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This is a Fan fiction about Season 11 DWTS R&B Singer Brandy and her dance partner Makism Chmerkovskiy. This is an intense romance btw Brandy & Makism. Enjoy!                           



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1. Chapter 1 by Nakia [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1085 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (863 words)

I just went through and edited chapter 1 and chapter 2.

Sorry for any errors.

3. Chapter 3 by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1018 words)

I am starting chapter 5 and hope to have it up by

later tonight. Thank you to those who have Read & Reviewed 

your support is appreciated!I just edited, Sorry for any error.

I need a BETA.

4. Chapter 4 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1507 words)

Here's Chapter 4! This is so hawt, I surprised myself.


5. Chapter 5 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (889 words)

Here is chapter 5! I hope to have 6 up later today. Bear with me I am trying to get

the cast pics uploaded, but I am having a hard time. Can someone give me a hand. Would 

someone like to create a banner for this, would so appreciate. Enjoy ladies!

6. Chapter 6 by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (586 words)

Here is Chapter 6. It has been a crazy night but I finished.

I am also posting chapter 7. Enjoy and R&R.

7. Chapter 7 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2211 words)

This Chapter is for those who like it a little Hawt!!! I hope 

you ladies enjoy, especially you "Meka" (lol). Thanks Kareia 

appreciate your comments. Thank you to all the ladies who

take the time to R&R.

8. Chapter 8 Where Do We Go From Here? by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1593 words)

Okay here is chapter 8. I thank for all of your feedback. I

hope this chapter will answer some of the whys we all have 

about these two. by saying that let's please remember that 

this is being told from a fictional standpoint. I will try to stay as 

close as I can to their story, but I will make this my own story in

order to make it turn out the way I desire (because we don't know if 

there is actually anything btw the real Brandy & Maks). Please enjoy 

dear hearts, and give me your feed back! 

9. 9. Shattered Hopes by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1576 words)

Okay i messed up, I forgot to post the continuation of chapter nine. I realized it after i read some of the feedback, and the remark was made that they haven't had the 'erin' convo. Please forgive me I got so ahead of myself, and I threm myself off when I added the pics because VC has me up a chapter. Please read the continuation of ch.9 and then reread chp.10 for it to make sense. Sorry dear hearts.

10. The Cast by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (10 words)

Here are the pictures, finally!

11. Almost Doesn't Count by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1496 words)

okay here is chapter 10 as promised. I hope you will enjoy. Thank

you for all the feedback, your feedback is helping me so much. Please continu

to R&R.

12. Authors note by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (47 words)

Scroll down to the continuation that I forgot to post, when posting ch.9

13. Chapter 11: You See Right Through Me by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1068 words)

Okay dear hearts here is chapter 11. Sorry but it's a short one. I hope you enjoy. Please R&R because

your feedback keeps me going, and it helped me to catch that error. Love you

guys. I guess I'll try to go to sleep. However, Brandy & Maks keep messing with me.

14. Chapter 12 - My Buddy?? by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1833 words)

Okay here is chapter 12. I hope this brings some satisfaction to those reader

who thought they should slow it down. For the majority of others, well just 

hang on I aim to please. Enjoy dear hearts, and please R&R.


15. Chapter 13 Can You Say Brand NU by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (861 words)

Okasy this is short, but I wanted to get something up. I know all of are

sick of Brandy and her wishy washy attitude towards Maks, but It will 

continue a couple of more chapters, just a few I promise. This chapter has

started the water boiling and Brandy is not going to know what hit her.

Please enjoy. Will post again on Monday, and it will be longer.

16. Chapter 14: Can't Be Just Friends. by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2950 words)

Sorry it took me so long to post, but i was suffering from writer's block, so

I had to go back to watching all of the different videos and interviews of Maks

& Brandy. I will be wrapping this story up in about 3 more chapters. I hope you

enjoy and please give me your honest feedback. Enjoy dear hearts, and a special 

shout out to reader pmgayles, thank you for all your support and your honest feedback

it has helped tremendously.  Thank you to all my loyal readers I can always count on you

to R&R. Love you guys, Nakia.



17. Chapter 15 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1449 words)

Okay this chapter is sweet, but it's important! The next chapter will be

longer, and for those of you who like hot! Well I will be giving it to you 

straight with no chaser! Please R&R.  Sorry for any errors.

18. Chapter 16: Surprise! Surprise! by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (3214 words)

First I would just like to thank all of you who lifted my family in prayer. My

grandmother is doing well, the surgery was a success (praise God!). The funeral

is tomorrow for the little boy, please continue to pray for his family.

Now to the story, here is chapter 16. There is no love scenes in this one, but

the next couple of chapters will be HAWT. I just wanted there to be more depth 

to the story. Any whoo, I hope you guys will enjoy, and please if you are reading take

a little time to review (LMBO). For those of you who watch the view you will understand

the verbage. Enjoy dear hearts. Please for give any grammar and typos.

19. Chapter 17: Say AHH by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2108 words)

I know it's been a minute since I've updated, but I got caught up with the

holidays. I'm so sorry, but I hope this chapter is worth the wait. I have

linked a playlist from my YOUTUBE account that will make this chapter a little more stimulating for you. Please click on the playlist 'Listen while you read this' (the first song is by Trey Songz). I hope you enjoy the ear pleasure as you engage in the pleasure of Brandy & Maks.

Sorry for any errors, but I want to get this up quickly. Enjoy dear hearts. I pray

that you had a Merry Christmas!

20. Chapter 18: Ohh LaLa by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (3901 words)

I had to post 18, I couldn't sleep. I had all these different thoughts in my

mind. I hope you will enjoy. Please I hope everyone who reads will also

review. Your feedback is very important to me as a writer.

This is my work, accept the lyrics I use from some of the songs from the playlists. By the way there is another shorter playlist that I added in this chapter. Enjoy dear hearts.









21. Chapter 19 Going Out of My Mind by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (4160 words)

Hello, I know it's been a while since I've updated, but i hope you haven't

forgotten about this story. I've been busy, but 2011 is off to an Awesome

start!!! I hope you will enjoy, and chapter 20 will be interactive. You tell me 

what you want to happen. However, if i don't get a big enough response I

will just go on with my version. I hope you will R&R, and leave your desires for

what you want to see happen next. Enjoy!

22. Chapter 20 This Woman's Work by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1337 words)

Hello sorry took so long to update, but I've been so busy. I wanted

to get something up, this chapter is real short but it's a hot one!!

I hope you enjoy and I have introduced Serena William in this chapter. 

Please excuse any spelling typos and  grammar errors. I hope you enjoy.

By the way this chapter is very sexually graphic. Just wanted to warn you

in case you are reading this at work or in the middle of class (lol).

23. Chapter 21 New Revelations by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2778 words)

Thank you to all of you who take the time to read and review.

Your riviews keep me inspired to continue this fanfiction story.

I hope you will enjoy this chapter.

24. Chapter 22 Backstabbers by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1561 words)

Here is chapter 22, it is a liitle short, but has a lot of depth.

I hope you will enjoy and read and review. Thanks for reading.

25. Chapter 23 Human Nature by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1941 words)

Hello, here is chapter 23. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this story, beacuse

it really does motivate me to write from the heart when I read your reviews.

Thank you to all the readers, and especially those who take the time to review.

Enjoy, friends! Please excuse any spelling errors and grammar errors.

26. Chapter 24 Black Magic by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2516 words)

I know it's been a minute since I've updated, but I deeply apologize.

I hope you like this chapter, because I will soon get back to concentrating

solely on Brandy and Maks. They will soon be back to the States, and back to

reality. I promise not to wait to long to update, because I am ready to rap this

story up and then began a new one. I want to finish what I have started, before

moving on. I am one of the persons who need closure in everything I do.

Please forgive me for any spelling, and grammar errors. Thanks again for all of the

loyal R&R, you truly make my day when you R&R.



27. Chapter 25 Bittersweet Moments by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2864 words)

I know it's been a moment since I've updated, but I have been working on a my Black

History play that I wrote. Between rehearsals and tweaking, it's been taking up my extra

time. However,  I found some time and wanted to give you a taste of the gang. I know some will be a bit disappointed with the way the tides have turned, "but life is like a box of

chocolates you never know what you going to get" (Forrest Gump). So enjoy and please

review, because it really does inspire me when I see your feedback. I will try to update on Sunday evening, but it will be late if I do. Please excuse any spelling error or grammar typos.

p.s. enjoy the playlist I created for your reading pleasure, also some of you might like the videos, because most are tributes made by others dedicated to Brandy and Maks.

28. Chapter 26 I Apologize by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1744 words)

Ok here is chapter 26. I hope you like it, so please leave me a review.

I hope this chapter will satisfy all of you who love the Val/Kelly combo.

I will post again either Thursday or Friday. For those of you who asked about how many

more chapters before this story ends, I would say about 8-10. And please remember

this is my story of Brandy & Maks, Kelly/Val and Serena and Jamar. However, I am

pleased to announce that if you follow them on twitter, Brandy and Maks went out to

dinner and they posted pics! Maks did attend some event with Brandy and they have 

been spotted out at night together after his dance rehearsals with his new dance partner

Kristie Alley. Anywho, I just thought I would share that piece of nirvana with you.

Again thank you to all of you who continue to R&R my story. Deuces!!!!!


29. Authors note by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (42 words)

30. Chapter 27 What Are We Exactly? by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2597 words)

Here is the first chapter I promised, the other will be up in

about an hour.

31. Chapter 28 Down on Bended Knee by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (995 words)

Here is chapter 28, my computer was acting up, so that

is why I couldn't get it up last night. I will post again bwt

2morro and Sat. Thanks for reading and reviewing.


32. Chapter 29 One Last Goodbye part 1 by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (800 words)

Hello I know it's been a minute since i've updated, but

I wanted to make sure i do this story justice. Therefore,

I've decided to concentrate solely on the two main characters.

However, you die hard Kelly and Val fans will you your stand

alone along with the wedding of Serana & Jamar. Don't worry

it will be much drama along for the ride. Please bear with, but

please note that your reviews do encourage me me to continue.

I have posted two chapters for you, and it getting near the end for

BranDMC. I hope you will enjoy my take on this story.

thanks again for all of the support of this story.



33. Chapter 30 One Last Goodbye part II by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1080 words)

Here is part II. Read then tell me what you think!

34. Chapter 31 #GirlBye# by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1441 words)

Hello to everyone. I know it's been over a month since I last posted, and I'm not about to come with a whole lot of excuses as to why I haven't posted, because in actuallity this chapter has been done, but I forgot about it! And I had lost my motivation and my muse, but that does happen to all writers. But I do promise you that this story will be finished this year, being that I will only write about 5-6 more chapters.

And for those Kelly and Val Fans her story is next! I will not start it until i finish this story, because I am just one of those persons who have to finish something before I start something else.

Thanks for sticking by me and my long absences.  I hope you will enjoy and then review.


35. Chapter 32 Oops I Did it Aagin! by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (819 words)

I know it's been awhile my friends, but I must admit I have been feeling kind of hopeless

concerning Maks and Brandy. But then hope sprung forth, and I realized I had the power through my story to make my dream come true. So the story continues in my own words and dreams. I will finish this story; I am determined to do it before it embarks on it's one year anniversary in November.

This chapter is short, however it's needed to get to the happy ever after ending.

Please contine to read and review and I will post again before Monday.



36. Chapter 33 Family Ties by Nakia [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1458 words)

Okay I have posted twice in the same week, yea me!! I would like to thank those who took the time to review; thank you so much. And to Fran Anom, thank you I heard you when you said I don't post enough and that really helped to motivate me to post much sooner. Some of us need a push and when you put it in black and white, it gets through to some of us.

I will post another chapter before the weekend and have it finished up next weekend.

For those fans of Val and Kelly, Serena and Jamar your story is coming. I just wanted to finish this story, before i started another.

I hope you will enjoy!

37. Chapter 34 Brandy Baby! by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (1156 words)

The reviews have truly helped my muse! I just had to put up another chapter, for those die hard WYTM fans. Another sweet but to the point chapter, and the end is nearing for this story, but I will feel so good when it is complete. I hope you will enjoy!

Please forgive any errors and grammar offenses. Have a good weekend.

By the way can you believe i posted three chapters in one week? I only did that at the very start of the story. Well I guess you can say I have come full circle.

38. Chapter 35 Down on Bended Knee by Nakia [Reviews - 0] (2157 words)

I know just shoot me already! It's been awhile I know, but life has truly gotten in the way and i just could not get around to updating this story. However, here it is and I hope you will enjoy.

If you feel this chapter let me know in a review. I know i don't respond to your reviews but I do read them and appreciate them so much. Your reviews do inspire my muse, so please R&R.

Please excuse all typos and grammar eaux paus. I was truly typing fast to get this up tonight.