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Usually when we get to see a matriarchal society in fiction,  the men are slaves, and the women are either physically bigger and stronger than them or leading them around with potions, chemicals, or pheromones. What about a less extreme matriarchy? 

The challenge is to write a story that takes place in a society where misandry is the norm.


  1. the men cannot be slaves
  2. the majority of the women cannot be physically stronger than the majority of the men.
  3. the majority of the men cannot be drugged.
  4. women and men must interact with eachother on a regular basis.

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 photo chamber grindhouse challenge 8_zpsm99qweo5.jpg

Ghosts. Demons. Strange little dolls. Deadly men in nice suits. When the warm season change all kinds of devious things make their presences known. What wonderful stories they may have for us and they need you to bring them to life.

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On April 21, 2016 the world became a lot less magical and musical. Prince was one of the best musicians and storytellers of all time. We all have a favorite song or two or five, that became the soundtrack of our lives. Tell us a story about your favorite song of his.

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Beyonce's new visual album just released a firestorm of SUPREME SOUTHERN BLACK GOTHIC REALNESS. Each track a story of love, pain and redemption. Which song will inspire you to tell a story. 

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It’s that time of year again!

The lights, the hot cocoa, the cuddle-weather, and the merriment. It’s the holidays, y’all, and let’s celebrate through story! The Challenge? Just a story about the warmth of family, friends, and love during the holidays. Whether it’s a brand new experience or a story of old, go on and spread the joy!

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Skies are blacked by cajuned colored

but the tears fromo my eyes are painted in color

Blinded by the black skies

I'm colored blind

So I drape in connection to the skies

Who colored me in such presence?

But is black not a color?

Ebony is the stance that makes it sound of beauty

But it drapes in disguise from paint that claims no color


The darkest of colors thats bold to the beat

resulting in absence

resulting in absorbtion

portrayed by mourning

A color so bold sold by death


But the color of elegant magic

For I am the Paint Draped in




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Image from pinterest Drake Illustration

That can only mean one thing...

I have no idea why I am issuing this chanllenge. Maybe because a special someone got the song in my head <3. Or it might be because of the hilarious memes I've been seeing on youtube. Anywho, this challenge is real simple.
Write something that relates to the lyrics of this song somehow. It can be fiction, nonfiction, a poem, or fanfiction. It can be short or long, mature or g rated. It's up to you! Just base the story off the lyrics :)


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 photo crazy2a_zps0rvrmjlt.jpg October is here! You all know what that means...GRINDHOUSE TIME!!! Its that special time of year where things are not what they seem and maybe you are right about that monster hiding under your bed. Chamber writers this will your chance to show us some of the most scariest and horrific tales your imaginative brains can deliver. Are you ready?

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The events in the lives of two lovers as seen by a pet.

Any species. Anywhere.

Any length, but if a one shot must have 2000+ word count.

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Valentine Day is coming up and also the much anticipated release of 50 Shades of Grey. So I thought we could add some Winter spice to the Chamber and redo some of our favorite or most hated scenes from the 50 Shades Trilogy. Your leading man doesn't have to be Christian, he can be whomever you choose.  

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It's December and that means Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with fanfic? Your challenge for the month of December is to give us a glimpse into the lives of your favorites characters from TV, Movies and Books, as they deal with the craziness that is Christmas. Remember Chamber Family, no original fiction just strictly fanfic. Have fun with it. Happy Holidays!

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She holds the key Challenge
by A_Muse_In_Grrl

I like songs like "Rose" by Lee Hi, "Greenlight" by Beyonce and "Meet Her" by Ga In wherein the woman is warning the guy away from her, telling him to hit the road or telling the guy to find another girl because she is no longer enamored of him. Write a story featuring a woman who does not simper over men, nor form attachments simply because someone loves her or has sex with her. She is not cruel but decisive and knows who and what she wants. She will not give the key to her heart, mind and body but she'll let you in her world for a time.

This can be a character study or from the POV of a male character whose heart is possessed and finds it hard to exorcise her or any POV that allows your muse to flow. 

Include: Any genre or multiple genres, Original Fiction, Original Character(s), 

Avoid: Song fic, male dominance prevailing

Would be nice but not necessary: World Building, Alternate Reality, Smouldering Sensuality



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Valent Chamber Challenge
By A_Muse_In_Grrl

Required:Sci-fi, Original Fic, minimum 5000 words, Woman of color as protagonist/heroine

Woman of Color gets caught in time loop; however she doesn't have control of her body, She experiences doing things that she cannot stop. How does she feel about things she is doing? Is she in the past or future? Does she recognize anyone other than herself? Put a twist on this any way you like.     

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 photo CGC6_zps5601a522.jpg

It's that time again, where the weather begins to develop a sharp crisp in the air and out of the corner of your think that the shadows are following your every move.

It's OCTOBER! That means it's GrindHouse Time!

So my Chamber Family, you are tasked with spinning your most darkest, most deranged and most horrifying tale. Are you up for the challenge? Don't be too scared.

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Shot's Fired

A thrill seeker puts a hit on themselves and tries to evade their assassin.


***I got this one from Reddit Writer's Prompts***

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Rewrite your favorite fairytale from the pov of the least likely character.

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Sleep Tight.

There is a new game being played in your neighborhood, it's called Sleep Tight. 

The first to close their eyes...dies horribly.





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    What if, the world was spilt right down the middle? Men ruled one half of the world while woman ruled the other half. In the beginning this system was only created to see, who could handle government better but now it's the way of the world


     Five Laws in both societies


  1.  Never speak of the other sex
  2.  Never replicate naturally
  3.  Pleasure robots are not to look like the other sex
  4.  Remove the other sex from all history
  5.  Never cross the line into the other society



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The year is 2045 and over a half of the Earth's population has vanished without a trace. Those who have been left behind have no memories of the vanished. Mother Nature has had enough and her fury has caused the remaining humans to seek shelter underground.

What happens when some start to remember? How do the underground communes handle life underground? What happens when some unknown force start picking off by one?

Prompt Rules:

Short Story- I want no more than 5 chapters.

Have Fun!

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So one day you find out that you are Immortal. But there is a steep price. What will you do now? 


Prompt Rules:

750 word count

Must be written in Present Tense form



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Use Black female with any love interest in an interracial relationship. Any Genre. No soap operas.
Make it hot and passionate at some point. Minimum 10,000 words. I prefer a happy ending and long hot stories.
Use at least three or more of the following song titles or all for inspiration for the chapter or overall story. You don't have to know the songs because I picked this eclectic mix of songs for the sentiment and for the fact that I think that the titles could really incite your muse especially if you can make a cohesive scintillating story using all chapter titles.

Chapter titles
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face -Roberta Flack
Let Me Hold You Close-Bow Wow
If Loving You is Wrong...- Percy Sledge or Luther Ingram
Missing You -Diana Ross
Careless Whisper-- George Michael
Don't Speak--No Doubt
Because I Love You - Lenny Williams
I Want You-Marvin Gaye
If I Should Die Tonight - Marvin Gaye
Spend Some Time- Brand New Heavies
Can't Remember to Forget You- Shakira ft Rihanna
Stay This Way- Brand New Heavies
Never Stop - Brand New Heavies

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 photo b5f9ee9c-8441-483e-9b14-0f61d8656cb2_zpsf03ef384.png

Yeah Valentine is about Love, Happiness and lots of Chocolates but lets be real its more than just that for this cursed holiday. The emotional rollercaster a person could experience in just those 24 hours can go from the joy of brand new love all the way to murderous rage...that's alot of grey area in between ain't it? Thought so...

This challenge is for the that grey area. This challenge is not for those sappy sugary sweet love stories. Anything can happen in that grey area and its your job to provide the story. Good Luck!

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 photo BeYonceChallenge_zpsc39db7ca.jpg


You knew this challenge was coming sooner or later...







Beyonce killed us all dead to the bed when she dropped this masterpiece on us. She showed the world that even the Queen Bee loved getting on her knees. lol

This challenge is used any of the songs on her album to be the inspiration for your next story.

Make sure you let us know what song you used.  And push the bar with this one. Don't be scared...



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Here are 3 random things that MUST be used in your story.

A tire iron

A floppy disc

An old VHS that has sound but no video


The Rules: 

The story must be an One-Shot.

Must be in Objective POV


Here's a definition of Objective POV:  With the Objective Point of View, the writer tells what happens without stating more than can inferred from the story's action and dialogue. The Narrator never discloses anything about what the characters think or feel, remain a detached observer.

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