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This is an archived version of the site. Older stories and abandoned stories will be stored here to free up room on the Chamber so that we can avoid the kind of downtime we have been seeing lately. The reality is we have outgrown our hosting limits and unless we can find a ton more money per month, this is the only way to handle it beyond deleting stories completely.

The Vault is NOT open for new submissions, but reveiws can still be left. †Right now it is a duplicate of the Chamber, but we will be working on that to trim it down to just the older stories and then active/new stories are posted on the Chamber as per normal.

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More Downtime

Hey everyone, sorry about today, and denying you your fix of all the excellent writing here. We were down for a significant amount of time and it was because we got hit with a spam bomb, essentially crippling our database, causing it to drag so much that you were all experiencing the connection issues.

I have been working on it all day, and i think we are back in good shape, including a server move to ensure clean files.

Would appreciate people reporting if things are working/missing etc either in the shout or on the fb page. The more feedback we get, the more we can locate any further issues.

Thanks for your patience and for anybody who emailed me, if i didn't respond, the email accounts were affected too, although that all seems to be back on track now.

I certainly hope this is the end of the issues, this si certainly getting tiresome and exhausting and no fun for you either.

--jacci on 18/03/15 05:39 am 4 Comments--

Status Update

These past two weeks have been a little rocky for the Chamber, the move and then the database brain fart as things settled. Fingers crossed we are back to smooth sailing once again now everything is settled.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the donation drive, we have reached our goal, which is amazing, and the money has been distributed between hosting costs, domain registration and shoutbox fees, all of which have been paid for the next five years, so there should hopefully be no other expenses we incur during that period.

There is also a new script in development that will drag the Chamber into the mobile device age and should offer many new options for authors and readers. There is no word when a production version will be out, but there are whispers about a beta test hopefully by Christmas. Will keep everyone updated on news regarding this, as it is a very exciting move forward for the Chamber and am eager to get my hands on it!

Thanks again for your patience during the hosting move, and to all those who listened to my whining on Facebook and held my hand through the 'trauma' of the move, and hugs and kisses to everybody who donated, it is greatly appreciated!

Bless you all and long live the Chamber and this extraodinary community we are all creating and a part of.

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The Chamber is home again

Very happy to announce that we are back to normal. If anybody has any problems, please let us know, and hopefully this will be the last downtime we have tor a long time.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the site as you always have. Thanks to those who held my hand during this time, ya'all know who you are, and a huge thanks to those who donated and made this possible..


--jacci on 29/10/14 08:34 pm 2 Comments--

Temp Address

We have intitiated the site move, and have set the Chamber up at a TEMPORARY †address for now and wll be fully operational at that address until we are back to normal on our regular url, which should be in about 2 to 3 days.

Judging from the amount of emails i have been receiving, not many people have actually been reading the announcements. PLEASE READ NEWS ITEMS to keep up to date with site happenings. The site emails are also not working during this time.

Progress Updates will be posted here in the shoutbox and on the Facebook page

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Site Down Time

The Chamber will be shutting down from this Monday and we anticipate it will be out of commission for approximately two days. During this time we are moving hosts due to recent and ongoing troubles and this will hopefully mean things run smoother after the change.

The shoutbox will still be operational during this time and can be accessed here. (Note this link down if you want to be able to access it until we are back online)

Facebook:† † will be kept updated with progress and eta for when we are going live again.

My emails will not be working during this time so if anybody tries to email me, they are going to be lost in cyberspace for all time. Once we are running again, everything will be back to normal.

We apprecaitate your patience, and we will try and do this as quickly as possible, as nobody likes site downtime. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Donation Drive Time!

Valent Chamber is a big community with lots of wonderful writers and readers. Though the stories are for free, the cost of keeping VC running is not. If you haven't noticed, VC didn't have a donation drive for website costs this year. Jacci paid for these costs out of her own pocket. The prices of keeping VC running continues to increase as we continue to grow.

Jacci and I have tallied up the amount of upkeep costs which is about $500 dollars, if not a few dollars more. Aside from shoutbox and domain name costs, this should secure VC for five years. In addition to that, Jacci has been doing so much in the background. She is the reason why VC is still here and she keeps it running without any money or recognition. Any extra monies left over after the website costs will be given to her because she did pay for VC website costs this year out of her own pocket and she didn't even tell us. Normally, we raise money to keep VC going.

If you can donate, donate whatever you can. Every little bit counts.

Thank you for your time, ladies!

You can check on the progress here

To donate click here: Donate

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6th Annual Grindhouse Challenge

 photo CGC6_zps5601a522.jpg

It's that time again, where the weather begins to develop a sharp crisp in the air and out of the corner of your think that the shadows are following your every move.

It's OCTOBER! That means it's GrindHouse Time!

So my Chamber Family, you are tasked with spinning your most darkest, most deranged and most horrifying tale. Are you up for the challenge? Don't be too scared.

Respond to the challenge here!

--Elizablu on 02/10/14 05:55 am 0 Comments--



What southern-grown, rock star Rick Chamberland doesn't know about his family's dark past comes to light when he returns home to Louisiana at the request of his mother. Rick has spent the last fifteen years of his life dedicated to music, touring the world, completely oblivious to the secrets coded in his legacy. Meanwhile, Song Peters, a dutiful daughter taking care of a dying mother, dreams of the day she can break free of small town life and pursue her one true passion, singing. Rick meets Song and instantly sparks ignite. They make beautiful music together and soon find that they share similar upbringings. Rick comes to learn that their families are supernaturally intertwined and that the one denominator (a demon by the name Nova) connected to both families threatens to destroy them all if they do not obey.

Freakquency by Caddell Brown, formerly known as madame z, of The Chamber!

--Caddell Brown on 22/02/14 09:36 pm 3 Comments--

All Caught Up!

Hey, Guys! Part 2 of Keda's story is now available in print and on Kindle under the title All Caught Up! and for those of you that missed the first part, Mistletoe Hell is available in both mediums as well. links below!

All Caught Up!

Buy All Caught Up by Intellectual Titmouse

--Intellectual Titmouse on 01/01/14 03:04 am 4 Comments--


Congratulations to our very own Brenda1257 whoe has just published her first novel, The Preacher's Son.

The Preacher's Son

We wish you all the success in the world! So happy for you.

You can read Brenda's interview here.

Huge thanks for the kudos and support she has shown for the Chamber.

--jacci on 11/12/13 11:35 pm 1 Comments--

Nelson Mandela

The entire world has been shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely loss of one of the greatest men of modern history. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was many things. A man of grace and dignity. An incredible humanitarian. A firm but gentle leader of millions. His lifeís work in the fight for human rights has profoundly touched us all and changed the world.

We invite you to write about how he might have touched or affected your lives, elevated them, informed or educated them. Perhaps share a memory of how his lifetime struggle and amazing achievements touched your life.

'Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation'

--jacci on 06/12/13 07:43 pm 0 Comments--

Paul Walker

We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Paul Walker at such a terribly young age. The Chamber would like to issue a Paul Walker challenge as a tribute. He will not be forgotten. To commemorate his talent we are issuing a challenge to celebrate his life.

Paul Walker

You can respond to the challenge here

--jacci on 02/12/13 01:06 am 0 Comments--

Author Websites/Blogs

We are in the process of setting up a new area of the Chamber, which will allow authors to establish their own websites, at no cost, and without any coding skills necessary.

Each blog/site will be independent, in control of their own layout, content, etc.

The first of the new site can be found here at The Chamber Authors.

If you are intersted, you can apply through the site there and get more info there as well.

--jacci on 13/11/13 01:35 am 0 Comments--

Bottom Bitches

bottom bitches banner

Bitch. Such a powerful word. It can be a compliment or an insult. A title of honor or a badge of shame. There are two types of men in this world: those were born to dominate and those who were born to please. You always read about those dominant men who know what they want, but what about those men who aim to please Ö or are forced to? Every woman in charge needs a bottom bitch to kiss her ass and f**k it when she demands it. For this challenge, write a story about a dominant woman and her willing (or unwilling) man who earns the title as her bottom bitch.

Respond to the challenge here

--Missus James on 04/11/13 07:33 am 2 Comments--


Itís October again and you know what that means. Itís time for The Chamberís fifth annual Grindhouse Challenge. You know the drill, give us your scariest horror story or your sexiest trick or treat tale, fanfic or original, itís all welcome. We love Halloween here at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?

You can respond to the challenge here, if you dare!

--jacci on 13/10/13 07:09 pm 0 Comments--

Give Me a Mountain Man Anyday!

What is it about the sexy lumberjack, that bring out the shameless vixen in all of us? You know, that type of man where he builds, with his own hands. Provides with his own hands and loves with an almost primal intensity that comes with being a child of nature.

To be honest a sexy mountain man or lumberjack does it for me. Maybe its the beard or the simple lifestyle of being one with the forest. Or it could be the way he handles an axe.

My challenge to you, Chamber Authors is to spin your own tale about the sexy mountain man or lumberjack of your daydreams, fanasties or maybe nightmares, if that is how you roll.

Anything Goes.

Give Me a Mountain Man Anyday! by Elizablu

Respond to the challenge!

--Elizablu on 02/09/13 03:45 am 2 Comments--

Love In Hard Times

Love In Hard Times

What would it have been like for two people of different races to fall in love when blacks were considered second class citizens and such love was rejected by society?

This challenge is for you to write a story that occurred prior to society accepting interracial relationships, telling of the hardships and challenges two people faced and how their love overcame adversity.

Respond to the Challenge here

--Brenda1257 on 13/08/13 01:04 am 1 Comments--

Made to Order

It's the year 2099 and technology has become so advanced that you can now specialty order your own robotic companion. They can be whatever gender, race, body type you desire. A company gives you a risk free trial on a new model that they claim is more human than you could probably imagine. In there lies the problem. What if they are right?

PROMPT RULES: Anything goes!

Respond to the prompt here

--Elizablu on 12/08/13 12:21 am 1 Comments--

How Do Like Your Coffee?

In town there's a diner where everyone knows your name, your hidden past and also your uncertain future. And if you come on the right night, you can get your coffee just the way you like it and a good story to pass the time. What happens when the story of the night is about you?

PROMPT RULES- 750 word count and it must be in first person.


respond to the challenge here

--Elizablu on 10/08/13 04:50 am 0 Comments--

Shoutbox Woes

It looks like the shoutbox servers are having a few dramas! This is something beyond our control, and we ask for your patience waiting for them to fix whatever is wrong! It seems to be up and down, working for a few moments and then not again.

Hopefully it will be fully operational agian soon.


--jacci on 05/08/13 02:30 am 1 Comments--

New Prompts

1. Starships- Your loved one tells you on the day of their death, that they came from another planet. You think nothing of it, but days later strange things starts to occur and out of the blue, government agents appear at your door. What do you do?

No rules this time. Just have fun!

Respond to the prompt here

2. Random Letters- Every morning for the past week somone has been leaving disturbing letters inside of your car. The enevelop always has no return address, but inside on a plain piece of paper are the words You betrayed me! One night you decide to stake out your car and wait for your nightly mailman, What happens next?

The only rule for the prompt is your response has to be in 1st person.

Respond to the prompt here

--Elizablu on 24/07/13 06:14 am 0 Comments--

Writing Prompts

We are introducing some writing prompts to help authors develop their skills, or perhaps to help overcome that nasty case of writers block! These are our first two. More to come.

1. Lonely Highways: Your car just quit on a dark stretch of road, not a passing car in sight. You debate on staying in your car and pray for help to roll by or take a chance to footing it. You decide on the later and after a few miles, you finally see another wandering soul. What happens next?

Respond Here

2. Second Chances: A stranger stops you on a busy street and hands you a small red box. Inside lies something that gives its owner the power to go back in time. He warns you not to open the box. Do you?

Respond Here

The only rule of the prompt is that it can be no longer than 500 words!

--jacci on 17/07/13 07:17 am 4 Comments--


The Chamber stands strong and united agasint the morons who would do us damage!!!!


Awesome banner by Missus James!

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The Chamber on FB

We have recently unearthed the languishing Chamber Facebook page and now plan to make use of it. If you have a facebook account, please join us over there, for updates on stories, site news, etc. Authors and members are welcome, and if you have any tech issues on the site, I will be monitoring the page closely and hopefully we can resolve any problems. If you want to chat privately to discuss concerns about the site, bad behaviour, new ideas etc etc, give me a poke through the chat!!! Or you just want to say hello!

It is also a great place to send your recs, request cast pics to have the new feature, suggest and collaborate on round robins etc etc.

Valent Chamber on Facebook

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