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The Conflict (Eriksson vs Johnson)


Svend Eriksson


Kayla Johnson



When a storm opens a rift in time and past and present eras merge, you still can’t hurry love.







“Imminent domain my ass,” Model and cafeteria worker Kayla Johnson stormed past the teepee next door and onto her lawn. Again Eriksson was pulling his Viking shit. He was adding an addition onto her home claiming her house was on his land. He lived next door in some sort of fort that his so called people had built for him. The structure was massive fit for a king as he was. He was infuriating and loud. He somehow had convinced the Redcoats general who was the law in her screwed up town, that her land was on his property. Of course, he agreed because he did not like northerners or the Indian Chief Little bird that lived across the street from Kayla. He always ruled in Svend’s favor and when he did not Svend did what he wanted to anyway because he was a Viking.

This world was a cohesion of past and present times. None of the good ones lived near Kayla. She had to walk through the plantations making sure that she had papers to prove that she was not a slave. Cars were outlawed because they damaged the air with pollution and because no one made them anymore. Her job as a model came before the storm ripped a hole in everything. She had to work at a cafeteria to make ends meet. The land baron Halki who taxed her liked to be paid with gold coin and working at the prison that housed pirates and serial killers was the only place that she could walk to that paid wages with gold coins. She was also saving up money to buy a horse. She had never ridden one but Chief Little bird said that one of his braves would teach her.

The soft chuckling from across the street alerted Kayla that her nemesis Svend Eriksson was outside and heading towards her with rippling muscles and his huge sword strapped to his hip. Last week he killed a velociraptor walking down the street minding its own business. Svend said it was sniffing around her door because it smelled blood but she did not believe him. He was just showing off as far as she was concerned. Kayla raised her dark eyes to the massive dark haired man staring down at her with a smirk on his face.

“Why are you standing on my land Eriksson?”

“I wish to speak to you as a man would a woman.”

Kayla smiled sweetly at him. Of course Svend did not trust this smile because usually an insult followed it. “If a man stood before me then I guess your words would be correct.”

Little bird chuckling could be heard coming from across the street. He always sat outside his teepee at about this time. Kayla returned home from work in the evening and he loved to hear her argue with the Viking King. Svend grunted at her still smirking. “You are filled with venom and fire little one but I shall know your blood.”

Kayla rolled her eyes at his words. “Really Svend,”

Svend moved closer. “You weaken for me.”

“I also throw up in my mouth a little every time I see you.”

Svend’s men chuckled at her words as they watched them from the wooden fence dividing their land. They were drinking ale without care of punishment. How in the hell could they have that out in public and the Redcoat general would not let her sip water on her porch? He could not accept that they lost the war and was taking it out on her.

Svend chuckled. “You have much FIRE tonight!”

Kayla frowned as she walked around him. “Yeah well you try out running those devil dogs of that sorcerer that lives over the hill. Why does he want my heart?”

She did not hear laughter from either Little bird or Svend and his men. Kayla turned when she heard Little bird speaking to one of his braves. She could hear him and others running back to the stables that held their horses. Svend nodded to his men at the gate and they walked away preparing for battle.

Kayla backed when the Viking king approached her. “I shall return,”

A frown crossed her face and Svend smiled. “Have you no words to speed me on my quest.”

That smile that he had grown accustomed to for six months returned and he knew fury lay behind it. “The words that I would speak would unnerve Little bird so I will just say nothing but get off my land.”

Svend smiled and barely touched her shoulder and she went flying onto her swing on her porch. “Until I return woman stay inside.”

He walked away from her. Kayla picked up the ceramic pot on her porch and threw it at his head. The pot just shattered without even affecting him as he leaped over the fence and vaulted to the saddle of his white demon horse called Magma. She hated his horse too.


She watched the parties ride off together and disappear down the street. She had no idea where he was going nor did she care. Tonight she would not have to explain to him why he could not come in her house whenever he wanted to, to check for intruders. He was the intruder. He kept saying that she was his and that she could feel it deep inside. He was on crack and possibly had a mental disorder. Little bird said that Svend is a great king and that she should submit to him. She knew then that Svend was sharing his crack with Little bird.

The sound of slowly moving hooves pulled Kayla from her thought and she quickly unlocked her front door and walked inside. The Plantation owners were looking for a runaway slave in their area and she had no doubt that they would grab her say that it was a mistake after they did unmentionable things to her. Little bird sitting outside his teepee might keep them from taking her tonight but she did not want to risk being wrong. Kayla locked her door and walked into her kitchen and lit a lamp and turned it up. She used electricity sparingly. The baron would tax her for it if he caught her. The man was a fat greedy slob. Of course she was the only one on the block that he taxed. Svend said it was because she was an unclaimed female.  Kayla only rolled her eyes and walked away from the Viking king telling her what he could offer her if she were his mate as if she cared. He had no idea that she had planned his death at least seven times while he stood before her speaking about her baron problem.

Kayla looked at her pantry and saw only a loaf of bread and some tuna. Her stomach grumbled and she grabbed the can of tuna. She had to go to the market in the morning and she was not loving that idea. She could not buy much until she got a horse and a cart. The struggle was real about getting food every day. A long sigh escaped her as she pulled the manual can opener from the drawer and began opening the can of tuna. She would have to plan her route carefully through the plantation now that they were on a hunting mission. The hike through the mind fields was always a treat when the green berets were not there to guide her. She just hoped that she got there early. If she had a horse she could just use the streets and rural roads. She could not walk them because too many bandits patrolled that area and she would lose all her bought booty. She would just have to be careful and fast. Kayla drained the tuna in her sink and then turned on the water to wash it down the drain. She was going to eat and then go to sleep for a while before she started thinking about her route to the market. She needed her strength to think and prepare for Svend to return to his home. Her house would be the first home that he visited upon his return because he had to show her what he killed, how he killed it, and what he was going to do with it. He would do all of this while laying all over her furniture because of imminent domain….her ass.

Chapter End Notes:

This has been stuck in my head and will not leave. Please forgive any mistakes. I hope that you enjoy this

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.