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Published: November 23 2014 Updated: February 23 2020

1. introduction by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1 words)

TAKAHIRO AND ELLE  TAKAHIRO AND ELLE TAKAHIRO AND ELLE~ The moment you all have been waiting for:D

I am so glad for grace because you guys are very kind to give a sista another try lol.

I hope you remember them! But, in case you do not, you will have plenty of time to refresh ehe~ :D MY COUPLE IS BACK! Oh, y'all I cannot tell you how refreshed I feel. I haven't been able to do anything but read the story for so long and tonight, I started to write. Y'all do not know how big this is for me. Because it's been YEARS. I think I held off on it one because it contained a mother daughter and at the time I didn't want anything to do with anything that reminded me of my mom. It was painful to even read Wasurenaide for a long time. Every time I would read the parts with Elle's mother I would cry. SO, it definitely was apart of the healing process :) But... I'm getting better and I have made peace with the fact of Ma's death. It still brings me sadness but mostly joy when I think of how free she is. :D 

I will note some changes: Not major. 

James Jameson (Elle's Father) has been changed to Will James. 

Jameson as their last name has been changed to James. 

Adele is the same :D 

I am currently taking Japanese so I changed some phrases to the correct ones as I've been taught them :)

I had Elle as an ADA and I may keep her as such. However, I just might hae her reflect my new career goal as well. :) 

I am going to keep Sakito as Taka's nickname. Being that he does look like he could be a jrock star *I think he is actually in real life or in the jpop scene* and Elle loved Jrock bands. Sakito in Nightmare was her favorite and she thought Taka was more like him. Hence the name :) 

Other than that, it is the same as it was :) Read, laugh, cry and enjoy you guys! Thank you for starting this journey with me and thank you for sticking with me hehe. Let's make this journey awesome :D 



Be blessed and stay loving~ 


2. Return of Takahiro and Elle pt. 2 by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1597 words)

HEY Y'ALL! OMG has it been FOREVER AND A DAY. I wanted to give a little back story and reintroduce Taka and Elle for those who may ready this blindly. I realize that I don't think I ever really introduced the characters formally so we'll have that as well. 

This is a story that I started to write when I was a teenager and originally it was a story I crafted around a teenage celebrity crush by the name of Sakito of the JROCK band Nightmare. After so so long of it being kept in limbo, I’ve decided to try my hand at revamping it a bit. It has always been dear to me being that it was one of the first stories I wrote that didn’t center around anime or vampires. It was the FIRST story I wrote that had a CONSCIOUSLY black female character and that was a feat all by itself. My really early works consisted of white characters or rather black characters written as white or wanting to be white. Apart of my identity crisis growing up, it reflected in my works. 


This also happened to be one of the first stories I wrote centering around AMBW. I’d only really preferred white guys (because that at one point was all I’d been around in terms of schooling) but one day that all changed when we got a Japanese-American student new kid in class and from there the rest is history LOL. 


Let us reintroduce ourselves to Takahiro and Elle!

3. Routines by DarkandLovely [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1203 words)

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