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Story Notes:

This is my first story. I'm going to give this a try, and see what happens. I might take it down and redo. Please tell me what you think. Please review even if you don't like it.

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Aza blinked his pale silver eyes focusing on the human male he had just shot with his own gun. He couldn't help but sneer at his prey's lifeless eyes. It wasn't his fault that they where so weak and could be easily killed. Aza sighed softly, as his feet trudged forward through the outskirts of the city. He was on patrol, scouring the suburbs for any human survivors. The sun was setting by the time Aza started heading back to his squads temporary camp. His mind wondering far from his reality as he contemplated on his people's invasion of earth. 

     The junirk and the sato had been enemies on there home planet of fetiri for many generations. Though the war escalated that resulted into the two sides nearly destroying one another. Both sides fearing total annihilation called for a truce. However it was too late to repair the damage that had been done. The toxins and strife from there weapons and machines had torn the land asunder and left millions dead, dying, or wishing for death. The junirk lost many of there people most being there women and children. While the Sato suffered severe casualties though none where as devastating as most of there people became infertile and unable to bear life or give. So it was then decided that both sides would work together for the betterment of both people, thus uniting and becoming one race which they decided to call Satork. 

     So now Aza was here with what was left of both armies to conquer earth for there resources and there people. Fortunately the two sides could breed with one another, though the Sato had no distinct gender since they could either be a bearer or a giver. The war though had cause many to not be able to sustain a life or give. There genetics becoming to mutaited, and the Junirk had simply lost most of there women and children. Both sides knew that there wasn't enough of either race to increase there numbers to a decent size, hence the need for the next genetically compatible species. However the newly found people of Satork weren’t expecting such resistance from the people of earth. The result being a five year long war, that was drawing to a close. The human’s had only been able to prolong the inevitable not deter it.
      Aza sighed softly as he brushed the silver blond bangs out of his eyes. The male was the only survivor he had run into,though now he would have to explain to the general why he wasn't captured and instead killed. Muttering curses under his breath Aza quickly made a sharp turn by a crumbling brick home that at one point would have been beautiful. The body should still be where he left it by the back door. Though when Aza reached the backyard he didn't see a corpse in fact he didn't even see the hand gun he left by the body. A rustling in the distance caught his attention, as Aza crouched low to the ground and crept towards the sound. There around the corner appeared to be another human dragging the lifeless body toward a somewhat destroyed suburban home. Many of his platoon said that Aza had a large sadistic streak even for his people. So it would only be natural for him to just wait and see just how much fun he could have before he took the human back to camp.

     Carla heaved the dead body over the threshold of the abandon house, with one last effort she dragged the body into the living room. She then fished around in the front pocket of her jeans and pulled out her glasses so she could see more then blurred images. She was going to have to search the body for anything that might be of use for her survival. Then she would bury him in the early morning. A grimace of disgust crossed her face as she began the dirty work of examining the body for a knife or food. Hell she would even take a stick of gum she was so damn hungry. Sighing softly as she could only find dog tags that read the name “Sanders” along with the gun that she had laid beside him. A small sad smile played on her lips as she let her fingers trace across the engraved letters. Totally oblivious to the danger that crept ever so closer.

     Aza grinned as he silently approached the human female. He was almost close enough to take her by surprise when all of a sudden she shot up from her sitting position. Successfully knocking him down on his butt with his gun raised and a hiss escaping his lips. Oh yeah that bitch would pay he vowed as he looked into her terrified mahogany eyes. Her eyes darted from the laser gun in his hands, to his face. Aza gave her a sinister smile, letting one of his fangs show to frighten her.

    Carla's heart was thumping so loud in her chest that she was sure that it was about to burst out of her chest. One of the aliens was here in front of her, she wanted to scream, to run, but no all she could do was stare into his pale silver eyes completely dumbfounded.  Soon though her brain caught on to the situation as it gave the order for her body to run. She turned to run, but lost her balance and fell forward bracing her hands and body to take the fall.

    Aza Burst out laughing at the girl’s failed attempt at fleeing. The girl was just to pathetic for words. Not only was she funny looking with the black specticals that looked to be to big for her soft oval face. Her chocolate hued cheeks had smudges of dirt and her full lips seemed to have had a recent cut at the corner of her mouth. Her frizzy midnight hair was messy and unkept in a ponytail. She wore a dirty oversized blue shirt that fell off one of her shoulders, and light blue jeans that were falling apart. Though the girl did look like a street urchin there was something innocent and beautiful about her. Oh how he couldn't wait to destroy that innocence and make her suffer. He watched the girl blink several times as she got on her hands and knees an crawl towards a closet that was under the stairs. She quickly threw herself into the closet turning to grab the knob and shut the door with a loud bang. Aza stared at the door that the pitiful girl had decided to run and hide behind. With a muttered curse he pulled himself up to his feet, to go retrieve the girl from her sorry excuse of a hiding spot. Banging on the door as he called out “human, open the door now.”  his answer being a “No way in hell!”. He growled low in his throat as he threw the door open ready to tell the human off, but stopped when he saw the girl in the corner, with an old stuffed lion clutched tightly to her chest. Aza was about to step forward and retrieve the girl, when his communicator went off. Sighing softly he pressed the button at the base of his throat.

     Carla peeked an eye open to look at the alien, as a soft beeping went off and he pressed a button that was on the band he wore around his throat. She couldn't understand the words that he spoke, but she could hear the agitation laced with each word he said. All the while his pale eyes never leaving her form. She let her eyes focus on him as the light from outside illuminated his body, casting him in a silhouette. His voice though irritated sounded nice and soothing almost like a girl’s voice. She had been alone for nearly two years that it was nice to hear someone else's voice besides her own. When she snapped out of the trance that his voice had put her in, she noticed that he was smirking at her and was dangerously close. Oh that wasn’t good she thought.

    He couldn't believe his luck as the general had to call and check on him that moment. Oh well something good did come out of it and that was the transfixed expression that fell upon the human’s face. He quickly disclosed his location and that he had a surprise for the general. Slowly stepping towards her for dramatic effect and to increase the fear he saw in her eyes. He loved how expressive her dark eyes were, especially when they held only fear as he inched closer. When he reached out a pale hand to touch her face, the girl screamed and threw her head back, banging it against the wall. She quickly placed her hands on the spot she hit muttering curses about damn walls. Aza grinned even wider at her antics, she was going to be amusing he thought. She glared at him as she muttered “don’t touch me please.”. Oh he was definitely going to have fun with her, as he raised his tranquilizer gun to her arm and pulled the trigger. He chuckled as the human fell forward into his awaiting arms, the stuffed lion still clutched tightly in her hands.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.