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Author's Chapter Notes:

Time for Micaiah to go find herself, and leaving isn't going to be easy. 

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(airport in New Orleans)

"I can't believe this day has come already, Mama. I'm gonna miss you sooo much - no! Don't cry, Mama." Micaiah says as she reaches out and wipes a rogue tear from her mama's eye. "Micaiah baby, I just can't believe you're really moving to South Korea for a whole year just to pursue your education! It was enough you went to Colgate instead of Tulane, but now you're off to South Korea! How will I deal with my baby being gone so far away?"
"Oh, Mama. You had years before I was born and one more year without me will not kill you. Besides, we'll stay in touch just like at Colgate. Plus, I taught you how to use Skype and ooVoo, so we'll be good. Please, Mama, don't make me change my mind. If you say it, you know I'll stay."
Mama looks me straight in the eye. "You go and learn and come back home. Micaiah, while you're there, find yourself and create your future; map out your life. My baby is talented, and greatness is about to manifest itself through you. Come back bigger and badder, my daughter."
With glassy eyes, I hugged her tight one more time.
"Thank you, Mama, for everything: for raisin me to be a strong, black woman, for always bein there, and for givin me all the love in the world that pushed and encouraged me to fight my way to the top."
"Flight number 658 to LAX from MSY is now ready to board." the loudspeaker announced.
One last hug and kiss from Mama and it's time for me to walk away. I turn just before going through security where Mama couldn't come with me.
"That's my baby! Yall betta watch out! She's about to be great!" My Mama yelled!

We could never know just how true those words would prove to be.

Chapter End Notes:

First stop, LAX then Korea. See yall in S. Korea!

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