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Story Notes:
I have included an 'island cast' of people that could end up potential victims of Damon's, since he will need to feed. They are also characters that I have either never cared for on their respective programs, or feel they could unearth some knowledge of what Damon and Bonnie are to the other castaways.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

BACKSTORY: Katherine managed to escape after killing John Gilbert. That event, coupled with Jeremy’s suicide attempt, Caroline’s accident and the Founder’s Day events, have set the citizens of Mystic Falls on edge.

Bonnie Bennett already had plans to leave for Hawaii to spend time with her mother, before the Founder’s Day disaster took place. Her father forces her to leave, even though he knows his daughter is concerned about Caroline. Mr. Bennett thinks after all that’s happened, sending Bonnie out of town might be the best thing.

But Damon doesn’t think so. And he is particularly incensed by the fact that Bonnie did not do what she promised, regarding the device John Gilbert used that evening to bring down many a vampire--and a few werewolves...

Damon overhears Matt Donovan, while at the hospital awaiting word about poor Jeremy, tell Elena and Stefan that Bonnie had to leave to visit her mother. He slips out of the hospital and heads for the Virginia International Airport. From there things between vampire, Damon Salvatore, and witch, Bonnie Bennett, become interesting...


    Bonnie answered a text from Tyler Lockwood, who had told her that his father, mistakenly had been swooped up with the vampires, but had survived the fire. Bonnie had just texted back that his family should sue the police department, when her phone was suddenly snatched out of her hand!

    She looked up to see Damon Salvatore staring down at her, his face wearing an expression she couldn’t read, and didn’t want to.

    “What are you doing here? Give me back my phone.”

    “I don’t usually make it a practice to thank people, Bonnie. I also don’t like being embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that I ever trusted you.” Damon said coolly.

    “Give me back my phone before I scream for Security.” Bonnie countered. Damon handed her back her phone, just as boarding for her flight was announced. A door connecting the plane opened, and passengers began lining up with their tickets.

    “I wish I could say I was sorry--NOT! I’m going to tell you what I told Stefan...”

    “I know what you told Stefan, witch. And what he told YOU goes double for me.” Damon said ominously. Bonnie rolled her eyes, turned and got in line. She didn’t need this crap! Caroline and Jeremy were hospitalized, Tyler almost lost his father and Damon Salvatore was still above ground, soiling the Earth with his presence. Life couldn’t be more unfair at this moment.

    Damon watched as Bonnie went through the doors. He resented that she refused to recognize the small overtures he had made towards her as of late. Yes, he had done it partly for Elena, but also, he respected the fact that the witch had buckled down and studied her craft. She could end up being just as powerful a witch as her ancestor Emily, if she kept it up. And in the back of his mind, he’d rather have Bonnie Bennett on his side than against him.

    Damon decided he couldn’t leave things the way they were. He walked up to the flight counter and looked at the woman that was there.

    He then compelled her to let him on the flight. Oceanic Flight 815.


    Bonnie was relieved to see that there was a space between her and a child, who’s parents were in the seats in front of her. She sat down and put her purse underneath the seat in front of her. Now, let’s just hope that no one was in that middle seat, Bonnie thought. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Off to Hawaii! Off to see her mother, whom she hadn’t seen since Grams’s funeral.

    “I believe this is my seat.”

    Bonnie slowly opened her eyes and looked up.

    “This is a joke, right?” she hissed, as Damon, not waiting for her to stand up, slid by her and plopped down in the middle seat. The child by the window began to cry, for whatever reason. His parents chose to ignore him.

    Damon turned to the boy and compelled him to keep quiet, before turning back to Bonnie.

    “You walked off before we could finish our conversation.”

    “If you don’t get off of this plane now...”

    “What? I could end up going to Hawaii? I’ve been there a couple of times and I’m due for a vacation.”

    “That’s it!” Bonnie snapped. She reached down underneath the chair to get her purse. She would take a later flight. It would be worth it to get away from Damon’s insufferable presence!

    But when Bonnie stood up, the plane door had just closed and the stewardesses were beginning their safety rigamarole. Damon grabbed Bonnie’s arm and pulled her back down into her chair.

    “Watch the stewardess, Bonnie. Safety is important.” Damon said solemnly.

    Bonnie wrenched her arm out of Damon’s grasp and tried to control her breathing. Surely once they were in Hawaii, he was going to turn around and come back here, right? He wasn’t going to bother her there, was he?

    “I don’t know. I think your mother might like me.” Damon said blithely. Bonnie’s mouth dropped open briefly. Had he just read her mind? He was now in the midst of pulling out a magazine from the seat folder in front of him. Bonnie snatched it from him!

    “Get off of this plane, Damon! I mean it!” Bonnie snapped.

    “I know you do, precious. I can see from the way your ears are twitching that I’m truly stressing you out.”

    “What do you want?”

    “An apology. I think you owe me one.”

    Bonnie started to stand up and a few of the passengers looked at her. Seeing this, she eased back down.

    “I don’t owe you anything. Don’t talk to me for the rest of the flight or I will burn you where you sit. Are we clear?” Bonnie told him. She then pulled out her iPod and turned the music up loudly.  Calm down, Bonnie, she told herself. He’ll go running back to Mystic Falls to try and break up Stefan and Elena, yet again. I won’t have to be bothered with him once this place lands.

    Only Oceanic Flight 815 would not be landing. At least not safely.


    Hours later, Bonnie had fallen asleep with her iPod still on. Her head was now nuzzled on Damon’s shoulder. He was busy reading ‘Us’ Magazine. It was filled with more boring news about Brad and Angelina. God, he would kill for this magazine to put someone, anyone else, on their cover!

    It was as he was thinking along those lines, that the plane lurched slightly. It awakened Bonnie, who was horrified to find that she had been using Damon as a pillow. She quickly uprighted herself. Damon turned a page loudly.

    “Your welcome.” he said. Bonnie glared over at him.

    “What should I be thanking you for?”

    “For not commenting on the drool you left on my shoulder...oops, I just did.”

    Bonnie rolled her eyes just as the plane lurched again! And this time a few cries were heard. Damon even raised a brow. What the hell was going on? Damon looked out of the window and saw that the plane was a bit close to a mountain of some sort. Very damned close. He looked at Bonnie.

    “Hold on!” he told her.

    Bonnie gave him a confused look, then saw how close to the mountain they were and squeaked! Her squeak and the plane’s scraping against the side of a cliff of some sort, knocked the plane off course!

    Then the unthinkable happened. The back of the plane tore open and passengers flew out! The oxygen masks dropped down and Damon reached for Bonnie’s hand. She squeezed it, then closed her eyes.


    Damon coughed and looked around. They had landed on some island. At least their half of the plane did.

    Everyone was in a panic and part of the plane was on fire. Damon looked over and saw that Bonnie was unconscious. He unstrapped her, picked her up and carried her out of the plane and onto a beach, where the survivors were gathering. Most of them were panicked and crying. A few were injured. Damon forced himself to ignore the luscious smell of human blood, as he set Bonnie down and began to try and revive her.

    “Bonnie? Bonnie?”

    An older Black woman knelt beside him.

    “How is she?” she asked. Damon shook his head.

    “I don’t know. She’s not dead...I don’t know....” he trailed off, just as a man, who said he was a doctor, knelt beside them and looked her over.

    “She has a head injury. We just have to hope she wakes up. Listen, we could use some help making sure everyone is out of that plane.” the doctor suggested to Damon. Damon nodded and hurried back into the plane with a few other men.

    The boy child that had been sitting by the window was dead, along with his parents in the row in front of the one Bonnie and him had been sitting in. Damon looked around and saw a few other dead passengers, but no signs of life. He followed two other men back out of the plane, stepping over a small fire.

    Damon hurried back over to Bonnie, just as she was waking up. The doctor was seeing to other people and the elderly Black woman smiled when Bonnie opened her eyes.

    “Praise the Lord! Honey, you’re going to be alright.” she said. Damon could not help but smile. But his smile wavered as Bonnie stared at them both, as if she’d never seen either one of them before in her life. She finally spoke.

    “Is that my name? ‘Honey’?” Bonnie asked. Her throat hurt. Why did her throat hurt?

    The Black woman looked to Damon.

    “Do you know her? I saw you sitting together on the plane.”

    Damon made an impulsive decision. One that some would say revealed his low moral character. He picked up Bonnie’s hand and held it.

    “Bonnie, it’s me, Damon. Your husband.”

    “Husband?” the elderly Black lady asked. “She’s just a child...”

    Damon looked over at the woman.

    “She just looks young. We were going on vacation when this happened.  I’m going to get the doctor to make sure you’re okay, alright?” he asked Bonnie. Bonnie blinked and nodded. But deep down, she was not okay! She didn’t remember anything! And why was she lying on this beach? There was a fiery plane over some ways away and her head hurt! She didn’t remember her husband...

    The elderly Black woman, who name was Lettie Mae Thornton, picked up the girl’s hand and patted it. She then noted that the child wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Lord, she herself, had been on her way to a National Church Meeting in Hawaii. Lettie had left Louisiana, then took a connecting flight in Virginia. What would her daughter Tara think when she heard about the plane crash?

    Meanwhile, Damon snuck back into the plane, jumped over the same small fire and approached the dead couple who had been sitting in front of them. He reached down for the woman’s hand and snatched off her wedding ring.

    “Sorry,” he told her corpse, “but I’m going to be needing this more than you.”

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