The Alani Girls by JLeshay
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The Alani Girls


Tokyo, the youngest and the tom boy of the quartet. She's adventerous and daring and is considered the rebel of the family and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty especially if it's in the name of love. London the quirky girl who's simple minded and a bit of a clutz. Even though she has her moments she's still very smart and comes out on top. She's very reasonable especially when she finds the one. Milan, the promiscuis diva who loves to seduce men and flaunt what she has. She's labeled as a slut but she considers herself to be eccentric and exciting. She's a bit of a playgirl but eventually finds her match. Paris, the oldest of the quartet. Being the oldest of 4 sisters means a lot of responsibility. She's considered a second mom and a shoulder to cry on for her sisters. She's beautiful, intelligent and falls hard for the one she knows is her soul mate.

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