Title: Chapter 5

Wow! 😳 Sasha is just straight up low-down! 😣😠

Author's Response:

She really is.  Thanks Musicluva!

Reviewer: Musicluva Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 22 2015 03:33 am

Title: Chapter 1

exucse the cursing but fuck this was just so fucking brilliant!! thank you for Mikhail's background story, sharing how he and Tamryn first met but also his feelings for her and the job -  it made things clearer, at least for me :)

however Mikhail is such a trickster - he made sure Tamryn said his name, lool! that was beyond hot and sexy as hell...!


i mean sorry, Aaron, i like you, really i do, but Mikhail is the man...!!



you wrote that you are stuck and i say pace yourself. you've been updating like crazy this week so if you need to to step back from the story then do so because the end result will be worth the wait and also don't feel pressured to include all of our requests from the wild card voting, okay? this is your story so you decide where you want to take it =D

other than that i think Mikhail and Tamryn need to do it in the shower in the next chapter (your fault. you introduced the idea =p) before all hell breaks loose because it's going to, lool! thanks for the update!!


Author's Response:

You are quite welcome, Yuukiyanagi.  Thanks you for the awesome review.  So glad you enjoyed the background on Mikhail.  I'm working on the next chapter.  I actually revel in the challenge of incorporating readers' votes to create a cohesive story (at least I hope it is). 

Next chapter will provide more info on Mia, as you requested, along with some other developments.  Stay tuned... And we'll see what we can do to get Tam and Mikhail some coed shower time, because as you said, all hell is soon to break loose.  Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Yuukiyanagi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 10:17 am

Title: Chapter 7

Omg!!! That was so hot! Just started reading this story today I can't believe Carter's actually Mikhail! Oh he sounds so hot! I just hope Tamryn won't be upset with him when she finds out the truth. Please get rid of Shauna before something else bad happens to Tamryn. Shauna needs to work on her issues with their dad instead of taking it out on Tamryn. She's a horrible sister. Please update soon I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:

I agree Shauna should take her issues to her father.  It's unlikely she well, but you never know. 

Tam is bound to be upset when she finds out Carter is actually Mikhail.  How upset really depends on their circumstance.  More on that to come. 

An update is in the works.  Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 07:19 am

Title: Chapter 7

I am loving this story!  Aaron give it up, bc Mikhail has claimed his woman.  

Author's Response:

Thanks Penelope!  So glad you like it.

Reviewer: Penelope Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 04:34 am

Title: Chapter 7

Love Tam and Carter together! ! Please kill her sister and allow Tam to pull the trigger.  It eould be awesome if Tam turned the tables on her psycho sister!  Cool beans!!

Author's Response:

Shauna's death is in high demand.  We'll see if you get your wish and whether Tam has any role in it.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Pmgayles!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 03:02 am

Title: Chapter 7

Damn woman.....You sure know how to turn a phrase...but you and I already knew that....I must say...my favorite line was when Larry was reprimanding his nephew and said "I'll kill you and dare your mother to hold it against me." That ish is gangsta as hell!! Love this story. Was my first time reading this. Mad it took me so long...but you already know about my deep seeded obsession with you. Lol.

Author's Response:

Lol.  I'm am deeply flattered.  So glad to have you along for this ride.  Larry talks some good sh*t, and soon enough, you'll have a chance to see him back it up.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Artamiss Caine!

Reviewer: Artamiss Caine Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 02:23 am

Title: Chapter 7

I didn't start this earlier but I'm glad I did now. Great...love it.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you did too : )  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Lilsunseeker!

Reviewer: lilsunseeker Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 01:56 am

Title: Chapter 6

Damn I just got mind fucked an almost made me drop my phone. Great story and unique story... And the plot thickens !

Author's Response:

Thanks Indigo Bluee!  So glad you're liking it.

Reviewer: Indigo_bluee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2015 01:45 am

Title: Chapter 5

Larry is such an idiot and in deep denial.

Author's Response:

Thanks Ttee.

Reviewer: Ttee72 Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: January 20 2015 11:14 pm

Title: Chapter 7

Love this story! All of your stories! Please make Tamryn and Mikhail work out :)

Author's Response:

Thanks!  I make no promises on the fate of Tamryn and Mikhail, but I'll see what I can do : )

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 20 2015 04:51 pm

Title: Chapter 1

I really like this story, but I passed it up a few times. I thought it would be all over the place with everyone's suggestions, but this story is interesting.  You have everyone suspicious  or plotting  against each other.  You have the villian being called out. I am so glad  Carter did not leave Tamryn alone at the doctor's office. When Shauna's plan didn't work  and Carter got to tell her that he didn't want her and would kill her if she touched Tamryn,I did a fist pump.  When is somene going to tell Larry that his crazy daughter is trying to kill her sister? Who is Carter by the way? Is he one of the bad guys or an undercover agent? That's what I love about your stories, you keep me guessing and that keeps me interested.  Now stop reading comments  and get to the next chapter so I'll have something to read while I'm off for the holiday.

Author's Response:

Lol.  Yes ma'am.  More to come on who Carter/Mikhail is and what it'll take for Hooks to see Shauna for who she is.  Thanks for taking a chance on the story and for reviewing, VeMo!  So glad to have you along for the ride.

Reviewer: VeMo Anonymous [Report This]
Date: December 07 2014 08:09 pm

Title: Chapter 1

this update was mindblowing!!!!! i needed to step back then re-read it again and again before the impact of the bomb you dropped made sense, lool!

but first things first - i'm a terrible person. even though you gave us shauna's background story - i simply don't. give. a. damn. sorry but i dont. i pity her but yeah. that's it, lool! i admit that i wanted shauna dead and gone but nah death is too simply (lord, that sounded super cruel.) i wouldnt mind seeing her locked up for a loooong time...!!

i was really surprised that carter confronted shauna. i wasnt expecting that but carter might have a plan. i mean an angry shauna might end up making rash and stupid mistakes and you know what? i wouldnt mind that, lool!

which leads to - what do i want to see:

i second what another reviewer said. it would be fun to see another gang planning on bringing shauna down. they dont need a lot of space. maybe gunner or one of her other goons alert her about the situation but since shauna is so wrapped up about killing tamryn and is pissed off that carter rejected her, she ignores him and shauna makes her first mistake - turning her back on her enemies, if you know what i mean?

another thing about shauna - i'm curious to hear more about shauna's missing friend. you mentioned her before so yeah - a little bit more about her and that situation. maybe told from shauna's pov :)

carrying on - i'm

to know what clancy told hooks....! i'm guessing it might be about the night tamryn went to carter and got hurt but i could be wrong. but if i'm right then DAMN that meeting is going to be something else...!

moving on (wow, this is going to be a long review) to the BOMB you dropped!

carter is mikhail - WOW!! a part of me is super happy that he's fbi because then he knows about tamryn's situation and can help her out (right? right...!) however when tam learns the truth - the whole truth. *takes a deep breath* can't wait for that to happen...!! LOOL!! XD XD so more about carter - are his feelings for tamryn real? why did he take this job? is it personal or simply a job that got complicated because of tamryn?

and lastly - i think - before tamryn learns the truth about carter (because that has to come up before the end...!) i want to see them as a couple


okay, that's it. god. i'm so sorry for this whale of a review! know that no matter where you take this story - i'm here to end! :D

thanks for the brilliant brilliant - brilliant update!!


Author's Response:

Please don't ever apologize for writing a long review.  I absolutely love reading readers' insight and can't get enough of your clipart!  Okay, so on to your review. 

I will happily fulfilll your wish list by revealing one of Shauna's enemies and giving you more info on Mia and her disappearance.  You will get to see Tam and Carter as a couple before the whole truth comes out (and it will come out).  And you'll also find out what Larry now knows, and it ain't gone be pretty.

To answer you questions, Carter has geniune feelings for Tamryn at this point.  He took the job because it's a career-changer.  It was simply a job that got complicated because of his feelings for Tam.  More on that in the next chapter.  I don't anticipate it being nearly as long as this one, so it'll probably take a couple chapters to integrate all your requests, but I'll get it done.

Thanks so much for your wonderful review, and for reading and reviewing, Cassius Noir!!!  I love and truly appreciate it.

Reviewer: Yuukiyanagi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 13 2014 09:00 pm

Title: Chapter 6


that describes Shauna in a nutshell. She's a cancer. Don't care that she thinks Larry loves Tam more. Don't care that she had a bad childhood.  The fact that she blames another child for her issues is stupefying.  Shauna is who she is, because she chose to be the soulless succubus that she is. She is her father's daughter, that’s for sure.

 Is Larry so clueless that he doesn't see that Shauna HATES Tam? Or is it willful ignorance?

 I hope Tam becomes smarter about what's going on around her. Shauna should always be suspect #1 when it comes to Tam and hopefully Tam will become a little shrewder. It could save her life. And playing games with Carter might get her immature butt killed. Does she not know how serious this is? Maybe Shauna does need to get a hold of her for a minute.

 Glad to see that Carter is a smart cookie and knows Shauna for what she is. That confrontation in the bathroom was EVERYTHING.

 And then we come to the latter part of the chapter. I'm glad they didn't sleep together. Somehow, it was more meaningful the way it was written. I like that. And Carter not being who we thought he was, was not surprising, but was, if you know what I mean. LOVED IT.

 There's still the convo between Clancy and Larry. What did he find out? I hope Mikhail continues to be one step ahead of them.

 Shauna is a necessary evil, I guess. I kinda hope that she ends up killing Larry or they take each other out. Crazy, I know. I really want Shauna DEAD. Don't care when, how or by whom, but at some point she needs to DIE, but not before there is some amount of torture.

 I hope Larry gets to see Shauna for what she is and what his handiwork has caused. I hope he is HORRIFIED. But then, he's Larry "Black Heart" Hooks, so it might take more than that to cause such an emotion.

 Tam and Mikhail might not be the typical couple, but they're going to be a couple. How she will react when she finds out that he's not who she thinks he is and has something to do with her being in the vise of the FEDS, now that might cause them to split.

 Really good update, Chica. Really good. The rating doesn't go high enough for the score I'd like to give you. Stellar.

Author's Response:

When it comes to Shauna hating Tamryn, Larry is willfully ignorant.  Tamryn's refusal to tell him about all the mean and spiteful things Shauna has done to her throughout the years hasn't helped.  More on that in future chapters.

What Larry found out from Clancy will be revealed in the next chapter or the one following, and it's going to be BIG.

Trouble is on the horizon for Shauna, and Daddy might not be able to help her this time.

Mikhail's secret is bound to come out, and when it does, you know it won't be well received. 

Thanks for reading and for the awesome review, BellaChica!!!  I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: BellaChica Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 11 2014 12:35 pm

Title: Chapter 6


WOWWSERSSS!! I WOULDNT OF EVER GUESSED THAT TO HAPPEN!!! Damn girl you sure got me good! i'm so happy !! He's undercover?!!! DAYUMMM !! carter or whatever name he goes under is soooooooooooooo amazingly sexy, and now just got 82931928294 x better. Knowing now that he has fallen for Tamryn... it's sooooo bloody heartbreaking watching the two, dance around each other. Now I see why he could never be with her (like his reason) because they are at opposite ends of this war.

I think she will react coldly towards him, and find this a betrayal... She would never sell him out like Shauna the whore would, because her heart is pure and she is NOT her fathers daughter. She is her own person. And she is someone who wouldnt do that to someone she has fallen for deeply, EVEN though he has been keeping a HUGE secret from her. Her reaction will be his undoing... he hasnt fully came out to her yet, but in this chapter he told her "We move forward from here.  No going back.” And i totally believe him. She said to him that she knows he's not using her to get to her father, but will this change her mind? I am beyond happy that you've brought this in !! ahhhhhh he's soooooo fucken smart lmao His raw feelings for her, and her feelings for him... makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry lmao because i think he loves her so much that he doesnt want to put her in danger by acting on it. BUT they've been dancing for too long, and now they just wanna be together :') hahahaha i cannot wait to read their scenes together as a couple!! i so badly cannot wait for the arguments and shit lmao

I'M SO HAPPY HE IS WORKING WITH AARON !! OMGG this made me extremely happy !! hahaha

THE HOE HAS GOT TO GO!! I dont want her completely out of the picture, but honestly i hope Tamryn fights back. I died from happiness when carter shamed her the fuck out ! SHAME HOE ! HE DONT WANT THAT USED STANK PUSSY ! HAHAHAHAHA honestly i hope the dad finds out that it was her!!! pleaseeeeee i need someone to make her regret her actions !!!


Author's Response:

Your reviews are so passionate and entertaining.  I love it.  The beginning of what could be Shauna's end will be revealed next chapter.  And you will get to see Carter and Tamryn together as a couple, along with lots of other developments.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Gordana!!!

Reviewer: Gordana Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 09 2014 02:59 pm

Title: Chapter 6

Okay ill be glad to give you my reviews...after I process that mindfu..er screw you just did. Thanks JJ. 

Author's Response:

Lol!  You're welcome.

Reviewer: AP Anonymous [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 07:22 pm

Title: Chapter 6

Please please please  get rid of Shauna, her time is way past  over.  I'm  not  sure  if she  should  be  killed but she needs to  go!!  Carter  and Tamryn need to finally be a couple and seal the deal!!! What did Larry find out? How is gonna take the news amd what  will he do?

Author's Response:

Shauna's time is coming.  Carter and Tamryn will get to have their time together next chapter, and what Clancy told Larry will be revealed in the couple chapters.  As you can imagine from the way Clancy broached the subject, Larry will not take the news well, and what he does in response will be drastic.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Khamalani!

Reviewer: Khamalani Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 06:49 pm

Title: Chapter 6

Okay I tried to submit my review and this thing wouldn't let me, and it was a long one, too. But anyways, to summarize what I initially said...Officially squealing!!!!!! Carter Gerring isn't real?!?!? He's a ficitious character being played by the man Aaron had called to get rid of Miguel's body??? ahdiadhiahdaa. I kind of had a feeling Carter might not be who he said he was when he was suddenly pulled over by the cops, and we hopped to Aaron in the next scene who I hadn't expected to make an appearance in this chapter. Put the two together and the plot thickens! Wonderful monkey wrench :)

What I would love to see come to an end is Shauna's deep seated, but misplaced hatred for Tamryn, for her to choke on her own entitlement. Yeah, sorry you weren't loved enough but Tamryn had no say over how her parents doted on her. People like Shauna I have little sympathy for. She could have easily been placed into foster care or grown up on the streets, but she lived with her father and he did the best he could. Yes, receiving love and feeling like you matter to your parents is tantmount to shaping who we are, but when is she going to take any kind of personal responsibility; she's not a child anymore, but she wants to sanction her sister to death? What will that solve, Shauna? Nothing, just like I thought. Anyways, moving on.

So far, I'm loving all the development, however we've only seen things from the Hooks end of the spectrum and law enforcement to a certain degree. I would love to see Shauna's enemies conspiring against her, or even one of Larry's. There's always competition of some sort or someone wanting to get retribution or settle a beef, so it would add another element to the story to see someone thirsty to bring either Shauna or Larry down. But I'm leaning more so toward Shauna since she's been having people knocked off left from right. She should feel the heat of having to watch her back.

I'd LOVE to get some background on Mikhail. How long has he been working undercover to bring down Hooks? This may have already been discussed from "Carter's" POV, but when did Mikhail find himself caught up with feels for Tamryn. And maybe Aaron and Mikhail might suspect the other has breached ethics (well in Mikhail's case that's more than obvious) in getting personal feelings involved in an ongoing investigation. And I'd love for Tam to be called down to the feds to report whatever she may have since she hasn't had contact with them in weeks. 

This is my favorite chapter BY FAR! Thanks so much!!!


Author's Response:

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Lapis Love, and for going through the trouble of writing another review when the first didn't go through!  To answer your questions, Carter has been working for Hooks undercover for about nine months.  He found himself willing to act on his feelings at a party at Tamryn's father's house (very briefly mentioned in chapter 2), but when those feelings began hasn't been addressed.

You had some great suggestions, and I will gladly incorporate them into the story.  You will get to see one of Shauna's enemies emerge.  There will be more on Carter/Mikhail's background and his feelings for Tamryn.  There will be some interaction between Aaron and Mikhail and some insight into what one thinks about the other and their involvement with Tamryn.  And Tamryn's failure to produce leads for the feds will come up.  It'll probably take more than one chapter to get all this done, but it's coming.  Thanks again for sharing your insight and for reviewing.  It is much appreciated.

Reviewer: Lapis Love Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 06:20 pm

Title: Chapter 6

Joelle i love Carter is onto to the vile evilness that is Shauna.  She is most definitely a sociopath and the only trwatment is death!!  Well in my mind that would be the diagnosis and treatment plan.  I am loving the fact the Carter/Mikhail is an undercover agent because after he is my hero. Don't like Larry so it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he died a horrible death. However, before he dies i want him realize how prolifically and profoundly evil that Shauna is and kill her himself.  Tee is stronger than Shauna believes her to be and I would her to get her own lick in on Shauna.  Great story telling Joelle!!

Author's Response:

Shauna and Larry just might die the horrible deaths you're hoping for.  Of course, that's not likely to happen in the next chapter, but then again, you never know...  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Pam!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 06:15 pm

Title: Chapter 6

Oh my WOAH. You are amazing... I didn't see that coming at all . Now I'm so confused as to what are his true feelings and such

Author's Response:

Carter/Mikhail does care for Tamryn, or at least believes he does at this point.  That may or may not change in future chapters.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Jesslove!

Reviewer: Jesslove3205 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 02:45 pm

Title: Chapter 6

I knew that Carter had a secret but I definitely didn't see this coming. He is working with Aaron and is the "Mikhael" he was talking about. Lawdamercy!! I am so excited with how this story is going. I most definitely want to hear more about Carter's story. He speaks several languages and is obviously a chameleon. I am so impressed. When he threatened Shauna's crazy, vindictive ass...I was screaming. He cut her to the quick and I have no doubt that he would kill her. Hell someone needs to. She is crazy. 

I love me some Tamryn. She is compassionate and smart. She may not be as ruthless as Shauna but she definitely has learned some things from being a mob daughter. She is by no means stupid. 

I am rooting for Carter and Tamryn. I know that the relationship may not be the best idea but they really should be together. They are so cute. And the more layers are revealed of Carter (Mikhael), the more attractive he is. 

AWESOME STORY!! I'm glad I tuned in. 

Author's Response:

I'm glad you tuned in too!  Thanks for reading and sharing your insight, Iamwhatiam!!!

Reviewer: iamwhatiam6904 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2014 09:52 am

Title: Chapter 1

Carter please :). Love your writing btw.

Author's Response:

Thanks Tricia!

Reviewer: Tricia Anonymous [Report This]
Date: September 13 2014 07:47 pm

Title: Chapter 5


Author's Response:

Thanks Flgurleygrll!

Reviewer: flgurleygrl Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 09 2014 08:27 pm

Title: Chapter 4

That Shauna girl is so wicked. What is her story? idon't think her father is even safe.

Author's Response:

Shauna's story coming up in chapter six.  Thanks Flgurleygrl.

Reviewer: flgurleygrl Signed [Report This]
Date: September 09 2014 07:51 pm

Title: Chapter 5

This just keeps getting gooder and gooder, (totally not a word but it is today!). I am really digging Aaron Reed, and now I'm kind of leaning toward wanting Tamryn to be with him. He understands and is sympathetic to her plight, and yeah he might be engaged to someone else, clearly he's having second thoughts about marriage. However, considering what he does for a living, that only really puts him one step up above the criminal hierarchy, working long nights, dealing with unsavory individuals, his life being on the line constantly. But he looks like William Levy sooo this only adds to my conflict, lol. 

Shauna, I wonder why no one, outside of Carter has thought that it may have been her idea to have Miguel drawn and quartered and stuffed into a garbage bin outside of her sister's house?? It would make zero sense for Larry to be the culprit because obviously he loves his girls, they are angels in his eyes, even if one of them is a bloodthirsty demon. If he wanted to send a message he wouldn't do it in a way that would implicate his own flesh that could lead to serious jail time. And on top of that Larry and Tamryn know how much Shauna hates her so why wouldn't that be up her alley? But I get it. Because of the world her father is apart of, Tamryn would assume her immunity only goes so long

I really felt for Tamyrn when she thought about suicide. With the feds trumping up charges against her, threatening her niece and her niece's family, making her look at pics of abused children, ugh I already have issues with trusting the police but knowing they really do stuff like that in real life...I'm just going to stop there.

I don't condon suicide, but I understood her reasoning as a way to avoid having to snitch on her dad, but also not risk throwing additonal lives in the balance for standing her ground and refusing to help the feds. Still, there wouldn't have been any guarantee the feds wouldn't go to someone else and use the exact same means to get what they wanted. I'm more than glad she didn't go that route because that could have created even more problems, and she deserves a life just like anyone else. 

I wonder what Gunner reported to Shauna. Maybe he spotted Aaron and now he will start to be followed. Not good. 

As far what Tamryn should do, I'm going with A. She should go with Carter, that would really amp up the tension. Thank you so much for updating.

Author's Response:

You're welcome.  Thank YOU for the wonderful review.  You made some great points.  Aaron's profession does carry with it all the same risks that Larry's does save one, that being jail time.  But Tamryn being with a man who takes extreme risk for a living is a problem for her father, not her, as evidenced by the fact that she's so taken with Carter.  So there's hope for her and Aaron yet.

Carter has the benefit of information that no one else involved does.  Shauna's M.O. is bullets to the brain while the dismemberment and plant was an old fashion mobster move.  Because of that and the lies Shauna's been feeding him about her enemies, Larry immediately assumed it was one of them. Neither Tamryn nor Larry know about Shauna's involvement with Miguel.  As far as Tamryn knows, the only thing that connects her and Miguel is their involvement with the feds.  Daughter or not, her father couldn't let that sort of betrayal slide.  He has an image and business connections to protect, and pardoning a snitch, even his own daughter, would ruin both.  Tamryn jumped to conclusions based on limited information and her father isn't willing to consider Shauna because of basic parental guilt.  More on that next chapter.

What Gunner had to report to Shauna will be pivotal to this story.  I don't know if we'll get to that in the next chapter, but it is definitely coming. 

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Lapis Love!!!  So glad you're enjoying this tale.

Reviewer: Lapis Love Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 08 2014 07:35 pm

Title: Chapter 5

Does her father see her reaction can he read between the lines. I think she needs to go with Carter so he and she can see how truly sadistic and cruel her sister is and the lengths she will go through to Hurt Tam. Charter will be able to have his cake and eat it to because she's under his care which is goofing to make Shauna even more Jealous than she is. Can't wait for more this story is coming along great.

Author's Response:

Larry's outlook with respect to Shauna is skewed because of their history.  He sees what he needs to.  More on that next chapter.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Kvgurl!

Reviewer: kvgurl Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: September 08 2014 03:53 pm

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