Intros & Thanks
Hello everyone. Time for an introduction. My name is Jacci, and I will be looking after The Chamber from now on. Have already instituted some changes and when things settle down, hopefully there will be many more improvements, once we get organised. For now, things may take a little time, and I apologise for that, just learning my way around and getting to know some people, and finding out what people want to see. I appreciate your patience.

I also want to thank everyone for such an incredibly warm welcome. I have been overwhelmed by people's generosity and willingess to help. I am humbled and incredibly grateful for this, it means a lot to be so welcomed into this fandom, as I know that I am an unknown. I want to do right by the site and welcome all input and suggestions. Once things settle down a little, things will be far more organised and I will endevour to deal with all issues as soon as I can.

Once again, thank you all for your incredible welcome and support. It means so much to me.
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Resurrect the Shoutbox Campaign
Many may have noticed that the shoutbox isn't what it used to be. We wish to restore it to its former glory, where unlimited shouts are allowed, as well as who is actually online in chat, and a bunch more of cool features.

We need to scrape up some money to pay for the continued subscription. If anybody would care to donate to this cause, please, you can you donate here, just follow this link to the donate page.

Thanks, your help is appreciated

A full accounting of any money coming in and going out will be given. I am for 100 percent transparency in the dealings with the site. If anybody who donates would prefer to remain anonymous, please let me know.

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Spring is in the Air
Time for a spring cleaning, will get a proper challenge up later, and hopefully we will see some new fresh challenges and ideas up. Sorry for the tardiness here.
Please foward ideas on this via the comments link underneath.

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The Chamber Grindhouse 3


It’s October again and you know what that means. It’s time for The Chamber’s third annual Grindhouse Challenge. You know the drill, give us your scariest horror story or your sexiest trick or treat tale, fanfic or original, it’s all welcome. We love Halloween here at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?


--TokenBlackGirl on 04/10/10 04:56 am 2 Comments--

Chamber Talk
pictureOctobers all about things that go bump in the night. So tell us Chamber Members, what's your favorite scary movie? Authors don't be shy to use the answers as inspiration for your Grindhouse fics! Sign into your account and post your answers here!
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October Character of the Month

 Tara Thornton
True Blood

pictureTara Thornton is the bartender at Merlotte’s bar and grill. She has a fierce temper and is easy to anger, yet she has been best friends with Sookie Stackhouse since childhood. Tara has an alcoholic mother, Lettie Mae, her cousin is Lafayette Reynolds. She has not had much luck in the love department. After falling victim to Mary Ann’s influence and now losing her love “Eggs” she is struggling in her life.

Tara captures dangerous interest of a new vampire in town, Franklin Mott. She is kidnapped by Franklin, who eventually falls in love with her. Though Tara escapes before she can be turned into a vampire, she's still struggling to recover from the ordeal.

--BlackMamba on 04/10/10 04:50 am 7 Comments--

The "With This Ring" Challenge

iconWe're all about the marrieds this month at The Chamber. Original or fanfiction, tell us a story about a couple that has taken that ultimate step. Is it happily married bliss or their own personal hell? How the story ends is up to you, just so long as your leading lady has ring on her finger.

Sometimes "I do" is only the beginning. Are you up for the challenge ?

--BlackMamba on 05/08/10 03:03 am 7 Comments--

2010 Primetime Emmys


The Chamber congratulates the 2010 Primetime Emmy nominees.

Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

--TokenBlackGirl on 05/08/10 03:03 am 2 Comments--

August Character of the Month

Josefina "Jo" Lupo

pictureJosefina "Jo" Lupo is Eureka's deputy sheriff, a New Jersey girl and former U.S. Army Ranger. The eccentric residents of Eureka try her patience, but they've grown accustomed to her bluster and appreciate her dedication to their safety.

At first, Jo is resentful of having to report to an outsider when Jack Carter is given the sheriff's job, but she comes to gain respect for his talents and becomes his trusted partner in maintaining the peace. Now, if only her personal life could be as rewarding.

--BlackMamba on 05/08/10 02:59 am 3 Comments--

The "Less is More" Challenge

iconWe’re trimming the fat this month or in this case getting rid of a few pesky words. The challenge is to write your best one shot story that contains no more than 1,000 words. There’s no minimum requirement and the story can be fan fiction or original. Just make sure you stay below the word count limit.


We’re pushing ourselves to the creative limit at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?


--TokenBlackGirl on 02/07/10 05:47 am 6 Comments--

July Character of the Month

Christina Hawthorne

pictureChristina Hawthorne is the kind of woman who always finds that extra something when it seems there’s nothing left to give. She is a woman of fiery passion when it comes to her patients, never being satisfied with doing something halfway.

In her new role at James River, she’s not about to let another hospital slip into oblivion. On the homefront, she is trying to move on after her husband’s death, flirting with the possibility of a relationship with Dr. Wakefield. She tries to keep her teenage daughter in line while at the same time realizing she is growing into a young woman.

--BlackMamba on 02/07/10 05:39 am 3 Comments--

The Chamber Beta Page

The Chamber Beta page is now live!

Now Chamber authors can request a beta for fan fiction and original stories before posting them on the archive. Registered members may click here or go to the beta link at the top of the home page to make their request. Just fill out the form to be connected with a member of the Chamber Beta team!

--TokenBlackGirl on 02/06/10 04:59 am 5 Comments--

The "Fearless Females" Challenge
iconThis month The Chamber is all about fearless females! We're talking women who kick ass, whether it's as an executive in the boardroom, a hired gun skipping around the globe, a teacher who inspires or a housewife who overcomes incredible odds. Original or fanfiction, it's up to you. Just make sure your story features a strong, fearless female in the leading role.

Our ladies are fierce this month at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge ?

--BlackMamba on 02/06/10 04:53 am 6 Comments--

Summer Prompt Fest


The Chamber will be celebrating its second anniversary this July and we're kicking off the festivities with a challenge for all of our members! Do you have a story idea you'd like to see written by one of your favorite authors? Have a favorite character you'd like to see in a fan fiction? Or maybe you're an author with a plot bunny you just don't have time to write yourself. Join our Summer Prompt Fest, and you may see your idea written for The Chamber archive!

Members, just sign in and leave a comment summarizing the type of story you'd like to see. Authors, feel free to claim the prompts at any time. All prompts can be written more than once and the stories may posted starting May 1, 2010. Prompters, feel free to post as many requests as you like.

The Chamber's gearing up for our anniversary! What's on your summer reading list?

--BlackMamba on 02/05/10 07:13 am 44 Comments--

Character of the Month

 Bonnie Bennett
The Vampire Diaries



Bonnie Bennett is a student at Mystic Falls High School that recently discovered that she has supernatural abilities inherited from her grandmother.

A loyal, supportive friend, Bonnie is fiercely protective of the people she cares about. While initially afraid of her abilities, the recent influx of vampires in Mystic Falls has forced her to explore her powers and use them to protect herself and her friends.

--TokenBlackGirl on 02/05/10 07:11 am 2 Comments--

To Break the Spell Challenge


What if Cinderella's prince was a car salesman instead of royalty? What if Sleeping Beauty was a prince, waiting for his princess's rescue? Ever wanted to revamp your favorite fairy tale or put a magical spin on your favorite television show? Well here's your chance! We're challenging you to shake up your favorite fairy tale this month at The Chamber. Original or fanfiction, fantasy or a clever twist on the contemporary, it's all up to you. Just make sure to use a fairy tale as the inspiration for your story.

Once upon a time, The Chamber redefined happily ever after. Are you up for the challenge?

--BlackMamba on 01/04/10 05:31 am 4 Comments--

April Reader of the Month


Congratulations pmgayles our April Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month, pmgayles will receive an official Chamber totebag and five free music downloads from

Join us in thanking pmgayles for her continued enthusiastic support of the Chamber authors and their works. Want to be chosen as the next reader of the month? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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April Character of the Month

Sun-Hwa Kown

picSun-Hwa Kwon is one of the middle section survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Born into the powerful Paik family of Seoul, Korea, Sun was a child of wealth and privilege. She married Jin-soo Kwon, the son of a fisherman that she'd grown to love, only to have him grow distant when he began to work for her father. She planned to leave him after a business trip in Sydney, Austraila, only to have a last minute change of heart, which led her to board the doomed flight with her husband.

Stranded on a mysterious tropical island along with several other castaways, Sun was initially isolated from the others by Jin. She eventually began to assert herself, becoming an important contributor to the lives of the survivors.

--TokenBlackGirl on 01/04/10 05:21 am 1 Comments--

The "Something New" Challenge

iconThis month, The Chamber wants our members to take a break from routine. We’re asking authors to post a story that incorporates something you’ve never done before. It’s time to write that genre you’ve wanted to try, that new show you’ve never tackled, or a heroine that’s unlike any you’ve created before. Or maybe your something new is posting that first story and finally becoming a Chamber author.

Fanfic or original, it’s up to you. Just make sure there’s something readers can’t find in your previous work. We’re breaking new ground here at The Chamber. Are you ready for the challenge?

--TokenBlackGirl on 01/03/10 04:10 am 4 Comments--

March Reader of The Month


Congratulations Baha_Malo our March Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month,  Baha_Malo will receive an official Chamber totebag and five free music downloads from

Join us in thanking Baha_Malo for her continued enthusiastic support of the Chamber authors and their works. Want to be chosen as the next reader of the month? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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March Character of the Month

Lana Kane

pictureLana Kane is the star agent of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), where espionage and global crisis are just opportunties for it's employees to confuse, undermine and betray each other. Though occasionally overshadowed by ex-boyfriend and follow agent Archer Sterling, she has a repution for being the strongest, deadliest agent in the building.

Lana surprised her colleauges by dating boorish and awkward ISIS comptroler, Cyril Figgis. Their relationship is continually tested by Cyril's jealousy and Archer's efforts to split them up for good.

--BlackMamba on 01/03/10 03:55 am 8 Comments--

They're Playing Our Song Challenge

iconEver heard a song that made you think of that special someone? Heard lyrics that made you wish you’d never met him? February’s the month for romance here at The Chamber and it’s up to you to pick the soundtrack. Write a story, original or fanfiction, inspired by your favorite love song, be it Endless Love or Heartbreak Hotel. We’re playing your song this month at The Chamber.

Are you up for the challenge ?

--BlackMamba on 01/02/10 04:34 am 2 Comments--

February Reader of the Month


Congratulations pmgayles our February Chamber Reader of the Month! As our Reader of the Month, pmgayles will receive an official Chamber totebag and five free music downloads from

Join us in thanking pmgayles for her continued enthusiastic support of the Chamber authors and their works. Want to be chosen as the next reader of the month? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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February Character of the Month

Kalinda Sharma
The Good Wife

dKalinda Sharma is the in-house private investigator for Stern, Lockhart and Gardner, a prestigious law firm in Chicago, Illinois. Kalinda was previously employed by disgraced former State’s Attorney Peter Florrick, who fired her for working both sides of the aisle. Kalinda finds an ally and friend in Florrick’s wife Alicia when she’s hired by the firm as a junior associate. Cynical and fond of stiletto boots and leather jackets, Kalinda isn’t afraid to play dirty if it means winning a case.

--TokenBlackGirl on 01/02/10 04:23 am 2 Comments--

You Can Help


The US State Department announced today that those wishing to provide assistance to earthquake ravaged Haiti can text Haiti to 90999. Doing so will automatically donate $10 for Haitian rescue and recover efforts and will be billed on your bill.

US State Department

Additional ways to help.

UNICEF , Doctors Without Borders , The Salvation Army

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