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"I told Scott and the professor this would be a wasted trip."  Logan chewed on the end of his cigar and glanced over to find Ororo smiling.  "What's so humorous?" 


Ororo turned toward him, her left leg folded underneath her.  "Several mornings past you were complaining rather loudly that everything was too quiet, you were tired of staring at the same beige walls.  I believed you used the words 'bored into oblivion."


Logan's eyebrows moved upward as he gave her a look that definitely said 'smart-ass.'


Ororo laughed gently straightening back in the seat.  She understood Logan's frustration, he was a creature of action and movement and the idea of being stuck on what he considered a loser detail had him grinding his teeth.   From her side of the car she was grateful that the assignment had concluded without incident and she was going to enjoy the hours of uninterrupted peace they had remaining.


"Logan, I'm hungry."




"So?   I am going to enjoy myself in spite of you.  I’m buying."


Logan said nothing as he continued driving.  Ororo watched a large road sign proclaiming "We Treat You Right - - Best Fixins’ in the Southwest, exit 543" pass by.


"If you stop you might find a new favorite watering hole."


Logan grunted. "You keep eating the way you have the past several day and you'll have even more curves that you do now."


Ororo padded Logan’s shoulder and batted her eyes in an exaggerated manner.  "Why Logan thank you for noticing and your appreciation of my form is much appreciated."


"Yeah, right,” he mumbled, "and I'm ordering the biggest steak and lobster plate they have."


"As you wish."  Ororo answered taking pleasure in refusing to let him stay taciturn.



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