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John McBain is getting married TOMORROW.

YESTERDAY. She saw their smiling pictures in the Llanview Morning News, announcing their

wedding and the next thing she knew, she was on a train from New York to Llanview. It was

apparent that they were going to have a big wedding because the front of the church sanctuary

was lined with big, beautiful bouquets of lilies…HER favorite flowers.  Each church pew was

draped with pale pink carnations and white ribbons to welcome THEIR families and friends, who

longed for this day since the day they met over 7 years ago in some pool hall.  She fingered

each blossom as she walked down the aisle, tears rolling down her cheeks and lapping under

her chin. Her dark shades hiding her pain-filled eyes as she took in the scene of the church. 

She wrapped her black trench coat around her as if to ward off the coldness she felt enveloping

her.   In a way, Evangeline was glad that no one was present now so that she could grieve in

private.  How could this have happened? Where did the time go? She asked herself silently, as

her heart begun to break in a million pieces. YESTERDAY.  It seemed like they met and fell in

love just yesterday.  It was so surreal the way they came together.  She allowed the memories

to take her heart, mind, and soul back to the very first time she laid eyes on John

McBain.  She needed important information to move her case forward and she was told that the

person who could help her do that was at Angel Square Park.  She arrived at the park that

November day and almost missed him.  As he turned around and their eyes met, she felt a

spark. Hmm, I don’t think so!  I don’t even like white men. He has the bluest eyes though. But

when they shook hands, it felt like coming home after being gone for so long. He must have

felt the electric surge as well because he wouldn’t let go of her hand. She quickly recovered her

professional demeanor, released his hand, and carried the conversation toward completion. As

they conversed, she felt his sharp blue eyes assessing her, sizing her up. She kept stopping

and staring into his eyes or looking at his long hair blowing in the wind.   As she left, she felt his

eyes raking her back and behind. Ohhh!! So white boy got jungle fever?!  She shook her

head and chuckled softly as she thought back to that eventful day, not knowing then how

McBain would smash through her life like a Mack truck and destroy all of her preconceived

notions of love and relationships.  She sat down heavily on the front pew as if the weight of the

world was on her shoulders.  What should she do? Should she tell him that she’s back from---?

She shook her head again. Tell him what, Evangeline? Hey, baby, I’m back from a 3 year

coma? That will go over REAL WELL!!  No one knew that she was back and she wanted it that

way. She told the doctors and nurses at the facility to not let her family or friends know that she

returned from her coma. She opened her eyes 3 months ago without stimuli.  The doctors and

nurses were amazed and they begged and pleaded with her to inform her family of her

miraculous recovery. She was adamant.  She wanted to tell them on her own.  Not that she was

trying to be heartless, but she didn’t want to disrupt their lives right now, especially her mother’s

life. She placed Evangeline in a nursing facility when she remarried.  One of the nurses told her

that she and her wealthy new husband moved to Paris, France about 6 months before

Evangeline woke up.  She called only once since the move.  Evangeline didn’t blame her.  It was

time for her mother to enjoy her life...away from her.  Evangeline also heard that Layla and Cris

were married with 3 boys and a little girl on the way.  Their family picture was placed next to her

bed at the facility.  Layla called or visited Evangeline every week up until she was placed on

mandatory bedrest by her obstetrician.  Evangeline knew Layla would be upset with her for not

telling her about waking up, but she felt it was best for everyone if she would just quietly appear

when the time was right. Except one person-McBain.  It’s funny how he was the first person she

thought of when she woke up.  Just before consciousness, she could still see his blue eyes

filling with unshed tears as she told him that it was over between them; she could remember

the shape of his lips, his eyebrows, and goatee.  Her long term memory bank stored her

memory of the way he walked, they way he placed his hands on his hips, the sly smile he would

shoot when he was being mischievous, and the way he would kiss her and their heated,

passionate, and loud lovemaking. The thing is why didn’t she remember Cris or Todd like she

remembered John?  As the memories poured over Evangeline, she allowed them to come and

wash over her.  She sat in the church until the sun’s rays changed to night shadows.  The

minister and his staff wondered about the tall, mysterious woman with the long, dark hair and

dark clothing and shades, who appeared at the church in the morning and cried over the flowers

in the church, as if she was mourning someone’s death instead of celebrating a wedding.

Throughout the day while asking her if she wanted anything to eat or drink, they asked her if

she was a friend of the bride and groom or if she was a member of the family. Evangeline only

shook her head no and continued to stare into space and allow the memories to come and

come and come…She remembered the first time she and John made love in Mary Barnes’

basement. Although they later blamed it on the alcohol, they both were shaken by their

passionate union.  In the days that followed Evangeline, who was supposed to be in a

relationship with RJ Gannon, couldn’t get John off of her mind. Eventually, they made love again

and again…and again.   She remembered the heated arguments; the conflict with her family

over her relationship with John; the strings; their first Eagles game; the pearls; the open

mouthed stares people would give them as they walked down the street; and the constant

interference and helpless victim tricks that redhead, his bride-to-be, played throughout the

course of their relationship. The longer she sat there and thought about it….the angrier she got,

and the angrier she got, she only had one recurring thought: PAYBACK IS A BITCH NAMED


She took out her new cell phone and dialed a number, hoping it has not been changed. She

needed help and the kind of help she needed involved lots of money. The line rang and

connected.  Before he could answer, she said in a deep, breathless, sexy voice, “Your

money or your life?”                                        

 Todd Manning screamed into the phone, “YOU BITCH!!! About time you woke up, Evangeline.”  


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