October Character of the Month

Kendra Young

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



Kendra Young

Kendra Young was a vampire slayer that was called after Buffy Summers drowned at the hands of a powerful vampire.


Though her friend Xander Harris managed to revive her, Buffy's death nevertheless activated a second Slayer. Kendra was fully versed in the Slayer Handbook and fighting techniques and after a physical confrontation, Buffy and Kendra soon realized that they were both Slayers. Watcher Rupert Giles informed them that two Slayers existing at the same time was unprecedented, and the two eventually became allies as well as friends.


Kendra returned when her Watcher informed her that the Acathla would open its mouth and suck the world into hell. He gave Kendra a sword to fight the demon, which Kendra then passed on to Buffy. Kendra died in the Sunnydale High School library at the hands of a vampire named Drucilla.

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September Reader of the Month


Congratulations Lovemboth, our September Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month, Lovemboth will receive an official Chamber totebag and five free music downloads from

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September Character of the Month

Alexx Woods

CSI: Miami



Alexx Woods is a medical examiner for the Miami-Dade Police Department.


She is married with two children and has a decidedly positive bedside manner, going so far as to sweet talk the corpses she examines, referring to them as “sweetie”, “honey,” or “baby.” Her maternal instincts extend to her coworkers at times and she hosts groups from alcoholic treatment programs, showing them the consequences of drunk driving.


She has a close relationship with Horatio Caine and his team of crime scene investigators.  This has led to friction in the autopsy room from her fellow medical examiners. Alexx left the MDPD when evidence tied a murder to her son. Although her son was cleared of the crime, she could no longer find peace working in the morgue, citing her need to spend more time “taking care of the living.”


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September Chamber Chat Schedule

picPlease see Announcements in the Chamber Forum for details regarding Accessing the Chamber Chat Rooms.  

Author's Chat
September 7th, 9:00 p.m. Eastern
: "You're Going Too Fast!” The Ins and Outs of Pacing a Story

Chamber Authors are invited to join us in the Chamber Forum Chat Room to discuss the ins and outs of pacing your original or fan fiction stories.  Whether you’re looking for tips or advice or just want to share a success story or two, it promises to be an interesting time. 

Only Chamber Authors with stories currently posted on the archive may participate in Chamber Authors Chat. 

Chamber Chat
September 21, 9:00 p.m. Eastern
  Love Across Color Lines:  An Open Discussion about Interracial Romantic Fiction. 

Chamber Authors and Readers are invited to join us in the Chamber Forum Chat Room to discuss Interracial Romantic Fiction.  Topics will range from what you look for in an interracial romance, why you read them or why you don’t, and unique issues for authors when crafting such a tale.  Make sure you join us for what is sure to be a thought provoking conversation. 

Only registered Chamber Members may participate in Chamber Chat.  

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August Character of the Month


Drucilla Barber Winters

The Young and the Restless


druDrucilla Winters has gone from teen runaway to international model to successful businesswoman, becoming a loving wife and mother along the way.


Troubled by preferential treatment of her older sister Olivia, teenaged Dru ran away and lived on the streets. After turning her life around, she soon turned to rising business executive Neil Winters and they fell in love, marrying at the Chancellor mansion.


Dru gave birth to daughter, Lily Winters, and they eventually adopted a son, Devon Hamilton.



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August Reader of the Month


Congratulations Sweet Pea, our August Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month, Sweet Pea will receive five free music downloads from

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2008 Primetime Emmys



The Chamber congratulates the 2008 Primetime Emmy nominees.


These six African American women have been rewarded for their exemplary work in the 2007-2008 television season.


Chandra Wilson Grey’s Anatomy

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


Vanessa L. Williams Ugly Betty

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series


Diahann Carroll Grey’s Anatomy

Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series


Phylicia Rashad A Raisin in the Sun

Best Actress in a Television Movie


Audra McDonald A Raisin in the Sun

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie


Alfre Woodard Pictures of Hollis Woods

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie


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Artwork by TokenBlackGirl



The Chamber would like say a special thank you to TokenBlackGirl for all of the beautiful artwork featured on the site. 

The banners featured at the top of The Chamber skins, and many of the banners posted in our authors summaries are the result of her creative vision and hours of hard work.  Please take a moment to visit the Chamber Gallery and check out TokenBlackGirl's User Gallery for some of the amazing banners and pictures she has created for many of our authors.  Also, be sure to pass along your appreciation for helping create such a great haven for readers and writers alike.  

Authors, if you would like TokenBlackGirl to make a banner for your story, you may post a request in the Chamber Forum. Just register with the forum and enter the Author's Haven in order to access the Writer's Exchange section and post your request in the banner request thread.  You'll be glad you did!


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Chamber Character of the Month

Lt. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla



Lieutenant Anastacia “Dee” Dualla is played by Kandyse McClure on the television series, Battlestar Galactica.


Anastasia, known for her tough personality and pragmatism, now serves as a communications officer on board the Galactica.


Dee had been romantically involved with President Roslin’s aide Billy Keikya, but their relationship suddenly ended when Billy was killed during an attack. After her involvement with Billy, her affections were eventually transferred to Lee “Apollo” Adama, son of Commander William Adama, who she later married.


When her husband chooses to defend Dr. Gaius Baltar in his trial, Dualla is incensed, and separates from Adama. Later, when Adama officially leaves Galactica to start his new life as civilian, the two embrace and he tells her that she's "got the house", implying that their breakup is final yet, in the end, amicable.



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July Reader of the Month

Reader of the Month

Congratulations Megumi, our July Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month Megumi will recieve five free music downloads from Itunes or Join us in thanking her for her continued enthusiastic support of the Chamber authors and their works. Want to be chosen as the next reader of the month? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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A Brand New Chamber

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