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The room seemed as if it was spinning. She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the nauseating turning. She swallowed, feeling sick to her stomach. Drifting in and out of consciousness, she gripped the sides of the tub. She could feel the fluidity that covered her body. It seeped into her very pores, alerting her entire body with chills. She felt drunk. High. Like she was floating between this world and the next. Like life and death laid in her very next breath. How….how…did this happen…Hands crept underneath the water and touched her flesh. Inwardly she screamed. Begged. But all that came from her mouth was a soft groan. 

    “Let’s get you clean first.” The two voices alternated and she stopped being able to tell who was who. It all sounded the same. She groaned again, trying to move but the hands kept her still. How…did…this…happen?

    “Close your eyes sweetheart. It’ll be over soon.” And like that, her eyes fell back in her head and her eyelids fluttered closed.


    In her dreams she remembered the happiness she had felt. Memories of Hiroto…her new position… it seemed like yesterday…or perhaps the day before…Hiroto had given her a seat next to him in meetings and business affairs. She had even started to receive assignments out of board room. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but she couldn’t help but smile. She remembered the smile…the big bright smile on her face…It had been so refreshing… a pace she hadn’t gotten at Affinity and it was one she appreciated. But then time sped up and Hiroto was telling her about a car…a car he kept seeing… who was in that car…



    A car pulled up further along the street and the headlights were turned off. Hands gripped the stirring wheel and eyes were focused on a man and woman. The woman laughed and the man… the man drew closer to her. Up the steps they went until the woman pressed her back against the door. It grew quiet before the door opened and soon the man stepped inside. Sweat slid down skin and blurred vision. Hands shook as a call was made. 

    “My, it’s quite late.” 

    “She’s decided to play a game I don’t think she’s ready for.” 

    “Has she found another man?”

    “The bastard.”

    “Ah, well after all I am not worried. Soon I’ll see her. I did promise her that much.” 

    “Remember our deal?”

    “Clear as day. Don’t worry. I’ll give you what you want on a silver platter.”

    “Good then.”

    “Just let me know how things go hm?”

    “Sure. I have to go now.”

    “Ta.” Wheels screeched as they burned against the pavement and soon the car was gone.



    2:30 am. Something had jolted him awake and now he had a dreadful feeling in his stomach. He couldn’t stop thinking about Rae. For some reason, she wouldn’t leave his mind. He reached for his phone. He had to know if she was all right. He stayed still as he dialed. It rang for a while before the line clicked. As he was about to say something, he heard a man speak. 

    “I thought you would call again Hiroto.” His brows knitted. 

    “Who is this?” The man laughed. 

    “I’m Peter. Peter Lugiano.” He grew still and his chest grew cold. Lugiano….

    “What have you done with Rae?” The man sighed. 

    “I gave her a bath not too long ago and put her in some nice clothes. We were just about to go to sleep before you called.” He gripped the phone. 

    “You’re a sick bastard.” 

    “So I’ve been told.” 

    “You do realize you’ve given me your full name.” Lugiano laughed. 

    “The police work for me. Good luck with that.” 

    “Why have you done this?” 

    “I made her a promise. It’s taken quite some years but I finally fulfilled it.”

    “Ah, so it seems we both promised her something.”

    “What is your promise?” 

    “I kill any son of a bitch that puts his hands on her.” He replied in a deadly tone.  Lugiano whistled. 

    “My, that’s quite a promise.”

    “I intend to carry it through.”

    “I’m pretty hard to kill.”  His heart beat faster as he heard a soft whisper. 

    “I’m talking to him…your Hiroto.” 

    “….who…is that…”

    “You don’t remember?” A soft muffled groan responded and soon Lugiano’s voice was much clearer. 

    “She’s been sedated because we both know she’s quite the fighter.” 


    “I’m afraid our chat has to end. It was a pleasure talking to you. Ta.” 

    “Wait-” The phone hung up. 

    “Shit.” He cursed, throwing his phone across the bed. His cheeks burned but it didn’t compare to the burn in his heart. His fingers flexed, wanting to strangle something. She sounded so drugged… so out of it. He got up and ran angry fingers through his hair. He needed to get out before he started trashing the place. He needed to unleash the fury inside. Hastily throwing on some jogging pants and a shirt, he grabbed his keys and slid on his shoes before shooting out into the night like a rocket, fire blazing behind him. 




    “It’s okay sweetheart. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” She pouted and flared her nostrils. 

    “It’s sad I can’t even punch a mat.”

    “That’s why we’re doing this. Try again.” 


    “Wrists straight, fist tight.” He instructed. She sharply inhaled and drew back her arm to strike the mat he held in his hand. Her knuckles stung with the force of it. 

    “Good Rae!” She smirked. 



    She was getting better.. getting stronger. At first, the lessons had started slowly and she found herself frustrated. But Roto had been so reassuring… so calm and supportive…like he always had been. As they progressed, things began to get more complicated. Soon, they began to get more hands on. She got to a point where she could use her body weight to push him off of her and gain the upper hand by forcing him to the ground. 


    So close. She felt his heart beat faster and faster underneath her hands. Her throat had long since grown dry and she was pressed smack dab against places she was trying not to focus on at the moment. His legs were bent at the knee and his wrists laid flat back against the practice mat. He inhaled slowly, his cheeks pink. Sweat pressed his hair to his forehead. 

    “Good job.” He said with a smirk, glancing up at her. 


    “It’s been a while since we’ve been in this position.” She smacked his chest. 

    “Shut up Hiroto!” A chuckle followed. 

    “I have to say,” He lifted his hips a little, just a tease. 

    “I missed you like this.” The heat that went through her entire body was hotter than the sun. She kept quiet for a little while because she knew she was going to start stuttering otherwise. Taking a deep breath, she spoke. 

    “I know. But just like last time..” Leaning down, she pressed her lips against his ear. 

    “You still ain’t gettin none.” Slapping his shoulder, she pushed up off of him and got up. He grinned and sat up.     

    “Very well played.”

    “Mmhm. Play this mat bruh.” She joked, holding up the mat in her hand. 

    “As you wish.”


    Aside from the playful flirting, he had taught her so much. He had given her confidence in her body and how to use it to protect herself. He’d even shown her how to use some house hold items as weapons. She had known that everything she had learned would have to be implemented. But not as soon as it came. It was too soon. 


    Her door bell rang as she ran a cotton t shirt across her wet curls. Her feet padding against the wooden floor, she went to the door. They had trained for hours and she was tired. She wondered why he was back. Sucking her teeth, she opened the door and froze. The face that met her was one she hadn’t quite yet gotten out of her nightmares. A face so familiar and yet so very foreign. The lips of the face smiled. 

    “It’s been such a long time.” Her fingers gripped the door and for a moment, she couldn’t breathe. 

    “P-Peter.” His smile grew bigger. 

    “You didn’t think I forgot about my promise did you baby?”




    She sat in a chair, wrists tied to the arms. Her eyes staring intently at Peter. They hadn’t drugged her…yet. And she was intending to keep it that way. Everything within her wanted to fight but she knew she had to play it cool…for now. Comply and obey. For now. 

    “Rae?” She swallowed. 

    “Yes baby?” She replied softly. 

    “I missed you.” The corner of her lip twitched. 

    “I missed you too Papa.” 

    “You went away for quite a long time.” 

    “But now we together.” 


    “Are you hungry?”

    “I’ll eat if you will.” He got up and gently cupped her cheek. 

    “I’ll be right back then.” She gave a weak smile and watched as he left. She scanned the room. Almost like a set from Alice and Wonderland, it was twisted and weird. The room had all kinds of weird trinkets and toys, old and new…

    “Wanna go outside?” She turned to look into the face of the man she had once called friend. 

    “If Papa wants to.” 

    “What if I want to?” She wanted to snap at him but kept it together… barely. She fixed a cold stare on him. 

    “You’re not important.” His jaw tightened and fists clenched together. 

    “I’ll be back.” Antonio Rossi scurried out of the door like a rabbit and finally she was alone. Almost as if to tease her, there was a phone placed in front of her on the long rectangular table. Almost as if to say Get me if you can. She knew it was a trap. But she had to talk to Hiroto…Amee….anybody. If she could get in contact with them and let them know where she was… that was all that mattered. It was something she would risk her life for. She slowly scoot the chair up one time and paused. Too loud. Damn. She sat still for a while. Nothing. No sound. She could use her legs. They were slipping. They’d left them untied. Slowly she crouched and moved towards the table. Coming to the edge, she turned her body painstakingly in attempts to grab the phone. She had to hurry. The pain in her wrist as she pressed the buttons she ignored. Please… pick up. Pick up Hiroto…. The phone began to buzz and on the third ring it picked up. 

    “Where’s Rae?” He barked, his voice hard and firm. 

    “Hiroto….it’s…it’s me…” He grew silent. 


    “Listen… I don’t have much time. Write down what I tell you. Hurry up.” 

    “Alright.” She heard shuffling and soon, 

    “Go ahead.” 

    “3057 Mulburry Lane. Ask for James. Side or back entrance. Middle to top floor. Last room on the right.” 

    “Got it.” 

    “Take that to the police. That’s where I think I am…It’s a big white house. Lots of land, green grass. Has a fence.” 

    “I got it sweetheart.”

    “I gotta go…”


    “They coming… I gotta go.” She pressed the end button and sat down just before the door opened. Peter eyed the room. 

    “Scoot up some babe?” She felt a bead of sweat slide down her back. 

    “Just getting ready for dinner Papa.” She said with a soft sweet tone. 

    “Hm. Well, main course is ready.” He stepped into the room and sat down next to her. 

    “Remember Rae, behave and you won’t get the needle again.” 

    “Yes babe.” He grinned. 

    “Good.” She bit the inside of her cheek. Jesus please help me…please. She forced herself to eat the food knowing that soon she would be out anyway. Everything they gave her was spiked. And every bite she took was like a nail in the coffin. Hiroto… hurry… please. 


    “Hiroto!” As he was leaving his home, he turned to find Kiko running towards him. He scowled instantly. Why out of all times would she randomly show up now? He hadn’t seen her in months.

    “What do you want?” She jumped at his harsh tone. 

    “I-I wanted to c-c-come see you.” 

    “I do not have time for your foolishness Noa.”

    “Where are you going?” 

    “None of your business.”

    “Wait!” He pushed past her as he headed to his car.


    “Rae is missing.” She grew still and blinked. 


    “I’m sure you’re inwardly happy about that.” 

    “Why would I be happy about that?”

    “Don’t play dumb. You’ve wanted her gone and as of now you have your wish.” She swallowed. 

    “Not like this…Not like this Hiro.”

    “Look, I have to go.”

    “Are you going to the police?”

    “Stay out of this Noa. You don’t have an inkling of compassion for Rae so save the fake concern. Go home and stay there.” He got in his car and drove off, leaving her in the parking lot. 

    As he got on the freeway, he dialed Amee. 




    “Yes. I talked to Rae just now.”


    “I don’t think they drugged her yet. She was completely present and coherent.”

    “W-what did she say?”

    “She gave me directions. I’m taking it to the police.”

    “Oh thank God.”

    “I’ll let you know what happens.”

    “Yes please!”

    “All right. Try to get some rest hm?”


    “Take care.”

    “You too.” He hung up and increased speed. Now was not the time to panic. Everything would work out and soon, he’d have her back. He had faith. The warmth of peace covered him and he inhaled slowly as he pulled off at the exit. Keep me calm right now Lord. I need to keep calm for Rae. No matter how much he wanted to end the miserable lives Rossi and Lugiano had… it wouldn’t be…it wouldn’t be at the same level that God would repay them. So, he needed to be still and remain calm. As painstaking as it would be, he would listen. He would do so.


    Soon. Soon he’ll come… Jesus….please… She laid on the bed, finally starting to come out of her drug induced state. Please save me. Protect me…The silk sheets rubbed against her bare skin. No hands. No fingers. Yet. Where is your fight? Tears slid down her cheeks and back into her hair. You’re not the same little girl you once were. You’re a woman with purpose. Where is your fight? Her fists began to tighten up. This was what old Rae would do. Lay here and cry. Old Rae knew nothing but helplessness. But she wasn’t the same. She groaned and squeezed her eyes shut as she lifted up. Today, she would fight. Today she would put an end to this. 


    “It’s been days. No one has seen her.” He couldn’t help but stare at Shaundra, Rae’s mother. Her face was fixed in grief but her voice belied something else. 

    “They’ll find her.” His eyes drifted to her father. That was better. More concern. More confidence. 

    “Mama what we gon do?” One of the younger girls asked. 

    “If she isn’t found soon honey….I…I don’t know.” 

    “So we give up on her?” He spoke up, making her jump. She pressed her hand to her chest. 

    “Why are you here?” 

    “Why shouldn’t I be here?” He replied in turn, leaning back against the wall by the door. 

    “You’re not apart of this family.” Yet. 

    “My main concern is that of your daughter. All other things are trivial.” Her mother pursed her lips. 

    “Ma, leave him alone. He’s been the only one around here workin to try to get Rae back.” Amee said in his defense. 

    “Why y’all tryna attack him?” Even he was taken aback at the question that came from Tre. He blinked.

    “Hiroto, you said Rae talked to you?” He cleared his throat and looked at her father. 

    “Yes. It appears she was cognizant. She told me where she was located before she had to go.” 

    “Where was that?” Her mother asked, growing stiff. 

    “I cannot release that to you. Police orders.” Shaundra looked away. 

    “Good job Hiroto.” He looked up at Tre who was attempting to be friendly. He nodded at him. 

    “It’s nothing. I just want to make sure she comes back to us all.” 

    “She will. My sister is a fighter.” Tre said proudly. He smiled. Oh, he knew that very well. 

    “She is.” He replied simply, a small smile on his face. 

    “All we can do now is pray and believe that things will work out.” 


    They had left her alone in her bedroom, the curtains drawn. They had grown sloppy, letting her free as long as she stayed within the boundaries of the mansion. How careless. The same drug they pushed into her veins they pushed into their own. Tonight they were high as the sky. She was coming down… coming off of it. Not quiet there but enough… enough. She slid off of the bed and fell to the floor. Her legs were still numb. Hitting them with her hands, she breathed harshly as she tried to get up. Now was not the time. Tonight was it. She grit her teeth and reached to grip the comforter. In her haze, she felt anger. It flickered across her eyelids like tiny pictures. How she came to get here. Angry tears slid down her skin. 


    Her lamp smashed to the ground. Tears had welled up in her eyes and her fists were tight at her sides as she stepped back… away from him. He stepped closer and closer, casually knocking things over. 

    “Such a lovely home you have babe. But, I’m afraid it’s only going to get dirty so let’s save time.”

    “W-Why are you here…h-how did you get here?” Peter smiled. 

    “Such an innocent little thing. All this time you never knew…” 

    “K-knew what?” 

    “I’ve watched you grow up before my very eyes Rae.” 

    “W-what do you mean?” 

    “From pictures… to audio… all of it mine. Ever since you ran away from me, I’ve made it my mission to find you again. I’ve missed you so much.” 

    “No…. no…” She turned to run but he grabbed her and pulled her back by her arms, tightly gripping. 

    “I’m still so hurt. Why did you ever think you could run away from me?” 

    “Don’t….. don’t please.” She begged, her voice full of fear. 

    “I won’t hurt you. Not yet.” She crumbled, her legs giving out. 

    “It’s all right baby. Let’s take a seat and catch up.” He hoisted her back up by her arms and forced her to sit in her kitchen chair. When he took his hands away, the skin and muscle ached and burned. 

    “So,” He sat down slowly, never once taking his eyes off of her. 

    “How have you been?” She sat still in her chair, lips shut. Her body began to tremble. 


    “I’ve only come to reclaim what was lost.” He grinned making her skin crawled. 

    “There’s a look I haven’t seen in a little while.” He commented, sighing. Fear. It shook her entire being and at once all of the flashbacks hit her with such force. She started to weep. 

    “Don’t cry baby. Here, let Papa make you feel better.” He got up and slowly cupped her chin. She jerked away, only to have him grip her face tightly. 

    “You still have such fight in you…after all this time. I love it.” He whispered against her cheek, before pressing lips to the skin. 


    “Shh. It’s alright. I’m just as excited as you are to catch up.” She squeezed her eyes tight as his fingers slid through the wet curls of her hair. 

    “Does that man know about you? Who you really are?” 

    “What man…” He chuckled and pulled her head back against him, fingers tight in the coils. 

    “Hiroto Iwase. Does he know?” 

    “Leave him alone…. please. D-Don’t hurt him.” 

    “Answer the question.” She sniffed, her throat growing tight. 

    “Y-yes. H-He knows.”     

    “And still he wants to be with you hm?” He let go of her hair. 

    “As good as it’s been to see you, now I have to be completely honest.” He leaned over and grabbed her face, forcing her to look up at him. 

    “I wondered what I would do when I saw you next. Would I start over? Take you away from everyone you’ve ever loved and known? Or…would I kill you? You have made me so very angry over the years Ebere. Leaving me, finding some man. Even playing against some of my best men in the game. Oddly enough, it’s been pleasing to see all the things I taught you. Surely, you’ve done them well.” 


    “Shut up!” She cried out as he squeezed her jaw. 

    “Close your mouth.” Pain spread sharply across her jaw, up into her cheeks. Any moment, she felt he would break it. 

    “Has Hiroto seen you? Has he touched you?” He asked, the look within his eyes growing stormy. She shook her head no. 

    “It doesn’t matter anyway if he has.” He sighed and let go of her chin. She reached up to tenderly touch her jaw. 

    “How….did you…find me?” She asked quietly, anger starting to rise up in her chest.     “Oh, I’ve had plenty of people help along the way in arranging this meeting. You know quite a few of them.” 

    “Who?” The grin was back and he leaned down over her again, hands pressed flat against her table. 

    “Mr. Antonio Rossi for starters.” Fresh tears fell down her cheeks. Oh God…

    “You’re lying…” 

    “Antonio’s a fool. He let his obsession for you destroy him. Do you know what he asked me?” She didn’t… didn’t want to know. The hurt in her chest was too deep. 

    “He asked me to give you to him. To make you his.” He laughed, shaking his head. 

    “The thought of Hiroto laying one finger on you disgusted him enough to do my bidding. And yet, after all these some ten years, he still doesn’t know what kind of man I am.” 

    “Ten… ten years…” 

    “Your entire employment was set up by me. I purposefully put you in the care of Rossi so that I could monitor you. He’s been following you, spying on you and listening to you for years and you’ve never once caught on.” Fire across her entire body. That son of a bit-

    “Not to mention the lovely Marshall family.” Another sharp jab to her heart.

    “Stop it.” She grew stiff and still, looking at him with teary eyes. 

    “They were very polite people and quite open. Kendrick and Shaundra. Very polite but selfish people.” She hung her head, cries rising from her throat. 

    “You forgot I told you about the big powerful men. Those men searched for you for days… weeks… months. And by luck, one day they spotted you. And you led us straight to the Marshall household. From there I made my move. While you were at school, I paid them a visit. Told them you were my lost ward and that I wanted you returned to me. Lies that they ate up.” He stroked her cheek with his fingers. 

    “It was evident that Shaundra held you in contempt. She wanted you gone. But, Kendrick reasoned with her. Told her the kids loved you and would be devastated if you left suddenly. He suggested something even I hadn’t thought of.” She listened, her fists tight. 

    “That was?”

    “They send you to a place far away from the United States. Out of all the places they considered, they chose Japan. It didn’t matter to me as long as I got you in the end. Kendrick proposed that they come up with a story about screwing up with the mafia. And wipe their hands clean of you. There they’d deliver you directly into my hands.” 

    “W-who was meant to give me to you t-there?” 

    “A woman by the name of Tanaka Ami. Lucky for you, someone else took you away from that site.” Minako. She took a shuddery breath. 

    “I had agents set up but apparently, someone slipped under their guard and got to you before I could. Once you set foot back in the States I immediately knew about it via your parents.” 

    “Why are you telling me all of this?” 

    “Because baby, I want you to know the truth. Every last bit of it. You’ve been lied to for far too long.” He got up and kicked the leg of her chair back, forcing her towards him. 

    “Now, tell me about Hiroto. I’ve heard such wonderous things about him.” 



    “Rae, what are you doing?” Hands grabbed her by her side. 

    “I…I need to get out of here.” James. The only source of light she had in the whole mansion. He sighed and looked back behind them. 

    “Do you remember me Rae?” She smiled tiredly against him, her skin hot and wet. 

    “You saved me… as a girl…” 

    “I’m glad you remember. What are the odds we’d meet again?”


    “Lugiano will get what’s coming to him Rae. Don’t worry about that okay?”

    “Mmmmhmmm.” He drew her closer as they got to the stairs. 

    “I’m going to pick you up.” She let him scoop her up. 

    “James?” He froze. 

    “Yeah Pete?” 

    “Go check Rae’s room after you secure the premises.” 

    “Of course.” Her breath was shallow and soon his presence faded from the hallway. He calmly walked down the stairs and opened the door. As soon as they were outside, he put her down. 

    “Run.” Rain poured and drenched her skin. She gripped the sheets wrapped around her body and took a step back. 

    “Thank you… J-James.” 

    “You’re welcome. Go before he notices.” Her eyes filled with tears but she turned and started to run. She came to an open portion of the wraparound fence, most likely done by James and shot through it. Her feet slapped against the hard cold concrete and as she ran she cried loudly, tears of anguish, pain and thanksgiving. I’m free. 



    The rain pelted against the windshield and he turned the wipers on high. It had been about thirty minutes out of the city and all around there was countryside. The night sky was pitch black, the clouds grey. After a night of no sleep, his mind tossing and turning, he got in his car and got on the freeway. He had decided to go get her. Advised against it he went anyway. He needed to find her. To take his next breath, he needed to see her, feel her, hear her again. Through the rain, he saw nothingness. Focusing intently, he decreased speed a little until he came past another lone car. As he came further down the road, he saw a flash of white suddenly appear right in front of him. 

    “Shit!” He swerved to the side of the road. Pressing on the break, the car came to a sharp stop. A figure came up to the car window and dark hands began to beat upon the glass. 

    “HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!” He pushed the car door open and got out, rain soaking him.     

    “Rae?” She was hysterical, grabbing his jacket. Her legs gave out and she started to sag. Her cries were without breath. 

    “Roto….Roto…” He pulled her up against him, fingers deep into her hair. 

    “I’m here baby… I’m here…” He felt tears come to his eyes and bit his lip. She needed to get out of the cold. He picked her up under the knee and brought her to the car. Opening the door to the backseat, he gently slid her inside. She tightened her arms around him and he put his fingers on her wrists. 

    “Don’t…don’t go…”   

    “I’m not going anywhere. Just to close the door.” He spoke gently and closed the door behind them. She shifted her body to the side and pulled him down to lay next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her small shaking form close. Pressing his cheek against her wet cold hair, he closed his eyes, the warmth from the car permeating through the air.    

    “It’s all over okay?” He felt her nod against him and tightened his grip slightly. The tears that formed slid down his cheek, one after the other. He sniffed and let a cry come from his chest. Anger traveled hot through his veins and he wanted to go after them but he wouldn’t. She was the most important thing right now.  



    The cold of the rain shocked the drugs out of her system and everything grew clear. She felt big warm hands across the chilled skin and the masculine scent of him drift into her nostrils. 


    “What happened to your clothes?” She looked up to find him looking at her intensely. She swallowed. 

    “They…they took em. I…I grabbed what I could.” He was quiet, his jaw tight. Slowly, his fingers began to stroke the skin of her shoulder. 

    “How did you get out?” 

    “A really nice man…James. He saved me before…when I was young…”


    “Hiroto…” His fingers skimmed her cheek. 


    “Were you coming to get me?”


    “T-thank you.” 

    “Don’t thank me baby.” She slowly sat up. 

    “It’s a wonder you would see me out here.” She felt his nose brush the back of her neck. 

    “The sheet helped.” She sighed and her eyes fluttered closed. The only touch that was welcomed… she’d missed it. 

    “We should go.” His voice was quiet. 

    “Okay…” But as she turned her head towards him, their lips met soft as a whisper. Liquid heat flowed through her body and was lit on fire, the shock that sparked from his lips igniting it like a match. She didn’t even try to hold back the soft moan that rose from her mouth. More. She grabbed his jacket and their kiss deepened. Just like that, she was in the dense deep blue and it was so good she didn’t want to come up for air. Let her be submerged…This once she wanted to drown into him. She pulled him towards her and her back met the cushion of the seat. She heard his heart reply, small little groans from the depths of his belly called out to her. 

    “Roto…” His lips kissed her jaw and chin. 

    “Hm?” He was so warm. 

    “I’m c-cold…” The sound that came from him was both a sigh and groan and his lips pressed still against her. 

    “Let me hold you. I’ll make you warm again.” He moved to the side of her and wrapped his arms around her again. Her eyes met his and she reached up to brush the tears from his cheek. He kissed her wrist and soon, she snuggled against him, dipping into his warmth. His hands closed around her and as the rain quieted down, gently pelting the window she felt herself drift to sleep.

Chapter End Notes:



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