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The rest will be coming soon. Thanks for reading!! :-)

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Jeremy Hyatt





Hey girl, what’s up?
You've been going through it, huh?
Yeah, I know
and I know your man ain't been treating you right
but....your man ain't me

“Why do we always have to go out after we get a moment to breathe Darius? I don’t want to see anyone tonight; I just want to be alone with you.”

Darius threw on his black slacks and tucked in his blue dress shirt.

“I ain’t got a choice baby. I have to go mingle and that’s that.”

Jazzelle crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes.

“Yea, that and touch on every female there.” She mumbled.

Darius put on his suit jacket and started to work on his tie.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous of them girls Jazz.”

Jazzelle snorted with another roll of her eyes.

“Please. The last thing you need to worry about is me being jealous of them hood rats. I actually have class.”

Darius walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“And that is why I love you and not them, now hurry and get dressed.”

Jazzelle stood her ground. He was not making her go this time.

“I ain’t goin no where Darius. I’m sure the law firm can go one night without you there. I barely get to see you and when I do, we’re at you’re stupid functions and I no longer exist. Since you’re so adamant about going then go. Go do whateva it is you do and have fun with yo hoes cause I ain’t goin.”

Darius angrily grabbed his designer watch, flicked on his wrist and headed for the front door.

“Fine, if you’re gonna be a bitch then be a bitch. And I’ll make sure to have fun with my hoes. Don‘t wait up.”

With that he slammed the door.

Jazzelle shook her head and threw her white Jordan’s on, deciding to go the local blockbuster. She was pretty sure Darius was cheating on her. Being called a bitch was a daily occurrence for her now. The word had offended her at the beginning but after two years it barely got a reaction out of her. She didn’t even know why she was with the bastard. It wasn’t like she needed him, financially or other wise. Plus he was horrible in bed. She so needed a change.

Stepping out of her car she noticed that blockbuster wasn’t very crowded tonight. It was usually the neighborhood’s party spot on Friday nights but there were maybe three other cars besides hers tonight. She headed straight for the comedy section hoping she would find something to lighten her mood. After picking up “The Sweetest Thing” from one of the racks she heard a voice beside her.

“I wouldn’t recommend that.”

Jazzelle looked at the deep voiced stranger beside her and her breath caught. She normally wasn’t attracted to white men but this man was something else. He was looking fine with his lose Sean John jeans, Sean John t-shirt, and baby blue Nikes on his feet. He had broad shoulders and was about 6’0 tall.

“And why wouldn’t you recommend it sir?”

He had seen her checking him out so he figured it was ok to return the favor. She had on an apple bottom tank top, accompanied by an apple bottom jacket. Her apple bottom jeans hugged her ass like no other.

He grinned a boyish grin that brought a smile to her lips.

“Well Ma’am, the movie is alright but it’s not something you should watch if you need a real laugh. It might give you a chuckle or tow but that‘s about it.”

She smiled at that.

“And what makes you think I need a laugh?”

He shrugged his shoulder and went back to his task but his blue eyes were still twinkling.

“Why would you be in the comedy section if you didn’t need a laugh?”

“Good point. Any suggestions?”

He rummaged through his stack of movies and finally found what he was looking for.

“Somthin like this.”

“The Longest Yard huh? Alright, hand me a copy.”

He looked back to the spot he found the movie but there were no more copies.

“I think I just took the last one. My bad, but I ain’t handin it over so don’t even think about it lady.”

She pretended to be upset and put on her best pout but he seemed more amused than guilty.

“Fine then, be like that. Maybe I’ll go watch Madagascar instead.”

He laughed when he looked at the spot the Madagascar copies were supposed to be.

“I think I just took the last copy of that too.”

Jazzelle made a face and looked at the movies in his hands.

“It looks like you have every damn movie in here. You gonna have a movie marathon or something?”

Justin smiled as he glanced at her.

“Or something. You know you could join me if you want.”

She snorted and put back the movie she was holding.

“I don’t even know you man.”

He abruptly turned and took her hand in his, shaking it roughly.

“Hi my name is Justin Tate, well known business man with no life. And you are?”

She grinned, playing along with his game.

“Hi my name is Jazzelle Nicole Davidson, well known Physician at Mt. Sinai. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Tate/well known business man with no life.”

He laughed at her giddiness but didn’t let go of her hand.

“Well now that we know each other, why don’t you come hang out with me and watch a grip of movies. I could use the company.”

“Well, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I do have a man and all.”

He smiled and dragged her towards the counter so they could check out.

“Well Jazzelle, yo man ain’t here so it‘s all good.”

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