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Abraham Squires cried silently as they covered his wife’s dead body with a white sheet. He couldn’t believe that she was gone. She was perfectly healthy, all up until the last few months of her pregnancy. They just married 6 months ago and they planned to live the life that they had always wanted together. They didn’t have any money but that didn’t mean anything to them. As long as they were together, everything was ok. But nothing was ok anymore. The pregnancy was so complicated that it killed his wife and their newborn baby. Now he was all alone.

The midwife gave him a hug,”My condolences”she said to him,”We tried our best and she tried her best. It was just too much for her. She was a fighter”

“She’s a fighter alright”he agreed with her. His wife always stood up for herself. That’s why they were married in the first place. Her parents didn’t approve of him being with her, so she left, not caring that they were going to disown her and not give them any money to help out. She would do anything for them and she loved him until the day she died.

“We have to take the bodies”the midwife said,”Get some rest…I know that’s easier said than done. Tomorrow we can talk about the funeral arrangements”she said to him. He had no family, they were all dead. He was all he had left.

Then they heard someone crying. Both of them got up and ran over to the smaller body that was under a white sheet. They lifted it up and his baby girl was laying there, crying….she was alive?

“She’s alive”the midwife said as she picked her up,”This is a miracle, let me wash her”she said as she picked up the crying baby. She ran some water and washed the blood and placenta off of her from the hard pregnancy that her mother went through. The color was coming back to the baby’s face. The pale and blue face was slowly getting its color back and was a little red. She dried her off and wrapped her in a warm blanket. The house was cold from the January weather. “This is a miracle, you ready to hold your baby girl?”she asked him

He nodded as he now cried tears of joy, instead of the tears of sorrow a few seconds earlier. She handed him his baby girl and she instantly stopped crying. He smiled as he looked at her dark brown eyes, just like her mothers.

“Well, what’s her name?”she asked him

“Im going to name her after her mother of course”he said,”Salomi Jane”


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