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Sade-No Ordinary Love

Sade-Sweetest Taboo 






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    “Rae?” She looked up from the table. 

    “Atmikha.” She blinked in surprise and eyed a man. 

    “You are?” He stood and bowed. 

    “I am Iwase Hiroto.” Eyes wide, she turned them back on her. She smiled some and stood up. 

    “I know we don’t have an appointment. We can come back-” Atmikha waved. 

    “No, it’s no problem at all! I was just about to take my lunch break. Follow me.” Gently gripping Roto’s hand, she led him into the familiar and comforting space. The smell of incense wafted through the air and she inhaled deeply. 

    “So, you are Hiroto.” He turned to look at her and bowed his head. 

    “Yes ma’am.” 

    “My, she told me you were handsome but goodness.” He blushed. 

    “Thank you.” She smiled in a friendly manner and eyes her. 

    “Rae, I know that there’s a story you have to tell. What’s happened?” Tears welled up in her eyes.

    “I don’t even know where to start. So much… has-has happened… you were the only one I could come to….” 

    “Precious sister…” Atmikha’s arms surrounded her and she rubbed her back in circles until the cries calmed down some. 

    “God, I got your blouse wet.” She said in an apologetic tone, wiping the tears from her cheeks. 

    “It’s okay. Come, sit.” She sat down. 

    “Hiroto come sit too.” He bowed his head and sat down next to her, his hands into fists on his knees.

    “Remember the two men I told you about?” 

    “I do…”

    “They kidnapped me and held me captive for almost a whole entire week.” 

    “Oh my God.” In all of their sessions, she had only seen Atmikha tear up once. But tears flowed from her eyes and it unsettled her. 


    “They drugged me and everything.” 

    “Did they rape you?” She glanced over at Hiroto who sat straight and stiff, his fists growing tighter. 

    “It never once felt that way…like they did…”  She looked down at her fingers. 

    “How did you get away?” 

    “They had grown sloppy and left me completely untied one night. As I felt myself come down off my high I knew it was then or never. So I did the best I could and dragged myself to the door. My legs weren’t workin just yet.” Both of them listened intently, waiting for her next word. 

    “James helped me get out.” 


    “He’s saved me twice now. When I was little… he was the one who helped me get away.  Now… now he’s dead…” 

    “How do you know that?” She looked up at Atmikha. 

    “I know Peter. He probably killed him once he found I was gone…And James…he..he knew he was gonna die if he helped me. But… he did it anyway. He did it again.”  She felt unshed tears rise up. Atmikha sighed sadly.

    “The loss of this brave man will not be in vain Rae. You have to make sure his sacrifice isn’t wasted.”


    “Are you going to let them get away with it?”


    “Are you going to let them get away with it?” 

    “I’d die before I let that happen.” Roto growled beside her, anger in his voice. 

    “Well, Hiroto has spoken. What say you Rae?” She pushed back her hair from her face and wiped her face with the backs of her hands. 

    “Hell nawl. I won’t let them get away with it.” 

    “You feel that fire in your chest?”


    “Use that. It’s determination, anger and your livelihood.” 

    “I want them all dead.” She hissed, her fingers tight. 

    “Life would be better.” 


    “If they have no choice but to live with the consequences of their actions…well that makes for a better result then doesn’t it?” She sighed and swallowed thickly. 

    “I will do what I have to.”  Atmikha nodded. 

    “Let me ask you a question…” 


    “Did Rossi know where exactly you were staying when you were here last?” She shook her head. 

    “No. I only told him that I was coming to the city. I didn’t disclose any of my whereabouts.” Atmikha visibly relaxed. 

    “I understand what I am about to do could be seen as unprofessional but I am going to do it anyway.” She stood up. 

    “I have a private house in the countryside. I would feel comfortable if you went there instead of a hotel.” 

    “We’ll be so appreciative…” Roto spoke up, bowing. She sat still, jaw clenched. 

    “You sure that’s a good idea?” Atmikha smiled. 

    “I want to make sure that bastard has nowhere to look for you.” She swallowed before,     

    “Thank you…” 

    “It’s no problem at all! Do you need transportation as well?” 

    “We have that. Thank you.” She smiled at Roto. 

    “You are just as Rae described. Kind, gentle and fiercely protective of her.” His face grew  red. 

    “T-Thank you.” 

    “I’m glad that you are with her this time…”

    “Me too.” 

    “This woman needs you more than she needs air. Together…at last…I know she’ll survive. She’ll make it and she’ll grow. With you.” The blush grew darker and he bowed his head lower. 

    “Atmikha…” Her heart was growing so full. 

    “I’ll make sure I do everything I can to ensure that you are protected while in Seattle Rae. I’ll call you when I’m done with work and we can drive to the house tonight. Is that all right?” 


    “You still have my number yes?”

    “Never deleted it.” 

    “I will see you two in a few hours.” 

    “Okay.” She stood and hugged her for the longest time. 

    “Thank you Atmikha… thank you so so much…” 

    “Don’t thank me dear sister…we have to take care of each other…” She kissed her forehead affectionately and let her go. Gripping his hand, Roto led her outside and back into the awaiting car. 



    It had been about a couple days since they had fled New York. She had shut off her phone and soon Hiroto’s phone was ignored. They had spent the first few nights sleeping in his car as he was against getting a hotel room. Lowkey and nearly invisible… away from everyone…The day after he had rescued her was the beginning of their new adventure.



    She heard a steady heart thrum against her ear. The light of the sun shown on her skin, warming it up. Rosy skin met her fingertips and those tiny dark freckles upon his cheek were so close. Smooth and solid. Firm and warm. Clean and oh so right. From his jaw to the soft sweet fragrance that lived on his lips, everything…so close. He slept quietly, his arms surrounding her. His wrists and hands were relaxed and his breath was light. Reaching up, she gently brushed some hair back from his forehead. Her fingers slid down his cheek and pressed against his lips. She withdrew them and slowly sat up. She thanked God it had warmed up because his car had turned off, more than likely in the middle of the night. She swallowed and slid her hands down to her stomach. Hungry. She felt his hand slide up to her hip and turned. He laid there for a minute before his eyes slowly opened. 

    “Morning…” His warmth beckoned her and she laid back down, snuggling against him. 

    “Morning.” She smiled and gently traced his jaw line with her fingertips. 

    “How’d you sleep?”

    “I slept well.”

    “You sure?”

    “Mmhm.” He yawned pressing his cheek against her shoulder. 

    “Did you?” He asked, his voice gruff with sleep. 

    “Yeah. You kept me warm.” She felt his lips smile some. 


    “Is your car okay?” She asked, a concerned expression on her face.

    “Mm. Don’t worry about it.” He nuzzled her cheek. 

    “Roto?” Her breath caught in her throat as the sunlight caught across his eyes, amber flashing. 

    “Yeah?” His voice was soft but husky.

    “Maybe we should head back…” His hand came to caress her cheek. 

    “Okay.” She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.

    “I just wanna sleep.”

    “Sleep as long as you want sweetheart.” His lips brushed her eyelids. 

    “What if I wake up and you gone?” 

    “I won’t go anywhere.” She opened her eyes and they met his. She blushed and looked down. The intensity of his eyes slightly unnerved her.  

    “I’ll be in your captivity then?” Again? 

    “If you want to be.” He pulled his hand away from her and opened the door to the backseat. Climbing out, he outstretched his hand to her. She gingerly took it and stepped out, shivering as her feet touched the cool ground. He wrapped his arm around her as he led her to the passenger side. Once she got in, he got behind the wheel. As they got back on the road, she pressed her forehead against the glass and soon she felt her eyes close. 



    Rest had come easy and behind her lids, she was able to get away from the realities of what had happened to her. But all too soon the peaceful sleep came to an end. 


    “Where exactly we goin?” 

    “I was going to take you to see your sister.” She frowned, her lips in a deep purse. 

    “No. Don’t do that.” His eyebrows furled. 

    “Why not?” She sucked her teeth. 

    “I don’t trust any of them…. the Marshalls.” She replied, disgust in her tone. 

    “Not even Amee? Tre?” 

    “I don’t wanna see them yet. I don’t wanna see nobody.” He was quiet for a little while before he answered, 

    “All right. I’ll take you to my home then.” She visibly relaxed, her shoulders less stiff. 

    “Good…” Things grew quiet for a little while. 

    “Tell me what’s on your mind Rae.” She sat back in the passenger seat and crossed her arms.

    “Everything has been nothing but a big lie. Everything was set up.” He blinked. 

    “What do you mean?” She turned to look out of the window. 

    “Peter been watching me this entire time. Thanks to Shaundra Marshall. She thought I was a little hood rat and because I was a threat to her, she allowed Peter uninterrupted access to me and my life.” Her nostrils flared and she licked her lips. 

    “I found out that my going to Japan was a set up. Some woman named Tanaka Ami was supposed to get me and hand me over to Peter. My parents had made a deal with him to send me there to him.” 

    “Oh God…Rae…” She felt anger light up her veins and she inhaled sharply. 

    “Like little rats, they reported everything to him. Thank God Minako came to my rescue. She got to me before Tanaka could.” He didn’t say anything. 

    “As if that wasn’t enough, I find out that my former boss is in on it all too. I mean….gotdamn.” Tears welled up in her eyes and she tightened her fists. 

    “I’m sorry…” 

    “Don’t be… it’s not your fault. I just don’t…don’t understand. From the jump they were trying to destroy me.” She slid her hands down to her stomach. 

    “I’ll never forget it. The way they tried to convince me that killing the life within me was right…was the only answer…was the only way to be accepted into their family.” The tears that hd formed slid down her cheeks, hot and heavy. 

    “Fuck their family. I don’t want to be apart of it anymore. I don’t want anything to do with them…” She cried, her voice angry and hurt. 

    “Amee and Tre have been worried sick about you. Amee has been calling left and right, demanding updates and whereabouts. She’s been with me every step of the way in finding you.” 

    “It’s not Amee or Tre I’m upset at. I’m infuriated at Shaundra…and the man I call father.” 

    “As you have every right to be.” Sighing, she closed her mouth and wiped the tears away. 

    “Remember when we were kids…and you told me that you wanted to create a world where we could live and nobody would ever hurt us?” Her voice was quiet. Glancing at him, she watched as he nodded. 

    “I remember.” 

    “I wanna create that world now. I’m tired of living in this one.” He sighed. 

    “I’m tired of it too. I’m tired of your tears. Your sorrows and your pain. I’m sick of all the people in this world who seek to destroy you. And me.” 

    “Yeah.” It grew quiet again and no other words were spoken during the drive. Thirty minutes later they pulled into his driveway. 

    “Thank you for…lettin me stay here.” 

    “Don’t thank me.” He got out of the car and came to open her door. She got out and shuddered at the windy burst that chilled her skin. 

    “Come on.” He led her to the door and soon they walked in. 



    She stared at the large floor to ceiling window, crickets and fireflies alive in the darkness. 

    “Rae?”  She turned to find Hiroto standing behind her, a concerned look on his face. 


    “What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t want to talk about it…” He tightened his jaw. 

    “I’ll respect that.” Turning, he set the keys on the large island counter and left her alone. She was so grateful to Atmikha for letting them stay here… but…she was pissed. The rage brewing inside her was similar to a fire and it was hot as the sun. She looked out into the darkness. It was quiet and the stars twinkled like bright lights in the sky. The air was cool and clear. She was tired of always running…She had run her entire life. Turning to look at Roto, she sighed. After meeting him she had stopped. Even now… though it felt like running… she was running with him. That made it better… Swallowing, she came towards him. 

    “Thank you.” Quietly spoken, she walked past him in search of a bedroom where she could be in silence. 



    “Where is she?” 

    “I don’t know.”

    “She hasn’t been seen around her apartment. Or that of her parents.” 

    “She’s with Iwase.” 

    “That figures. But where are they?”

    “Find out.” 

    “Yes sir.” 


    He ran wet fingers through his hair and wrapped a towel around his waist. The moon was high and all was quiet. The room was dimly lit and the windows he had opened to let in a soft breeze. Walking over to the sink, he gripped the edge. Looking into the mirror, he swallowed tightly. Rae was such a simple woman… one who did not ask for much. Her smile rivaled the sun, her laughter the sea. Her eyes glittered with an ethereal light and her heart was precious and fragile. Looking down at his hands, he dug his nails into the palms. Any hand that struck her, any man who threatened to damage the glow, dim the seemingly unexplainable magic that dwelled within and beneath her beautiful brown skin didn’t deserve anything but misery. Droplets fell against his fingers. It had been a ride thus far…and all it had been for them so far was misery… and yet… fleeting moments of happiness. 


    He ran a bath, the hot water crystal clear as it filled the tub. Steam curled up in wisps and he inhaled deeply. He laid a white towel and soap on a nearby table. Stepping back, he dipped his fingers to test the water and stood, running damp fingers through his hair. 



    “It’s ready for you.” She came into the bathroom and at the sight of it, her mouth dropped. 

    “Oh my Lord…I…I can’t…believe this your bathroom.” He grinned, ruffling his hair. 


    “Oh I might not come back out then. You could live in here!” He laughed and gently kissed her forehead. 

    “Go ahead and get in.” She blushed with a nod and soon he closed the door. Pulling his hair up into a small bun, he tapped the counter. What to make, what to make? She had to be starved. Smiling to himself, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work, grabbing small packages and the other ingredients. 



    Laying in bed, she looked into the dark room. Little bits of gold flickered like bright little lights in her mind. It soothed her soul. 


    She soaked in the water, her muscles growing relaxed. Sighing deeply, she leaned her head back against the rim of the tub. Smiling to herself, she looked out of the window. All of New York was at her fingertips and from here, it looked beautiful. She closed her eyes and dipped her fingers into the water, watching as it sluiced through. The delicate scent from the candles he lit wafted across her nose and she sighed again. She just wanted the heat from the nearby candles, the soothing smoothness of the water and the night sky to take her away. Grabbing her towel and the small bottle of soap, she froze, looking at it. Biting her lip in a smile, she felt her cheeks grow warm. It was her favorite scent. Just like before when they were kids… he…he never forgot. Opening the small bottle, she poured it onto her pouf and lathered it up. 

    Once clean, she got out and softly stepped onto a plush mat. Grabbing her towel, she wrapped it around herself and turned to let the water out from the tub. Feeling clean and fresh, she went to the door and peeked out. No one. 

    “Hiroto?” It was quiet. She swallowed and came out of the bathroom. Where was he? 

    “Hiroto?” She called again. Nothing. It was a little while before she smelt something good. He must be in the kitchen. She followed the smell and stood still as she caught sight of him. He stood at his stove, stirring some type of sauce in a pan. Memories of him as a teenager flickered across her mind and she smiled as she watched him. In an A shirt and sweats, he hummed softly as he opened a pot full of steam. 

    “You haven’t changed.” He closed the pot and turned to look at her, a surprised expression on his face. 

    “Ah, I figured you were hungry…” She nodded and smiled. 

    “I am…” 

    “Good.”  He cleared his throat before quickly scanning her from head to toe. 

    “I threw away that sheet so…we’ll have to get you some clothes.” 

    “I don’t want you to buy anything for me Roto…” He grinned. 

    “Well, as much as I’d enjoy you just as you are, it wouldn’t be proper.” She pursed her lips.

    “Sure wouldn’t.”

    “To be safe, we should avoid your house for a little while. From what you’ve told me, they are watching that area for you.” 


    “I’ll go in the morning.” 

    “What if they find out where you are?” 

    “I cover my bases very well. They don’t know where you are and we’ll keep it that way.” 

    “So what do we do… just go into hiding?”

    “Until things become safe again yes.” 

    “How long you think that’ll be?” He sighed and turned back to the stove. 

    “I don’t know.” She slowly came behind him and pressed her face in between his shoulder blades. Wrapping her arms around him, she sighed. 

    “With you I always feel so safe.” She heard him put down something and she felt him turn, his arms coming around her. 

    “It’s my job to protect you. You know that.” She looked up into his eyes. 

    “Roto…” He smiled, his hands gently caressing her shoulders. 

    “Go into the room directly behind you to the right and get something to put on. I’ll set up dinner okay?”  

    “Okay.” She pressed her fingers to her cheek as she scurried towards his room. 



    He closed his eyes as he laid wrapped in the comforter. If there was one thing he was glad for, it was that she had been sent to him. Set up or not, if her parents had not have abandoned her in Japan, he’d have never met her. Somethings meant for evil actually turned out for good. And for that, he’d be grateful. 


    He set two plates on the low table and grabbed two pairs of hashi and forks. Sighing, he went to wash his hands and found her standing in the entryway, a sheepish look on her face. He chuckled. 

    “What’s wrong?” She pouted. 

    “All yo stuff too big…” 

    “You knew that already…”

    “Hush.” He grinned. 

    “I think my shirt looks good on you.” She had chosen a grey t shirt that touched just below her knees. She had found one of his headbands and put her hair up and away from her face, the strands still glistening with water. She smelled good and looked even better.

    “You think anything of yours looks good on me.” She retorted, a playful pout on her face. 

    “That’s because it does.” She rolled her eyes as he passed her. 

    “What’d you make?” She came to sit down, her legs cross crossed to the side of her. 

    “Spaghetti Napolitan.” 

    “Napoli what?” 

    “Napolitan. It’s really good. I’m surprised you never had it back home.” 

    “Well it’s a first time for everything. Anything with spaghetti is bound to be good so..” He poured water into her glass and then into his. 

    “This looks amazing Roto.” He blushed. 

    “Thank you. I’m ready to dig in.” She grinned. 

    “You ain’t said nothin but a word.” Without another utterance, they inhales their plates. 



    Love poured into his spirit like tiny grains of liquid sand and threatened to fill him to capacity. More… even more still…until he found himself overcome by it.    



    She had fallen asleep, her mouth slightly open. Chuckling softly, he gently moved the plate back from the table. How exhausted she must be. He was glad to see that she had eaten all of her food though. Sighing, he left her be while he cleaned up. Putting the remaining food into containers, he placed them in the fridge and washed his hands one last time. Coming over to her, he scooped her up. Bringing her to his bedroom, he placed her underneath his comforter. Soon, he joined her, pressing a kiss to her forehead before turning to face the opposite way. For the longest, he listened to her breathing before his eyes closed and he drifted to sleep. 



    The sweet soft peace that came from the memories drifted like a breeze and they both fell asleep, buried in its warm serenity. Soon, the morning had come before they knew it. Strange that in the midst of everything, they could enjoy nuggets of joy… even a little. 


    He was sitting on the couch as she entered the living room, the early morning light falling across his features.     

    “Roto?” Slowly, he turned and his eyes were warm and rich. 

    “Morning.” She smiled. 

    “Mornin.” She came to sit next to him. 



    “I wanna go far away…”

    “Pick a place and we’ll go.” His voice comforted her, soft and sweet like honey.

    “What if this place doesn’t exist?” He looked at her. 

    “Then we use our imagination to create it.” She smiled dreamily. 

    “That sounds nice.” He reached across and grabbed her hand. 

    “I’ve been thinking about everything. Running it over and over in my mind. The rage I feel can’t be explained Rae…” His voice was quiet but the cool calmness characteristic of him was shaky. When his voice quivered like that… she knew just how angry he was. He sighed and pressed his lips against the rope burns, still slightly red on her wrist. 

    “Soon all of this will end. And then, we’ll be able to live in our own world.” He looked at her. 

    “Can you hold on until then?” Her cheeks grew red, bright as the sun. 

    “Y-Yeah…I-I think I can.” 

    “Good.” She withdrew her wrist and gently pressed her hands into her lap. 

    “Together,  we’re better. Together, we’re… powerful.” She spoke, looking at nothing in particular. 

    “Like Bonnie and Clyde. Inseparable, dangerous and deadly.” 

    “We certainly have the potential to be all of the above.” She smiled to herself. 

    “A love that thrills and never grows cold…always burning.” She continued softly. 


    “Yeah.” She looked over to find that he had stood up. 

    “Unordinary. Peculiar in nature but pure and raw in form.” He said with a sigh. 

    “Yes…” To her surprise, he turned and leaned down, gently pressing his lips against hers. Sparks ignited in her veins and she gripped his arms. 

    “Something I’d kill for. Something I’d die for. Without a doubt or second thought.” 

    “Roto…” Without another word, he pulled away from her and left her, lips tingling. She took the bottom one in between her teeth. It was a little while before she got up to help him make something for breakfast. In hiding, having left no trails behind them, a new adventure had unfolded. She didn’t know however long this one would last but more and more she was beginning to feel empowered. With the man she loved at her side, she felt as though she could, would and must. The world wasn’t ready for Bonnie. Or Clyde. And when they reappeared, things would never be the same. They both would make damn sure of that. 



    “Did you find them?” 

    “No. Shaundra nor Kendrick have seen her. They haven’t even had communication with her.” 

    “What about the siblings?” 

    “They claim to have heard nothing from her either.”

    “I find that hard to believe. At the very least, she should’ve gotten in contact with Tremaine or Amelia.” 

    “Should I ask them again?”

    “Do ask again. This time if they insist on being tight lipped, make sure to let them know that the next time they see their sister will be in a body bag.” 

    “Of course Mr. Lugiano.”

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: Heyyyyyy everybodyyyyy! Woosa it's been a while! Since I came home, I been applying for jobs and scholarships like crazy! So I haven't been writing! I'm trying to keep myself occupied this summer with other things as well! I hope this chapter was worth the wait! Quite long but prayfully thrilling! I know I always seem to end chapters with cliff hangers LOL. Okay so 1: that is really how it ends in the idea process for me lol. And 2: SORRY lol. Again, it's like a movie playing and usually the chapter ends how it ends playin in my mind. Soooo that means cliff hangers.... galore it seems like huh lol. My bad y'all! I love this chapter...them two are a force to be reckoned wit and they know it lol. Confrontation is coming up... long awaited and longgggg overdue. Be prepared for another long chapter ahead :D Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon! :)

P.S-Did anybody else get goosebumps at that gif of Sakaguchi?? I saw it and was like YES HAVE TO USE THIS. 

Till next time, God bless! 

Sunray into the sky bright and yellow! 

Be set free by the renewing of your mind! 

D&L <3 

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