To Break the Spell by BlackMamba



What if Cinderella's prince was a car salesman instead of royalty? What if Sleeping Beauty was a prince, waiting for his princess's rescue? Ever wanted to revamp your favorite fairy tale or put a magical spin on your favorite television show? Well here's your chance! We're challenging you to shake up your favorite fairy tale this month at The Chamber. Original or fanfiction, fantasy or a clever twist on the contemporary it's all up to you. Just make sure to use a fairy tale as the inspiration for your story.

Once upon a time, The Chamber redefined happily ever after. Are you up for the challenge?

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Summary: Ella Fontaine has wished for something better but it seems that whoever answers wishes and prayers misses her memos! Her stepmother, Suzzette, owns the hottest nightclub in their small town called Charming. However, Suzzette is not so charming and neither are her twin daughters, Sasha and Serena. Serena is the club singer and Sasha is the DJ. Ella, however, is forced to do jantorial work, if she doesnt make any money, her step-mother will throw her out on the streets. The highlight of her night is watching the beautiful couples dance together and she wishes she can do the same with her own prince charming.

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Published: 07/04/10
Updated: 30/04/10