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Being eighteen is hard enough, but when you factor in the shape shifting, howling at the moon, and a serious craving for rabbit and deer meat being eighteen is less than easy. Meet Edison, sister to three brothers, daughter of Josephine and Tobias Banks. Her and her family, who share the same animalistic habits, have just moved to Brookesville.

When several of the local residents go missing only to be found dead in the woods, Edison suspects it more than the everyday animal attacks. All clues point to the Taylors and their less than normal son, Aiden who is devastatingly attractive, but has secrets even his beyond strange family can't explain. But when one of Edison's friends goes missing along side Aiden's girlfriend, Edison teams up with Aiden in hopes of finding whatever is snacking on the locals of Brookesville.

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Categories: Original Fiction
Characters: Original Character(s)
Classification: Supernatural
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Romance, Science Fiction , Suspense
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Pairings: Male/Female
Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Original Characters, Strong Sexual Content , Work in Progress
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Chapters: 4
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Published: 31/10/10
Updated: 23/11/10