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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. 

I would like to address the comment regarding the pace of the story. First of all, thanks for leaving the feedback. I appreciate hearing your point of view on the pace.

There are three main reasons why I do not update as often.

1. I am very busy with my business, trying to make it a success.

2. I had some personal matters to attend to.

3. When I began to do the re-write, I realized that in the original version, the characters and transitions were not fully developed. The back stories were not defined. This version of the story will take on a more detailed uncovering. Also, I just completed writing the chapter where Storm finally get the information about Sally, and for a lack of better words, I wanted it to make sense, even though it is a fantasy. That chapter by itself went through approximately seven to ten restarts before I got it complete when I was satisfied. 

For each chapter I write has a minimum of 2500 to over 3200 words, because I feel it is impossible to develop anything in the story under that amount of words. I, myself, will not read a story that has less than 2000 words per chapter. Therefore, I ask everyone who is reading the story for your opinion. Would you rather me extend the chapters by putting two together or try and update faster, such as twice for the month? I cannot guarantee it, but I will do my best to try for the second option. 

Thanks again for all your feedback. I truly appreciate each one.

Have a wonderful da! 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



The blocked number showed on her phone before it went dead. The call came through again and again she did not pick up. On the third call, she accepted the call but said nothing.


“Someone is looking into her background. Have you heard anything?” asked the person on the line.


“No. Were they looking for something specific?” asked the person who answered.


“Nothing so far but the search is from law enforcement. Whoever is doing this is trying to do a deep search into her background. I have an alert on any information they retrieve.”


“No one can find out about the money. Her life would be in danger if they do?”


“Her life is already in danger. She’s very smart and not easily manipulated.


“Can she trust Storm?”


“Yes, I think she can. They haven’t met yet so he knows nothing of her.”


“Good. I’ll let you know if anything suspicious triggers on this end,”


“Yes, please do.”








“Someone is looking into your records,” said the woman on the phone.


“Do you know who and why?” Sally asked.


“No but I’ll find out what I can. Have you met anyone new recently?”


“Yes, a guy by the name of Mitch Brookman. He’s my study partner and he’s in my class. I sometime give him a ride home from lab.”


“You should have told me about him. Stay away until I have him checked out.”


“Thanks but it seems strange that someone is looking into me after all these years. The time seems a bit suspicious.”


“Yes, I understand. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about but I think it best to err on the side of caution.”


“Yes, I agree. Thank you. Please let me know what you find.”


“You are almost there. Just a few more months and you won’t have to hide anymore.”


“I don’t think there’ll ever be a day when that doesn’t happen. Thanks for your help and the heads up. I will let you know if anything suspicious happens.”








                “Hey how is the relationship between Sally and Rhonda,” Mike asked.


                “Don’t know if they’ve spoken since that night. Why?” Storm replied.


                “I need to find out if Sally knew where Rhonda was yesterday night. There was another robbery. The house was cleaned by her and Katie a two weeks prior.”


                “Do you think it’s a coincidence?”


                “No, I don’t. I think both Rhonda and Katie are robbing the houses. I just don’t think they are doing it by themselves. Someone else is helping them. “


                “I’ll ask Sally when I see her tonight.”


                “Thanks man, I appreciate it. We’ll catch up soon.”










                “Hey what are you doing for dinner?” Storm asked Sally.


                “I’m having it right now, well so to speak, why?” Sally replied.


                “Oh, I wanted to have dinner with you tonight.”


Suddenly Storm heard, “Mitch, do you want to sit outside? It’s not too hot.”  


“Who’s that? Who’s Mitch?” Storm asked.


“Oh my co-worker. Hey do you mind if we speak later? We’re getting something to eat while we go over some lab work and notes.” Sally took her bottle of water and walked to the table. “Thanks Mitch,” she said to her friend before returning to the call, “Storm?”


“Yes, you’re having dinner and studying? Why don’t you take the break and just have dinner with me? I’ll get you back in time.”


“Sorry Storm, I can’t, not tonight. I’ll try and stop by after work, okay?”


“How late are you working until?”


“Not sure but I’ll send you a text. Hey I have to go. Talk with you later.”


“Call me when you get home tonight.”


“Will do.”


                As Storm drove home, he thought about Mitch. Who was he? Where did he come from? Storm was experiencing another emotion he was unfamiliar with, ‘jealousy’. He was jealous that another man was spending more time with his girlfriend than him. He was jealous that he was getting to know her better…working, having dinner, sharing jokes, all the things he should be doing but couldn’t. He wanted her to have a successful career. He wanted her to complete her degree with honors. He was going to be there at her graduation to claim her to everyone. But with each mile of road his tires covered, his jealously was making it more and more difficult to see straight.








                “Hi, how are you doing?” Sally asked Rhonda when she answered the call.


                “Hey, what’s up?”


                “Are you still sleeping?”


                “Yeah, I got in not too long ago. What’s up?”


                “Haven’t seen or spoken with you in a while so just wanted to see how you’re doing.”




                “Okay,” Sally hesitated, “do you want to meet-up and have lunch sometime?”


                “Yeah sure, just tell me when. I’m going back to bed. Later.”


                “Yeah, sure…bye.”


                As Sally ended the call, she thought again about what Storm said about her and Rhonda. Could Katie really be jealous of her? To her, the thought was preposterous. To be jealous of someone, you have to want better for yourself and willing to work for it, not Katie. She believed the only way to get something was to steal it just like what she did so many years go.


                “Hey Sally, want to come to the mall with me and Katie?” Rhonda asked.


                “No, I have homework to do.” Sally replied.


                “What are you a teacher’s pet? You don’t really think they care if you do the work or not right? It’s not like they can fail you,” Katie replied.


                “Yes they can and I don’t want to fail any of my classes. Thanks but I’m going to finish this.”


                “Come on Sally. You always stay home doing homework. When was the last time you went anywhere with me? Please we won’t be long, just gonna look at some stuff.”


                Sally hesitated. She really wasn’t a fan of Rhonda’s new friend Katie and didn’t want to be anywhere near her. Something about the girl made Sally weary. She had ‘shifty eyes’ or so the old folks back home would say. But Rhonda was her friend, her only friend. “Okay but I can’t stay out long.”


                “We won’t. Don’t want to hear that hag’s mouth.”


                “That was rude Rhonda, she’s our guardian.”


                “She don’t give a shit about me. She only cares about the money she gets from the state for us.”


                “That’s not true. She gives you most of the money she gets as allowance.”  


                “How you know that?” Rhonda asked.


                “Yeah how do you know that?” Katie asked also.


                Sally wanted to slap Katie for butting in but she was wrong for saying anything about the allowance. “Just makes sense. I don’t think they give her much.”


                Sally knew it wasn’t much. She’d heard Mrs. Chin give the social worker a verbal breakdown of her budget. Most of what she received for Rhonda, she gave to her as incentive to stay in school and attend classes.  Only problem was it wasn’t working. The social worker was there because of Rhonda had too many days missing from school. The skipping Sally felt was connected to Rhonda’s newly found friend, Katie.


                “Yeah well it’s my money, I should get it all,” Rhonda said.


                Katie laughed, “I agree. Let’s go. You coming?” she asked Sally.


                “Yeah, I’ll come.”


                While at the mall, they went to several stores. Sally followed behind not paying too much attention until one of the last store they went into, the attendant told Rhonda and Katie their bags were not allowed in the dressing room. It was then that Sally noticed that both Rhonda and Katie’s bag looked at bit full from when they entered the mall. But before Sally could put the pieces together, Rhonda was yelling at her to run. She was grabbed by the store attendant and taken to security.


                It was a few days later after the police came to the house for Rhonda that she was told by Mrs. Chin that her name was never mentioned and that Rhonda was going to do community service. She was happy that they knew she had nothing to do with the ‘Rhonda and Katie’ shoplifting spree. After all she had been honest with the security guard, providing all the information they asked for.


                Rhonda was upset with her that she gave them their information and wouldn’t speak with her for long while. Instead Rhonda got closer to Katie while Sally made it a duty to stay away. She also never went back to the mall, thinking she was forever branded a thief by all the stores there. Sally knew it was Katie’s idea because she laughed about how silly Sally was standing there getting caught for a crime she didn’t commit. Sally wanted to take the chance and beat her to a pulp. At least it was something she would have done to deserve a criminal record. Rhonda on the other hand, thought it was great that she was only given community service. In Rhonda’s eyes, she and Katie were friends but Sally couldn’t shake the feeling that all Katie saw in Rhonda was a puppet.






                “Mr. Monsello, this is George from security and I have a Sally MacDonald here to see you.”


                “What? Send her up now please. Thanks George.”


                Storm was surprised. He and Sally had only spoken over the phone a few times last week. Each time he wanted to visit her apartment, she was exhausted from studying and working. He knew the first major test since beginning her internship was in a few days, and he wanted her to do well.


Meeting her at the elevator door, he drank in his fill of her. He couldn’t believe he missed her this much. “This is a pleasant surprise.”


“Am I disturbing you? I tried calling but it went to voicemail.”


“Dara is out for the day and I was in a meeting earlier. What are you doing here?” he asked closing this office door behind them.


“We haven’t been able to spend any time together so I wanted to see if you were available for lunch. I know you’re busy but I was hoping…”


“I’m happy you’re here. I was on my way to get a sandwich for lunch. What did you bring me?” Storm asked noticing the bag in her had.


“A sandwich,” Sally smiled, “it was all I could think of on such short notice.”


“It’s perfect.”


                They both sat and unwrapped their sandwiches, smiling happily at each other, and relishing the moment.


                Storm took a bite from his sub, “Mhhhh…you remembered. This is what I was going to get. Thank you.” Sally smiled as best she could with her mouth filled with the bite from her sub. “So how’s the internship going? You seem to be very busy; so busy that I can’t seem to spend any time with you.”


                “Yeah, I am busy. It’s a lot to remember and do. From the classifications to the procedures, and writing up the reports, logging the result, and then there’s always the rush ones, and the precautions…it’s just seems like it’s everything at once. And trying not make a mistake so you don’t get a bad report is difficult. It’s not like school where I could retake a lab on another day if I messed up. This is now and most of the time, there are no do overs.” She half laughed, “I want to sleep…it’s okay,” she said looking at him.


                “Can you come over tonight?” Storm asked noticing for the first time how really tired she was.


                “No can’t. We have training seminars tomorrow and I have a bunch of things to review…”


                “When can you? And I ask because I want you to rest, no interruptions.”


                “I’ll let you know.”






A few days later…


                “Hey what do I owe this surprise?” Storm asked Ayasha as she entered his office with lunch.


                “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I know you’re busy with the company but you still are my brother and I worry about you.”


                “You don’t have to do that. You have a baby on the way to worry about now. How is my niece or nephew?”


                “Doing well,” Ayasha said as she sat and began taking the food out of the bags.


                “Fantastic! What am I getting, a niece or nephew?”


                “Don’t know. Collin and I decided to be surprised. Do you mind?”


                “No, you know I’ll love either one.”


                “Yes, Uncle Storm you will.”


                “No, that doesn’t sound right, Uncle Storm…no, just Storm will do fine.”


                “Absolutely not, it’s either Uncle Storm or Uncle Tony, you choose but you’re uncle.”


                “Buy Yashy that just doesn’t sound cool enough.”


                “Be a cool as you want to as long as you change diapers.”


                “Nope, no can do. Cool uncles do not change diapers. That’s why you have nannies. I’m going to be too busy being the awesome uncle.”


                “That’s your excuse? You’re going to be the cool uncle?  It’s useless arguing with you. New topic, how’s Sally?”


                “She’s fine. She stopped by a few days ago.”


                “What do you mean she stopped by a few days ago? Aren’t you two still together?”


                “Yes we are but her internship is taking up much of her time. I don’t get to see her as often as I used to.”


                “You don’t seem very pleased about it.”


                “No, I’m not but what can I do. This is for her degree.”


                “Are you jealous?”


                “I miss her.”


                “I’m sure she misses a big bacteria like you also. I’m happy for you.”




                “Because you care, if you didn’t you wouldn’t miss her.”


                “Eat your lunch; you’re starving my niece or nephew.”


                But as Storm ate his lunch, he thought about what Ayasha said. Yes, he did care about Sally. When she came by for lunch, he realized he didn’t know much about what she was going through, only he didn’t know how to rectify that situation. Her place was much too small for the both of them and he had a feeling she wasn’t going to let me move in there. It didn’t stop him from wanting to be with her daily. It was a problem he had to find a solution since he had almost a year more of this to survive.






                He was going to surprise Sally by spending the night at her place. He couldn’t wait to see her face but as Storm pulled into his drive way he noticed her car was there. ‘She’s here, YES!’ his mind shouted joyously. Getting out he quickly hurried inside.


                “Sally, Sally,” he called out but received no reply.


                On the stove in the kitchen was a pot of boiling water. The pasta sauce was still warm but the box of pasta was unopened on the counter.


                “Sally, Sally,” he called out again but again received no reply.


                Making his way into his bedroom, he saw her curled on her side away from him on the bed. She was wearing white shorts and tank top. Kicking off his shoes, he spooned himself behind her and pulled her into his arms.


                He kissed her neck gently twice. “Sweetheart,” he said softy and she responded with a moan. “Sally, Sally,” and this time she opened her eyes barely.


                He saw her struggle to keep them open but she smiled, “Hey.”


“Are you okay?”


“Mmhhh…” and her eyes closed again. After a minute she tried opening them again but sleep was too overwhelming.


“Sleep…” he said and she smiled before doing as he said.


It was almost 8:30pm when Storm’s phone rang. “Hey sis, what’s up?”


“I just wanted to know if you had dinner. I thought you would have come by.”


“Yeah, I ate some left overs.”


“Okay, well come by tomorrow.”


“Will do, goodnight.”




He was going to watch TV or at least that was his intention. After all Sally was in his bedroom sleeping just like he wanted. But for the life of him, he didn’t want to be away from her. He thought about watching in bed but didn’t want to take the chance and disturb her. She had not moved much from the position he found her in which told him she was exhausted.


He decided on reading. Putting the case file on his bed side table, he looked at Sally again and smiled, remembering how it felt to pull into his driveway and see her car there. Coming in and finding that she was planning on preparing dinner for them both but was just too exhausted to finish, make him seriously think about getting a chef to prepare dinner for them both daily. It would be great coming home to a home cooked meal instead of always getting one from Yashy and or eating with Brad at the restaurant. Storm thought about it. Would having a chef make Sally come by more often?


Just as he was about to get into bed, Sally’s phone rang. He quickly reached over her to get it from her bedside table and answered it.


“Hello,” Storm said to the name he saw on the caller ID. His hands clenched the phone as he heard the voice respond.  


“Oh I’m sorry I must have the wrong number?” Mitch replied.


“Are you looking for Sally?”


“Ah…yes, is she there?”


“Yes, but she is sleeping. Do you want to leave a message?”


“Is this her boyfriend? “


“Yes, it is and you are?”


“Oh I’m Mitch, her co-worker and study partner. Sally was thinking that we should go back to the lab tonight, and study up some more on the sides but I guess she was a lot more tired than she thought. Just tell her I called but don’t wake her. I’m going to get some rest myself.”


“I will let her know you called.”


“Thanks man, good night.”




Storm thought about Mitch. He didn’t seem so bad. But he didn’t like that they were studying together. He had to meet this Mitch person if he was going to be around Sally. Having her phone in his hands, curiosity got the better of him. He clicked on her phone log to see if she had called Rhonda. She had but the conversation had only been about two minutes long. There was a call that was a few minutes long but he dismissed that as a telemarketer call since the number was out of state. Her text messages revealed nothing of importance. There was one to Rhonda asking her how she was doing but the most were to both him and Mitch. She telling him she was busy studying and her and Mitch texting back and forth about work, studying or what to have to eat.




“Good morning,” Storm said as he hugged Sally from behind in the bathroom.


“Good morning,” she replied turning around in his arms. “I’m sorry but I have to run. I’m late already.”


“Did you have breakfast as of yet?”


“No, I’ll grab a banana or something of the sort. Sorry about dinner last night. I’ll make it up to you.”


“Yes you will. Are you off this weekend?”


“Yes, I am,” Sally replied smiling.


“Good then you are spending it with me, only me, all of it. No interruptions, going out, nothing. We’re not even going to go out for dinner. I’m having everything delivered.”


“Why don’t we just cook dinner?”


“Well do whatever you want as long as you don’t leave this house. You’re going to get some meaningful rest.”


Sally smiled brightly, “ok,” she agreed.


“Good, I’ll talk with you later.” But Storm called to her as she left the bathroom, “Oh by the way, your co-worker Mitch called last night. I answered your phone because I didn’t want it to disturb you.”


“Oh that’s fine. Was he upset? I hope not. I told him I wanted to go back to the lab yesterday and study the slides once more. I probably inconvenience him. Thanks I’ll work it out with him.”


“He wasn’t mad. He understood you were tired. I think he was tired also and was probably happy you couldn’t go. How serious is this test?”


“Very, it’s one of the major ones.”


“Well then, study hard but not to the point of exhaustion. You need to rest the night before the test. When is it?”




“Come over and stay.”


“No, Mitch and I are doing last minute recaps and will probably be at the hospital late before going home.”


“Sally, I mean it; you have to rest before that exam. I think you should stay here. I won’t make you study.”


“I won’t, I’ll get some rest. Have to go, bye.”








“Dinner was great as usual Yashy,” Storm said as Ayasha began eating her slice of strawberry cheesecake.


“I don’t know what has gotten into me but I have to strawberries all the time.”


“You’re pregnant, there’s a baby inside of you,” Collin replied.


Ayasha gave him a look which made Storm laugh. “You left that one right open sis.”


“You’re suppose to defend me.”


“Yes, when you need defending.”


“So how are things going with you and Sally?” Collin asked.


“Things are going great. She’s busy with the internship but I did get a chance to see her last night.”


“Yeah, I understand how that can be. They put those techs through hell these days. I sometimes thing it’s best they get a doctorate with the stress they go through but I also understand why. They process some vital information and they have to be right. I’m happy she’s happy doing it. Tell her if she needs any help, let me know. I’ll do my best to assist her.”


“Thanks Collin, will do.” Storm turned to Ayasha, “By the way do you women like drawers that closer to your side of the bed or to the bathroom?”


“Our side of the bed, why?”


“Just thinking about which drawers I’m giving to Sally.”


“She’s moving in?”


“I haven’t asked but I want her to.” 

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