The Ingenue by Noelle Vonham


An ingenue is defined as an artless, innocent, unworldly girl or young woman. She has grown up sheltered from the harsh realities of the world around her by stronger, bolder personalities.

However, no one stays an ingenue for long.

Let's explore the journey that takes place when a girl takes her first real steps toward womanhood, and gains the strength to shield herself. She'll struggle against the very ones who have kept her safe, the women who envy her position, and the men who want to take her innocence, whether for a trophy or for a lifetime.

She will also struggle to confront everything that she has been taught her to fear, and at times wish to return to the relative safety of her ivory tower. However, once she has had a taste of real freedom, and power over her own destiny, there will be no turning back.

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Rated: Teen or Above
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Aaliyah Wyndham is a twenty-seven year old attorney working in the field of Entertainment Law. She has had a crush on her next-door neighbor, C.E.O. Gabriel Cortez, for over a year. Following a break-in, the two share a romantic interlude that seems quite promising, until Aaliyah realizes that Gabriel doesn‘t realize who she is! Aaliyah decides that for his oversight, she wants to make Gabriel pay, and make him pant.

There is only one problem with this plan: Lucas D'Alessandro, her best friend since childhood. He’s been Aaliyah‘s “Big Brother” for so long that she never notices when she begins to feel decidedly unlike his sister. Meanwhile, he is facing the same quandary, struggling to decide whether to pursue a more intimate connection with Aaliyah or to leave the field clear for someone else, namely Gabriel.

Shall Aaliyah rest her case with Gabriel, or shall she make a motion to Amend her Heart with Lucas?

This is a sweet romance story. It has been published, and so this is only an excerpt.

Table of Contents
Categories: Original Fiction, Miscellaneous
Characters: None
Classification: General
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Family, Romance
Story Status: Completed
Pairings: None
Warnings: Adult Situations, Original Characters, Racism, Sexual Content , Work in Progress
Challenges: The Ingenue
Series: None
Chapters: 11
Word count: 15142
Read Count: 43851
Published: March 02 2013
Updated: April 19 2014

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