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The Chamber is not ordinarily place for politics, have tried hard to keep neutral. With the current cluster**** that is going on, simply impossible. Not admin's job to force agendas... what do y'all think?

We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can
We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can 79%
Don't mind either way
Don 10%
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read 10%

Gia by destinysdiva 17 and older
International model Gia Campbell is tired of fighting Liz Webber for the attention of her love Nicholas. One fateful night of defiance will change her life forever and give her the possibility of a new love. Will she surrender to the power of Fate? Carly never married Sonny. Liz has had affairs with...
Alexia and Jacob. Oven Mittens by jessie 17 and older
A man has a gift for his girlfriend.
The Queen by kbrand5333 17 and older
Speculation, taking place pretty much immediately where season 4 ended.
Sugar Mama by Missus James Mature Content
  COMPLETED! (CHAPTER 30 & 31 UPDATED ON 4/20)   Thirty-seven-year-old Sugar Wallace used her bitter divorce as a sweet inspiration to pursue her lifelong dream of opening a trendy dessert and wine restaurant called Sugar Mama. Her friends and family want her to dive back into the...
BROKEN by Shay_The Writer 17 and older
  There was nothing he could do to fix this. He had torn out her heart and left it bleeding on the floor. Thanks to him, she was now broken. XRATED
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Recently Added
Aftermath by Valhalla Teen or Above
  Aftermath (noun) 1. the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event. 2. new grass growing after mowing or havest. The (very) short story of Ephraim and Helen.   
The True Measure by magensby 17 and older
The Killing Club Killer has tied two (2) victims to the basketball posts and left them to burn.  Lt. John McBain rushes in but things happen that no one expects.  It is said that the true measure of a person is seen in how they handle adversity.  Who measures up, who perishes...
Accordance by DarkandLovely Mature Content
There is such structure in life. But what happens when you break free? What exists beyond that prison?                   Accordance is a original work by CM and is intended for publication so please do not upload, distort, edit, or remove and place...
From Chaos to What? Chaos is a ladder by magensby 17 and older
Evangeline struggles with her blindness; Todd Manning is executed; and John McBain gets closer to solving his father’s murder.  Everywhere is chaos and what is that? Chaos is a ladder. How you maneuver its rungs depends upon you.
Facing Your Destiny by Leoslove Mature Content
  Seven years on the run, and a bullet with someone else’s name was all it took for Angel to finally meet the man of her dreams, a ridiculously handsome, overly possessive Russian mobster named Aleksey who would kill anyone to keep her.   This is the THIRD edition in the "Unbreakable...
Changed by CrimsonBlaze Mature Content
Ethan West has never been one to control his wolf, he let his instincts rule and they never failed him. Until his wolf insisted on marking Mia Kane as his mate. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Mia wasn't a human. Ethan despised humans and taking one as a mate was the last thing he wanted to do. Mia...
Incompatible by magensby All Ages
Another NCIS story about Jethro Gibbs and Marjorie McGregor.
GALLO'S REDEMPTION by marchpisces92 Mature Content
Dominic Gallo came from a dark past and was just trying to make things good for his little family. When he finds out that his eight-year-old son is not biologically his Dom's past comes to get him. The only person who seems to understand him is his childhood friend Patrice Vaughn who also had her own...
Outlander by Smartcooki3 Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Daphne Gregory is on the run. She's looking for a place to lay low until things calm down back home. When she lands in Oklahoma, the last thing she expects to find is a friend in resident playboy Landon Phelps.
The Morning and Evening Star by ElisesThoughts Mature Content
In Ancient Egypt, life as a slave is difficult. Rhapdosis longs for her freedom and a purpose beyond a house slave. When her master dies, everything changes. She is thrown into a world that she never could have prepared for, facing threats that she could never have imagined. 

Mother of the Heir by Asia Ralaia Schiegoh 17 and older
  "My ascension to Hell is far from what you're after; the birth of...

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thank you

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Have had a lot of emails recently about missing reviews. If you get a notification that a new review has come in and then it isn't there when you check, don't panic. It was a spam review and has been deleted.

In an effort to keep spam off the site, I try to delete the spam registrations and reviews as they come in. It is an ongoing battle and there is no real practical way to stop it except to disallow reviews completely.

You can set your stories to members only, but that will only slow it down, not actually stop it.

Every day i delete anywhere between 50 to 5000 or more reviews that are just rubbish trying to sell things.

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