of capturing the voices of Gus and Shawn. I laughed from start to finish. Thing for sharing this.

Name: SeoulSinger (Signed) · Date: 02/05/10 08:15 pm · For: God is in the Fish Fry

OMFG! Psych! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite show on the television. And I totally noticed Lassi checking out Joy when she came to the precinct in that episode. Haha

Shawn and Gus are so hilarious, and who my sister and I aspire to be like. haha Thanks for this great story!

Name: Divsionred (Signed) · Date: 02/05/10 11:01 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry
That was cute.  Thanks

Name: TokenBlackGirl (Signed) · Date: 02/05/10 05:06 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry

Oh fic, I love you. You are awesome in so, so many ways, starting with

I’ll grab your soul some Juicy Juice at the supermarket tomorrow."

as well as, 


"That’s a public service. I mean seriously, nothing on Dale Midkiff’s brilliant turn on Time Trax? You’d think his life began with Love Come Softly."




Gus turned to follow Shawn’s gaze. "What? What happened?" "There are bones in that man’s sandwich." Gus turned around as Shawn sidestepped him, determined to stop the abomination from leaving the tent. He felt Gus grab his arm.
"It’s a plate, not a sandwich."

"I know what a plate is. I’m talking about what’s on top."

"No, I mean, he’s not gonna bite into it Shawn. That’s just how they serve the fish." Shawn watched the man walk away with the offending entree in hand.

He turned to look at Gus. "I want go home, this place creeps me out."

"What, a plate of fish?"

"I know what I saw Gus." Shawn pointed to the vendor. "That man made a sandwich with…bones inside and you’re standing there telling me that it’s okay. Well it’s not okay, it’s… all wrong.

Dear god, I can't breath. Seriously, it's not often a fic makes me laugh out loud this much. I love this story. This is one of my favorite shows and I LOVE, LOVE this story. The Lassie reveal was perfect, and Gus busting them up with Joy's fling was Shawn was such a great finish. I don't doubt that Lassiter would walk away at that, she's tainted for him now. Just when I was starting to ship them. 


This fic was brilliant and dear GOD, you must write more Psych fic. NOW WOMAN. 

Name: neneburge (Signed) · Date: 02/05/10 02:57 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry

I laughed so hard at this one I thought I woukd cry!! I don't watch teh series enough to know all the storyline but i catch it from time to time and you nailed them perfectly BM. I could actually visualize everything they said and did which fit their characters too well.

I loved Gus; sister too, is she a real character from the show? If she is not she should be just the way you wrote her...

This was very cute and funny BM...I hope you do more with this duo!!!

Name: --rien-- (Signed) · Date: 02/04/10 07:47 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry
OMG Mamba! I'm so 'psyched' (haha) to see this story posted!! Lassie & Joy? Wow, I wasn't expecting that! I loved Gus' reaction when he found out. Thanks for posting; I really enjoyed this!

Name: baha_malo (Signed) · Date: 02/04/10 07:00 am · For: God is in the Fish Fry
Loved it!!! Those two jokers did their thing as usual.

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