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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks for the amazing comments. As a writer sometimes I wonder what kind of reaction my readers are getting from my story. I love the reveiws, they show how you, the reader view the characters. For me as a writer, the ability to create a response, means a lot. This is still an area of growth and developememt for me and I am so grateful that you take the time to write the reviews. They truly are a wonderful learning opportunity. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this chapter. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

  • They were driving down the highway and Storm glanced over at Sally who was napping. He smiled happily. This was a big deal for him since he had never taken anyone to his beach house. Not even Ayasha considering it was purchased more than ten years ago. He glanced over at Sally again and chuckled to himself as he remembered how happy she was to see him the night he returned. He showed up at Jack’s and surprised her with dinner for them both. Her eyes had lit up and her smile was simply beautiful. On his way home, he’d marveled at how much fun he had with just the simply dinner. And today he had fun teasing her when he picked her up for their trip.

    “Come in,” Sally said stepping aside to allow Storm entry.

    “Thank you,” Storm said as he smiled and walked into her apartment.

    “Are you ready to leave?”

    “Aren’t you going to give me a tour?” he teased. .

    “Do you really need a tour of a one bedroom apartment?”

    “Yes, I do. It’s your place. I want to see it.”

    “Okay…this is the kitchen; this is the living room,” Sally walked over to her desk, “my desk where I do my homework and work on my budget.” She looked at Storm who nodded as if he was appraising a purchase. She walked away towards her bedroom and he followed behind. “This is my half or guest bathroom, hallway closet, and this is my bedroom.”

    “The best room of the house,” Storm said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and pulled her back into him. “Are you ready to go?”

    “Yes,” she replied looking back at him.

    He bent and kissed her quickly. “Let’s go.”

    Storm reached over and held Sally’s hand as he turned into the restaurant parking lot. She stirred and looked around before looking at him.

    “Where are we?” she asked.

    “I thought we could get lunch.”

    “Yes, that would be great. I didn’t have breakfast.” She yawned, “How long before we get to…where are we going again?”

                    Storm laughed, “We’re going to my beach house…we’ll be there in a few hours.”

                    Storm got out of the car and got an envelope from his laptop bag before walking over to Sally. He noticed how she looked around surveying the area.

    At his outburst of laughter, she looked at him puzzled. “What?” Sally asked curiously.

    “I’m not planning on dumping your body anywhere near here,” he leaned into her and whispered, “but I’m willing to follow you to the bathroom and work on a different type of death that would be agreeable to us both.”

    “Am I ever going to live that down?” she asked choosing to ignore his suggestion.

    “Nope, it was funny then and it still is now. Come on,” he said taking her hand and leading her into the restaurant.

    The restaurant was clean and cozy and sat on the beach. They sat outside enjoying the un-obstructive view of the water, grateful for the slight breeze that tempered the day’s heat, while the clear turquoise water tempted them to put off lunch for a quick swim.

    Storm smiled again as he looked at Sally who had her hair in what he was now deeming as her signature look; a messy ponytail and no make-up. A vee neck white tank top, jean skirt that came to mid-thigh and sandals adorned her feet giving her a very relaxed and comfortable appeal.

    The waiter came by with two glasses of water and introduced himself.  

    “Have you eaten here before?” Sally asked.

    “Yes, the food is good. What did you have in mind?”

    “I wanted to try the lobster bisque. Have you ever had that before?”

    “I was going to order that myself.” Looking up at the waiter Storm placed an order for two bowls. “What else do would you like?” Looking back at the waiter, Storm ordered calamari. “Get something, anything.”

    “There’s nothing else. I’ll have the steam fish with broccoli.”

    “That’s a good choice. You’ll enjoy the fish; it was brought in fresh today,” the waiter complimented Sally on her choice.

    “That’s great, thank you.”

    “I’ll have the grilled Salmon,” Storm said placing his order.

    “Very well sir. I’ll be right back with your bisque.”

    “Thank you,” Storm said to the waiter before turning his attention to Sally, “and for you, thank you for the envelope you left for me. I read it and here you go,” he said handing her the envelope he had also.

    “What’s this?” Sally asked taking the envelope from him.

    “Same as yours.”

    Sally opened the letter and read that he was also clean of any STD’s. “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    The waiter brought their bisque and after the first taste, Sally closed her eyes and moaned blissfully. 

    “Wait until you taste the fish. It’s great also.”

    “Well this is delicious.”

    “So have you heard anything about school or your internship?”

    “No, nothing as of yet but I’m sure they’re looking at all the candidates carefully. I hope I’m good enough to at least get an interview.”

    “How well did you do with your classes? What’s your GPA, if you don’t mind me asking?”

    “I have an okay GPA…4.0 and I passed all my classes…”

    “Sally, a 4.0 is not an okay GPA, it’s an amazing GPA. You’ll definitely get the internship.”

    “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

    The waiter brought their meals and when Sally took a bit of her fish, she closed her eyes and moaned again.

    “I think I’m getting jealous of that fish.”

                    “You were right, this is fantastic. I may want seconds.”

                    Storm laughed. “Well there is another restaurant I’ll take you to that also does an amazing fish if that’s your thing.”

                    “Thanks, but you don’t have to.”

                    “Okay what happened? What did I say?” Storm asked putting down his utensils and leaning back in the chair.

                    “What do you mean?”

                    “I think I’m picking up on when your barriers go up like they just did now. The only thing I don’t understand is why? How does me wanting to take  you someplace I enjoy eating and something you have an appreciation for, a good meal, triggered you to put your barriers up?”

                    “You don’t have to take me anyplace special. It’s…”
                    “Yes for me it’s a special restaurant. I dine there every time I come here and that’s why I want to take you there.”

                    Sally nodded and said, “Okay,” as she accepted his answer.  

                    The beach house was beautiful. The sky blue painting with the white picket fence both front and back seemed to have been plucked out of the Better Homes and Garden magazine. The front of the house faced the beach and the backyard looked like a tropical oasis. Storm took Sally’s hand along with her bag and led her in the house. The house was airy with lots of windows to allow for the maximum use of natural light. He looked at her surveying the living, dining and kitchen.

                    “Here let me give you a tour,” Storm said placing their things in the kitchen. He moved over to the living room, “This is the living room, that’s the kitchen we’re just coming from, over there is the dining room and down this hall way is the master bedroom where we will be staying.” They went to the bedroom, “this is the bathroom and walk in closet and this comfortable piece of furniture is the bed,” Storm said pulling her to the stand between his legs as he moved to sit on the bed. He pulled her down to him and kissed her as he laid back and pulled her on top of him and flipping her over on her back.

                    “Where am I sleeping?” Sally asked a bit breathlessly.

                    “I recalled saying that this is our room.”

                    “Don’t you want your space?”

                    “We’ve had about a week’s worth of space already.”

    They were looking at each other intensely. The need to kiss each other was strong and they moved to each other slowly until their lips met in a soft passionate kiss. He wanted to make love to her badly but now wasn’t the time. He didn’t want her to think it was on the only reason he was with her. Ending the kiss, Storm got up and pulled her to stand with him.

                    “Get a two bottles of water from the fridge and I’ll meet you out back,” he said as he turned towards the bathroom.

                    “Okay,” Sally replied to and left to do as she was asked.

                    “Are you ready?” Storm asked Sally who was standing by the back door looking out.

                    “Yeah, but I would like to use the bathroom before I go.”

                    “I’ll be right here. By the way, how do you like the place so far?”

                    “It’s nice, cozy and peaceful.”

                    “Thanks. I decorated it myself and I was going for cozy and peaceful.”

                    “Yeah right…”

                    “I did.”

                    “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you painted it also.”

                    “Not all of it. I did the bedroom but had to go out of state, so I picked the color and had it finished.”

                    Sally laughed.

                    Sally came out of the bathroom and looked around trying to locate Storm. He was taking her to dinner and she was nervous. He had told her to bring a dinner dress but nothing too fancy as the restaurant wasn’t formal. She hoped the deep turquoise blue strap dress she was wearing was suitable enough. She donned on a pair of strappy tan sandals that closely matched her skin tone and made her legs look long and continuous. Her hair in a high ponytail that dropped down her back in a huge, fat curl, and her make-up was mascara and a deep coral lip-gloss. Jewelry was minimal, a small pair of white gold hoop she’d purchased for herself years ago. She really hoped she looked presentable.

    Taking a deep breath, she gathered her purse and left the room in search of Storm. He was standing by the back door looking out into the garden. Because his back to her, Sally enjoyed openly admiring the silhouette of Storm’s body outlined by the light shining through his white linen shirt. His shirt sleeves are rolled up and he paired it with casual navy blue pants and comfortable black loafers.  Sally didn’t know how long she stood there staring at him, wondering why a man as beautiful as him was here with her.  

                    He suddenly glanced back and then turned towards her, a smile on his face while she looked like she had been caught staring which she had been.

                    “Wow, you look beautiful.”

                    Sally took a nervous breath. “Thank…,” she shallows hard, “thank you.” Storm came over and openly looked at her from head to toe. “Are you sure I’m dressed okay?”

                    “You look perfect. Come on, lets go before I change my mind,” Storm said as he held his hand open for hers.

                    Sally smiled before placing hers in his. Storm led them out the door.


                    The restaurant was a bit busy but they were seated immediately. She didn’t know if he had to make reservations but they were moved through the crowd and given a seat on the back deck. Tiki torches in the sand, candles on the tables and soft lighting gave the restaurant an elegant bohemian mood. A live band played but not so loud that patrons had to yell at each other to be heard. The music waffled around keeping the spirits light and happy. Storm ordered a glass of wine for them both and Sally sipped her gently, remembering what happened the last time.

                    “This one is lighter,” Storm promised as he noticed how tentatively she drank.

                    “It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust myself.”

                    “Trust yourself. Unless you want more, we won’t have more than two glasses maximum.”          “This wine is also delicious.”

                    “Yes, it’s a good year.”

                    Looking at the menu Storm asked, “What do you want for you appetizer? We had the calamari today and the lobster bisque.”

                    “What do you have in mind?”

                    “Have you ever had oysters? Raw oysters?”

                    “Yes, once. They are an acquired taste.”

                    “Did you acquire a taste for them or would you rather something simpler?”

                    “I can’t eat a dozen…”

                    “Good, I’ll order just what we can eat.” And Storm signaled the waiter.

                    Storm practically had the table laden with food.  Steamed garlic mussels, white wine steamed clams and a half dozen raw oysters began their appetizers. Sally ordered baked fish while Storm had grilled lobsters. When Sally bit into the fish, she put her fork down, leaned back into her chair, closed her eyes and moaned. The smile that came over her face was one of pure bliss. Storm smiled, he always enjoyed dining there and was happy she did also.  

                    “Oh God you were right. That is divine.”

                    “I’m officially jealous now. Here try the lobster.” Storm took a piece of lobster on his fork and looked over at her, “open up,” he said and Sally visibly swallowed before obeying.

                    She tasted the fleshy meat which was seasoned with the right amount of garlic and chives as it seem to melt away in her mouth. “You are so wicked.”

                    Storm laughed, “What did I do?” he asked innocently knowing very well she now wanted to lobster too.

                    “Really? I’m never going to have lobster anywhere else and not compare.”  Sally took a breath, “I’ve never had lobster that good.”

                    Just then the waiter came over. “We’ll have another order of the lobster please.”

                    “Storm why…”

                    “What we don’t eat, we can take with us and eat later if we get hungry. I want to try the fish.”

                    “Please do, go ahead.”

                    “Why don’t you give me a bite?” he asked softly, smiling at her as he leaned into the table.

                    She looked way shyly before taking a breath and tearing off a piece of the fish with her fork and reaching it over to him. She watched him take the fish off the fork and close his eyes when the delicious taste burst on his lips.

                    “Mmmhhh…you were right, that is wonderful.”

                    Sally smiled, “Told you.”

                    Storm laughed as they both went back to finish eating their meals.

                    The music was getting louder as most of the patrons has finished eating and now sat enjoying the live band. Some had gotten up to dance and some had left for the night. Storm had moved both his and Sally’s chair to the back to the table but together. They were both on their second glass of wine and the smile on Sally’s face never left. Storm also noticed how many men kept looking at her and he smiled knowing he was the envy of some of the men present. She was simply beautiful.

    A few times during dinner, the conversation almost came to an end when she accidentally mentioned her parents. It was as if she had forgotten that she was never to mention them. The frightened look on her face made him change the subject immediately. Now she was very relaxed and her skin glowed in the candle light.

    “Would you like to dance?” Storm asked after seeing her moving ever so slightly to the music.

    “Oh, no…”

    “Do you know how to dance Salsa?”

    “I took a class once but…”

    “Then come on…show me what you learnt,” he said standing and holding out his hand to her.

    Fear was plastered all over her face. “No Storm, it was a while ago and I don’t…”

    “Stop making excuses. Let’s dance. Come on.”

    “You know how to do the Salsa?”

    “Yes, Ayasha and I took dance classes.” What he didn’t say was that they took ballroom dancing for years and that they were both proficient, a must for their father.

    “Can’t we just…”

    “No.” He reached over, took her hand pulling her up and led her to the dance floor.

    The first song they danced to was energetic and while Sally did miss a few steps, Storm was proficient enough to catch and correct her mis-steps before any real damage was done. She laughed and Storm couldn’t remember the last time he had that much fun dancing. The second song was much slower and Storm kept her close to him as he molded her body to his. He turned her back to his front and the feel of her perfect round ass in his groin aroused him more. He stopped moving and tried to put some distance between them but she turned around and he could tell from the look in her eyes that she had felt him. Grabbing her hand, he immediately move them from the dance floor to their table where he got her purse and headed straight for the door, nodding to the manager in his hasty departure.

    As soon as the front door was closed, he had her against the wall. The kiss was devouring and all Sally could do was submit to urgency she felt also. He pushed the straps of her dress down and her strapless bra along with it. He pulled his shirt from his pants as her fingers began to pull the buttons. His hands were beneath her dress, pulling her panties down and Sally stepped out of them hurriedly. He touched her, his finger moved to her moist opening, checking her readiness.

    She got the last button of his shirt open as he pulled the buckle and zipper of his pants. Gripping behind her thighs, he hoisted her up against the wall. His hard cock moved almost of its own accord to her moist opening, searching for its mate. He pushed into her, but as wet as she was, she was still tight and he withdrew again before pushing back in again this time to the hilt. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades and only his shirt prevented them from sinking fully into his skin. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he began to move in her, hard, pushing himself to his limit and beyond. Every time he was with her it was as if he was experiencing something new but there was also a comfortable familiarity that couldn’t be ignored.

    The pace was hard and fast and it would be over soon, much too soon he thought. She was close he could feel her begin to grip. Her breath shortened and her fingers tightened on his shoulders. He kissed her again hard, plundering her mouth as he moved in her, intent on bringing them both to a blissful end. She screamed in his mouth as she constricted on him. He exploded in her, draining himself into the delicious heat of her body.

    Storm’s head was on the wall behind Sally and hers was on his shoulder as they both panted. After a few minutes Storm gently lifted her off him. His cock protested the loss its warm, moist haven. Sally leaned back against the wall for support. He very gently kissed her as he took off the remainder of her clothes. He stepped out of his pants and boxers and held out his hand to her. She looked into his deep blue eyes before placing her hand in his.  

    They were lying on the couch. Sally’s back was pressed into Storm’s front. His left arm was wrapped around her waist and his right arm was under her head. She wore a languid smile and Storm’s head was resting slightly on the top of hers. Neither had said a word to each other since they moved to the couch more than twenty minutes ago. Storm was holding on to her breast, as he thought about his need for her. Each time, sex was better and better; her response to him unlike anything he’d experience before and made him wonder if it was his imagination. Suddenly his phone beeped but he showed no interest in the message.  

    “Are you going to get that?”

    “Nope, I’m on a mini vacation.”

    “Do you ever go swimming?”

    “Yes all the time especially when I’m here. It was one of the main reasons I got the house, so I could go for long swims and just come home.”


    Storm moved his hand to roam over the side of her body, feeling her soft skin. “Are you enjoying being here…with me?”

    “Yes, I am.” Sally turned to look at him, “thank you...for the invite.”

    Storm bent to kiss her, long and sensually. His hand moved over her body and when he reached the apex of her thighs, his fingers searched her sex. She was wet and sensitive from their combined fluids and he heard her gasp when he touched her.


    “I missed you,” he said barely whispering the words above her parted lips.

    “And I you,” Sally replied as she pulled his head back down to her lips.

    He moved over and slipped in to her gently. His movements were slow and arousing, and afterwards he had never known a feeling of such blissfulness as that moment. He took the blanket from the arm of the couch and covered them both, and for the first time, Storm Monsello didn’t feel like a woman was crowding his space. 

Chapter End Notes:

Have a great week eveyone! 

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